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Found 18 results

  1. It's been a very long time...I sorely miss the Cosmere. I've been kept busy, and I haven't even had time to read. In the past it's been my escape, and I seldom have a chance to even pick up a good book for a few moments anymore. I've had to pause my progress on Hero of Ages, and I really miss reading in general, but especially Sanderson. But that's all good and fine, I'm prioritizing, and I hope to find more time to read this summer. So, partially because I want to remain active on the Shard, but also genuinely to ask a question I'm posting this. Once I finally finish Hero of Ages, I'm planning to read Warbreaker before I continue on to Words of Radiance. I can figure out a decent order, however I'd like some advice on where to fit in Shadows for Silence--I know it's a short read, so maybe that'd be good for when I am still busy. I know Threnody is a less significant shardworld, so I was wondering if anyone had input on where to fit it in with my (slow) Cosmere reading. Thanks for keeping the Shard alive, I'm looking forward to Binge Reading again when I get the chance and hopefully I can keep up with the Cosmere better next year, since I've actually only gotten to a couple books as of yet.
  2. I was reading Mistborn Prime and didnt make the connection until I read one line, but I think Sebruki was lifted straight out of Mistborn Prime and put in Shadows for Silence These lines are what made me think this: "Rosela had explained that after their mother’s death, Sebruki had decided that it was her job to take care of the house, and she did so with surprising skill. " "Kathin looked over the room. The floor was indeed a slight bit cleaner where she had scrubbed it, dark wood-lichen scrubbed away, but the change was barely noticeable. It looked like she had done the back wall as well, brushing it so hard that she had scarred the wood. There is something seriously wrong with this child, Kathin thought" In MP sebruki only lost one parent but she doesnt talk a whole lot and spends most of her time cleaning--most notably scrubbing the floors and walls. Sound familiar?
  3. I was reading chapter 21 and noticed a similarity between something Raeth thinks and Shadows For Silence in the Forests of Hell Raeth is trying everything he can think of to try and stop the Forgotten army from Advancing. And he says they already tried a number of different tactics including... "clever battlefield layouts, to traps and holes dug in the ground, to throwing silver dust at the creatures--a method some legends claimed would ward away Forgotten spirits." this sounds an awful lot like the idea was transplanted into Shadows For Silence. This is why I love reading Brandons Unpublished works. It's cool to see early concepts that he later polished and transplanted into the published Cosmere.
  4. OK, simple and whimsical theory here, and probably wrong. Shadows For Silence in the Forests of Hell is a cosmere work, one which Sanderson specifically said he wrote in order to highlight the Cosmere afterlife a bit. Or the...kind of afterlife. Whatever it is. Is it possible that he's just being ridiculously blunt, and the truth is in the title? Its the Forests of Hell. Therefore, these forests are the Cosmere's physical manifestation of Hell, the place where bad shardfolk go from all over the cosmere. It's too simplistic, but knowing Sanderson's habit for putting the truth in obvious places...I find it hard to let go. More importantly, I like the idea of trying to understand what this says about the cosmere afterlife by starting with this assumption. Instead of trying to figure out how this ties into the Cosmere afterlife by examining the shades' actions, let's examine their actions with the assumption that these are the shades in hell...
  5. I know I've already posted a topic in here, but I thought it would be good to have a central place for general reactions to the story. I'll pin it, for now. Personally, I loved the story. The world is one of the most intriguing that I've seen in the cosmere. I'd really like to know more about the past of the world, the nature of the Evil and all that sort of stuff. Hopefully we'll see this planet again somewhere, I'd be rather disappointed if this was the only glimpse we got. Even if it's just a minor nod in the third Mistborn trilogy. What did you guys think?
