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Found 154 results

  1. In theory you could have your shardblade be a arrow right? And you can force your shardblade not to diapate when it gets away from you... and stop ordering it not to after a while. So let's say you are a full shardbearer (woah) and have a shardbow, you could launch a lethal weapon at long range, don't forget it is lightweight so that either helps or is a big downside (does anyone know a work around, like making the blade weigh more or it is effected the same by forces as though it was heavier?)... would this work?
  2. so to my knowledge the reason shardblades work is because they are very highly invested and its the same with shardplate, so if you were to pour a high amount of breaths into a sword of cloak without awakening it would it still cut through anything (like nightblood) or block blows (shardplate)
  3. A question often posed is why heralds refuse to wear shardplate. I think I've found the answer. We see how shardplate is resistant to surge and void binding. This is because as a god metal, it is so saturated with investiture as to resist other forms of investiture. Interestingly it also blocks other forms of investiture, such as emotional allomancy. We've known for a while that heralds did not need to carry gemstones, which is presumable because honor is channeling investiture into their bodies through their honorblade bond, similar to how bondsmiths "Create" powerlight So heralds don't wear plate so that they can receive investiture directly from honor(placed presumably in the sky) Additionally, it might actually kill them. We see from Jezrien that heralds die rapidly when their soul is separated from the physical world. Theirfore this level of investiture insulation could slowly starve a herald of their divine essence
  4. Digital drawing done in Clip Studio Paint
  5. This is the closest I can come to solving the 'shardplate spren' query. Any correction or insight is appreciated. Sl. No. Order of Knight Radiant Radiant spren Shardplate spren 1 Bondsmith Stormfather/Nightwatcher/Sibling Gloryspren 2 Windrunner Honorspren Windspren 3 Lighweaver Cryptics Creationspren 4 Elsecaller Inkspren Logicspren 5 Edgedancer Cultivationspren Lifespren 6 Truthwatcher Mistspren ? 7 Dustbringer Ashspren Firespren 8 Willshaper Lightspren rockspren(?) 9 Skybreaker Highspren ? 10 Stoneward Peakspren Painspren
  6. Hi guys, have been away from the SA for a while and recently wanted to put out ideas I've only been revisiting. Feel free to comment on what you like, I've only put so much depth into this but I felt I wouldn't get it out in time so here goes: I believe that we know one of the Dustbringer ideals already. Some people are familiar with the following quote provided by Sando: "I will stand when others fall" I believe this is a Dustbringer ideal and I would back up this claim with the third ideal Dalinar spoke about: “I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man. ” The wording fall comes up in both of these oaths. For context, it has been theorised by some that the oaths Dalinar are speaking are closely tied to the "Honor Arc" of the Herald wheel. Quick Side Note: As for the second ideal, I believe it is based on the Windrunner order. “I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together. ” Reason: The wording 'unite' makes me think of adhesion. Not very in-depth, more of a hot take. The best way to protect people is to put them with other people so that their strengths can cover their weaknesses. And the best way for a group of people to protect each other is to appoint someone that is the most capable of leadership. It's also no secret that the next book that will come out at the time of this post is about the Skybreakers so I'm trying to do a flimsy process of elimination. That's when he will swear the fourth. Side Note over: Reasons why I think the quote/ideal is related to the Releasers. Most people attribute it to a Willshaper or Stoneward because of the wording and how the orders are Resolute and Dependable. I believe that bravery is actually the most associated with it. "I will stand when others fall", you think of that in a physical sense but you need to consider the figurative aspect. Standing up for others or especially yourself is courageous, it makes you brave. People will continue to fall and fall and cowardly avoid the difficulties they face but someone who stands in the name of adversity is the ideal of bravery. Responsibility- The word responsibility is used in Dalinar's third ideal and we know since RoW that Dustbringers are themed towards Responsibility - SN: A fire-based spren made an appearance in the same book of the reveal if that counts for anything. Risk takers - I believe that since the order is filled with people who are strong-willed and like to crack things open to see how they work. That along with the self-control theme means that they would deal with a lot of risk management. I actually looked up a bit of engineering risk management and it's a very interesting field I won't dare try to butcher. The point is, with the great amount of power they wield, they will inevitably cause more damage than they may have intended. Learning from your mistakes is a great way to mitigate said risks. 1. Dustbringer Ideals 2nd Ideal of Bravery - "I will stand when others fall in the face of danger" 3rd Ideal of Accountability? - "I will take responsibility for what I have done", "I will make own up to my mistakes". 4th Ideal of Service ?" - "I will stand by " " no matter the direness. 5th Ideal of the Guardian - "I am Self Control...?" 