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Found 122 results

  1. From the album Shadesmar

    My basic illustration of the Rosharan cognitive realm. Part of my series on the cognitive realm. I want to to them as "land/sea" scapes. Enjoy!
  2. All people have a Cognitive Aspect which is formed of Investiture (as technically everything is). Upon death this Aspect begins to dissipate, just as the body begins to decay. An infusion of Investiture to the body will heal it and an infusion of Investiture to the Cognitive Aspect will maintain it. Living people are effected by other people’s perceptions. The effect is simply minimized for unknown reasons. In contrast, the Cognitive Aspects of objects and non-sapient creatures do not have whatever safe guard minimizes this effect on living sapients and are strongly effected by perceptions. Shadows seem to fall into an in between area. They’re less effected by perception than non-sapients, but they’re more effected than living sapients. Whatever safeguards living sapients appears to be damaged, though a strong enough infusion of Investiture or exposure to the Spiritual Realm may help. What’s even more interesting is that there’s some indication that the whole problem is tied to memory and the limits of human capacity for it. It’s possible memory is the safeguard. There are some indications that an ordinary living sapient who lives too long will begin to have the same issue as a Shadow. And others that indicate natural immortals may avoid the issue. It’s also worth noting that Vessels seem to have a similar problem and some take advantage by trying to shape perceptions of themselves in particular manners. (Note that most Vessels are alive.) To me this indicates that the problem is less of perception and more a matter of Spiritual Connection. If the body is the physical function, and the Cognitive is the consciousness, it seems like the Spiritual is the totality of our lives experiences: the web of memories and connections we form throughout our lives that define who we are. It seems to me that as the Cognitive Aspect reaches its natural threshold for recall, it begins to lose its ability to access portions of that web, almost like a magical version of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s as though the Connection between Consciousness and Experience begins to fray, leading to the weakening of the Self. I’m going to call this the recall threshold: the point past where a Cognitive Aspect can access the sum totality of its Spirit Web. If something happens to expand the Cognitive Aspect’s ability to ‘recall’ or if something stimulates this, the Cognitive Aspect will ‘remember’ itself. In the absence of a whole link to the Spiritweb, I think perception takes its place. That’s a type of Connection too, but it’s one formed by the collective experiences and memories of other people. If you don’t know who you are, then you have to take it from other people. Imagine someone with amnesia, being told ‘You are X. You work as a Y. This is your family.’ etc. and determining who you are based on that. Except on a much broader and unconscious scale. In this hypothesis, as the ties from the Cognitive Aspect to the Spiritweb fray, the collective Consciousness, the perceptions and Connections of and with other people, act to shore up the fraying supports. Over time, as the ties between Realms continue to weaken, this collective consciousness becomes a pseudo-Spiritweb shaping the way the Cognitive Aspect defines itself while still allowing that self to maintain some definition. This has little to do with whether it’s the original person, or soul, or not. It’s not a problem of perception - indeed, perception would actually be acting as a symptom reducer - but a problem of Connection between Realms. The problem that Shadows face would simply be a result of those ties being damaged by having died. Just as a person loses their Connection to the Physical, they also lose their Connection to the Spiritual upon death. When a Shadow has their Cognitive Aspect stabilized, it stops the severing process and may even reverse some of the damage. But it seems reasonable that these Connections between Realms are no longer whole. The Connection to the Physical, for example, needs to be intentionally restored. If the tie to the Spiritual remains damaged, then it would be more vulnerable to breakdown than that of a living sapient. So while both living and Shadow will experience the recall threshold problem, a Shadow will experience the effects much sooner. This effect would apply to all Shadows over time. In fact, it would apply to all non-natural immortals. Even natural immortals could, in theory, eventually hit their (presumably much higher) recall threshold and experience the effects of the loss of Spiritual Connection. In conclusion, whether or not a Shadow is the original person’s consciousness/soul is immaterial and remains a philosophical problem (as per WoB). The problem is one of Realmatic Connection that would ultimately effect all sapients, with the closest Physical Realm equivalent being something like Alzheimer’s or other disorders of memory. The fact that increasing the recall threshold or decreasing the distance between Realms can heal this damage would be indicative of this problem not being tied to original personhood of a Shadow, but to a greater Realmatic effect to which Shadows are simply more susceptible due to their weakened ties to the Realms.
