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Found 1 result

  1. Now I’ve seen a lot of posts about Szeth abandoning his truthlessness and deciding to ignore his orders to kill Dalinar or whatever, and how awesome it would be for him to become a good guy, and it would be quite cool. But I have my doubts You see the Shin seem to be a rational and sound people, a people who hate violence, and yet this tradition of truthless seems totally crazy. I could buy if it was just the lifetime of absolute servitude with no absolution from your sins, maybe, it would still be extremely odd as every system of morality’s goal is to stop people from breaking its rules so forcing someone to do so is extremely odd But They give this truthless requires a shardblade (Possibly an honorblade) It just seems odd, odd enough that I feel that it is safe to say that this punishment is not just an arbitrary decision. It’s not just a form of punishment, even if it is somewhat similar to the fate of people who pick up normal weapons. My theory is that something that Szeth did has caused something to start happening, something that he now has to hold back through the trial of being a truthless. I think that something started the return of Odium and the desolation and now Szeth has to maintain his oath as a truthless for as long as possible to delay it for as long as possible. So when he breaks his oath the proverbial gloves come off and we go into round one of the last desolation. I have a few points to support this theory It has been theorised that Szeth’s blade is an honor blade, if this were true then I would like to point to the original world changing effects of the Heralds putting them down, an act that somehow stopped the cycle of Desolations, if szeth had now picked one up then it stands to reason that it is possible that it has something do with unstopping them. Second Shivor is the only large place on Roshar where the high storms don’t reach, there are also no spren in Shivor (at least there are none just hanging around) Which strikes me as very odd. Now I have always wondered what the Rosharn shads version of, can’t see metal, was. There is, what I consider, a hint in the first interlude at the pure lake. Basically they believe that the evil god can’t see them when they are on certain sacred grounds and so they are free to worship as they please there. So I figured I should run with that, what if there was some way to seal off a section of land from the power of the Shards, if that were the case then Shivor, the huge odium safe zone, would be the best place to hide the desolation trigger, as I shall call it. Now do you recall the last scene with Szeth where he meets his employer at Karbanath. There is a very brief section there where Szeth contemplates killing Tarvagian instead of following his orders. This section not only proves that Szeth can break his oath but it also is worded suspiciously “but honor prevailed for now” ← (weak evidence I know but directly after this, the next chapter, also this is parafrased I'll get the exact quote later, when I have my book again), you get a scene of hoid describing the bowl movements of the world and a herald breaking down the gates of Kolinar. Just after. It would also make for an amazing scene if he ever did break his oath. So there it is, am I right, am I wrong, what do you think is the desolation trigger, what do you think will happen when\if Szeth breaks his oath.