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Found 2 results

  1. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Sharing a bath is fun
  2. As the title says I believe that Shallan and Adolin will get divorced let me explain. First, I believe that Veil contains the most truthful version of who Shallan really is, I go into much greater detail in this linked post below so feel free to check my logic there. And we know who Veil prefers romantically and what she thinks of Adolin. Next we have this WoB: Now this was Pre-Oatherbringer but I still think this is relevant because what do you think this is mimicking? I propose that this situation is mimicking the other Triangle, Gavilar-Navani-Dalinar. And we do know how that one ended. Now I dont see Adolin dying and I am NOT saying that Kaladin will end up with Shallan. What I am saying that it would open up a lot of things storywise. Next we have almost every other kind of relationship you can imagine: Dalinar and Navani widowed and remarried, Sebarial and Palona not married, and a mentions of a Gay romance. Brandon usually likes the full set of these things I feel. And Lastly the marriage felt really rushed, it felt hasty and we didn't even get to see it! Maybe I'm reading too much into this but my gut tells me there is something there. Some of the issues divorce would bring up to the series: 1. More problems with the Vorin Church. I'm not sure how they view divorce but I'm going to go out on a limb and say they aren't fans of it and I think Brandon with those sons of honor is looking to explore the Vorin Church more as an organization. 2. Broken Oaths and Syl. IF Shallan did try to pursue Kaladin, or vice versa, after a divorce I don't think Syl would be as up for it as she originally was since she is honor spren, so that added dynamic would add a lot of interest and tension. 3. Adolin broken. People want Adolin Prince Charming to be more fleshed out and interesting. Well with the storm coming his way for Sadeas murder and a Painful Divorce I think they may get what they wish for. These are all conflicts that would give brandon a TON to write about and add strength to the future books.