  6. Is there any WoB about what happened to William?
  7. Hello, this is my first theory, so try not to tear it apart too fast . I've looked around and am fairly certain there's not a topic on this, although if there is, kindly point me to it. I do not have a ton of evidence for it, but essentially, I believe that the Evil from Threnody is really just fainlife and I'll explain why. (By the way, there are a few AU spoilers ahead, specifically for the Threnody essay, so beware) I first made the connection when I noticed they were both described as creeping. From LoP: And from the Threnodite System essay in AU: The descriptions here are pretty similar in both wording and feel. They are both portrayed as catastrophic, death-bringing forces laying waste to entire continets. For those who haven't read the Liar of Partinel, as far as I understand, fainlife came as a result of the death of Yolen's gods. It says that the fainlife came from the gods' corpse, implying that it came directly from them, and not that the gods were simply holding it back and when they died, it was left to ravage the land. We know Ambition, a shard, which can be considered a god, died in the Threnodite system. So, assuming LoP is mostly still canon, I think that the Evil is fainlife born from the death of Ambition. Now I know Ambition didn't actually die in the Threnodite System, but was only mortally wounded. However, Khriss says that So it seems fair to say at least a part of Ambition died there and that it definitely had some harmful consequences for Threnody. I know thats not a perfect argument, but it makes sense to me that fainlife could be something that causes the inhabitants of the Fallen World to flee. The fainlife we see in LoP drove the people to the brink of extinction. It pushed mankind into very small pockets of civilization where space was extremely limited and growing food was difficult. And I mean, consuming continents, feasting on the souls of men, that seems pretty reminiscent of fain. I can see how the destructive power of fainlife could cause a contintent wide evacuation in Threnody considering what we've seen of it in LoP. It just seems to fit. There are also a couple holes I'd like to address. First of all the biggest issue I see is of the timing of it. The battle between Ambition and Odium occurred relatively soon after the Shattering, however the arrival of The Evil appears to be much more recent, like within a 100 years of Shadows for Silence, which occurs later in the sequence of cosmere books. The only explanation I can think of is that the effect on Threnody of the battle was somehow delayed. Maybe it took time for the pieces of Ambition to reach the planet, or they somehow lay dormant for a long time, I don't know, I'm just speculating on this part. If anyone does know anything about that, please share. The second thing is why Nazh, being from Threnody, did not explain the Evil to Khriss. The most likely explanation is that Nazh was born long before the Evil started wrecking havoc on the Fallen World. This seems to make sense due to his worldhopping history. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Shadows for Silence takes place after Era 1 of Mistborn. And since we see him in SH, its likely he was around before the events of SfS and the Evil. He also talks about the rituals of becoming a shade, which do not line up at all with what we see of shades in SfS. They seem much more dangerous than the way he describes them, suggesting he comes from a different time period when the shades were not quite so evil. Khriss says he could only talk about the Evil vaguely, and I think thats because he didn't actually know what it was since he was not on Threnody at the time. Anyway, there's my theory, I hoped you liked it. Remember, all of this could be completely invalid if in the canon, fainlife is not the same. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, ideas, criticisms, and any relevant WoBs. Have fun speculating!
  8. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  9. Between the general worry of those extremely old (or perhaps extremely new?) Elantrians and the second (as far as I know) on-screen appearance of Nazh, I feel like Threnody HAS gone ahead and officially joined the Main Stage of the Cosmere, despite the opinion of Alonoe (BTW, could you HAVE a more Aonic name, sule?). This is interesting for a lot of reasons to me, but the timeline is of particular interest, as we see that Nazh is certainly alive at the same time as the Shades. This would seem to me to indicate that Nazh is quite old at, probably from the Homeland days of Threnody. We know that Shadows for Silence only took place a couple of generations removed from the settling of the Forests, but it seems that there are enough Threnodite cognitive shadows that the Ire keeps forces patrolling the border, and carry a specific anti-Threnodite device with them on their trip. We also know that Nazh was around during the Shaod period of Elantris, which was set a long time before the events of The Final Empire. Does this seem correct to everyone else? And is everyone else as excited to see more Threnodites as I?
  10. In Secret History, Preservation calls the Spiritual Realm, or "What Happens Next" as "Beyond". On several worlds, we've seen references to "The God Beyond." It makes me wonder if there is a unifying "God" or force that is controlling or manipulating evens from the Spiritual Realm, where Shards and their derivatives can't really see. It could even be the soul of Adonalsium, since presumably, he went Beyond after he died? What do you guys think? Coincidence or significance? On a different note, I'm really surprised that Spook didn't decide to hang around like Kelsier after he died.
  11. So, here's something I noticed when reading. I wasn't sure if it was an error or if we simply don't understand enough. But Theopolis was killed by a shade. So, shouldn't he have turned into a shade? Or are there specific conditions that must be met? Did Silence's grandmother somehow intentionally or not fully kill him before he could be a shade? What do you guys think?