2nd Ideal - The radiant will usually start out as someone who will conquer their fear, I like to imagine those in this order make have caused some irrevocable or deep damage against something or someone and they want to make amends. They are risk-takers and I also believe they become initiates like the WRs and SBs as this is arguably the most dangerous order in the arc and the entire circle save the Bondsmiths. Therefore I don't think it would be a stretch to find out that they get their shard blades here. My reasoning for this: I believe they would honestly classify a shard blade as less dangerous than their surges. We know that their orders gets their surges later than most. It could be a test to see how they use their shard blade and if they use it to do more damage than is necessary. 3rd Ideal - I believe this is where the person must answer for a past misstep or mistake they've taken recently. They will need to come to terms with answering for their mistake. I think maybe carrying out a sentence or repairing something the best they can. We also know that the Division surge has been awarded here from knowledge of Malata and if we were to use her as an example, precision and staying within limits have been achieved if not mostly achieved. 4th ideal - I notice that the orders of the "Honor Arc - Windrunner, Skybreaker, Dustbringer" are hierarchical due to them dealing with power, both physical and political. Here they receive Abrasion which means they get access to explosives and pyrotechnics now. They also get their plate here most likely as well but I'll talk more about that a bit later. They are in positions with a lot of power so that means they have to dedicate themselves to something other or run the risk of using them for selfish destructive reasons. The scale has now tilted in favor of obedience than bravery. 5th ideal - They are in complete control of all their surges and themselves. Don't have much to go on for this. Anyways, you guys get the point I'm trying to make More Theories: Dustbringer Plate Uses: Propel themselves with their palms forward for increased speed They could use the fingers on their gauntlets like cutting tools? Self-Explosion...? Duties: I believe that 'generally' radiants followed their patron's role and Chana was known as the guardians. They dealt with threats to people's safety in what way they could: Battlefield - Chana was known for being quick so it's no surprise they could glide across the battlefield as mobile or stationary artillery Settlement Defenses - They could easily fire rays of heat from atop fortifications Domestic disaster - They could act as emergency services in the case of things like a collapsed building. Chana is also well-known for Here is also a pretty good representation of what I think the surges would look like: I might add more in the future but for now, this is as much as I can scrunge up for now. Thanks for being patient enough to entertain my ramblings and please add what you think might be more logical or if I didn't go into something in-depth enough. Edit: Another interpretation of "I shall stand where others fall" is that those who are falling are the victims of some mishap or crime and the Dustbringer is standing for them or by them in some way.
  7. We know as of rhythm of War that shardplate is made of spren. it is probably safe to assume that each radiant order's shardplate is made of a different lesser spren. We know Windrunners have windspren, but what do you think the other orders' armor is made of? I personally think Jasnah's armor is made of Logicspren
  8. Is it like Allomantic pewter, where it multiplies the muscle power of the person wearing it, making any muscle strength you already have be enhanced depending on your own innate strength, or is it just adding the same amount of strength to whomever wears it, no matter their own, natural muscle strength? Also, does Shardplate actually enhance the muscles of the wearer, or does the plate just move with the motions of the wearer, using its own strength?
  9. I listened to Warbreaker again recently, and there's a fair chance that other people have already realized this and I'm just slow. We've known for a while that Nightblood is a hacked version of Shardblades, but it occurred to me that those aren't the only things Vasher and some of the other Five Scholars saw on Roshar. He also saw Plate and presumably the dueling stances, and this ends up making his own fighting style of Nightblood with Awakened clothing make a lot more sense. Considering his centuries of fighting with basically magical power armor and Nightblood, it also makes a lot more sense why he's a master at teaching new people how to use Shards. We see wisdom from the lessons he gives to Kaladin and Renarin in the few battles we see Vasher fighting. His first lesson to Kaladin and Bridge Four is to not get distracted by the Blade, and we've seen what he accomplishes when people just stare at Nightblood. Yes, Nightblood is doing more than just looking flashy or dangerous, but there's a lot to the intimidation factor that Vasher probably uses to his advantage. He has Renarin diving headfirst into the ground using Plate, and we've seen him trusting his life to an Awakened rope strengthening his leg when falling out of a building. Vasher's Awakened clothing combat style probably wasn't solely inspired by Roshar and Plate, but it obviously was influenced by it. The one that probably should have been obvious to me is that Kalad's Phantoms are a hacked version of Shardplate. Of course Vasher wouldn't have stopped at copying just a Shardblade if he saw Plate. He just made an army of his versions rather than just a handful. It may also put Vasher killing Shashara into a different perspective, since Nightblood or other Shardblades are probably one of the handful of things that would consistently be able to deal with the phantoms. It also makes sense how those two inventions, Nightblood and Awakened statues, came out relatively close together. Really though, I've known for a while that Warbreaker was meant as a prequel to SA, and that SA was written before Warbreaker, but it still astounds me how good Brandon is at what he does. Are there any other Rosharan elements that people can spot in Vasher's actions?
