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Found 123 results

  1. Two Spren types/SHARDPLATE theory Ok so I have a theory that eacg Radiant order has two different types of Spren. The first one is one of the ten higher types of Spren, which forms the Nahel-bond and once the Radiant swears the third Ideal of his/her order, can turn into a Shardblade. The second type of Spren is one of the lesser Spren. My theory is that once the Radiant swears the fourth oath, these lesser Spren form into that person’s Shardplate. Which explains why Sanderson has said that Shardplate isn’t as invested as Shardblade, it’s made up of weaker Spren then Shardblades. This theory is backed up by the fact that when Kaladin was about to swear the fourth ideal of the Windrunners (I am aware he didn’t) hundreds of windspren where spinning around him. And when he said to Syl that he couldn’t swear the oath, he apologized to Syl and the WINDSPREN. This theory is backed up further as throughout Oathbringer the closer he got to swearing it the more windspren appeared in Shadesmar around him. So I think it might work something like this: Windrunners: windspren Bondsmiths: gloryspren Elsecallers: logicspren Willshapers: intoxicationspren (JK) Lightweavers: creationspren Edgedancers: lifespren Skybreakers: ???? Truthwatchers: ???? Stonewards: ???? Dustbringers: flamespren With this in mind, think off the various statements about Spren throughout the series. No Spren in Shinovar: this could mean that no Radiants lived here, so no lesser Spren needed to be there to form into Shardplate. Logicspren only common in Urithiru: this could be where most Elsecallers lived, as I can totally see all the scholars hiding away in some hidden corridor somewhere. Windspren super common in Alethkar: we know as a fact that most Windrunners came from and lived in that area. If someone could confirm this at I signing for me, that would be great. (Ps. I want props for this theory).
  2. So what?! I've personally never heard of anyones shardblade changing in anyway. The lengths are all meticulously measured and are literally stuff of legend. People would notice a change and comment on it for sure. So what did he mean by the blade sometimes does under circumstances. The only thing I can think of is the theory that Adolin is going to bond with Maya but that doesn't sound like what they're talking about. Plus this was back in 2017. Do we know answers? and if not I'm accepting of theories.
  3. So at one point Nivani mentions that soon after the recreance shard blades couldn't be dismissed. They only discovered later that placing a gem in the hilt let it be dismissed. Could something similar be possible with shard plate? The more I think about it the more likely it seems. Both blade and plate could be summoned and dismissed by the radiants. Both lost that ability after the radiants fell. It seems that what made one dismissible couple work on the other. Now, the biggest problem with this is that you would think someone else would have figured this out when they figured out blades. What if it was more complex though? We know that plate requires a higher order of radiant than blade, so it would also need more of a connection than blades would. Here's my theory. To be able to dismiss plate you need to place several gemstones on the outside of the plate in very specific locations. Just as a gemstone needs to be on the hilt of a blade, these would need to be in specific locations. Now, this being on the exterior of the plate would be why no one has tried it. Even if they could figure out exactly where to place the gems, It would be too expensive for the risk. It would be easy for someone, especially a shard bearer, to break the gems causing the connection to be lost. This could actually become a vital tactic in battles so the opponent can't just drop their plate when it runs out of stormlight. Over time people realized it was too costly for the minimal advantage it added. What does everyone else think? Could shard plate be dismissed again? Is my theory possible or just way out there?
  4. Happy Weekend peeps, In looking for a place to share some ideas of mine, I happened upon this fancy forum. This is only my second post, but hey- what better way to introduce myself, right? I'm sure some of this has been talked about before, but I haven't seen anything on it yet. So here you go: A video covering three different ways you might be able to abuse the stormlight magic system Shardplate² is the future | Stormlight theories
  5. So, I have seen a lot of people talking about how a few bullets could break Shardplate, and they get that from this: But an earlier WoB said this: I think that people have taken the first WoB to mean something other than what it does. I think that they are forgetting that Wax is a steelrunner, and can push on his bullets to give them more momentum, even increasing the power of his pushes by increasing his weight, while most gunmen cannot do this. from what I have found, a .22 rifle has about the same amount of energy behind it as an English longbow, which I think the Alethi have, and those arrows do about nothing to plate. I think that a regular (or even irregular like vindication) pistol would have less energy behind it than a .22 (correct me if i'm wrong) and the only advantage of a bullet is that it is more focused. So I think that guns should do little to shardplate, unless you get something like Wax's extra-large shotgun. What do you think?
