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Found 87 results

  1. so we recently got a second smart TV, and I started connecting everything via Google home app. I named one of the TV's, "roshar", and the other "scadrial". then proceeded to rename the wifi "shadesmar" any thoughts on improving this?
  2. Being as all the worlds in the Cosmere are round, and the Cognitive Realm parallels the Physical Realm, how does worldhopping work? Previously, before this occurred to me, i had pictured worldhopping being achieved (based off of Kelsier's journey to the Ire in secret history) by simply walking off the edge of the world, passing through a vague amount of compressed space (due to a lack of thoughts/Cognitive stuff) and arriving on a different world. But upon reflection, a globe has no edge to walk off of. So how does one transfer between different worlds?
  3. Just for fun, if Shadesmar were Shadesmart, what kind of things do you think they'd sell? And even better, what kind of advertisements and sales would they run? Tuesday Two-For-One Shardblades. Get 'em while they're hot! Rent-An-Elsecaller for all your transportation needs.
  4. I was watching a video on youtube and this video on the side tempted me at first for environmental reasons, then afterwards....well, you'll see. (my apologies if someone else has posted this already) (oh and since I'm an anti-social noob, I cant post an actual link)
  5. What are the mist spren that work as crew on Honor's Path. People have said that they are the truthwatcher spren, but I think the difference in appearance between of refracted light and mist with doll like hands and face is too big. I think they might be another sentient spren that simple does not or cannot create a nahel bond. Based on things that have happened in previous cosmere books I think it would make more sense if there were not 10, but 16 sentient types of spren.
  6. Throughout my reading, spren were the focal point of my curiosity. There was a brief look into Shadesmar in Oathbringer, but even though it was over 100 pages of content, I felt I learned barely anything. If Brandon was intending this to prolong future information, that's pretty impressive. I remember Jasnah mentioning Cryptics are like lighteyes, but Syl also said something similar of the honorspren. I wondered if that was part of their rivalry, one side thinking themselves the superior and thus denouncing the other side. Ivory mentioned that both these spren types were not very well liked by others. Why is that? Another thing that bothered me were Ico and his crew. (I think they were lightspren, so that's what I'll call them.) They were sentient but I don't believe they were one of the spren capable of bonding. I always assumed the only sentient spren were affiliated with the Radiants. How many other variants are there capable of complex thought? And how did they get those abilities? On a side note, I remember Syl saying that she knew spren who hunted some form of lesser (fear?)spren. Do sentient spren view lesser spren in the same way humans view animals? Really, despite all this tangent, all I wanted to know is if you think Brandon will delve further into Shadesmar or if it is a side point that is interesting but somewhat moot.
  7. Is there a connection between the two, is shadesmar a sort of unconsious reflection of the world of dreams?
  8. How does worldhopping actually work? I mean, I think they travel through shadesmar, but how? boat? magic? shadesmar is like the inverse of the worlds, but what's the inverse of space? Anyone?
  9. I'm sure that this has been talked about but I couldn't find a topic about this so here it is. I think that Rock (and maybe other horneaters) can see at least partially into Shadesmar. He's able to see spren when nobody else does, and mentions towards the beginning of OB that he could see something of the rest of the sprens body. How does the ability work, and why does he have it? Does it have anything to do with that story he said about Horneaters living up in the peaks (when explains why the peaks are hot in WoR).
  10. I think Rock can see into Shadesmar, at least partially. He is able to see spren in the physical realm that nobody else can see. Also, he mentions being able to see part of the sprens body towards the beginning of OB. Perhaps this has something to do with the story that he told his friends about why the Horneater peaks are warm? Any thoughts? I thought I posted this topic already, so if I did I'm sorry.
  11. So I was browsing Arcanum when I came upon this little WoB: And immediately something stuck out to me (highlighted in blue) - Brandon says that he made it so that Shadesmar has air so that people wouldn't have to worry about bringing plants to get oxygen, or a Windrunner, or - wait. What? The way he says it, it sounds like (were it the case that Shadesmar had no air) a Windrunner would be helpful - if not absolutely crucial - in getting air into Shadesmar. This leads me to believe that, as they progress in the Oaths, Windrunners gain access to some sort of air/wind manipulation abilities; this seems to be supported by Kaladin's pressure bubble in Oathbringer. I'm curious to see how this could be applied by Kaladin, and other Windrunners, but I'm more curious to see if other orders have similar abilities not exactly related to their surges. Personally, assuming some (if not all) other orders have abilities we haven't seen yet, I like to think that the Skybreakers could summon lightning. It fits with their name (breaking....skies....), and would definitely be storming cool (yes, I will admit, I just want to see Szeth shoot lightning while dual-wielding Nightblood and his sprenblade). What do you think about this? Am I reading too much into this WoB? Do you think the orders could have abilities other than those strictly defined by their surges?
  12. Spoilers ahead! The topics covered should all be in TWoK and WoR Hey all I've been trying to sleep but this is eating at me now so I guess I gotta post it. First things first let's cover some basic things: Theory: You could speak with a dead person in Shadesmar if you're a lightweaver. Some things we know (correct me if I'm wrong here): -Everything has a spren on roshar, even body parts. -These spren gain identity in Shadesmar based on how they're perceived by living beings. -Pattern can talk to these spren's beads and translate/interpret. -People have souls, but when they die the soul leaves behind the body. So! A person might lose its soul when it dies, but the body remains there. Everything has a spren so the body probably has a spren, especially since it sees itself as a whole. Therefore you could probably find a corpse's bead in Shadesmar. This corpse would have very strong ties to the person it used to be, having been there to experience everything the person had. Presumably this means that the body's spren would behave very similarly to the deceased person. I think that because of this, Shallan (or any radiant in Shadesmar, even) could go into Shadesmar and speak with carbon copies of dead people; this would likely be especially easy with soulcast lighteyes statues, because they're still the same person and are perceived that way. What do you think? What use could you see in this?
  13. From the album Shadesmar

