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Found 3 results

  1. This one's for you, all shippers of Shallarin! I just read the 3 preview chapters on Tor dot com, and may I say, wow. I was completely and absolutely blown away. Before I read them, I had been a quiet shipper of Shallarin, thinking that it would work but not much more than that. But after, I am positive. Spoilers for WoR I believe that Shallan and Adolin are going to get to know each other better, all while she is growing a friendship with Renarin. She will realize that she likes him and he will realize that he likes her. There will be some problems with Adolin... and then Boom! What do you guys think?
  2. Summary: An ongoing compilation of small fics featuring Shallan Davar and Renarin Kholin and a blossoming relationship between them. Takes place post-WoK. This story can be found in multiple places: Archive Of Our Own, Fanfiction.Net, and Tumblr. Click the names to read on the platform of your choice! (I would recommend reading on tumblr, because there you can see the art that Botanica Xu was kind enough to draw for me. Seriously like the best thing ever. She's awesome. Her cosmere art is incredible.)
  3. Recently, one of our tumblr members, tinandpewterstrength, finished Way of Kings and issued an open call for anyone with ships (aka, those of us who see good potential for relationships between characters) to try to convince her which characters she should be shipping. Pretty much, she's looking at me - the captain of the Shallarin (Shallan/Renarin) camp, and Kogiopsis - the leader of the Kalarin (Kaladin/Renarin) camp. What started as a simple pair of opposing arguments has blossomed into some incredibly rich character and motivation analysis about all three of these characters involved. While I know that most of the theorizing here tends to be Realmatic, I figured perhaps there are some literary analysts like myself who might enjoy reading some theories that have to do with character development and narrative arcs instead! Or you know, those just curious what the other side of the fandom devotes their time and energy to. Kogiopsis recently created a wonderful guide to this back and forth of analyses, so I'm going to use her post to adapt. Pretty much of the credit for this organization and posting of this goes to her! It's a lot to read, but it's good stuff! The analyses at the beginning are mostly just about shipping, but as the discussion goes on, it becomes more and more pure character analysis (which is super awesome). Cosmere fandom is still the best fandom. Megan, the original prompter of all this essay writing, eventually responds to the posting of this guide, here: Now, that's a lot of writing for anyone to sift through, so good luck and congrats to anyone who looks through it! However, I know there were some who were interested in stuff like this and didn't realize that our fandom had a side like this. So, I wanted to at least make people aware that things like this are being written out there! For the more literary types like me, this is the kind of thing I love, and if it were happening elsewhere, I know I'd want to know! I hope you all enjoy this look at what the tumblr fandon's been up to!