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Found 3 results

  1. Any one else feel like this is a wasted opportunity for Shardle to tell you: "This word is not accepted"? That would be sooo cool! PS: Big Wordle fan over here so compliments to the chef on giving us the worldhopper version.
  2. I have won 75% of shardles even though I had no knowledge of any of the Cosmere words that were the solutions by using the following strategy: For my first 5 guesses I write ADIEU, STORM, FLACK, WHANG, and BEVVY. Then I look at where the yellow letters can possibly be placed, and for my last guess I write in possible letter combinations but do NOT hit enter if the letters glow red or yellow (indicating a non-word or a non-Cosmere word respectively). When I find a permutation that doesn’t glow red or yellow I hit enter, and voila! I win. (Usually.)
  3. Having seen the smash success of Wordle, we here at the 17th Shard decided to ride its coattails with our own clone release a themed version! The pool of Shardles is hand-filtered by our staff from the titles of Coppermind wiki articles about the Cosmere, Cytoverse, and Reckoners universes, with a new one available at your local midnight each day. (Note that by default you can still guess normal English words to try to find letters, due to the number of recognizable Coppermind titles being so small, but this can be disabled in the settings.) You probably know how the base game rolls by now, so we'll focus on our new features: Explanations: When the answer is revealed, a short one-sentence explanation of the term is shown, along with a link to the relevant Coppermind page for more. If you'd like to guess without potentially getting spoilers, you can disable this in the settings. Time Machine: Travel back in time and play old games! These will not count towards streaks or scores. G L O W: A fancy schmancy glow effect is used to warn about words that are not on the list. More specifically, a red glow means a word is invalid and cannot be guessed, while a yellow glow means a word will be accepted as a guess to help you get more information, but will never actually be the answer. And really, what more do you need than to stare at that mesmerizing pulsing all day? Go play Shardle today! Feel free to share your results on our Discord server, in the Wordle thread under our gaming channel, or share your feedback or issues in the #17s channel! We've also set up a forum thread for you to share your results.