  3. So it's pretty well established that entities in the physical realm have a bead that represents them in Shadesmar. And they have some level of persona, e.g. "I am a stick", at some point that stick would have viewed itself as part of a tree rather than just a stick. Is there any clear indication as to how long entities retain their identity, for example the individual planks of wood that make up Bridge 4. Is there one bead that represents Bridge 4 or one for each disparate piece that comprises it? At this point I'm sure it's all coalesced into a single bead given how the members of Bridge 4 (The team, not the bridge itself) have treated it. This leads me to my next thought: What will happen to that bead and the ones for the entities that comprise the Fourth Bridge. If Bridge 4 is thought of more strongly would it become the dominant aspect of the whole? I'd love to see Shallan or Jasnah observe Bridge 4 in Shadesmar. We saw the Wind's Pleasure strongly desire to continue carrying the crew, would the Fourth Bridge respond more strongly to member of Bridge 4? Or just treat all passengers the same?
  4. In Shadesmar Sprens appear in their human form and humans in physical realm appear as souls Why do humans in Shadesmar not appear differently than physical realm
  5. Sorry if asked already, but I was re-reading Rhythym of War, and the parts where certain Chars can see into shardesmar made me wonder what would they see if they looked into shadesmar/cognitive realm to see what an Honorblade looks like there.
  6. So I have some predictions for the night of sorrows, in no particular order: 1)A significant part of Roshar will be shattered by wave of destruction which will look like a duststorm 2)The stormfather will die. No more stormlight 3)This either cause a unending weeping or the everstorm never stops 4) Shadesmar sun will set 5) Humans will migrate to shadesmar 1)Duststorm The second death rattle seems to be more about thunderclasts but I still think, 'the world was shattered' is saying exactly what we think it's saying. Also there will definitely be a loooot of thunderclasts in the next book for the final battle. 'The stones reached towards the heavens' might about the dust reaching high. So I think there will be a duststorm coming next book. Stone will be divided into molecules which will be carried by the winds causing a duststorm. Don't know what's causing the earthquake. Also maybe we will learn why they are called thunderclasts? What is causing the division? The surge of division prolly. Whose going to do it tho, hmmmm? 2) Stormdaddy dies, no more stormlight Stormfather has constantly been berated by people for not showing mercy to people, not only that he has been growing to understand humanity and why they break their oaths. He understands why the heralds peaced out and curses Dalinar for giving him this understanding. He even cracks a joke at one point in RoW(Like father like daughter). But he constantly mentions that he cannot break his speed for anyone and stresses that there will be consequences The theory is Stormdaddy will reflexively try to stop himself when he sees that a city full of people devasted by the duststorm (or something like that) will be killed. This prolly will tear him from the highstorm and cause a hole somewhere that Todium can strike upon. Killing him Or maybe Stormdaddy knows what will happen but does it anyway. Sacrificing himself fully? Anyway this will be the darkest point of the book. Literally. Because stormfather merged with the cognitive shadow of honor. So when he dies, honor will die completely. Stormlight will now be very limited. Also the lowest point is also called 'the dark night of the soul' in narratives, just like night of sorrows. I don't think the stormfather will have such a sad death and never come back. I mean even Evi popped in for a hot sec as a voice to Dalinar. But that prolly happens near the end of the book. I see what u did there , Brandon 3) Unending weeping or everstorm Nothing much to say here. It could be the weeping, which has been a phenomenon on roshar already, when the stormfather prolly recharges his stormlight. Also 'weeping' and night of 'sorrows' It could also be an unending everstorm, then the name would make sense. Who nose Anyway there will sure be a lot of flooding on the available land 4) Shadesmar sun will set The last two are just dialogues, but that's the exact place authors put foreshadowing because dialogues are not expected to contain them. Also there are prolly more dialogues like this. This is the two I found. While they seem to be talking about the regular old sun, I think it's far more likely that it's talking about the sun in shadesmar. It stays fixed in position, near the horizon. I just don't think odium is strong enough to threaten the actual sun. We know from a wob, that the reason shadows lie towards the sun in shadesmar is connected to pull of the beyond( which is after the spiritual realm) In fact, the sun might actually be the spiritual realm itself. We know that odium has enough power to hurt the realm. Maybe todium hurts the SR through the Stormfather? He has a window to the SR afterall. 5) Migration to Shadesmar We know from the 'man stood on a cliffside' death rattle that people on a cliff seemed to be fine. This means the oathgate of Urithiru prolly will be fine too. This will be how humanity escapes calamity and extinction. A sizable chunk will still die, making book 5 the darkest book yet. I was not sold on this prediction until I remembered this. Remember the land-water inversion in shadesmar? Land is a body of water on shadesmar and vice versa. What a wierd rule right? Never made sense to me. In this theory, land will get replaced by water in the PR! That means shadesmar will slowly gain new land! Perfect for humans to live in. From a story standpoint, this will be a great way to make roshar cosmere level quickly and believably, since they live in shadesmar and can learn about realmatics way easily now. Navani will find out how to make fabrials without trapping spren. As to how they will survive without a sun in shadesmar, I have other theories.... What do u guys think? Please tear this apart.
