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Found 13 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

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      It is The Truth. 

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      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. I’ve been thinking about a few different facts and wondering if they could be connected There can only be 3 bondsmiths at a time. One, bound to the Stormfather which happens to be on Honor’s retinue. The second is the Nightwatcher which happens to be on Cultivation’s spectre. The third is the Sibling but shouldn’t it be tied to a Shard as well? What other Shard happens to be at Roshar? Could the Sibling be higly related to Odium? Even more, Hessi’s Mythica suggests we don’t know much about the 9th Unmade. Could it be the sibling? Maybe I’m seeing too much where there isnt nothing, but I thought it was worth the discussion
  3. Summary I theorize the Sibling personifies some Singer idea related to the Singer transformational life cycle. Melishi’s enslavement of Singers deprived them of their ability to think and transform. Singers stopped having the idea they personified as the Sibling. This was about 2,000 years ago at the end of the False Desolation. IMO, humans did not personify the Sibling’s idea like they personified the ideas perceived as the Stormfather and Nightwatcher. With no culture personifying the Sibling, their decline began and they slipped into slumber. Analysis One of OB’s major themes is cultural imperialism. Former Ashynites invaded Roshar and sought to eradicate Singers and their culture. Even Everstorm-healed Singers retain their human masters’ culture. I think Brandon uses the metaphor of the Sibling’s slumber to represent human cultural oppression of the Singers. Spren personify perceived ideas. I think Roshar’s three great spren personify essential features of the native transformational life cycle: spren, gemhearts and the highstorm. IMO, these are the Eila Stele’s “spren, stone, and wind.” Maybe the Sibling personifies something other than gemhearts, but the Sibling must personify some idea. Singer culture, not human culture, first personified the great spren. Eshonai says the Rider of Storms was the listener’s friend before he became the human’s Stormfather. (WoR, Interlude I-5, Kindle pp. 395-396.) Maybe the Rider became the Stormfather when it merged with Tanavast’s Cognitive shadow. If the Old Magic precedes spren bonding, then the Nightwatcher also likely precedes the human invasion. I theorize humans didn’t stamp their culture on the Sibling like they did with the Stormfather and Nightwatcher. That makes sense if the Sibling personifies gemhearts. Humans don’t have them. Whatever the Sibling personifies seems to arise solely from Singer culture. And Melishi stole that culture from them: “’I don’t have traditions,’ Sah said [to Kal]. ‘Or society...’” (OB, Chapter 20, Kindle, p. 217.) Stripped of their ability to think and transform, Singers stopped personifying any ideas – and certainly those related to transformation. I believe Melishi’s actions began the Sibling’s “withdrawal” and decline: Just as Tinkerbell almost died when people stopped believing in fairies, I think the Sibling began its decline when Singers stopped personifying them. With Brandon hinting we’ll see the Sibling soon, I suspect the healed Singers are about to awaken the Sibling.
  4. *stormlight spoilers* So one of the big things that stood out to me reading the Roshar intro in Arcanum Unbounded is that the spren predate the arrival of the shards. This changes the way I think about the spren. I'd thought they were all splinters that had split off of the shards, but now we know it's a bit more complicated. So on to the theory--the unmade are massive spren that existed on roshar pre-shattering. Upon the arrival of Odium, they were corrupted and coopted his investiture. They were made, then they were unmade. I also have similar thoughts about the sibling. Either he's some huge spren (the spren of the Rosharan continent, maybe?) or the same kind of spren that the unmade were. Maybe...there were ten major spren (ten's a good number for Roshar). When Odium corrupted nine of them to make the Unmade, one escaped and became the Sibling. This could either be way off, or something everyone's figured out already Guess I'll find out. I'd love to hear what you think!
  5. I have theory that I don't know if it has been brought up elsewhere. What if the sibling is the term for an unmade that has swapped sides as apart of the terms of the oathpact and is currently in a state of a coma as it's nature changes sides. Odium allows one of his minons to help humanity per each cycle and this rotates per each cycle. One of the unmade not active at present would be waiting for their new bondsmith to bond them as the "Sibling" currently sleeping has awoken as it's previous unmade self. This would account for there being 9 unmade while 10 is a specific number on roshar. It would also count for the unmade names to change as they have been confused as to which side they are and mistrust of the nightmother to be considered as one of the unmades.