  6. From the album InfernalSquid - Stormlight

    My headcanon of a slightly younger Dalinar, under the influence of the Thrill. I realize that he does not have a beard, but hey - he does look good in it. For the Odium in the constellations, I used botanicaxu's art of Odium - credits go to them for that part (ONLY).
  7. Did the Heralds have Shardplate?
  8. In listening to the Shardplatecast episode of Shardcast, I came up with what seems like a new (or at least different) theory on the formation of Shardplate. I apologize for the superlong post. I am also not deeply versed in Realmatic theory, or the wide variety of Words of Brandon or other forum posts. I've read what I can. First I want to list out the things we know without argument about Shardplate. I'm taking from the books, the Coppermind, and Words of Brandon It can withstand a lot of damage by conventional weapons/impacts/pressure, but will eventually shatter. It can stop a Shardblade, though repeated blows will cause it to shatter. (Ergo is weaker than a Shardblade) It is originally from the Knights Radiant, and was abandoned during the Recreance. Radiants 'got' their plate by swearing the Fourth Ideal. The original Knights could summon and release the plate, or portions of the plate, at will, similar to Shardblades. Modern (dead) plate cannot be summoned or released. Modern (dead) Shardplate seems to be powered by Stormlight in the form of gems, When it runs out the plate stops functioning. Flawed gems cause the plate to shatter faster. It can be regrown by feeding the damaged pieces Stormlight. This can replace whole sections. Separated sections will 'die' as they main plate is regrown. It automatically fits itself to the wearer. It provides increased strength, dexterity and speed to the wearer, though not endurance. It is very heavy. (potentially around 1400 pounds) Higher spren don't scream/react to plate like they do when their Radiant touches a dead blade Plate is keyed to Radiant's Identity. Plate interferes with another Radiant's abilities (specifically lashing in Dalinar's visions) Theory point (I don't have a justification on this one). Dead Plate doesn't bond like dead Shardblades. Conforming to the wearer is not the same as keying to the summoner allowing it to be controlled, called, dismissed, etc. the way a blade is. Although Brandon did say it was a 'lesser bond', I argue that we aren't seeing the same strength as the blade/bearer bond. From this point, I want to lay out my theory, and explain how it touches to all the known parts above. We know that Shardblades and Plate are gained by Knights Radiant by strengthening/deepening the Nahel bond. We can see that with each 'level' the Radiant can use stormlight more effective/efficiently. From WoB we know that as the bond deepens the spren and the Radiant are melding into one individual. It follows that the bond between Radiant and spren is much stronger when the plate is formed than it was when the blade is formed. Their identity is more closely bonded. Yet the plate is weaker than the blade. My theory is that Shardplate is the manifested soul of the Radiant via their connection with their spren. They have pulled part of their spirit web into the physical realm and woven it with Stormlight to create armor. This allows for the plate to be keyed in identity to the Radiant. It follows from the idea that the spren and Radiant must be more closely bound (and that the bond weakening could take away the ability "Talk to your spren about it" in Dalinar's vision). Why did the plate stick around after they broke their oaths? It's similar to the way that hemalurgy can steal powers form an allomancer. Since the armor was part of their spirit web, when they abandoned their oaths it literally ripped a part of their identity/soul away from them. That's the reason why the Radiants in Dalinar's vision don't respond to him. "The former Shardbearer pulled his arm free and continued to walk away" and later "They walked with eyes forward, not speaking to one another, steps slow but resolute." Breaking their oaths has hurt them deeply, and has damaged them even as it killed their spren (Who are only as dead as their oaths). While the blades are the manifestations of the spren, the plate dies at the same time, and fades when the oaths are broken. I remember hearing on Shardcast that light is usually tied to the spiritual realm, so for the plate and the blades to lose their living light is to say that they have been severed from their connection to the spiritual realm. Why is the plate so heavy? Because it bears the weight of betrayal and broken oaths (metaphor made real by perception). Why is it weaker? because men's souls are weaker than ideals. Why did it stay behind after it was abandoned? As Mark Anthony remarked, the evil that men do lives on after their deaths, the good is often interred with their bones. We know that the Shardblades are spren that have manifested themselves physically in the physical realm. They must leave some aspect behind in the Cognitive Realm (deadeye spren are still present in the Cognitive Realm when their Blades are summoned, evidenced by the spren who says that the deadeyes are always wandering around, seeking their bodies). The dead spren are reminiscent of people who are killed with blades, who are referred to having their souls killed. Why would their be so much build up to the spren being blades, but not being armor? Where would be the deadeye armor? (for lack of a better term). Because stormlight comes from a connection to the investiture in the Spiritual realm, the stormlight allows for a bit of broken soul, the part of the spirit web that is the armor, to be strengthened, although it can never be completely made whole, restoring the Radiant's full being together. Stormlight does allow (similar to the heartbeats of a bearer bringing life to a deadeye to manifest) energy for the plate to remain strong. Spren wouldn't scream at the armor because it is more closely aligned with the radiant than with the dead spren. The psychic shock isn't as great. Well, that's the larger gist of it. I've been reading and typing on this for an hour and a half, so I may come back and flesh it out some more later, but at least it's a different take from the 'lesser spren' theory. It's probably unlikely, but it's a new idea.
