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Found 294 results

  1. Hello Guys, While reading Oathbringer (amazing experience by the way), the exchange between Kaladin and Jasnah (Chapter 39, Page 467) struck me as a relationship that just might work. I thought of this because I believe it would be so cliche if BS takes Shallan from Adolin (that combo already works IMHO) Kaladin with Jasnah works perfectly especially with when Kaladin falls into his auto depression mode, Jasnah can easily logic him back to focus and Kal can give Jasnah the tilt to human emotions(Lol!). And please don't talk about the age difference. The book already is as liberal as it gets with Drehy being gay..
  2. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Fanart of Shallan by me!
  3. In Chapter 2, we see Shallan have a tussle with her other selves. The thing is, her other selves don't think of Shallan as, well, Shallan. Or Shallan Prime, or anything like that. The Shallan from the first couple of books--the artist, the quiet girl of House Davar, Jasnah's ward, Adolin's betrothed--is treated by them as just another personality, as insubstantial as Veil or Radiant. Just another face to wear. So that gets me thinking: is it possible that the Shallan we know is just another face to wear? As evidenced by Chapter 2, there are deeper truths that Shallan still hasn't admitted to herself. There's something dangerous lurking there, deep beneath the surface. Is it possible that there really is another Shallan--a Shallan Prime, as it were, the original Shallan--a fourth personality who developed artistic Shallan as a defense mechanism? How do we know that we don't have a Typhoid Mary on our hands here?
  4. Lightweavers & the Surge of Transformation Summary: Lightweavers use an alternative form of the Transformation surge. While they may be capable of using the traditional version that Soulcaster fabrials and Elsecallers perform, they have an additional form of the surge. Further, while it is hard to spot in the moment, we can recognize this Transformation when: 1. We see a character act differently from how they were introduced to us; and 2. That character unconsciously refers back to an interaction with a Lightweaver; and 3. That interaction served as the catalyst for the change in their behavior. TLDR – Lightweavers can use Transformation to “inspire” people to change in the way the Lightweaver thinks is best. Origin of the theory: Surges shared between orders: Surgebinders share their surges with another Order. However, we have mixed evidence as to whether each Order uses the surge in the same way. On one hand, we know that Windrunners and Skybreakers share the surge of Gravitation. We also know that they use the surge functionally identically. On the other hand, we know that Windrunners and Bondsmiths share the surge of Adhesion. While Dalinar is able to use Adhesion to stick things together like the Windrunners do, he also uses Spiritual adhesion to speak new languages. He also uses some form of Adhesion to heal inanimate objects. There is no indication that Windrunners are able to do these things. We know that Elsecallers and Lightweavers share the surge of Transformation. We know that Jasnah is exceptionally skilled at using this surge. While we do not know of any other Elsecallers to compare her to, she far outstrips what the practiced Soulcasters are able to do, even though these people have trained for years or decades. For example, there is no indication that the Alethi have ever considered using Soulcasters to fight yet Jasnah is nearly unstoppable in battle. It may be that Elsecallers have an affinity for Soulcasting, which Lightweavers don’t have. (Perhaps this is their Resonance?) We have been led to believe that Shallan has struggled with this surge, comically at times. (See: Stick.) However, all we know is that Shallan struggles with soulcasting. Distinction between the different expressions of Transformation: I believe that Shallan (or Lightweavers in general) may continue to struggle with the traditional use of Transformation, i.e. Soulcasting. Instead, I believe that Lightweavers excel at inspirational Transformation which is what we see happen when Shallan is drawing people and which we [maybe?] also see when Hoid is telling stories 1-on-1 with someone, or any other time that we see Lightweavers inspire others to act in a way that (before that moment) was out of character for them. Three potential weaknesses in this theory: First, in my opinion the use of inspirational Transformation is a different ability from the passive, inherent ability to make people feel better, which Brandon has ascribed to both Shallan and to Tien. However, initially I thought those abilities were the same thing. My biggest reason for coming up with that distinction is that I could not explain how a proto-radiant like Tien would be able to actually use a surge. If Brandon confirms (or someone is able to prove) that they are the same ability, then I don’t think we can call this ability a Surge. I don’t think that proto-radiants (different from squires) can use surges. Second, it is not clear whether stormlight is always used in these situations where I think Shallan is using inspirational Transformation. I think any use of the Surges must require stormlight. In these situations where it is unclear, I think Brandon is simply not mentioning the stormlight or ascribing the loss of stormlight to her use of Illumination as a way of misdirecting the audience. For example, I think this is what actually happens when Shallan confronts Vathah’s deserters in Chapter 20 of WoR. She is using lightweaving but she is also using inspirational transformation, which strongly pushes them towards the more noble decision. Quasi-third weakness – The ability to change someone’s character or personality would be exceptionally powerful over the long-term. If Shallan, or any Lightweaver, were to realize what they were doing, the ability would