  7. Not sure if this belongs here or in the Stormlight forum, but does anyone else think the Expanse of the Broken Sky in Shadesmar would lead to Taldain? We already know that Vapors and Densities lead to Scadrial and Sel, respectively. The Expanse of Vibrance likely leads to Nalthis (which I found on the Coppermind), but there's nothing about where Broken Sky might lead. Personally, I think Taldain fits perfectly because of binary star system keeps the planet locked in place, creating a clear "break" in the sky between Dayside and Darkside. Let me know what y'all think
  8. So in the CR: Physical realm bodies of water are land, and physical realm land masses are not traversable by foot in the CR. (Mistborn secret history, oathbringer, ROW) Vertical distance is compressed or non-existent (sja-anat interlude ROW, climbing down from Urithiru in ROW in Shadesmar) And distance between planets is compressed in Shadesmar. I'm assuming these things happen for the same reason. I see two main possibilities for why these things happen one of them has slightly more support I think from WOBs. The more supported one is that travel between planets is faster in CR because no one lives there, there are no minds there in the physical realm. I didn't go looking for the WOBs but I believe this has been said a few times. And this phenomon also causes water to become land, etc However, I've always wondered how much perception has to do with it instead of just *no minds exist in space*. Humans see a body of water as a single entity and cannot be traversed. So it manifests as a solid area in the CR because of the perception of the obstacle from the physical realm. The physical realm land isn't solid in the CR because people in the physical realm move through it. It's more plastic in the CR because it's more accessible in the cognitive realm. -mist on Scadrial and beads on roshar. I believe people have asked and gotten RFAO'd about how if people start living in space then would the distances in Shadesmar expand. Before interplanetary travel entered the picture i had wondered if a civilization got really used to boat travel, would that affect the land in the CR because the perception of the water as this solid intractable entity changes. If this is the case, then the advent of space travel could make interplanetary travel in Shadesmar more difficult without people even living in space. The ability to traverse space in the physical realm could change the perception of space, affecting CR distances. In all of this when I say perception I kind of mean the like societal understanding that could affect somethings cognitive aspect.
  9. Nergaoul is red according to the coppermind While every other unmade that we have seen, either in the physical realm or the cognitive has been black. Ashertmarn - black - Re-Shephir - black - Sja-Anat - black - But Yelig-nar is different while all of his form is black in shadesmar, when he enters a host in the physical realm the eyes of the host turn red. Note: While we haven't seen Dia-Gonarthis, he is sometimes called the black fisher. But red investiture in the Cosmere is corupted investiture. But a lot of Odiums forces are red. I would like to thank for pointing this pattern among voidspren and Fused alike as well. Some of his spren are golden but the others are red, Ulim, stormspren, and Fused eyes. In Oathbringer there is even a quote where Pattern is translatting an Ashspren for the hero's and says, "There are many varieties, she says. Some of golden light, others are red shadows. Curious yes." In all all lot of Odium's own forces are red which means they are corrupted, then some spren are golden, and then finally most of his Unmade are black, but Odium's own investiture is golden and violet not black (as black is ruins color) so what is happening. And why are all but a few of his forces wrong.