  9. I never really thought of it before, but all the ornamentation on shardplate probably has to be remade anytime damage is taken. Obviously anything welded on (still not sure how that works entirely) would have to be recast and reattached, but any coloration would probably also need to be repainted after the plate grows back. Just something I found interesting
  10. I reading this old thread about shardblade forms when I thought about the differences between Radiantblades and dead shardblades, and then I thought about shardplate: what differences are there? Radiantplate glows? And I thought: what if Shardplate IS invincible like shardblades, but only when it's not dead?
  11. Using F-Iron and A-Pewter medallions instead of gemstones, could it be possible to create a Scadrial equivalent to shardplate? With the limited knowledge we have about Allomantic technology, the medallions and the cube, it seems theoretically possible.
  12. This recently rediscovered image is believed to be from the final days of the false desolation. This “Full Set” is perhaps the final strike team to be issued out of Urithiru before its abandonment. Consisting of one representative from each order of Surgebinders they were tasked with pursing escaping Parsh and what was at the time believed to be the last remaining Thunderclast into the broken ruins of Stormseat. Tensions between the orders were already apparently high at the time of their sending, regardless no one save the Bondsmith ever returned, and no other record of what they found or experienced exists today. (scholars note: there are several spren, plants, and cremlings scattered throughout the background and margins, one wonders what other secrets may be hiding in this sketch.)
  13. Hello everyone, its been a while since my last shardbearer. This time its a dustbringer. For this one I wanted to go for a roman gladiator vibe. The helmet is meant to resemble the crazy helmets worn by roman murmillo gladiators. I tried to put in some subtle flame designs in as well since I thought that fit the powers and personality of the dustbringers.
  14. So I've been thinking about the glyphs that are on some Shardblades and not others. Examination of Shallan's sketch in WoR shows clearly that Sunraiser has ten glyphs along its length, while Firestorm does not. Now possibly Sunraiser is somehow unique in this regard, but this seems unlikely. If Sunraiser were the only Shardblade to have glyphs along its edge, I should think it would have been called out explicitly as being special or noteworthy in this regard. There are ten glyphs along one edge of the Blade. There are presumably ten more on the other. Twenty glyphs total. As near as I can tell, a set of Shardplate looks like this: This description is taken from chapter 26 of TWoK, when Dalinar puts on his Shardplate. The reader should note that there are exactly twenty pieces of armor mentioned. (At least, there are exactly twenty pieces of armor mentioned if the phrase "culet and faulds" is taken to be two pieces of armor, not three. If the culet and faulds are three distinct pieces, then there are 21 pieces and the theory does not hold so well.) So we have twenty glyphs on some Blades, and twenty pieces of armor that make up Shardplate. I do not think this is a coincidence. Being a fan of the lesser-spren-as-Plate theory, I am reminded of the two ardents in TWoK, who are able to trap spren into certain forms by measuring and recording their size. I propose that Radiant spren do much the same, by "recording" the shape in which they wish the lesser spren to remain upon their own Blade. Since presumably not all Knights had advanced far enough to have Plate at the time of the Recreance, this would explain why not all Blades have the glyphs. It's just a theory, but twenty glyphs along a Blade and twenty pieces in a set of Plate seems like rather too much coincidence to be ignored.
  15. Created based on discussion on other thread. Does Shallan have her plate yet, and has she had it at any points in the past?