  10. So idk if this has been said before but I am on my 4th or 5th reread of the series and just came to a revelation on a possible reason so many spren are deadeyes. During the interlude with the 2 ardents they demonstrate that spren can be bound into a form if recorded. What if the reason so many spren are blades and plate because they have been recorded by who owns them, what they look like and such. Shalan even draws them which if there are drawings of all the blades and plates that could further lock in what they are perceived as and thus force the spren to always stay as they are. I know this is probably not super original in thought but if this is true, Odium could have the records burned and thus free the blades and plate from their captivity and leave the humans with greatly reduced man power. I feel that this is why Adolins spren could be changing because he is seeing her as more than just the sword but as his companion and then as a living spren so she is gaining some personality back. All in all this is just some ramblings of myself and if I am wrong or missed something let me know. I just was so excited at the thought I had to share with people.
  11. From the album RoW Kaladin

    I wanted to draw the moment after Kaladin swears the 4th ideal and gets his shardplate. In my enthusiasm I forgot I don’t know how to draw armour ^^; still, considering this was very much out of my comfort zone it turned out pretty okay

    © mtjs

  12. What do y'all think would happen to traditional Shardplate and it's wearer if they were caught in a Highstorm with no shelter? Sorry if this is answered in the books, I'm only halfway into WoK. This question has been bothering me though, and I couldn't find any answer in the forums.
  13. Why shardplates need stormlight to be functioning? Why are they heavry? Are shardblades and shardplates made of same materials, yes then why plates are they heavry?
  14. Hi, Do we know if the windspren that forms Kaladin's plate in RoW are the same windspren that were with him throughout the novels; for example when he defeats Szeth above the Shattered Plains. It would be nice if Brandon could confirm if the windspren were always following him around.
  15. Hello So. We saw in RoW, finally, how Shardplate is "made". The windspren that always staned Kaladin turned out to be the Windrunners "Platespren" We see some similar behaviour from Gloryspren towards Dalinar as early as in WoK when he beats Elhokar in a race, and later on in OB when he rejects Odium´s offer to take away his pain. In both instances Gloryspren surrounded him much like Windspren surround Kaladin. So we can assume that Gloryspren are Bondsmith´s Platespren My question is what are the other order´s Platespren? I can guess Edgedancers have Lifespren and Lightweavers would have Creationspren But what about the rest?
  16. I was thinking about Maya and Adolin when I realized that Adolin almost certainly doesn't have the suit that matches her. What I mean is that Maya's wielder on the day Recreance probably had Shardplate and Adolin almost certainly does not have that plate. My question is whether or not that having the plate would give Adolin any sort of advantage in fighting or restoring her. Like, could he restore her more/faster if he found it? Or, pre-restoration, could he swing Maya faster or throw harder or something? Does anyone know if there's a WOB on this or something similar?
  17. This is my first post here, in 17th Shard, so...hi everyone!
  18. RoW Spoilers ahead! Stop reading now if you haven't finished RoW and don't want spoilers! So, we saw Kaladin swear his 4th oath and receive his plate. Then we saw him using his plate to protect others, and the plate flew around to protect different people which was wild. My question is, will living plate for different orders have different powers? If so, what do you predict those unique powers will be like?
  19. TLDR: Cord’s new plate was made by Honour and bestows powers to its wearer. Now this is really just a mostly unfounded thought I had while thinking about the lore surrounding the Dawnshard on Aimia. One nugget of information that I feel was easy to overlook amongst the massive info dump that was the latter part of the book, was Cord’s new Shardplate and Nikli’s reference to it being used by guardians of the Dawnshard. I feel that there is something odd there. Firstly, who were the guardians? The Larkin? The Sleepless? Neither seem likely to use or even need plate. So who were these guardians, and why did they have such a seemingly mundane tool for the defence of what seems to be the most powerful weapon on the planet. One set of plate seems hardly sufficient to defend from many of the threats on Roshar alone let alone the rest of the Cosmere. Another oddity about the situation is the plate itself. How did it get there? Where did it come from? Currently the only way we have seen ownerless shardplate created is through the breaking of a spren bond. So did a Radiant purposely break their oath to give this plate to the guardians? Or was it simply recovered post-Recreance and there is nothing more to it than that. Anyway, to the point of the theory. This plate is no regular shardplate. It is instead a set of Honourplate (name pending). I believe that the plate was, like the honourblades, created directly by Honour specifically to be used in the defence of the Dawnshard. I also think it bestows special abilities on its wearer, just like the blades, making it much more useful for defending the Dawnshard. No idea yet what these powers might be. Anyway, if you have managed to make it this far, thank you and sorry. I did try to keep it brief but I got away from me. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  20. Is it just me, or does the costume in this picture look like Shardplate? Maybe someone on the production is a Sanderfan? On a side note, some of the photos show that this costume has wings - wouldn't that be a cool addition to a KR's armor if they didn't have a Surge that granted them flight in some way?
