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Found 6 results

  1. Something interesting hit me on my recent reading of Elantris. Why is Hoid mentioned here at all? Prior to the 10th Anniversary edition, we had no real understanding of why he was meddling on Sel, save that he was apparently known as a street beggar for at least 10 years. What else happened 10 years prior to the events of this book? The Shaod. The Reod. AonDor stops working the way it should. The chasm appeared in Arelon. We know that this earthquake that caused the chasm line was the result of some kind of "unnatural occurance," meaning that something "meddled" with something (we don't know what) in Arelon. Also: The chasm, which occurred only 10 years prior, along with the Shaod/Reod, was not the result of Odium's visit to Sel, which would have taken place hundreds of years prior to the events of the book. Hoid seems to have been hanging out on the streets of Kae for 10 years. Things with Elantris went downhill 10 years ago. An oddly specific coincidence, no? In the postscript of the 10th Anniversary edition of Elantris: My theory summarized: Hoid, in his attempt to become an Elantrian, caused the Shaod/Reod (whether on purpose or by accident, I do not know). Once his mess is resolved, or perhaps once he sees that his plan did not work out the way he thought it would,
  2. IDK if this is a thread anywhere else but here I go. Theory: When someone is devoted or committed to something there is a chance that they are taken by the Shaod. If the Dor is Devotions power then maybe the Shaod is a reward (sort of) that grants access to it. First Sel post ever so any ideas I got wrong let me known expressively.
  3. The focus of Selish magic, as I understand, is form-based. So, with that (and not much else), I have a theory -- or, more of a hope, really -- that: The Shaod happens when some change occurs in the body, such that some part of the body is shaped like an Aon. This is attractive to me because 1) it ties back into Aons and form-based magic, and 2) if it were true, one could be surgically altered to become an Elantrian. And now some reasons why this is almost certainly not the case: (1) could potentially fit; perhaps those of Aonic ancestry have some genetic predisposition to natural, practically undetectible, Aon-related body distortion (yeah, it's a petty big stretch), but (2) and (3) don't fit well at all. Besides which, Dakhor monks already access the Dor by surgical(?) modification. Why repeat the concept? And, finally, the Shaod is very similar to Mistborn's Snapping (which, notably, has nothing to do with metal). So, there's a theory some wishful thinking, somewhat checked. What do you think?
  4. It's official: Sign ups are now open for the Elantris game that Tulir and I will be co-GMing! This will be a typical Long Game, and follow all the outlines for that format. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night Phases will last 24 hours (though if it turns out that players need more time for the night phases then we will extend those to 48 hours also). Please review the rules below, and let me or Tulir know if you have any questions about them. Shadows of Elantris Rules Setting For Roleplaying purposes, the entirety of the game will be held inside the King's Palace, centered on the King's court, with the exception of those players who are taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. At the beginning of the game, all the players are gathered in the Court to hear a grand announcement to be made by Patriarch Seinalan. Also, if there is anyone who would like to sign on as a "pinch-hitter" (someone who stands by to take over for someone who goes inactive) for whatever reason, please PM me and let me know.
  5. As the title states, which team do you think would win in a duel, given that all of the magic systems work simultaneously. Team 1: Pre-Radiance Kaladin; unconsciously uses Stormlight as he did in Bridge Four, and has no shards. Vin at her strongest (But not as Preservation); plenty of Allomantic stores. Hrathen, ability as shown in Elantris. Enough said. Team 2: Raoden at his best, able to make use of AonDor. Denth in Warbreaker, plain beast. Eshonai in Warform and in full plate. Place of Battle: Elantris, Sel. Who do you think will win? Feel free to justify below
  6. I had this idea why only people who has been to Arelon very long time go through the Shaod someday is because the proximity of the Shardpool there. But then as all 5 of the magic systems on Sel is regional I don't have any idea to why they would be where they are. Maybe a solid form of Devotion or Dominion is situated there or the gasform... Any WoB conflicting this bad theory or does anyone have any other better theories? Feel free to reply