    Landscape of Shadesmar featuring some souls of fish
  14. So we know that a normal shardblade will not appear as such in shadesmar, as it will instead appear as the spren which becomes the blade in the physical realm. We also see that Vivvennas shardblade does appear in the cognitive realm because it is not a spren. So then what about honorblades? As far as I'm aware, the honorblades aren't spren, but instead some other magical stuff™. So I ask, would an honorblade be usable in the cognitive realm?
  15. So, I only recently read Mistborn: Secret History. I found it very interesting, but a major discrepancy came up. In the Cognitive Realm on Scadrial, Kelsier was able to walk around on the parts that should have been cognitive "ocean" as if it were land, whereas Shallan nearly drowned while in an equivalent place. Also, the "spren(for lack of a better term)" in Scadrian Shadesmar were semi-solid smoke versions of what they looked like in the physical realm, whereas on Roshar they manifest as spheres. Basically, why is the Cognitive Realm on Scadrial so different from the Cognitive Realm on Roshar?
  16. From the album Shadesmar

    My basic illustration of the Rosharan cognitive realm. Part of my series on the cognitive realm. I want to to them as "land/sea" scapes. Enjoy!
  17. From the album Shadesmar

    An abstract piece I did after reading WOK in 2012 depicting the experience of looking into Shadesmar. I was very interested by what the spren would look like there.
  18. I am re-listening to WoK again, because, why not. I was wondering if the sun in shadesmar is actually the solar system's sun, or if it is something different. Everything else in shadesmar has a very different aspect than in the real world. So what is the light source really? And why do clouds streak towards it? Any thoughts?
  19. Hello all, I had a couple of questions that I hope those more experienced than I could help me with. 1. When thinking of Shadesmar, of course Brandon had some difficulty in projecting a 3-dimensional world onto a 2-dimensional plane, the same as mapmakers would find. However in a 2D plane that you can actually enter, this seems to present a larger problem. Where are the edges? For instance if you look at a 2D map of Earth, a point on the far left side would run into a point on the far right side if you were physically there. But in Shadesmar, does that mean there is a series of four lines (North/South/East/West) where you would have to traverse the entire length of, as an example, Roshar to reach a place a few feet away from where you started: to get from the far left to the far right on our 2D map? Because so far as I understand, if you walk in a straight line, that will take you from one planet to another as long as you know which direction to go, so there must be an "edge" or end to the planet. Then what about the "edge" on the opposite side of Shadesmar, it seems that you would be in almost the exact same geographic location in the Physical Realm, yet headed the opposite direction in Shadesmar. So I guess my question is: where does these "edges" correspond to in the Physical Realm? 2. Alright this one is similar to the first. Let's say you're in Shadesmar in the vicinity of Roshar, beads all over the place. Then you want to go to the nearest planet, for the sake of argument since I don't remember how close they are, Scadrial. Mists or whatever. Is there just a spot where the beads immediately change to the mists? Or a more gradual change where it's part beads/part mists? Or is there a natural essence, for lack of a better word, of Shadesmar when the beads end and before the mists begin? Thanks again and sorry for the length of the first one, I wanted to fully explain my question
  20. From the album Stormlight Fan Art

    I finished this fan art of Shallan yesterday! I know that it doesn't look anything like her and her outfit is not accurate to the book, but it was fun to create something new. It took me about a week from start to finish. Which is a long time for me, I usually like working on a project from 2 to 3 days, but this was a good practice. I hope you like it and please share with your Stormlight friends! I will be posting a SpeedPaint of this picture friday on my YouTube Channel, so stay tuned! Who is your favorite character in the Stormlight series? Comment below! Instagram: @ kaelintwede YouTube: Kaelin Twede Deviant Art: KMTwede

    © Kaelin Twede

  21. From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    "Unite Them!" Dalinar Kholin. This is a scene that takes place in Oathbringer . On the left is the cognitive realm Shadesmar, the center represents the physical realm, and the right is the spiritual realm. There's no real description of the spiritual realm, but in the world of the Cosmere, it's the breaking spirit that allows the investiture of magic. As such, I decided to represent it by shattering as it reflects Dalinar's broken--but undefeated spirit. This was a blast to work on and I'm glad I was able to find the time to finish it!
  22. I was rereading oathbringer and thought of a couple questions 1) if you habe watter in a barrel what would that look like in Shadesmar 2) The land. We think of a country solid as a country but at the same time as the separate provinces, towns, or land formations what would the sphere for that look like 3) ice has a sphere, if a body of water freezes what happens to it in Shadesmar
  23. From the album The Girl who Looked Up

    Still reading Oathbringer, but was compelled to paint this scene. For those worried about spoilers, this is not an exact scene from the book, but rather a feeling I get when reading about Shallan and Shadesmar.
  24. When they're on the honorspren ship, Kaladin attracts some windspren. He does this by...thinking really hard? Anyone understand this...?