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Found 273 results

  1. From the album Stormlight Archives

    Shallan Davar <3 If anyone wants to see the process I made a Speedpaint video of it
  2. When contemplating the Ghostbloods' methods I had a thought about how the Ghostbloods determined Shallan is a Lightweaver. I don't have hard evidence to back up, but here's the reasoning The Ghostbloods were impressed at Shallan's ability to evade their observers when infiltrating Amaram's warcamp Shallan avoiding assassination returning from the meeting where Shallan demonstrated her astonishing memorization abilities This may have lead to the Ghostbloods setting more than one person to observe Shallan retrieving the instructions. While Shallan was able to compromise Iyatil, a second tail would be able to observe Shallan revealing her head outside of the carriage at the entrance to the monastery (and could later help extract Iyatil). Mraize then leveraged that information in Urithiru to confirm Shallan could Soulcast and pressure her to stay with the Ghostbloods. I acknowledge that the situation of a message retrieval was crafted in a way that one agent should be able to tail Shallan, but as she was able to impress the Ghostbloods 3 times I think it likely that they could foresee the possibility of distraction or obstruction when the message is retrieved.
  3. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Finally sat down to draw cosmere stuff! Here is a character request meme from twitter and we have a bunch of popular ones here 1st line: Kelsier, Vin, Rashek 2nd line: Shallan, Evil!Dalinar as Odium’s champion, Kaladin 3rd line: Frost, Sazed, Shalash (*Kelsier wink* Thanks for your love <3)
  4. Brandon has previously said that Shallan is one step ahead of Kaladin in terms of oaths. Because Kaladin is on his third one, Shallan must be on her fourth, which means she only had one remaining. So what could that truth be? I have picked up on two hints: When descending down the stairs to fight Re-shephir, she thinks: "The sound of their footsteps vanished into the void. Soon they were alone with the timeless, patient darkness. The light of the sphere lanterns the bridgemen carried didn’t seem to stretch far in that pit. It reminded Shallan of the mausoleum carved into the hill near her manor, where ancient Davar family members had been Soulcast to statues. Her father's body hadn't been placed there. They had lacked the funds to pay for a soulcaster-and besides, they'd wanted to pretend he was alive. She and her brothers had burned the body, as the darkeyes did. Pain..." Notice how she thought about the darkness in the presence of an unmade, that will be important later. The other definitive clue that I've seen is her thinking this in Kholinar, after finding out that she did more harm than good as Veil. "Darkness. A candle snuffed out. A scream cut off. With nothing to see, her mind provided images." This is then followed by descriptions of other horrible things that happened to her, like killing her mother and father, and killing Tyn. Since we haven't seen anything like this from her yet, this must be something new. So what could this be? Notice that in the second clue, she thought about how there was darkness all around and that she couldn't see, just like what happened in the stairs down to Re-shephir. This seems to hint that the truth is related to an unmade. I think that this probable means that her last truth relates to the unmade that was said to be influencing her home. I think that she stumbled upon the unmade somehow, perhaps in the mausoleum, and that the experience scarred her so much that she repressed it, which started the whole thing. Perhaps she followed someone in there and the unmade didn't notice her but did notice the person she was following, which is why she survived it. That sounds like a really creepy scene. What do you think?
  5. Does anyone else see parts of D'naa in both Shallan and even more in Vin? (Especially in Vin - they both are described similarly.)
  6. From the album Rosharan Nature Journaling

    Elemental spren!
  7. A random thing I did :)
  8. From the album Shallan

    one of these days I'll figure out the proper way to upload art on here Hadn't done any illustrations for the first two books of SA so I had to change that! I always loved the illustration of the Santhid in WoR so I wanted to try my hand at it too.
  9. From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
  10. From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
  11. This week on our show we talked about how frustrating it was reading Shallan's sections of Oathbringer and how we may be looking at her in the wrong way! We hope that you will join the discussion by watching the video here:
  12. This is my first time posting, though I am a long time lurker. I'm on my first reread of Words of Radiance, and I'm just starting to realize the little details that Brandon throws in there. Minor WoR spoilers below, continue at your own risk! When Shallan is traveling with Tyn and company in the caravan she took over, they stop to rest by a rock lait with vibrant plant life. Shallan starts to sketch idle things, like the plants and people around herself. She then lets herself go and draws what comes to mind. I quote: This is page 358 in the hard-cover WoR. This WoB heavily implies that Nazh (with help?) used Shadesmar to move the beads representing Jasnah's stuff (and presumably the sailor's corpses) to land so he could recover them more easily. I think that Shallan drew him in the process of recovering the stuff. Thoughts?
  13. Adolin was said to have wandering eyes and seems open-minded. Shallan has fancied how many characters now? Kabsal, Jasnah, Kaladin, Adolin... And that's just in the (year?) we know her. With the apocalypse upon them, propriety is falling apart. I can see them...experimenting. The only reason I'm skeptical is because Brandon's focus is never on sex — he's deliberately stated so multiple times and I think he'll stand in keeping relationships vague. But who knows. Perhaps he'll surprise me. Anyone think this is possible, in canon or just as a real-world hypothetical?
  14. Created based on discussion on other thread. Does Shallan have her plate yet, and has she had it at any points in the past?
  15. So, I was reading OB, and my most common thought reading it, was I just want Kaladin to be happy... And that got me thinking. If you could, what would you give the characters of Stormlight Archive. A horse for Kaladin, or maybe boots? A new sketch book for Shallan? Also, what would you want to be given to you from the characters?
  16. So I was bashing Shallan in another thread and got into the start of potentially an interesting debate. I was griping once again about how Truths were way more boring than Oaths and made in the process the following claim: To which @Steel Inquisitive replied: This aligning not at all with what I remembered from Oathbringer, I made the following reply: Well, at this point Steel Inquisitive made the point that we were getting rather off the topic of the thread, which was about disappointments in SA in general and not Shallan in particular, but the reply above got me wondering if I were missing something. Especially considering that as of this writing, five people have upvoted Steel Inquisitive's response, which suggests to me a significant number of people must agree with the argument. Which makes no sense to me. As mentioned above, claiming that Shallan's fourth Ideal caused her mental problems seems about as strange to me as claiming that Kaladin's second Ideal caused his depression, but maybe I missed or am forgetting something. Any thoughts?
  17. From the album Stormlight Art

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  18. The ensuing silence. The room's temperature rising by Shallan's blush alone. Just think about it.
  19. Hi there! First time poster, but long time fan of all of you on the forum. In one of the Shallan flashback chapters, the one where she buys Jushu back, the man collecting her debt said something interesting. Shallan's necklace was made of aluminum, which can only be soulcast. There's been some WOB where he's said that aluminum has some weird effects on magic systems all over the cosmere. My theory is that the aluminum necklace supressed or killed Shallan's bond with Pattern. Shallan's father, influenced by Odium, didn't want another radiant around to ruin his plans, so he gave her the necklace to try to sever the bond. That's just my take on it. Thoughts?