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Found 9 results

  1. I made this account yesterday, shortly after finishing the WoR and deciding to scour the interwebs for answers to my questions. I've been reading these forums for two days now, and haven't come across any mention of the Shash brand on Kaladin's forehead. It's one of the things I find most interesting about him, and here's why: Lopen taught himself to use Stormlight, and immediately his arm began to regrow. A severed limb is something that would have been completely covered with scar tissue in these times, and would likely have been cauterized to avoid an almost certain death. This (in physiological terms, at least) makes it identical to Kaladin's scar. However, I believe that it's been made abundantly clear that the Shash brand on Kaladin's forehead is just something he is going to live with forever (and he won't be covering it up with a tattoo, either). The books have made no mention of Kaladin trying specifically to heal the scar with stormlight, and I don't believe they ever will. He is probably able to do it, but being that he is bound to an Honorspren, I think he feels morally obligated to be honest, even with those whom he is about to kill. His scar tells even those who do not know him that whether he is a free man or a slave, being in his presence is tantamount to being in the presence of danger. And what is Kaladin, if not honest? Let me know if I'm missing something here.
  2. Hello everyone. In my poor planning, I've already finished my rereads of WoK, WoR, and Edgedancer in anticipation of Oathbringer. So, I'm reading Warbreaker now, why not? I noticed that in the scene where Siri is teaching Susebron to read, the very first thing she teaches him is "Shash" which is also one of the slave brands from Kaladin's forehead. Does anyone know of a connection here?
  3. I believe that it was Leonardo Da Vinci who once said that you don't actually finish a piece of art. You abandon it. Well, I'm finished noodling with this one and am ready to show it around a bit more. It's Kaladin!! At least it's my interpretation of the guy. I've been through a few iterations of this character, but landed here, and I like the way he turned out. This is, of course, pre-shave-not-happy-to-be-a-bridgeman Kaladin -- hence the beard and stuff. Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to check out more of my art at
  4. From the album Words of Radiance Poster

    The glyphs in the background mean "Freedom" (the wings on the top), and "Slave" (the shash on the bottom). Let me know what you think! I wouldn't be averse to making revisions if someone with better art tastes than I can suggest improvements!
  5. So I spent a good hour and a half doing this and I feel quite proud. I did this to tie in with the cosmere theme of my halloween with my mistcloak. I avoided doing the sas nahn glyphs because it might be a bit awkward explaining why my pumpkin said slave on it either way, I hope that you all like it!
  6. So I spent a good hour and a half doing this and I feel quite proud. I did this to tie in with the cosmere theme of my halloween with my mistcloak. I avoided doing the sas nahn glyphs because it might be a bit awkward explaining why my pumpkin said slave on it either way, I hope that you all like it!
  7. Hello 17th Shard World, This is my first entry in the forum. I've been putting some art up in the gallery and someone recommended that I post them here too so that they'd reach a few more souls. The cell-shaded, cartoony looking ones are all several months to about a year old, so there's lots that I look at and want to change in them.. I'll do a few more reboots soon. Hope you all like 'em! Let me know what you think. You can see them, and some more stuff on my website if you ever have a mind:
  8. Combination of Freedom, Bridge four, and dangerous. Hopefully it doesn't look too tribal.
  9. We've gone too long without high quality renditions of the Herald symbols so I decided to trace the ones printed on the introduction page for each Part in tWoK and WoR. So far, there have been only 6 glyphs depicted on the introduction pages. If anyone knows where I might find a depiction of the other four glyphs it would be much appreciated so I can get them all finished up. Here is what I have so far. Clicking on the image links to a large png. The hyperlink connects to an svg vector file. Betab Chach Jez Kak Nan Shash I wasn't 100% sure which blades belonged to which Herald. What I listed above were my best guesses based on how similar they were to the KR order glyphs but if you think I have one mislabeled let me know. Also, If you'd like a photoshop file with all six glyphs, click HERE PS: Does anyone know if Isaac or Ben was the one that made the original designs for these?