  10. So far it seems as if Shallan and Adolins next step is to find BAM and release her, as they both have deadeye spren and Kalak indicated that BAM being captured lead to dead eyes. However there are only ten days left till the battle of champions and they are stuck in the middle of shadesmar, more than ten days away from the closest perpindicularity. So by that logic BAM is most likely in shadesmar and within ten days journey. Kalak was there for the capture of BAM so he could have her in shadesmar. But if he did he likely would have told Adolin and Shallan at the end of RoW when they all talked together about BAM, dead eyes, and Maya. However we know that another Herald was there at the capture of BAM other than Kalak. We know acording to maps and RoW that Lasting Integrity is on the between Tukar and Emul right near where Dalinar and Odiums forces faced each other, and where Dalinar talked to Ishar. AT the end of which Ishar went into the congnitive realm. So he is somewhere close to Lasting Integrity in the cognitive realm. I believe that Ishar was the other Herald there for the capturing of BAM and that the radiants gave him the perfect gem that holds BAM. Because if he has it, Shallan and Adolin could get it from him within the ten days as he is right outside Lasting Integrity. But there is more, near the end of RoW dead eyes started gathering outside Lasting Integrity. The honorspren said it was because they were finally going to get justice, but what if instead they were drawn to BAM. Because again acording to Kalak dead eyes only occured after BAM's capture and said that BAM was conected to all of Roshar including spren. So the dead eyes could still be connected to BAM enough that they are drawn to where she is. In that case it would mean that BAM was near the border of Tukar and Emul, right where Ishar was, waiting for Dalinar. In sumation, another Herald was at BAM's capture, dead eyes who only exist because of BAM's capture are flocking to Tukar and Emul's border where Ishar is, Ishar went through a perpindicularity and is now right outside Lasting Integrity, and there are only ten days left for Adolin and Shallan to find and free BAM. The only logical thing is that Ishar has BAM.
  11. So, how is news that the recreance was not a genocide but a choice made by both the spren and the humans and that the humans had no idea that they would be killing the spren in doing so? Especially with the Ashspren and Willshapers, who seem to be holding the biggest grudge and working against the radiants? They are going to have to come to terms that their hatred of humans is unfounded.
  12. So as we know, Ishar is up to some shenanigans, somehow manifesting spren into the physical realm. I think that he's trying to figure out how to get surgebinding powers from spren without bonding them. So he (somehow) manifests them physically and has a poke around inside them to see if it can be puzzled out. If this is his plan, I think he's doing this for one of three reasons. He's either: 1) Doing crazy things for no reason because he's as mad as a bucket of cremlings. 2) Looking to build himself an army of unoathed surgebinders. 3) Attempting to gain the use of more surges on top of those granted to him by his blade. But how? Well, we've seen his mastery over the surge of connection, so maybe he is either able or thinks he's able to somehow pull whatever it is that grants surges out of spren. The other, scarier option is that his 'surgery' is actually him experimenting with hemalurgy. Spike a spren into a human... What happens? Thoughts?
  13. Brief spoiler for Rhythm of War. Shallan suggests I think in part 2 that she could get herself physically into Shadesmar without using a perpendicularity like Jasnah did in WoR, but she couldn't get back without one, while elsecallers could get back with enough stormlight, or actually a variable amount of stormlight depending on where you are in Shadesmar. I had assumed that getting physically into Shadesmar involved the surge of transportation, and that lightweavers were only particularly good at seeing into Shadesmar to soulcast, though through Kaladin we've seen that other orders can see into Shadesmar. Is Shallan right that other orders, at least lightweavers, could get into Shadesmar physically? If so, does that mean transportation is not involved in getting into Shadesmar, but only in getting out? I think we need to see a little more what that surge does.
  14. After finding out what Ishar is doing to the spren, Stormfather said this: I just want to see how he looks in Cognitive. Maybe he visits Lasting Integrity within a week or so and we see him from Adolin or Shallan's POV.
  15. So as Im reading RoW, a thought came to my mind. What would the process of a Human/Singer bonding a spren look like in the Cognitive Realm? Is it even possible? Also, could a person "encounter" a spren in Shadesmar and bond it, while still there? Or do they both need to be in the Physical Realm? Would the Bond be initiated differently? Related to that would be the question of a KR swearing a higher ideal while in Shadesmar, which What are your thoughts?