have to be extremely limited. There would have to be rules in place, narratively speaking, or things could get out of hand. This would also be an extremely subtle power. I think this is a power that Shallan uses unconsciously, but it could also be that I am seeing something when there is nothing. Hoid may be the exception that proves the rule. We already know that he works extremely subtly and, conceivably, could use this benignly and with enough conscious skill to avoid problems. However, I could just be convincing myself that something is there. With that said, I feel confident that Spiritual Transformation is real and that Lightweavers can use this much more easily and effectively than soul-casting. Relevant WoBs: Oathbringer Chicago signing (Nov. 21, 2017) #1 Share Copy Play/Pause Zmann966 So, in Oathbringer, we see the Surge of Adhesion used in an interesting way, Spiritual Adhesion. Do all the Surges have non-Physical manifestations like that? Brandon Sanderson All the Surges do, slightly, in fact, but none of them, I would say, are as Spiritual as that. Zmann966 What about like, Shallan in Words of Radiance with her mercenaries? So, like, a Spiritual Transformation? Brandon Sanderson I wouldn't say Transformation, she is seeing a little bit, glimpsing a little bit, does that make sense? Wetlander The bit with the bandits out there, and the deserters, and she [Shallan] convinces them to all go... Was she doing Lightweaving? Was she doing Transformation? Was she doing some combination? Brandon Sanderson She was... You have seen what she was doing before, done by another character. Questioner My first question is about Shallan and whether what she does with her drawings and the deserters in Words of Radiance, kind of changing them, is at all similar to what Shai does in The Emperor's Soul? Brandon Sanderson Umm, that's a good question. There are similarities, but only so much that The Emperor's Soul is cosmere and is relying on the same foundation of magic. But good question. Are you getting at me saying you've seen somebody do it before? Questioner I talked to Alice. Brandon Sanderson So you have seen what she does before, but that is not what I was pointing at. It's someth-- No one is going to expect it. Footnote: This is a follow-up to this exchange. Firefight Seattle Public Library signing (Jan. 7, 2015) Relevant passage from the text: · Chapter 20 of WoR: “They listened,” Pattern said, buzzing from beside her. “You changed them.” … “You are lies and truth,” Pattern said softly. “They transform.” “What does that mean?” “You spoke of one Surge, earlier,” Pattern said. “Lightweaving, the power of light. But you have something else. The power of transformation.” “Soulcasting?” Shallan said. “I didn’t soulcast anyone.” “Mmmm. And yet, you transformed them. And yet. Mmmm.” So that is my theory on how Shallan can be so persuasive and inspirational. Please let me know your thoughts!
  5. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Tried to draw Shallan ;)
  6. Hi! First time poster here! For a time I have wondered why Shallan's eyes don't glow red. We know from WoB that when radiant's glow, whether through their skin or their eyes, they do so in the color corresponds to their order (source). My understanding is that order colors are the those of their associated gemstone. So Kaladin glows blue because windrunners are associated with sapphires. Renarin should glow green, since truthwatchers are linked to emeralds. Dalinar's glow should be yellow (heliodor), Szeth's gray (smokestone), and so on. Lightweavers associated gemstone is garnet, which is red. We've seen one of Shallan's personas, Radiant, beraring a garnet colored shardplate: So, why don't her eyes glow red? In 2016 there was a post on this matter (which you can read here) where @Cortez theorized that she's been unconsciously hiding the red in her eyes since it was the reason for her mother trying to kill her (I don't know how to quote a comment :c). But beyond that I haven't found much explanation. Do you have an idea about why this is?
  7. From the album Scandalous

  8. Should Jasnah Killed the 4 men? She sort the men out and killed all 4 when 1 was only needed to be killed. But any defenceless woman could have been in Jasnah position (by accident) and been beaten, robbed and killed by those men Jasnah killed.
  9. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  10. I picked up my 10 year old copy of WoKs a while back and read the back summary and it is foreshadowing a redeemer and a destroyer. I'm wondering if its a red herring, a mistake, or still relevant. This has been in the back of my mind for years, hopefully you guys can help me out! The whole summary is : "I long for the days before the Last Desolation. Before the Heralds abandoned us and the Knights Radiant turned against us. When there was still magic in Roshar and honor in the hearts of men. In the end, not war but victory proved the greater test. Did our foes see that the harder they fought, the fiercer our resistance? Fire and hammer forge a sword; time and neglect rust it away. So we won the world, yet lost it. Now there are four whom we watch: the surgeon, forced to forsake healing and fight in the most brutal war of our time; the assassin, who weeps as he kills; the liar, who wear her scholar's mantle over a thief's heart; and the prince, whose eyes open to the ancient past as his thirst for battle wanes. One of them may redeem us. One of them will destroy us." Is Szeth the destroyer? But he opens the way for Dalinar before he joins the Skybreakers. Or maybe Kaladin who see's parshmen as people he should protect; or perhaps Kaladin's odious feelings against light eyes is the spark? Perhaps Shallan with her connection to a world hopping organization that fears the contest with Rayse? Or is it Dalinar that somehow releases Odium from the Rosharan System? Or perhaps this was a red herring or edited for a change of perspective. What are your thoughts?
