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Found 23 results

  1. You know how Brandon likes to hide things in plain sight? There’s a chance Shalash was darkeyed. The likelihood of her having "nearly white eyes" when Jezrien had dark eyes is slim. Being a cognitive shadow, she has the ability to view herself however she perceives herself but she can't. I'll talk about that later. Eye Color Her eyes are described differently than most characters. Most people are described as having light/pale or dark plus a specific colored eyes. They are not described to a degree in which their eyes are of a certain color. There's one person described as have fully pale eyes - Lift, who runs on Life light, which is Cultivation’s light. From "Rhythm of War" Chapter 65, Lifelight is described as "faintly green." The exact word used to describe Shalash's eye color. I don’t think Shalash is using Lifelight, but I think the wording here indicates that she has been changed by the Nightwatcher. Death Rattle She changed her own physical eyes. This was inferred as Shalash destroying depictions of herself, but it can also mean that she is destroying the image SHE HAS OF HERSELF. So she's can't view herself anyway she wants - like a regular cognitive shadow. She’s destroying herself in two ways, through art depicting her - she's trying to erase herself from Roshar and through destroying her own beauty - her dark eyes. She's the dustbringer book. Dustbringers are all about "self mastery" which is self-control. Even though she is a cognitive shadow who could perceive herself as someone with light eyes she lacks control because she feels guilty for abandoning Taln and she keeps destroying artworks of herself so she needs outside help (the Nightwatcher). The Baxil Interlude I've probably this interlude multiple times (because Shalash is my fav character and this theory makes me so excited), but it never dawned on me why we are introduced to a herald this way. We are introduced to Shalash as Baxil's mistress. This is an interesting choice because we see Jezrien through the eyes of Dalinar, Szeth, and Moash - who all carry his blade at some point (Dalinar briefly in Oathbringer). We originally see Nale through the eyes of Szeth - his pupil. AND THEN IT ALL CLICKED! BAXIL AND AV WERE TALKING ABOUT THE NIGHTWATCHER THE ENTIRE INTERLUDE AND THEIR CONVERSION WAS SO ON THE NOSE AT SOME PARTS. This part highlight the themes of what is happening with Shalash and what I mentioned above. Not only did she change her eye color, but she has a boon and a curse given to her by the Nightwatcher. Some extra speculation I don't know where her story is going from her. It would be awesome to see someone's journey involve reversing their eye color. There's also another parallel if this is all true. Two women who were originally darkeyed sought the old out magic - one to not change her body, one to change a part of body.
  2. From the album Stormlight Archive Doodles

    Shalash is one of my favourite characters even though she's barely mentioned! I like how determined she is to destroy any artwork depicting herself
  3. Brandon seems to really enjoy giving things names that start with the letter "s". Planets, People, Books, and Things. So I thought it'd be fun to make a thread that lists All The Things that start with S. Some of the ones I remember are Sel, Scadrial, seons, skaize, spren, Stormlight, Shalash, Stormfather, Silence Divine, Shadows for Silence, Shadows Beneath, Shadows of Self, Secret History, Stormlight Archive, Suri, Susebron, Shard, Splinter(ing), Sliver, Shattering, (Cognitive) Shadows, Shades, Shadesmar. Oh, and of course, SANDERSON. What are some of the ones everyone can remember? (Note, this isn't a criticism. Brandon puts a lot of work into linguistics and names. It's just a funny thing that I noticed.)
  4. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Finally sat down to draw cosmere stuff! Here is a character request meme from twitter and we have a bunch of popular ones here 1st line: Kelsier, Vin, Rashek 2nd line: Shallan, Evil!Dalinar as Odium’s champion, Kaladin 3rd line: Frost, Sazed, Shalash (*Kelsier wink* Thanks for your love <3)
  5. 1. Why was Jasnah in the market and why did she have drawings of the Heralds? Also, did Shallan draw them? 2. Who is the "Midius" Ash mentions in reference to Jasnah's sketches 3. When Taln told Ash to follow him, he said someone was waiting for them. Who? Subquestion: It seemed like he lost lucidity in the middle of leading Ash, and then that whole thing with Jezrien dying happened. (Seriously, Brandon, are you trying to ruin my solid thug-life rep? Second time I teared up reading this book.)