  12. The God Beyond is an entity that is worshiped on multiple shardworlds. Here is a coppermind page about it. In the spirit of covering my bases, here are some other things it could be: The God Beyond is a planet. The God Beyond is an entity in the cognitive realm, formed by the collective hopes of humanity across the cosmere. The God Beyond is a character who is weak now, but later becomes powerful and travels back in time. The God Beyond is the ugly lizard crab thing. The God Beyond is Brandon Sanderson himself. The God Beyond is Peter's sideburns. The God Beyond is Calamity. The God Beyond actually doesn't exist. It's just a coincidence. The God Beyond is the physical embodiment of Kobold King's rep. The God Beyond is a spaceship full of dragons. The God Beyond is Bela.
  13. Two of my very favorite Brandon Sanderson novellas, Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, and Perfect State are getting a combined limited edition print editions from Subterranean Press, who did small publication runs of the Legion novellas. The limited editions are a pricey $99, but from what I understand, the Subterranean Press stuff is extremely high quality. They are two separate items--Shadows for Silence, and Perfect State--in the same slipcase. Each will have interior illustrations and dust jackets, both made by Tom Kidd. I'm a bit sad that the Miranda Meeks cover for Shadows for Silence--which I just love and is pictured here--isn't being used, but I'll wait and see what Tom Kidd does. I'm pretty excited that there are interior illustrations. This is a different thing to the convention exclusive that packages these two together, that use the ebook covers. Brandon will have these at conventions, and then will be on his store later this year. So if you still want these together at a cheaper price, you'll be able to get them! It does seem like there will be a pretty cool benefit to getting this, for those illustrations. These limited editions will be available late 2015. Note that there are only 500 of these. Shadows for Silence is a Cosmere novella on a minor Shardworld, but it is probably the most atmospheric, haunting thing Brandon has written. Perfect State is a science fiction story about, essentially, the Matrix. I thoroughly loved both of them and I would recommend them to all of you, but I would understand if this is too pricey! Just know these will be coming in a less limited edition form later this year as well. Brandon said this item is great for collectors, which I'm sure it will, but don't feel like you miss out on too much.
  14. Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is a short cosmere novella that originally appeared in the George R. R. Martin anthology, Dangerous Women. Now, Dangerous Women is excellent and you really get your money's worth (it's huge), but if you haven't picked it up, you can now get Shadows for Silence individually on the Kindle store. I can't find this on other ebook sites--though you can find Dangerous Women on ebook--but I presume it will be coming soon. The date this Amazon entry was made was March 3rd, so it was very soon. Maybe we are getting the cat out of the bag a little early... But guys, look at this spectacular, spectacular cover for this ebook. I want to buy it as a gigantic poster, please. Isn't it great looking? (View it in its high resolution glory.) As for the novella itself, Shadows for Silence occurs on a minor Shardworld called Threnody, which we've never seen before. But it is worth your read. Even considering how excellent Brandon is at worldbuilding, I would say Shadows for Silence is the most atmospheric thing he's written. It's so haunting, it's magnificent. As his novellas go, I'd say it is only topped by the Emperor's Soul. Shadows for Silence is wonderful and definitely worth picking up.
  15. All right, folks. I read both The Sixth of Dusk and Shadows for Silence side by side and took notes on how similar they are. I'm sure I missed some similarities, but these are the ones I saw. 1. Setting. They both are set in extremely dangerous wooded areas with safe places scattered throughout. (The safe places being around the birds and in a circle of silver) 2. Skill Levels. They both follow the most skilled people in the worlds. Silence is the only one who really understands the Forests because of her grandparents. Similarly, Sixth seems to be the best at navigating the most dangerous island. 3. Fighting for those they love. Both main characters fight for those they love. Silence fights for her daughters, Sixth fights for his island. He really does want to preserve his homeland, no matter how much he hates it. He'll probably fall in love with that one chick, but we'll see. 4. Power. The protection from the worst predators on both islands are similar. The Aviar great a circle around those they want to protect and the Shades can't cross silver. 5. The feeling. I don't know if this goes for everyone, but the feeling was very similar between the two books for me. I tend to pay attention to how works of art make me feel as well as the technical aspects of it. 6. Main characters. They were both socially awkward people. They were taught by their mentors to be as tough as possible. They were both, as I said before, extremely skilled. It seems like Brandon can only write this type of short story with the same feel in the Cosmere. Similarly, I Hate Dragons had the same feel as Firstborn. Those are the similarities I found. Do you have any to add?