  6. I'm wondering: is it possible the "Sibling" was twisted and broken up into the unmade? We have this about the unmade from the Arcanum: Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) 1) The Nightwatcher and Stormfather are parallel entities such that Nighwatcher:Cultivation :: Stormfather:Honor. 2) There is sort of a parallel for Odium, but the parallel is the various Unmade instead of a single entity. 3) They are parallel in that they are all Splinters. 4) The Unmade are voluntary Splinters, because Odium ("like almost all of the other Shards") voluntarily Splintered part of it's power. 5) The Stormfather is different from the others because it's a Sliver. source So Odium voluntarily Splintered part of its power into the Sibling, then somehow the Sibling splinters into the Unmade (probably parallel or similar to the splintering of Adonalsium). On Roshar, there is one splinter for Honor (the Stormfather) and one for Cultivation (the Nightwatcher). Why would Odium have nine splinters (the unmade)? We know there is a sibling, but if the sibling is Odium's splinter, then where do the unmade fit in? In my mind, it's possible the Unmade were once one splinter: the sibling. Given that Dalinar has imprisoned the Thrill, I'm also wondering if uniting the Unmade will become a goal of his. Certainly sabotaging the Heralds and the Unmade are part of the war against each other, but if Dalinar can remove all the Unmade from the playing field by uniting them back together... Disclaimer: I searched "unmade+sibling+unite+dalinar" and still got over 1,000 results on the forums. This theory seemed different enough from the ones I read - I know there are a few threads regarding things Dalinar needs to unite, and what/who the Unmade are, and who the Sibling is, but none actually seemed to put them together. Regardless, I apologize if this has already been discussed!
  7. sibling

    So this is really bothering me . “There is … a third sibling. They are not with us. “In hiding?” No. Slumbering. “Tell me more.” No. “But—” No! Leave them alone. You hurt them enough.” Excerpt From Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. When the Stormfather speaks of his 3rd sibling why does he use the Plural them ! I couldn’t come up with a explanation that made sense. Maybe the spren is similar to the Aimian type 2 that break apart into 1,000 cremlings . So then I consider this Cusicesh the Protector spren and I go with all these faces , he could be a them / perhaps I’ll go ask a sage : I get this #1 Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Does Cusicesh the Protector have anything to do with the third Sibling at Urithiru? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] See, you gave me too much wiggle room there. Because "anything" is a really broad term. So I could say yes, but not in the way you're thinking. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Okay, hmm I have to rethink my theory then. Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I'll say probably not in the way you're thinking. Im totally lost again . This guy is perfect . So my question is does anybody have a theory as to who this 3rd Bondsmith spren is , and why did the Stormfather use “them” in reference ? Is there perhaps a type of spren that are rare and can join together to make a single entity . The final thing I have to offer is I think while the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation and the Stormfather is of Honor, I think this 3rd entity is part Cultivation part Honor. Any ideas? I’m on the verge of going Brandon Lied to us it Cusicesh , he just didn’t want us to figure it out!!!
  8. So, I’m rereading basically every cosmere book and I notice Rock’s description of Cultivation’s perpendicularity in WoR. Next, among Szeth’s interactions with Nale, he mentions that aboshi is the title for the Spren of the mountains. Third, I read the epigraphs in part 5, mentioning the 3 listener gods: 1) Spren 2) Stone 3) Wind. We already know that Honor (later the Stormfather) is one of the gods, and that Cultivation is another. In Dalinar’s interactions with the Stormfather, his voice is described as thundering, while in his meeting with Cultivation, her voice is described as “tumbling stones”. I think it likely that these two are the gods of stone and wind. This leaves us with the question of who is the 3rd listener god? Spren seems pretty generic. Well, considering the fact that the first two are the Spren of the wind and the Spren of the stones, the most likely, although strange sounding, is that the third god is the Spren of the Spren. Almost like mankind’s understanding that Spren exist, manifest as an idea of its own. I think this fits into the 3rd siblings role as the life force behind Urithiru, the ultimate fabrial gets the ultimate spren. Also, the Stormfather tells Dalinar that the Sibling has been hurt enough. Seemingly more than any other spren, even with the Radiants breaking their bonds. Maybe, with the Recreance, when the vast majority of bonded spren were forgotten (excluding Nale and his Skybreakers), the Spren of the Spren lost most of its power, as Spren feed off the thoughts of people. Is there a shard attached to this sibling? Where are they sleeping? Who will wake them up, and when? No idea, although the idea of Navani (or maybe even Rushu) bonding them sounds awesome, if somewhat predictable.