  6. From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Another religious iconography type painting, this time it is ink on paper 6"x4"
  7. From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
  8. From the album General SA Art

    Stuff I drew for Oathbringer countdown =) (via) Viewing separately: Kholin babies: Kaladin & ... [OB spoilers] Young Dalinar at age 15-20 (Warning: 6 pieces)
  9. So we're at the end of Oathbringer, and Ash and Taln are collapsing on the ground because Jezrien died. And just before she passes out, Ash sees that Jasnah has their pictures. Except... how is that supposed to work, physically? Jasnah is standing in front of the Heralds and looking from them to Hoid's drawings. So the pictures should be on the side of the paper facing Jasnah. Ash shouldn't be able to see anything except the back of the paper. Is Jasnah contorted in some weird position? Is she helpfully holding out the pictures in the other direction just in case anyone wants to see? Is the paper really thin, and the ink bled through? Or is it just a plothole?
  10. Who do you guys think would win? Lord ruler has no atium. The Heralds are Stormlight boosted by Ishar. Basically Immortal Fullborn or Immortal Heralds.
  11. Ok so I have a theory that Shalash can not live through the Stormlight Archive. The reason for this is that we have a WOB that each book is dedicated to a DIFFERENT order of Radiants. The current flashbacks are set as: Kaladin: Windrunner Shallan: Lightweaver Dalinar: Bondsmith Eshonai: Willshaper Szeth: Skybreaker Lift: Edgedancer Jasnah: Elsecaller Taln: Stoneward Renarin: Truthwatcher Shalash: Lightweaver See the problem there are two Lightweaver books, and no Dustbringer books. When we know that Sanderson said that we are going to have ONE book for each order. So in my opinion Ash dies, Malata takes the Lead for that book, but we still get Shalash’s backstory.
  12. What follows is my current theory on how the 10 Heralds became the 10 fool's through the coarse of the Desolations. I will update this post as it evolves. I will try to provide links to all WOB. Quotes will come from the kindle versions of the books via cut and paste. I will list book, chapter, and location number. Bold will be my emphasis. Italics will be possible contradictory evidence. Number 18 here From Reddit Fantasy Bookclub Q&A with Brandon Sanderson Feb 28th, 2011 We will start with this quote which shows us all Heralds were in WOK. First, the Desolations occurred when the Heralds were sent back to Roshar after one of them broke under the torture of Odium. Second, each Herald is associated with a primary and secondary Divine Attribute. (Possibly primary from Honor, Secondary from Cultivation?) Third, the torture does not happen in the physical realm. It occurs in either the cognitive, or more likely the spiritual realm. Fourth, when Odium breaks a Herald, he is literally breaking part of that Heralds spiritual connection to the Divine Attribute. Fifth, Odium's goal was to break all the Heralds and bring about the the Everstorm, allowing him to shatter Honor and Cultivation. Sixth, breaking the Divine Attributes shifted them towards something more compatible with Odium and less compatible with Honor. This resulted in the attributes associated with the 10 Fool's. Number 19 in this WOB, says each is uniquely insane. NOTE: One of the biggliest issues with this theory is not knowing the 10 Fools attributes. Two Fools are named. Two have attributes. Cabine - He acts like a child although he is an adult. TWOK chapter 37, page 593, location 10668 Eshu - He speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do. WOR chapter 71, page 593, location 16877 One issue I have here is that the 2 Heralds I would link these two too are both female. Paliah and Battar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) We have a WOB on this. Not a confirmation, but along those lines. 2) Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. Leading Nale. Just. Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. Builder Talenel. Dependable. Resourceful Ishar. Pious. Guiding 3) Since Odium was attempting to break the Heralds focus on their Divine Attribute, the torture most likely took place in the spiritual realm. The spren would probably know something if it took place in the cognitive realm. One thing pointing to the cognitive realm though is the fact that Taln appeared covered in condensation much like a shardblade. 4) By breaking the Herald, Odium shifted their Primary attribute to closer align with his shard and align less with Honors. This usually resulted in an almost inversion of the attribute. SPECIFICALLY I THINK ONLY THE PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE WAS BROKEN/TWISTED. Below I will show what I think the attribute shifted to after the Devine attribute. Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. (Submission) Leading Nale. Just. (Arbitrary)(Judgement) Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. (Destructive) Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. (Weak-willed) Builder Talenel. Dependable. (Erratic) Resourceful Ishar. Pious. (Traitorous) Guiding These are based off of what we have seen or heard in the books so far. These are not perfect words, but the 17th shard manymind will probably come up with better. There are some subtle indications that only 9 of the 10 fool's have a strong history or mythology. Here is one concerning Lyft and pancakes. I think I subconsciously connected Lyft's silly quest to eat all 10 Pancakes with the 10 fool's. Research could not find a direct correlation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jezrien gives up on protecting humanity personally, submits to the Will of the group, and sacrifices Talenel to uphold the entire oathpact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nale shifts from Just- working within the accepted standards of right and wrong to Arbitrary- following the rule of law without regards to morality.....he goes straight lawful evil. