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Found 23 results

  1. i wanted to talk about whatever it is that "shattered" the Shattered Plains “They blame our people For the loss of that land The city that once covered it Did range the eastern strand. The power made known in the tomes of our clan Our gods were not who shattered these plains. ” —55th stanza[1] This poem suggests that the humans blamed the Listeners for what happened even though it was the humans fault. the Listeners outright say it wasn't their Gods who did it and they remember the Power that did. “But it is not impossible to blend Their Surges to ours in the end. It has been promised and it can come. Or do we understand the sum? We questioned not if they can have us then, But if we dare to have them again. ” —10th stanza[2] This Poem suggests that Surgebinding and Voidbinding(or whatever) can be mixed. we already know this. at the end of the Poem, the Listeners question whether they should use Surgebinding again. its like they're afraid of it. They obviously know(or at least have an inkling) that what happened to Ashyn and the Shattered Plains is linked to Surgebinding. the Listeners are afraid of Surgebinding becasue it was used in some way to set a planet on fire and shatter the Shattered Plains. “The betrayal of spren has brought us here. They gave their Surges to human heirs, But not to those who know them most dear, before us. 'Tis no surprise we turned away Unto the gods we spent our days And to become their molding clay, they changed us. ” —40th stanza[3] its looking more and more like the Parshendi are the good guys. they presumably lives good lives until humans moved to Roshar, Took their Homes, Honor and Cultivation then gave them the boot(in favor of Humans), then they finally turned to Odium to try and win their land back only to be twisted by odium for his own sick purposes(Killing H+C)
  2. Just a note on the origin of the word 'Narak'. In-world, in Roshar, it means Exile. 'Narak' is, however, also a real-world word. It is a Hindi word, referring to Hell or Underworld. It seems thematically appropriate too, for the setting. This information probably belongs in the introduction or trivia section.
  3. I've attempted to draw the shattered plains.... thoughts?
  4. I just searched through the site and couldn’t find any other threads talking about this game, so I don’t know how many people even know about it. So if you don’t know about it, a couple years ago Brandon mentioned that they were developing a board game based on and around the war on the Shattered Plains. He even gave out a bunch of promotional Szeth cards/standees with some cryptic game stats on the back alongside the release of Words of Radiance. Supposedly the game was supposed to go to kickstarter sometime in 2018, but that got bumped back. Then today, this troubling news was posted on I went ahead and sent an email to [email protected] to ask about this. We’ll see what they say. To anyone else interested in this game, I’d encourage you to send them a polite email as well- who knows, maybe if we show them enough support they might revive the game!
  5. Branderbot 2000's newest novel features a love triangle for our sassy redheaded heroine. In this episode, she goes stepping out with a handsome prince in armour (refer to previous episode, Six Feet of Steel) who is not very smart but is pretty good at beating people up. Does she choose the mysterious shirtless bridgeman Kaladin? Or the well-heeled prince with sacks of spheres? It turns out the prince has mysteries of his own... how he poops in Shardplate.
  6. Now go to sleep in Chasms deep with Darkness all around you. Though Rock and Dread may be your bed so sleep my Baby Dear. Now comes the Storm but you'll be warm the Wind will rock your Basket. The Crystal's fine will glow Sublime so sleep my Baby Dear. And with a song it won't be long, you'll sleep my Baby Dear. Okay, this song has some odd parts to it, besides the overall creepiness of singing it to a Toddler. But my Question is, Where did Shallan's Father (What's his name?) Hear or make this Song. Shallan's like, 17, and the shattered plains were discovered and Explored about 15 years ago. So what are the chasms' referring to? And Have we seen Crystals anywhere yet? Also, Darkness (Nale) and Rock (Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor) ), were both mentioned in the Song, as is the Storm in the Chasms, and the Whole Chasm Scene itself.
  7. I've been wondering recently about the Shattered Plains, more specifically about the Shattered part. From this quote: we can infer that the Shattered Plains were not always shattered. It raises another question though: who or what shattered it? The Song of Wars states that it wasn't the Parshendi or their gods who shattered Stormseat. A different theory I've seen is that the Knight's Radiant destroyed the area, but that doesn't explain how it's symmetrical. Another theory suggests that the Splintering of Honor caused a shockwave (based on the earthquake on Sel; I understand that the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion was ages before the earthquake btw), and Roshar has no tectonic plates (apparently). So, to you brilliant Cosmere fans, do you know what shattered Stormseat? I have asked a couple of people, searched through the WoBs, and now I am here. Please help me.
