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Found 6 results

  1. So just out of pure curiosity, out of all the Shards that are currently named, which one would you most want to take up and for what reasons? If you were in the cosmere where would you go, what would you do, and why would you do it? Feel free to discuss below.
  2. Is a Shardholder actively aware of someone using his/her power on other planets where its not invested (like Hoid or a feruchemist on Roshar)? Would this allow Sazed to become somewhat aware of other worlds and the other Shards? Is there some other limitation to Shardholders awareness (actively investing in a planet is necessary maybe).
  3. Potential Oathbringer Spoilers So this is very much a guess, and I doubt it's true. But could there be another Shardholder on Roshar, influencing Dalinar? We know he's had visions that do not have to do with Honor's influence. We know that whatever Dalinar became, Odium was certainly surprised by it. And at the end of Oathbringer, he saw a light that Navani couldn't. If this is true, could there be a sort of Enigma or Mystery Shard attempting to work against Odium? One whose influence is far more sublte than Honor or Odium? Maybe a Shard that held such secrets and power that Odium teamed up with another Shard (hence "we killed you"), to attempt to Splinter. Maybe he was talking to this specific Shard when Dalinar declared "I am Unity". Once again I doubt this is true. My current belief is that some form of Adonalsium is influencing Dalinar, especially with the "Unite Them" repetition for him. But what do you guys think?
  4. This is probably more appropriate for the Cosmere Theories board, but because I am relying on Secret Histories information, let's keep it here for the time being. So, I have a thought and a question. * We know that taking up a Shard required Connection to the Shard. * We now can parse, from Khriss's comment about the Shattering, and a very recent WoB stating that Adonalsium was Shattered because the Holder was killed, that the actual moment of Shattering probably looked very close to the "inverse" of the scene of Sazed's Ascension. In the latter case, Sazed was alone and there were two power sources which he, having Connection to both, was able to take up. * In the former case, I suspect that a similar progression occured: after being killed, Adonalsium Holder dropped a body; 16 people should have been *in the direct proximity* of the drop, they would have done the same thing Sazed did: stepped in and attempted to take up the power. As each of them had Connection to a specific aspect/Intent of the Power, they took that Intent and became a Shard. This begs the question: if a Shardholder (like Leras or Ati) dies, drops a body and TWO PEOPLE attempt to take up the power, will the Shard be split into "SubShards" with different "SubIntents"? Or, in general, what would happen? As an example: can I train two people to be (a) very active and be ( passively-aggressively hateful, kill Odium (heh!), and have Person (a) become Wrath and Person ( become Passive Aggression. (these are all examples - I actually do not know what Odium is made out of)?
  5. The quote that got me thinking about the Stormfather's identity was this: from when he was confronted with the idea of bonding to Dalinar. So What is a Sliver? source Does this mean that the Stormfather has held, or is the cognitive aspect of someone who has held part of the Honor Shard? Could this be connected to his Vorin association with Jezrien? If this is true, why did he hold the power, how did he gain access (Shardpool in the Horneater peaks?), and what did he change while he held it? Where was Tanavast when this happened? Was the Honor Shard shattered at the same time that Tanavast was killed? We also know that he is a spren of some kind as he forms a Nahel bond with Dalinar to form a Bondsmith. Were all ~three of them bonded to the Stormfather? Is the Nahel bond necessarily one-to-one? If so, how is he still alive assuming they are gone? Do spren only die if oaths are broken? Could one of the old Bondsmiths have held the power, and would that make the Stormfather a Sliver? I had intended to come up with a more concrete theory, but obviously have more questions than ideas. Hopefully this can help start a discussion some of you will find interesting!