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 Judgement not Justice. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shalash is pretty clear with her running around destroying art, and significantly art that depicts her and other heralds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kalak is in no way resolute when Jezrien meets him. He is in fact very weak willed, confessing that he cannot go back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talenel (if it really is him) comes back a broken man, highly erratic and unable to perform his duties as the Herald of War. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ishar formed the Knights Radiant originally, he led the Bondsmiths. He was also the one who promulgated the traitorous idea that 1 Herald could support the Oathpact. From Edgedancer: And And ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5) We know there were not literally 99 desolation. I suspect there were 9. One each time Odium broke a Herald. Then the next time that Herald would not be tortured as hard so that about her would break first. Nine also being the number of Odium I believe would work well with this. After the Oathpact was discarded, Odium let humanity rewrite Roshar's history and religion in preparation for the Final Desolation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6) The corruption of the 9 Heralds weakened Honor, but the Knights Radiant provided some support, until the Day of Requience when they abandoned all their oaths. Honor shattered shortly after. I have to go back and find some more quotes and WOB to fully support some of this, but I will edit them in as I find them.
  13. At Gavilars party, we think we see several Heralds. Darkness/Nalan seems to be there, and it is theorized that he is joined by Kalak. Baxils mistress, who is believed to be Shalash, is confirmed to have been at the palace, and is mentioned by Nalan during the party. Some believe that Jezrien is the drunk man who speaks to Szeth. So, why are all these guys there? Did they know that Gavilar would die? Did they just want to befriend powerful people (Nalan and Kalak speaks to Elhokar)? How come they all gathered there?
  14. I had a theory (that I had seen others speculate on) that Shalash was Dalinar's forgotten wife and that she induced said specific amnesia for unknown reasons, and it got me thinking. Shalash, the Herald of Lightweavers, of whom Shallan is a prime example, would be very creative and have memory-based skills, yet she goes around destroying statues and artistic renderings of herself. What purpose would this serve? I think that destroying the physical images is just the surface of it, and that the reflections of the statues and paintings in Shadesmar are also affected, that their identities are no longer as a "depiction of Shalash" in whatever form they are. Also, considering that, at least in Shalash's mind, that art and memory are linked concepts (since Shallan uses her spren-bond memory abilities when she paints and as a guess she would use them if she were to sculpt statues as well), that destroying as she does would remove the memory of her in both the cognitive and physical realms, analogous to how creating art destroys the memory in Shallan's mind. It also seems that she has been on this destructive rampage for several years. It is curious as to how/why it is taking so long, but I think it is just that she wants to be thorough. I wonder if she is somehow able to use Shadesmar to find/catalogue all the depictions of herself. As for her motive for all this, it could be that she doesn't want to be worshiped, or that she has issues with the Vorin Church, or maybe she just wants the world to forget her.
  15. I just found out the other day that Shalash is Jezrien's daughter. The coppermind wiki is awesome. As cool as it is, that just had me wondering about all sorts of other things. I tried finding some other answers, but didn't come across much, and wanted to know if I'm just missing something... Do we know anything/have any other theories about the implications this has for the rest of the Heralds? It seems like a Father/Daughter relationship is something that's too significant to be a one-off fun fact. Is it possible there's a Mother/Son, or Husband/Wife, or Siblings among the Heralds? Does this have any impact on how the KR work with each other? Jezrien and Shalash don't share any attributes (I thought maybe they would have one in common), but since they don't, are their attributes particularly complimentary to one another? Or perhaps more opposite. If I remember correctly, Honorspren and Cryptics don't exactly get along, and yet, they're the spren of a Windrunner and Lightweaver. Or is it Father/Daughter like the KR were considered "brotherhoods". Is it assumed that this is an actual, biological connection? When I found this out, I assumed that Shalash was born, grew up, and then she and her father became Heralds at the same time. I was also thinking it would be possible perhaps for her to have taken her mother's place as a Herald once Shalash grew up. Basically, I have a ton of questions and I feel like there are a lot of implications this one thing could have for the rest of the Heralds and the dynamics of the whole group. If Taln was related to one of them, if he was particularly special to one of them, how could they leave him behind? If he was special to someone, and it's possible that the "Taln" in the books is not actually Taln, could it be the family that abandoned him?