  8. Greetings everyone! I'm new here, and glad to be a member. I was wondering if it was known (mentioned in the books or in WoB) if the Recreance happened after or before the shattering of the plains. I'm fairly certain it's hinted multiple times that the plains seemed "intentionally shattered", though I'm unsure if this is verified for good. As to why this felt relevent to the recreance, it's purely my speculation. I just felt it contrived for whole orders of radiants to abandon their oaths as one due to a vague feeling that they may end the world. But in the face of concrete proof in the form of a demonstration, perhaps it's plausible. Molding and fracturing rock seems to be the within the portfolio of the tension and cohesion surges. If the shattering of the plains was a result of surgebinding, it could explain the sudden impetus they had to forswear as one. Again I could be wrong on multiple counts. Also I doubt I'm the first to this conclusion. So, if there's any discussion going on elsewhere that answers me, or if anyone has the answers here, I'd be greatly obliged! Thanks! I don't post often and visit kinda rarely, but really I look forward to being a part of the community!
  9. I'm a little confused about the shattered plains. My head cannon since WoR has been that the shattered plains is not what it was presented to be. With Shallan asking Andolin to slay this rock to find out its part of a building. Then Andolin used that hint to sneak up on the parshendi that were chanting by cutting into a building and using it to circle around. Add in the fact that Shallan was able to see the pattern of the city to draw out the map and pinpoint the oddity to figure out where the oathgate was placed. I came to the conclusion that it was a forgotten city. Thousands of years of high storms depositing crem with no upkeep eventually turned it into what we see as the shattered plains. Am I missing something. As I read posts people still use them as examples for instance I recently read one where someone theorized that one reason the knights foreswore their oaths.... Oathbringer spoilers below There's been alot of instances where people still speak of the plains as shattered. I'd like to know what you guys think. Did I read to much into this. Was there some sort of shattering to the city that caused it to be abandoned? If so how did it still keep the pattern Shallan recognized. I would really like to get my head cannon right.
  10. Here's another piece. We've got Kaladin flying with Syll above the Shattered Plains. Happy to have worked through this one faster than previous works. Kept fiddling and fussing with this thing and eventually had to make myself stop. Lighting is hard business, let me tell you.
  11. Do we know what caused the 10 craters on the Shattered Plains where the 10 Alethi war camps are set up? Both pictures of the Plains have exactly 10 (no extras or empty ones) in a semi circle besides the plains. My thoughts were that these may have been landing points for the heralds when they came before the desolation? Falling at speed like a meteor...
  12. Looks like Timmy Shallan fell down a well again. Luckily for our plucky heroine, Captain Kaladin (who owns shirts - but if you are disappointed, they fall apart in every fight scene wink wink) jumped in after her. Since Shallan's previous date with the devastatingly handsome Adolin went so well, the newest episode features the dark and mysterious Kaladin, just in case you thought she was in danger of picking one. Have a box of tissues at the ready so you're prepared for angsty sepia-coloured flashbacks about dead brothers.
  13. Highprince Dalinar Kholin has invited you to a very special banquet, at none other than the king’s feasting basin. Though he declined to tell you his motives, you know better than to turn down an invitation from a man of such status. Plus, many of your closest allies and enemies are there, meaning that the feast will be abuzz with rumor and gossip. Such is the endless strife of a lighteyed noble such as yourself, attempting to catch the latest news of the goings-on throughout the warcamps and Alethkar itself. Of course, hearsay also tends to lead to lies, and lies lead to deceit, and deceit leads to corruption. While you’ve always felt that you can trust in your comrades, you’re beginning to think that something more may be going on. That, perhaps, you may not all be working towards the same goal... Nevertheless, a feast is a feast, so you might as well take the time to enjoy it, right? The Game Conspirators & Corruption Roles Messages Action Order And there's the game! As usual, if you have any game-related questions/clarifications, feel free to ask, either in-thread, or via PM. If you have not already done so, make sure to read the general rules to get an understanding of the basic rules and terminology in the games. For roleplay purposes, the signup phase will take place just before Dalinar’s great feast, at the king’s feasting basin. So if you want to do any pre-game roleplaying (as I’m hoping this game will have some interesting elements of roleplay involved), there’s the place you’ll probably want to get to. For further reference’s sake, this game takes place several months before the events in The Way of Kings. On that note, signups will end about a week from now, on August 19, and then the madness and corruption will begin! If you cannot join the game for some reason and wish to watch, PM me if you'd like to join the Spectator Doc. Player List Draela Heb (Haelbarde) Sheon Idris (Seonid) Brightlord Wannan (Herowannabe) Arilir (Araris Valerian) Seavul Karlon (TheSilverDragon) Brightness Katara (little wilson) Merilee Kavdar (RippleGlyf) Kipper (Kipper) Cleo (Winter Cloud) Bortholemew the Blind (Bort) Seixa (phattemer) Leyton (IrulelikeSTINK) Mace (Macen) Brightlady Nivina Odict (Shallan) Em-son-of-none (Emerald 101) Caesarae (Adamir) Orlok (OrlokTsubodai) Norlav (Alvron) Resha (RavenRadiant7) Eradin (Paranoid King) Vin Elendel (Venture Mistborn) Efrihm (Alvom) Badhab Eony (The Honey Badger) Klanal (Clanky) Patch (Feligon) Mallan (Mailliw73) Owain (TheMightyLopen) Mortago (a smart guy) Write ups:
  14. Started playing around with some ideas on a basic look and feel for the shattered plains today, and I kinda like 'em =) big changes from what I created in my last Kaladin fanart piece. Let me know what you think!