  11. I guess it's safe to say I tried to make her look as Radiant as possible! (it's been a while since I uploaded anything here... and you might have seen this already on other social media.)
  12. Just like the topic says. Do we have a definitive timeline on when the modern radiants first started forming nahel bonds? I think Shallan is first but I can't find any clear information about Szeth. Jasnah's bond formed around the time of the assassination of Gavilar. Tien probably a few months before he was conscripted, Kaladin probably a few months after? Lift probably bonded Wyndle around this time, but Wyndle says the Cultivationspren decided to bond people after the other spren started doing it. I haven't found anything definitive on Coppermind or in the WOBs.
  13. Hello everyone! This is a composition that I've been working on for a while, it is based of the character Shallan. This is my second composition (and I have no idea what I'm doing) and I'm looking for feedback. Shallan's Theme is different than Tien's (which I wrote previously) in that I had a LOT of drafts before I posted it. Shallan is, right now, a jumbled mess of patterns (no pun intended) that I stitched together and called a 'song'. It is a concept, subject to change. Please feel free to give any feedback that you think is necessary, I really appreciate it. Also, don't forget to enjoy listening!! :] EDIT: Here is the updated draft
  14. So I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while, and finally decided to type it up. So we know that Pattern bonded Shallan when she was younger, to the point that she could summon her shardblade (to kill her mum). After this she regresses somehow, possibly due to her self-forgetting stuff. Another example we know much less about is Tien, Kaladin’s younger brother. We don’t know a lot about what he did in Amaram’s army, but it is implied that he had reached a point in his Ideals that caught the attention of the Skybreakers enough that Nale felt he needed to be eliminated. I personally think he was at the first Ideal, but have little proof to back that up. So: what are the common threads in these two young lives? My theory: not their own lies, but the lies of those around them. We know that (Pattern at least) Cryptics are very curious about humans. Lyrin was hiding the gem theft, and we know that this caused a lot of strife in Hearthstone. Shallan’s mother was involved somehow with the Skybreakers before her death, and Lin was dealing with political issues (or was that just after Shallan’s mum died?) as well as dealing with debts. Also maybe the Ghostbloods. We know that Pattern is interested in the lies of people besides Shallan. Shallan and Tien are both “the light” of their respective households. The Lightweavers have been described as the “spiritual sustainers” of the Radiants. They are both artistic, and very curious about the world around them. If Cryptics are the spren of natural forces and the laws of nature, the interests of the spren and the knight would align in this. A few other parallels I don’t think are relevant: Shallan and Tien each have depressed older brothers. They are both interested in the creatures around them. They like gentle rains. Please point out anything that I’ve missed!
  15. From the album Stormlight Archives

    Shallan Davar <3 If anyone wants to see the process I made a Speedpaint video of it
  16. Or maybe like a Knight Radiant, pre-Nahel Bond. Interesting that they should be having this conversation, seeing as Shallan herself, in the loosest definition, might be considered mad- in fact, three times so. Each of Shallan's personas seems to be majorly flawed in their own way: We all know how Shallan is broken. She killed her mother. Her father treated her like she was untouchable, and she had to watch those around her tortured because of her father's rage. Brightness Radiant was modeled after Jasnah, who has her own set of problems. This is shown through the fact that she is a Radiant, and they need to have some “cracks” in order to form a Zahel bond with a spren. Veil might be the least broken out of all of Shallan’s personas. However, she does come off as a bit aloof, which might make it hard for her to make friends and acquaintances. Thinking about this lead me to a question: Many of the Cosmere characters, specifically the KR in the Stormlight Archive, are characterized majorly by flaws. Do each of Shallan’s personas have different souls? If each of her personas had a different soul in the Cognitive Realm, this could lead to some interesting possibilities. Maybe the "master persona" named Shallan could end up bonding with three different spren, making her some extra-powerful tri-spren radiant. (That's a total stretch, though.) Or, maybe because Brightness Radiant is modeled after an Elsecaller, conflict occurs between Brightness Radiant and Shallan, as Shallan is a Lightweaver. Also, I'm curious to see how Brightness Radiant and Veil appear in later Stormlight Archive books, especially because Shallan is going to try being herself more often than her other personas: Brightness Radiant and Veil might interfere with that plan... Just a theory, though. Thoughts?
