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Found 3 results

  1. Now with introductions out of the way, we delve into the meat of Shardcast: Brandon news, discussion, and theories. This week, we're talking about basic Cosmere stuff. Have you been confused about Hoid or the Shards? Slivers or Splinters? Vases, and splinters of vases? We discuss this and so much more. This is not a drill, this is the real deal. This episode has spoilers on: Pretty much everything (most importantly The Hero of Ages and The Way of Kings, but every cosmere book is touched on here). Topic list: 0:32 - We have a new server! 1:30 - Craftygames update 2:23 - Pat's Fantasy Hotlist Review of Legion 3:15 - Featured Theories: Worldhoppers 4:44 - Intro to the Cosmere 7:00 - The Shards of Adonalsium 7:05 - Adonalsium is a Vase 8:05 - Confirmed that Hoid was there when Adonalsium was Shattered 8:55 - Intents 12:20 - List of Shards 28:45 - There's a Shard that just wants to hide and survive 29:52 - Shardic Future Sight 33:30 - Slivers and Splinters 38:11 - Spren 39:45 - Spren are of Honor, Cultivation, or a combination
  2. We're here. The "soon" is now, everyone. You've waited for eons and now Shardcast is at last here! And now, for what you've all been waiting for... hear Kerry, Josh, Eric, and Zach blab about random stuff. Yes, okay, this is a rather jokey, introduction episode to Shardcast. Truly this is the most introductiony podcast there ever was. Hear us talk about the origin of our site name, talking about ourselves, top hats, and most importantly: Vin's Pokemon team. If you think we are kidding, you are sorely mistaken. Here at Shardcast we don't give you the news you need, but the news you deserve.
  3. You know the sophomore slump, where the sequel is never as good as the first in a series? In this episode of Shardcast, we desperately try to avoid the sophomore slump with quotes and a better outline. Then, of course, everything Splinters. Fortunately, Kerry is able to put it together again and it's totally seamless. No awkward pauses or forced segues here, no sir. This week, we are discussing The Emperor's Soul, the cosmere novella which comes out in November, and speaking of souls, we also talk about the Spiritual, the Cognitive, and the Physical. That's right, we are digging into everything we know about Realmatics. So, of course, it comes out disjointed, because we pretty much know nothing about Realmatics. Fortunately, Will is here and adds crustaceans and waffles. Because you know what Realmatic Theory needs? Waffles. Apart from the madness, we impromptu theorize about Hoid worldhops, and come up with a darned good explanation about it and Shadesmar. So sit back, jump in a pool, and hear some mysterious voices: Shardcasty voices. The quote-filled outline for this episode Spoilers: A big Hero of Ages spoiler, with some Elantris, Warbreaker, and Way of Kings ones as well. 0:40 - Steelheart to be released Fall 2013 1:45 - Shadows for Silence May Be Cosmere 3:15 - CraftyGames has been working on Alloy of Law Supplement 3:50 - Mistborn: Birthright had a playable demo at E3 4:25 - Writing Excuses: Project in Depth - The Way of Kings 5:51 - The Emperor's Soul is coming out by Tachyon Publications in November 8:03 - The Emperor's Soul is on Sel 9:43 - Introduction to Realmatic Theory 26:30 - Three Parts of Magic