  15. I've already added this guy to the gallery, but I wanted to toss it into the Forums for a bit more exposure =) Here's the first in a series of works centered around Kaladin. A scene of the aftermath of a battle with the Parshendi. They're on the retreat, and Kaladin is going to the aid of a downed bridgman. And he's yelling something.. Or yawning really hard.. I'm going to try to toss in some of the process work so you can have a look at the phases this thing went through if you want =) Lemme know what you think! (p.s. looks like the progress shots are all scrambled in order. Basically, if it looks crappier, it's from earlier in the process)
  16. Who knew that Roshar is actually Pluto? New pictures of the surface of Pluto show what appears to be the Shattered Plains. The round war camps are even there, granted they're not all next to each other and we're missing a few. Maybe we're all wrong and Reckoners IS Cosmere because Roshar is in our solar system? Source: NASA Edit: Mestiv actually came to the same conclusion hours before me in the Random Stuff II thread.
  17. Recently, after thinking about the lyrics of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" I payed specific attention to one line: "Oh what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!" And so I thought, "Hey! SING A SLAYING SONG tonight! The Parshendi sing while they kill!" And so I sought the opportunity to make a parody of this classic Christmas song. Here was the result: Parhsendi Plateau Assault Written by ChullRider To the tune of "Jingle Bells" Sang by the Parshendi ---------- Dashing on Plateaus Preparing to slay O'er the Plains we go Killing all the way! Singing Creepily Making Spirits Grim What fun it is to run And sing a Slaying song to them! --Chorus-- O! Alethi! Alethi! Please prepare to DIE! Oh what fun it is to kill all of the Ale----THI! Alethi! Alethi! Please prepare to DIE! O, what fun it is to kill all the Alethi! ----------- And unlike "Jingle Bells," this one isn't festive, so you can sing it year-round! Happy caroling! ~ChullRider
  18. So my theory as to how the shattered plains shattered comes from reading Elantris and thinking about similarities between shardworlds and magic systems. We know that at least three shards have been splintered by Odium. Dominion and Devotion on Sel and Honor on Roshar. On both planets that Odium killed a Shardholder there was a devastating earthquake that broke the land. Sel presumably works like a regular planet and therefore has plate tectonics and fault lines so when one of the Shards was splintered it caused the land to break down a fault line leading to the rift in the middle of the southern continent. Roshar has land that is built up over time by crem deposits and worn down over time by the storms and therefore a massive energy burst might radiate out in a cymatic pattern like the shattered plains. It was not Ahairaitiem (I've no idea how to spell it with the Coppermind down) that shattered the land around Stormseat (btw if the storms come from Honor wouldn't Honor's home be at Stormseat) but the splintering of Honor. There were many desolations and there are no other places on Roshar with Cymatic lines nearly as obvious as the Shattered plains although many of the cities have cymatic patterns in their geography. On Sel the massive chasm that opened suddenly that shook an entire continent may have been caused by the splintering of Devotion or Dominion. It is a possible solution and I don't think we have enough information to know for sure but it is a possible explanation that elastically fits the evidence. As for why this didn't happen at the death of Ruin or preservation I have an idea. It's possible that it only happens when a shard is splintered and not when a shardholder dies, although the Scadrial was shaking badly already at the point of Vin's and Ruin's death and when Preservation died he was very weak and had given most of his power away.