  21. I've been rereading the first two SA books in preparation for RoW, and my thoughts have been very interested in Shardplate. In particular, why haven't they made better tactics to counter them? Everyone focuses on getting shards to break through the plate, but we don't see them focus on the one major weakness it has... the eyeslit. And normally, when there's a weakness, people make a million ways to use that weakness to maximum effect. And my first thoughts on this were throwing a type of powder/liquid/chemical at the shareholder and blind them. It wouldn't be that hard to design something to break on impact and blind the person, even with their technology, and once blinded, a soldier could move in and have a far better chance at killing him. The Shardholder could try to block it, but I don't think he could effect keep powder from spreading and blinding him, and if enough are thrown, he is bounded to get some in his eyes. This or something similar is not suggested anywhere from what I've seen, so what are your thoughts on this?
  22. Once again, I am back with more theories and questions. So, if a feruchemist got a set of Plate, could he store whatever trait that metal allowed, or would the shard plate interfere or feed off it? Because Plate feeds off investiture and Metalminds are considered another type of investiture that can be fed on (Check Nightblood age, it mentions he could feed of it, and I have a feeling the same might go for Plate.) But can it feed on its own investiture, or this not considered its own investiture? Strange thing to consider, hmm?
  23. Well, here I am again. Really hope this isn't annoying for any of you. So, I was looking around to see if anyone asked if an Allomacer can push or pull a Shardblade, and of course, I could not find a thread, and the Coppermind doesn't mention it as far as I'm aware. So I was about to assume that they can't be pulled or pushed similarly to metalminds. They have a hard time pushing or pulling something that's invested, and surly the blades count, being god metals of Honor, Cultivation, or a mixture of both. Then, I remembered that Atium is a god metal and there are plenty of examples of them being pulled or pushed. So it doesn't seem like being a god metal immediately disqualifies from being able to be pulled or pushed. So would Allomancers be able to push on Shardblades? And a little bonus question I thought while typing this, are god metals considered invested? Because the reason metalminds are hard to push is because of the investiture stored in them, and Atium does not appear to be resistant to pulls or pushes. So are god metals not technically invested? EDIT: Okay, so the answer for the above questions by Brandon Sanderson himself is no, it's very difficult to push or pull god metals and they are basically pure Investure (read threads below). HOWEVER, this brought up a different question/theory about the nature of Atium, which is a God metal that can be pushed and pulled with relative ease, which contradicts what Bradon Sanderson said about Godmetals. My first reaction was that it was made fairly early on and Brandon Sanderson didn't have certain things figured out, so we should ignore Atium/ consider it an outlier when figuring out the properties of god metals. But then I remembered that Atium was Brandon Sanderson's way of introducing Fortune to the Cosmere, and that in the Feruchemy table, Investure and Fortune are considered separate, so rather than being pure Investure, is Atium pure Fortune and that's why it's properties don't follow with other god metals? (Another note, if it is Fortune, it may have been a purposeful play by Preservation to limit Ruin's foresight, which may be a big factor in his plan, as Ruin's foresight has been accepted as not as good as other Shards like Cultivation, Preservation, and maybe Endowment.)
  24. So when I first read the books I pictured shardblades as these thin and long crystalline blades that elegantly cut through everything. As for shardplate I always pictured it as this bulky interlocking medieval armor, but instead glowing with constant stormlight. how did you guys picture them when you first read the books?
  25. Don't know if this was done before or if this should be in the Mistborn section or Stormlight section or what. So could Mistborn use Shardplate effectively, or could they even use it at all? If a Feruchemist stored enough strength and tapped pewter while wearing Shardplate, Would the plate burst from the increasing size of their muscles? I am in the middle of part 4 of The Way of Kings so if any of your asnwers spoil anything beyond the way of kings (or anything else latter in the book) please restrain your selfs from spoiling anything monumental. Or at least put it in a spoil box. Thanks Guys!