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: The thread title should have read Hoid as a Sliver, not Shardholder. I have since been informed as to the definition of both, and found that Sliver is the appropriate term to refer to Hoid in this theory. I started a topic earlier theorizing about the supposed Survival Shard and the possibility of Hoid having held it at some point. It was brought to my attention that my belief that Hoid having held a Shard seemed like a relatively new idea, or that it hadn't been heard of yet. So I decided to start this thread in order to present that theory first, rather than trying to hold it as a base assumption for a different theory. We know that Hoid was present for the Shattering of Adonalsium, and that he was likely the author of The Letter in Way of Kings (thanks to a recent comment by Brandon stating that the Bead of Lerasium Hoid took is also The Element in The Letter, inevitably pointing to Hoid as the author). This means that Hoid likely has personal knowledge of the names of the Shardholders and the Shards themselves, evident by the fact that he comments on the Shardholders in The Letter by their names, not their Shards, and the effects of their Shards on the different worlds they visited. Now, this is a quote from Hoid's conversation late in Way of Kings. “ 'I began life as a thought, a concept, words on a page. That was another thing I stole. Myself. Another time, I was named for a rock.' 'A pretty one, I hope.' 'A beautiful one,' the man said. 'And one that became completely worthless for my wearing it.' Hoid is fairly well known to have more knowledge than other characters surrounding him, and for speaking in strange and cryptic sentences that make a lot more sense if you have insight as to what he is talking about. He also makes light of situations when talking about huge matters with people who are not directly involved, as his conversations with Dalinar seem to suggest, as well as his entire personality as a witty joker of some sort. Along with that, we know that Hoid is the Liar of Partinel, and that he stole his name from someone else. I believe that is what he is referring to when he says he stole himself. The next line is the one that interests me. He claims to have been named for a beautiful rock, which sounds silly and light coming out of Hoid's mouth. I believe it must be much deeper than that, due to Sanderson's propensity for hiding big secrets in relatively simple phrases or conversations, as well as Hoid's tendency to make light of all of the massive issues going on around him. If we think seriously about it, the only time someone in the Cosmere has been named for any kind of 'rock' that we know of is when they pick up a Shard. The Shard has a personality or an Intent of its own that it impresses upon the wielder, changing them over time. Ruin and Preservation caused Ati and Leras respectively to lose grasp on themselves and to become more like the Shards they held. Ati was not always a destroyer of some kind, but he was altered by Ruin's intent and therefore became the embodied force of entropy, as did Leras and basically all of the other Shardholders. Rayse has been said to emulate the Intent of his Shard, Odium, and therefore the two meshed well to embody the Shard's Intent. He is only referred to as Rayse by the author of The Letter (likely Hoid), and Odium by all others who know of him. My point is this: Hoid says that he was once named after a Rock. Shardholders are named after their Shards. Therefore, it seems that Hoid was admitting to having held a Shard out loud to Kaladin. Here's my justification as to why he once held it, but does no longer. Hoid is on some sort of worldhopping journey, supposedly to fix the Splintered Shards that Odium had broken. He appears on Scadrial and helps free Ruin from his prison, which eventually results in the restoration of both Shards' full power and Sazed becoming their bearer, uniting them into Harmony, a supposedly more powerful incarnation of both Shards. I believe Brandon is quoted as having said that this is what Odium feared would happen. He was also present on Nalthis and Sel, as well as Roshar most recently. Now, if Hoid has some quarrel with Rayse/Odium and is trying to oppose him, uniting the other Shards against him would be his best use of time. This begs the question: Why not take one of the Shards for himself and use its power against Rayse? If the above quote is an admission to being a Shardholder, it also suggests that Hoid was terrible at using it, as he says that it "became completely worthless for my wearing it." This might mean that Hoid did try to use a Shard against Rayse and that it didn't go well, and thus he is searching for other ways to accomplish his goals besides bearing a Shard. At this point, I believe that if Hoid had really wanted to take Preservation and Ruin for himself, he would have just showed up at the right moment at the end of HoA and grabbed them, as he hasn't showed any trouble in being in the right place at the right time before then to further his goals. All that said, this is mostly speculation and conjecture with little total evidence to back it up. But, I believe wholeheartedly that it has a lot of merit and realism behind the claim. Feel free to argue against me or present evidence of your own that might support this theory as well! I look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.