  9. When Dalinar first questions the Stormfather about the Sibling, He says “No! You hurt them enough!”. Bit of a stretch, but considering who Dalinar had just been hurting at the time (or at least relatively recently hurting), there might be some connection between the Singers and the Sibling. Considering Venli was already given the ability of Connection via envoyform, it makes sense for her to bond the Sibling if it was somehow related to the Parshendi. Maybe the realization that the Singers were the original Rosharans is what made the Sibling withdraw in the first place, because it associates with what is percieved as the natives of Roshar. (Cognitive Realm, becase spren are cognitive beings? Stretch, but that’s what I have.)
  10. As I was re-reading WoK, I noticed Taravangian say something odd. When he revealed himself to Szeth, he says “Sometimes I wonder if the Lifebrother himself sent you to me.” To which Szeth replied, “To bloody myself so that you wouldn’t have to. Yes, that sounds like something one of your Vorin gods would do. Knowing that people associate Stormfather with Jezrien, who is worshipped in Vorinism, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling? The name pattern is similar. Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and now Lifebrother. And if the Sibling was necessary for “life” to survive on Urithiru, then the name is also appropriate. I haven’t seen any other reference to this outside of this scene. So the question is, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling?
  11. Brandon says the Shattering assigned all existing Investiture to one of the Shards. I believe Roshar, the planet’s land mass, is assigned to Autonomy. “Somebody” raised that land mass from the sea just like Autonomy’s avatar raised Patji. Because I believe the “Spren of Stone” is the third Sibling, I think that Sibling now belongs to Autonomy. Analysis I quote the relevant WoBs below. Bracketed numerals refer to that numbered WoB. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” [1.] To me, this implies Adonalsium may have created Roshar after the cosmere’s creation. Roshar specifically incorporates Adonalsium’s “touch and design.” The Eila Stele names the Singer gods “spren, stone, and wind.” Most believe the wind and spren are the Stormfather’s and Nightwatcher’s pre-Shattering predecessors. I agree with posters who think the third Sibling is the Spren of Stone. I think the Spren of Stone is the Rosharan continent’s consciousness. I believe the figure hovering above the blue disk with outstretched arms in Urithiru’s basement is that consciousness, as it raises the continent from Roshar’s oceans (the disk). The Spren of Stone IMO is the “somebody” who specifically designs and creates Roshar’s land mass according to fractal mathematics principles. [2, 3.] The continent surfaces from Roshar’s oceans after the planet’s creation. (The Horneater Peaks above the crem-line hold slate, a sedimentary rock. [6.]) I suspect Szeth’s “great spren of the mountains,” his people’s aboshi, is another name for (or a subspren of) the Spren of Stone. Kaladin notices Kholinar’s windblades resemble Urithiru’s striations, maybe another manifestation found near every Oathgate city. Highstorms bury the continent in crem. [4.] Even pre-Shattering crem carries Invested nutrients, supporting native flora and farmers. [9, 10.] Rosharans don’t know, or even ask, where crem comes from. [8.]. “On Roshar…environmental factors ARE magical components.” [7.] I think crem now comes from Autonomy. It’s the same pattern as Taldain (IMO). Invested water circulates through the atmosphere. On Taldain, solar radiation Invests the oceans, which the natural water cycle distributes. On Roshar, the highstorm distributes crem gathered from Roshar’s oceans. We don’t know the source of crem’s oceanic Investiture – could it come from Roshar’s sun? And could Dysian Aimians now be of Autonomy? They too are a magic-wielding autonomous consciousness. Their magic broadly resembles Sand Mastery. Both cause remote objects to take a commanded shape. A Dysian does that with his body parts, not microflora. Something to chew on, maybe… I do think Autonomy will yet be moved to look at Rosharan events. If Bavadin hasn’t already, she/he may soon realize the scope of her Investiture there. I believe we’ve been “foreshadowed.” Relevant WoBs 1. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” Source. 2. Roshar “is modeled after the Julia Set. Which is meant to indicate that Roshar was designed specifically…[and not] through crem buildup.” Source. 3. “The whole idea that this is a fractal-- The whole point of that is, somebody built this. Somebody built this using mathematics that you know. They said ‘Oh. Boom. Bing!’ and grew themselves a continent.” Source. 4. “The geography on Roshar was developed as a natural outgrowth of the highstorm…. I had to find a mechanism by which stone was deposited by rain, because I felt that the constant weathering over that long of a time would leave no continents…. They don't have plate tectonics. The continent actually moves as it gets weathered on the east and gets pushed that direction over millennia of time.” Source. 