  16. In case you have yet to see, Tor has released an excerpt of Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, due for release on December 3rd of this year. And boy is it fantastic. Just from the little bit there, you can see Brandon's fabricated another phenomenal world, unimportant though it may be. There is also a review, which goes more into the mechanics of shades. This is going to be a spoiler topic for both of those, so if you don't want to know until the book comes out, don't look here! My favorite bits: Silver gets its day in the sun Another mention of the God Beyond, this is the third different world to say a variation of that name (Shai's Unknown God is confirmed to be the same) The Evil - Potential opposing force to Adonalsium? Does the White Fox have a Splinter? Enjoy everybody, and happy discussion.
  17. I want to give context to the question I asked Brandon at the LA signing, but you can skip ahead if you just want the punchline. Some time ago I was reading the Well of Ascension alternate ending. It is significantly different from the original, and most of what I am interested in happens on page 2 where Sazed fights Marsh. The remainder of this post contains spoilers, so beware. In this ending, Marsh and Sazed are fighting at the remote headquarters of the Steel Inquisitors. In particular, Marsh is fighting to prevent Sazed from going back to the etched steel plate where he would discover Ruin's trickery. During the fight, however, there is a significant change. Marsh is about to strike the killing blow when several mist spirits show up. These spirits appear to have a mental argument with Marsh, which eventually culminates in him fleeing the building and leaving Sazed to discover the truth behind the prophecy. Originally, I thought that these spirits were the manifestations of other Shards. Presumably, they had enough future sight to see that Marsh couldn't be allowed to kill Sazed as the latter was still destined to pick up Ruin and Preservation. This was exciting to me, so I asked Brandon if he could tell me more about them. The answer is much more interesting! His inscription on my book is thus: He went on to say that in the alternate ending, the mist spirits are the Cognitive Shadows of the First Generation of Kandra. Of course, they were aware of the original version of the prophecy and Sazed's importance. This was removed from the book so that it didn't cloud the waters. However, there is a story where these ideas were later incorporated - Shadows for Silence! The shades are these types of objects. Furthermore, and perhaps even more interestingly, he mentioned one other person in this context, someone who "refuses to stay dead" - referring to Kelsier. In any case, I figured that this is of general interest and allows us to connect several previously disparate phenomenon.
  18. It has just been announced today by Tor that Words of Radiance, which had been tentatively scheduled for release in January, will be delayed to March 4th, 2014. Brandon is obviously working very hard at the anticipated sequel to The Way of Kings, and has finished the first draft. A lot is done, but revision is really tough, especially when you consider that Words of Radiance is about the length of A Memory of Light. It isn't exactly trivial to make such huge epics awesome. So yes, obviously we are all disappointed that it is delayed, but we also want the book to be as amazing as all the anticipation should suggest. I know that giving Brandon enough time will make the book succeed far beyond our expectations, and it'll be even more awesome than we hope. (And plus, you know, we're still getting a sequel sooner than, say, some other fantasy series that shall remain nameless) In other news, Brandon posted an extensive blog about the State of Sanderson and all the things coming out in the near future, the foreseeable future, and the far future. There's a lot more that you may not have expected given Brandon's work on Words of Radiance, but the way he stays prolific is by doing other projects too. The Rithmatist sequel is coming, Shadows of Self--the sequel to Alloy--is going to be written early next year, and we'll also get Firefight, the sequel to Steelheart. So 2014 is going to be a really great year for Brandon fans. For hardcore Sharders, we also learn of a few new cosmere books. The Sixth of Dust was brainstormed on Writing Excuses, and it will be a cosmere novella. Nice. Then there is also Skyward, which is a YA cosmere novel. We've never heard of it until now, so your guess is as good as ours, but it's great to see more cosmere. Also, did you remember that Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, Brandon's novella coming out in George R. R. Martin's Anthology, Dangerous Women, is coming out in December? Will it be enough to tide you over till Words of Radiance? Well, probably not, but realize that Shadows for Silence is also cosmere, on a minor Shardworld. And Tor just posted a preview of it. It's just as haunting as you'd expect from a title like that. It's great. Get excited. So yes, Words of Radiance is delayed, but we still have a ton of Brandon stuff coming up. Check out Brandon's State of Sanderson post for a more extensive look at his pipeline for the next... well, long freaking time.