  19. So the idea behind this is to find the a real life picture or image that best portrays the Shattered plains then post the Link here. This came up when me and my brother were discussing where they could film the books, ( we both agree this may and probably should never happen.) and we tried to find some cool looking places for the set of the Shattered Plains. So here is my Link,-109.5445464,1850a,20y,81.07t/data=!3m1!1e3
  20. Something that caught my attention in Jasnah’s prologue, that I haven’t seen discussed yet, is one of Jasnah’s comments about the Parshendi Jasnah believes there is something, some ruins of importance, that the Parshendi have access to. I think it is safe to assume these are the ruins we see in Eshonai’s interlude, at the center of the Shattered Plains. So, what are these ruins? The obvious answer is that these ruins are Urithiru. But that may not be the only answer. In tWoK Jasnah is quite adamant that Urithiru is not on the Shattered Plains. It is possible that she is incorrect, but I find it unlikely that she would be so certain without reason. Jasnah’s notes refer to Urithiru being “Westward,” and it is hard to get less westward than the Shattered Plains. There has been specualtion that Urithiru is located in Shadesmar. The first WoR chapter provides some support for this, So, for the moment let’s assume that Jasnah is correct in tWoK and the ruins on the Shattered Plains are not Urithiru. What else could they be? At the Seattle signing in October I asked Brandon to indicate on my map in tWoK something that might be of interest to characters in the book, something that had been searched for. Above the Shattered Plains he wrote “Great Magic unleashed here.” I would guess that this unleashed magic is what caused the plains to shatter. But what was this event? 1. Perhaps some kind of physical manifestation of Honor being splintered. This would release the splinters, and could be the unleashed magic. 2. Magic on Roshar is very spren-dependent. And as Jasnah discusses in the first WoR chapter: Perhaps the Shattered Plains is a location where this “leakage” occurs… or perhaps it was a dam that burst. 3. If Urithiru was in Shadesmar, it may have had some physical correlate. We don’t yet know how relative location and distance works in Shadesmar, or how cities created in Shadesmar might manifest in the physical realm. Maybe Urithiru, and its assumed destruction, created some echo of ruins in the physical realm. I’m just throwing out a couple ideas, but I’d love to hear more. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from lurking around these forums it’s that 17sharders are boundlessly clever.
  21. Spoilers. I've finally started my final reread of the Way of Kings (what with Words of Radiance being so close), and I've already made a theory. The Battlefield mentioned in tWoK prologue/prelude thing... is what later becomes the shattered plains. Or so I think. Now of course, this isn't our modern-day Shattered Plains. But keep in mind, what we're seeing here is hundreds of years prior to the rest of the book. It sounds like something that might eventually turn into the SP, right? Especially when you remember that, after all, crem does grow stone... sort of.I haven't checked every WoB, but I saw nothing 'bout this during a cursory check. I also searched the forums and saw nothing about this idea, sorry if it already exists. Edit: added a sentence or two. Or so.
  22. Does anyone know what color the shattered plains are? The cover art depicts them as red, but I don't trust cover art and anyway that could just be due to the sunset. I have scoured the text and have not found any specific reference to the ground other than frequent references that it is stone. I'm trying to recreate them in Lego, so any other relevant environmental descriptors would be helpful. Thanks!
  23. I recently read a quote from Brandon mentioning that the hunting on the Shattered Palins would have a serious ecological impact and that we should expect to see signs of this soon. I'm expecting to see at least the start of the impact in the next book. What do you think? So what do we know about Chasm Fiends? Chasm Fiends are massive, they're predatory, and they're carnivorous. We should also assume that they are active hunters since the Bridge Crews had no knowledge of safe times to scavenge, nor do we have any indication that the Alethi high command had such knowledge. We know they ate goats, chulls, and people during the hunt, but what do they eat the rest of the time? I'm of the opinion that we are about to see the regular Chasm Fiend diet consisted of something omnivorous that finds people tasty. That the population of this critter has exploded due to lack of hunting, and that both the Parshendi and the Alethi will soon begin to encounter these critters regularly as these critters spread westward through the canyons. I think these critters may be why the Parshendi can't retreat to the east. I could be totally wrong about how this over hunting will impact the area, so lets hear some other theories if you have them, or reasons why mine is a good or bad one. Edit: I'm directionally challenged