  17. It's been quite a long time since my last post. During the period, I've finished OB, finally. As some guy here predicted, the book did answer some questions, and I'm noting that the number of queries I'm going to make decrease significantly when compared to the last thread. Here they are: - Let's remember the moment when Shallan hears about the return of Jasnah. At that point, Dalinar has refounded the Radiants, and new people with powers are popping up left & right. So when Adolin says You know what, she's back!, Shallan happily welcomes her princess. Huh? Really? How about giving that news a bit of doubt? She was the only 1 who witnessed Jasnah's death with her own eyes (and hands). She knows that she belongs to a group of Radiants who can create images. She's seen persons with the same power (both Kaladin and Szeth can fly). Of all people, she is the 1 who has used fake personalities to do various missions. I couldn't believe how she reacts when I read that part. - Speaking of her inconsistencies, Shallan in this book makes some stunning turn from the preceding ones. Where is her curiosity? 1 of the scenes I remember the most was when she jumped off the ship to be able to watch a santhid. Now she barely questions anything. OK I do know that in OB she's torn between 3+ personalities. But even when the true Shallan surfaces, I can hardly see traces of her inquisitive mind. - In a chapter, Dalinar is touched a bit by Odium, and he crumples down immediately. He knows that the god has only used like 0.1% of his 'power'. And Odium himself says he's not used with interacting with humans again, i.e. he has tried his best to hold back. He doesn't have to do anything and the Stormfather is already whimpering in some corner of the world. Now fast forward to the final battle, and during the confrontation, when Dalinar blabbers some words, Odium suddenly loses, saying Oh no! and retreating with a godly tail between his legs like a beaten dog? WTF? Well that's it for the questions. Now here are some of my personal thoughts on the book itself. I was surprised. A few times, a pleasant 1, such as when Dalinar faces resistance from other monarchs - unexpected for me but totally makes sense and great in retrospect. Others, not so much. The story feels incoherent and the climaxes lacking. It feels like somehow BS has changed from the man who wrote tWoK & WoR to this new man who wrote OB. And not for the better. Something has transmuted in him, not really in style, but maybe like in essence. Yes, OB is still 1 of the best novels out there, but when compared with its 2 predecessors, the book wanes. I like the concept "grip" to describe how great a story is. And man, I was hooked by the 1st 2 books. I set a time before bed to read. And I can remember vividly how fascinating it was when I read to the part where Kaladin jumped down into the arena to help Adolin fight, so gripping that I ignored the phone reminder alarm and read into the night to at least finish the whole scene. And you know what? I can't remember any moment like that with OB. In fact, what's alarming is that I found myself drifting into sleep a few times when having the book at hands. What a sad revelation. I don't really know where to point the finger to when trying to explain how or why OB slipped. It's quite hard TBH. So, what do you think of the book? Is it the best in the series? Better than 1 but worse than 1? Or definitely the worst of tSA until now? If so, what do you think is wrong with this last installment?
  18. So I'm just beginning my reread of SA. I'm not all that far into it but what I have read reminded me of a conversation held between Kaladin and Syl. He seemed to think he was cursed by surviving when everyone he tries to protect dies. Syl responds by saying maybe he survives because he's being saved for a purpose. It made me think about all the times our main cast has been in danger or faced impossible odds only to come out the other side no worse for wear at best, battered but functional at worse. Deus ex machina literally translates to God in the machine and as we know is often used to describe hand-wavy solutions to narrative problems. Our MC's survival doesn't feel like that. It's more like deities taking a part in the proceedings more directly, kinda like how Harmony guides Wax in Mistborn Era 2. Putting this in the perspective of SA is problematic however. Honor is dead, and although he left behind some influences the power is largely undirected. Cultivation is thought to have withdrawn from men and their problems and though events with Dalinar, King T and Lift make that claim look suspect I don't think she's meddling as much as she has a right to. Mostly I think she's keeping some cards in case Odium makes a push but is mostly hands off. And I truly don't think Odium is saving people up that will oppose him later (Dalinar was a miscalculation he's not likely to repeat). So my question is at its root, pretty simple. Who is running the fate and destiny machine on Roshar?
  19. I want a short story of Adolin and Shallan's wedding, where Bridge Four and Kaladin get super drunk and dance with Dalinar.
  20. I recently watched the newest spiderman movie so if you haven't seen it stop reading because.... SPOILERS! So mysterio is making those giant monsters. Basically my question is do you think lightweavers could do something like that with a combination of soulcastings and lightweaving.