  16. I wasn't sure where exactly to put this, but I noticed on Shalash's page, it's confirmed by a WoB that she is Jezrien's daughter. Or at least, it's posted on Theoryland. I wasn't sure if there were any book references, or hints that would have inspired someone to ask this question. I didn't see much on her particular wiki, since not much is known about her in general. I assume we don't know who her mother is. But when I checked Jezrien's page, it didn't mention Shalash at all. I feel like this is something that should be mentioned & I figure it's pretty significant. It makes me wonder about all the other Heralds. Are they also related? Mostly I thought that this was a very interesting piece of info, and I haven't seen anyone else talking about it. But today is also my first day, so this might be information that everyone else is used to.
  17. So, story time. Today I was catching up on all threads on 17th Shard, especially ones in this board. This involved me going through RShara's wonderful Word of Brandon thread, and I saw this: Meanwhile, I go looking on my Words of Radiance term sheet for new wiki articles, because, y'know, I'm a giant nerd. So I go searching for the terms that don't have wiki articles. One near the top? Ash. And what do we have in the Prologue? This passage is way the heck more weird when you know that Ash is the nickname of Shalash. And they suspect she's getting worse. On first reading with this revelation, I want to say that the others are Heralds too, but then they are refer to, presumably, Szeth carrying "their lord's" Blade. I don't know what to think about that. However, this can't be coincidental. There are lots of mentions of "Ash's eyes" in the book, which now we know refer to Shalash thanks to that quote above. These people knew Shalash. That much is certain. EDIT: It occurs to me that the "my lord" could refer to Jezrien, as he was the King of Heralds, and Szeth holds his Honorblade.
  18. I just came across this quote from Shallan.. "She paused, noticing what she’d drawn: a rocky shore near the ocean, with distinctive cliffs rising behind. The perspective was distant; on the rocky shore, several shadowy figures helped one another out of the water. She swore one of them was Yalb. A hopeful fancy. She wished so much for them to be alive. She would probably never know. She turned the page and drew what came to her. A sketch of a woman kneeling over a body, raising a hammer and chisel, as if to slam it down into the person’s face. The one beneath her was stiff, wooden . . . maybe even stone?” Is she able to draw 'truths' even though she is un aware of them? So are the sailors alive? and is the woman with the chisel the herald 'Shalash' who I believe is the woman in the WoK interlude destroying art (of herself). If so, what does it mean for her powers?
  19. I may be grasping at straws here, but I got to thinking of the similarity between the names of the two, and if Vasher could worldhop to Roshar, is it possible that Shalash/Shashara is the same person and started on Roshar and then ended up on Nalthis? If this is a possibility the larger implication is that the Heralds could have gone to other planets as well after abandoning the Oath Pact. Perhaps we've even met some of them.
  20. Hey guys, I've been skimming over the associations between the 4 developing Knights Radiant we've seen (including the one from the WoR interlude) and the Heralds. It makes sense that they seem to have matching character attributes (e.g. Kaladin clearly has Jezrien's "Divine Attributes" of protecting/leading), but I noticed that all 4 Knights also match the genders of their respective Heralds. I want to throw a few ideas around for discussion: Brandon's mentioned that we've met multiple Heralds already, beyond the opening chapter in WoK. Is it possible that there's some reincarnation or amnesia element that could make one of our main characters an actual Herald without us knowing? If this gender aspect is, in fact, not just by chance, it opens the way for new guesses on people who could develop into Radiants. Note that there can only be one new female character that becomes a Knight (since we've got 3 female Radiants already out of the 4 female Heralds), and that person would have to match the attributes of Chach (bravery/obedience) I haven't seen anything that completely nails down the mechanics of how spren are involved in the evolution of a Radiant, but does it matter that Syl is female while Kaladin is male?