5. Roshar’s continent is not composed solely of crem. Source. 6. “Horneater peaks you're probably going to get into some more slate, some more dark grays and things like this, weathered stone that doesn't have the crem buildup because the peaks are gonna pop up above where the crem is building up, so.” Source. 7. “On Roshar, the environment and magic are so intertwined, environmental factors ARE magical components.” Source. 8. Where crem comes from is “one of the greater mysteries. Far in the future, scientists on Roshar will start asking that same question.” Source. Brandon RAFOs whether the Everstorm creates crem. Source. 9. “Even pre-Shattering [stormwater] would get a metallic taste, that's the crem. So. That is an indication of Investiture and things. But it was there – It was in place first, before.” Source. 10. “[Both natural flora and farmers] have to get all of [their] minerals and things basically have to come from the crem.” Source. 11. Brandon says crem is “more like Shard poop” than spren poop, though it’s “not really poop.” Sources One and Two. He also laughs off the question whether Lift’s “metabolic waste” holds crem but doesn’t specifically RAFO it. Source.
  12. So now that we know that even the oathgates have sprens, I think I have a theory on the third Bondsmith spren. It's the spren of Urithiru. The reason the tower of Urithiru dues not function properly is because it's actually the physical manifestation of the sibling. The stormfather, while discussing the sibling with Dalinar says that you disturb them enough at it is. I suppose people poking and prodding the entire tower on a daily basis could be construed as disturbance. Additionally, the tower can only become fully functional only when someone has bonded the spren, providing it sentience. Otherwise, the tower (read: physical body) regresses back to its basic functioning like a storm or a windspren. And only someone who can understand the tower intimately will be able to bond its spren. An additional point of thought is the refusal by sprens of Thylenah's oathgates to grant entry to Shallan from cognitive realm. They told her that they have been forbidden to do so by someone. Stands to reason that such an order can only be given by a spren that ranks higher then them. Say a spren of the building that has all ten oathgates. What do you guys think?
  13. I'm back baby! And i've got a big one here! The third and final greater spren is the sibling. A vast embodiment of stone that used to reside in the giant power core and by extension throughout the gem veins all through the city of urithiru. Probably powering all the different functions that arent working yet. Just like a modern fabrial, it requires stormlight and a spren to function which is why renarin and jasnah were unable to force stormlight into the fabrial to get it to function. From a chapter heading: Good night, dear Urithiru. Good night, sweet Sibling. Good night, Radiants. Between the stormfather and dalinar: "... are there others, though? Spren like you, or the Nightwatcher? Spren that are shadows of Gods?" There is ... a third sibling. They are not with us. "In hiding?" No. Slumbering. "Tell me more." No. "But-" No! Leave them alone! You hurt them enough. My guess is that this sibling was the bonded great spren during the last desolation and was sent into catatonia when the last bondsmith died or lost their oaths. Falling into a long slumber the same way that Sylphrena did. I imagine that the sibling could be woken again and come back to live in urithiru, it might not have to be bonded to someone to power the city. Or maybe we'll get another bondsmith someday! Now for the nature of this third greater spren. Stone seems the obvious affiliation for me. The chapter headers of translations from that early dawnsinger speaks of how the humans turned the spren of the wind and stone against them. We already hear the listeners complain about how the storm (wind) was no longer completely theirs, and i believe the sibling was the other great spren to begin favoring the humans over dawnsingers. Each of the other great spren seem to have gained an influence from the shards present on roshar, the Stormfather and Honor, the Nightwatcher and Cultivation. The final pairing of course: the Sibling and Odium. With the sibling's presumed association with stone it may be responsible for all the great cities and fortifications throughout all of roshar! Using the cymatic vibrations on a huge scale to create the symmetrical fortifications. The striations in kholinar's windblades are pointed out as being identical to those inside urithiru. I think this slumbering Sibling is the architect behind the dawncities. Perhaps this sibling can be woken in the CR the same way that the stormfather came and revived Sylphrena. And we'll get to see it flip the ignition on urithiru or even create new cymatic patterns designed to protect against both the highstorms and everstorms! Discuss!