  16. Do we know how many individual pieces make up a set of Shardplate? IIRC, there are at least greaves, gauntlets, breastplate, vambraces, helm, and probably boots are separate from greaves although I'm not sure about that. Is there a list anywhere? Even if it might be incomplete?
  17. I'm curious about how the design of Shardplate is decided upon. I think the most common theory currently for the source of Shardplate is that 4th Ideal Radiants create it using the "secondary" non sentient Spren of their order. So do the Spren decide how the plate looks? Or is it up to the Radiant? It seems like the shape of the Blade comes down to the Radiant's choice, so I am inclined to think that the plate follows the same rules. Would the plate be malleable to the Radiaint's will like blades are then? I'm mostly interested in this because I was looking at the Shardplate drawings from WoR and realized that they had scale on some parts of the armor. This got me thinking about more modern forms of armor and whether a Radiant with knowledge of those things could make use of them. I was imagining a body suit that is more form fitting that plate (allowing for more dexterity/mobility) and is made of a "ballistic fiber" version of Shardplate (think kevlar made out of Investiture). Cover that with a layer of small hexagonal "coins" placed very closely together that form the actual plate part of the armor. The helmet would probably be best if it remained a solid piece above the neck with no visor. It would make for a much "sleeker" Radiant IMO and allow them to be more mobile.
  18. I think I have a theory as to how shards work. I'm sure this has been spoken about, but I don't know where. Shards, blades specifically, are solid stormlight/investiture. Spren can become shardblades, and the common theory as to shardplate is that spren form it, like by Kaladin, windspren by the hundreds surrounded him. Spren are bits of stormlight/investiture given sentience. Therefore, Shards are stormlight. They could cut, I suppose, by separating the sould of the object, but I think Brandon mentioned it in one of the the books. Shardblades can be summoned because of the sentience. It would explain why shardplate cannot be summoned and dismissed - there is no sentience. Because that's the only difference between the two. In theory, then, if one could find a way to make stormlight solid, one could make virtually indestructable objects.
  19. Is it possible to bond shardplate by attaching gems to it, like a shardblade? Would it let you manifest and dismiss it at will?
  20. The next in my series of radiant knight sharbearers. This time it is an edgedancer. For the edgedancer I wanted something sleek and sharp, while still retaining the bulk and power of the official shardplate artwork. I also wanted to incorporate some plant-life and reptilian designs as well. I am quite pleased with the end result.
  21. Branderbot 2000's newest novel features a love triangle for our sassy redheaded heroine. In this episode, she goes stepping out with a handsome prince in armour (refer to previous episode, Six Feet of Steel) who is not very smart but is pretty good at beating people up. Does she choose the mysterious shirtless bridgeman Kaladin? Or the well-heeled prince with sacks of spheres? It turns out the prince has mysteries of his own... how he poops in Shardplate.
  22. I've been thinking that Moash and Kaladin are maybe a bit like opposites; they were in a similar situation -- being in the bridge crews after tragedy befalling them or their families -- and Moash clings to revenge and he has that singular focus, while Kaladin turns away from revenge and arrives at the realization "I will protect even those I hate." (Speaking of which; isn't that such a totally mind-blowing statement?? I don't know if I could do that.) It seemed to me like they arrived at a similar crossroads and took opposite paths. Turning aside from selfish concerns to selfless ones. Thoughts?
  23. New to the community, but I just wanted to post a picture of some fan art still in progress. Hark the heralds and happy holidays to all!
  24. So now that we know what shardblades are, what is shardplate? I've got a theory from Oathbringer, but I'd like to know what y'all think. I'll put my theory in a spoilertag to be nice, although if you haven't read the three current Stormlight books, this forum is probably not a safe place for you Hopefully my genius theory isn't 17th Shard Old News. Also, while we're on shardplate, anyone have any explanations for this quote? (From FanX 2018)
  25. So, Nightblood is basically a super op sword that we have never seen defeated and according to the Nightwatcher "can never be defeated". We also know he is fairly similar to a shardblade in the way he acts, but far more powerful. So my question is, would a regular shardblade be able to block a strike from Nightblood? Would shardplate be able to block it the way it blocks regular shardblades? Would Nightblood just consume the blade and plate (i.e. consume the investiture of the shards)? Would this result in, when Nightblood strikes a shardblade, just kill the spren that acts as your blade and so stop you from being a radiant any longer? What can this thing do? Thanks in advance for your insights.