  16. Questioner 1 You said that moving people like that [Cognitive Shadows] or spren off-world, from Roshar is difficult. Brandon Sanderson Yes. Questioner 1 What about physically, say the Ones Above visit them, and they fly away? Brandon Sanderson So one of the things you'll have to be asking questions and theorizing on is what happens if you try to carry a spren around the planet. What happens to their Cognitive sense, right? So you're on Roshar, right? So on the Physical Realm what would happen-- Because on Shadesmar, you have a flattened version. So there are questions for you to be theorizing implicit in that. And one of them is, what happens, you cross a threshold circling the globe, your spren, what happens to them? Because-- Okay? This relates to the question you’re asking. Questioner 2 Wait wait, you have a three dimensional plane coexisting with a two dimensional plane? Brandon Sanderson Well, two dimensional is the wrong term, but basically... Questioner 3 Can you specify the mathematically projection used to create this? *laughter* Brandon Sanderson We'll try to give it to you eventually, but this is the sort of stuff that I do that Peter's like "Oh man..." *laughter* "Alright give me the math Peter." "Ahhh what do you mean? I'm not a mathematician." "Eh, y'know. You're close." It is very convenient to have a physicist and a mathematician in my writing group. Arcanum Unbounded Chicago signing (Dec. 6, 2016) I know that there's gravity and whatnot because when people jump into the bead ocean they fall, and I'm 99% sure you can die in shadesmar (I mean, what's the point of weapons), so with those bases covered, is it possible to die from falling in shadesmar? I think you could, but there are problems with that. It's 2D(somehow, "not exactly") so maybe a different dimension is missing? Maybe assuming that height is the missing one is wrong, but.... I dunno. There's depth to the oceans, height to fly, so maybe length and width are more like one dimension? He says it's flat so... This paragraph was kinda a waste off time?
  17. I tried to search WOBS but couldn't find this: does Aluminum Glow in the Scadrial Cognitive Realm Like Other Metals? If you etched a message in aluminum foil, could Harmony, or a being in the cognitive realm read it?
  18. So, Roshar, like all planets, is round. But, several things stand out to me. First of all... Take a look at the roshar map here. So, in shadesmar, if you go past the Expanse of the Vapors, you will eventually come into Scadrial. But if roshar is round, wouldn't shadesmar also be round? That would make it so you can't go past the expanse of the Vapors into scadrial. My thought was that maybe rosharans think that roshar is flat. This is possible since highstorms prevent them from leaving their continent. So, if they think it is flat, would shadesmar appear flat? I am confused and if anyone understands what I just said and knows something I don't know, please let me know. Thank you.
  19. What would Shadesmar (or the Rosharan cognitive realm) be like for an aquatic sapient being if it were to cross into the realm? Surely they would not appear and exists in a mess of beads, would they? Would the air above the water be beads to them? Or would the air still be air and the sub-aquatic terrain be beads? Asking for a friend
  20. So how would you do this? Taldaine is presumably still closed. First of the Sun is dangerous. So is Sel. Threnody is inaccessible. That leaves us Scadrial and Nalthis. Both worlds have something to offer. Nalthis gives you a form of Investiture everybody can use without hassle or preparation. Scadrial has advanced technolgy. Hence this allows for a form of ring trade. Roshar -- (Stormlight) --> Nalthis Nalthis -- (Breath) --> Scadrial Scadrial -- (Weapons) --> Roshar Nalthis also solves the problem of how to actually trade in Shadesmar: lifeless pack animals
  21. There is a cult of secrecy among the Alethi and Jasnah really embodies it. What could be sensitive enough about her trip to Shadesmar that she keeps it a secret even from her own family? And what is this going to do to the concept of sharing information relevant to the war effort among members of the coalition? Does Jasnah suspect a mole?
  22. Now, I know we got name dropped and are on cosmeric cloud nines, seventh heavens and are envisaging Jasnah and Kaladin, Sylspear in hand, exploring the dragon nests of Vax. But if you were a native Rosharan , albeit one who had made a trip to Shadesmar and met Azure, what would you think? Other worlds, maybe but only maybe. There are other possibilities: the Rosharans cannot possible know that there is just one continent on Roshar They do know that there are unknown places in Shadesmar So what will it be? They do know that there are alien populations of people. They have to explain Azure. But other planets? Rosharans have optics, so they must have some astronomy. They must know that Roshar is a planet, how large it is and that it orbits its sun. They must also know that there are other planets in the system. But do they know that stars are suns?
  23. Gavilar, sent a box to Braize. It was hardly empty, at least not on the second try. And I think we must assume that he made multiple experiments, just to make sure the result is repeatable. He could have start with an animal or a captured animal spren. But while it is easy to see that a box vanishes and reappears, I doubt he would claim that it reached Braize and returned without evidence. So I see two possibilities, which are not mutually exclusive he captured a voidspren on Braize the box was crewed Now, he could have used a prisoner or a condemned man. But in the end the box was at least also intended for the Heralds. Thus the question arises. Did Gavilar have a facility for creating Cognitive Shadows? If so, did he use it and where are the results?