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Found 1 result

  1. Basic Rules: Rollover and Cycle Length: Cycles are 24 hours long, with rollover at 11:00 AM EST. Activity Filtering: If a player doesn’t post anything for two cycles in a row, they will die. If you suddenly find that you are unable to participate, please PM me about it. Writeup Content: At the start of each cycle, the thread will be informed if PMs are open. Role Distribution: This game is not role madness. PMs: Please add the GM and IM to all PMs you make. Factions: Citizens: Your win con is to kill all the Spiked. Spiked: You have a doc to communicate in and a faction kill each cycle. Your win con is to have the same number of players as the Citizens. Roles: Thug: You can survive one kill/lynch. Tineye: Each night, you can tell the GM a message, and they will post it in the writeup. While a Tineye is alive, PMs can be sent. Smoker: You are immune to seeking and vote manipulation, and you can extend this protection to one person each cycle. Seeker: Each cycle, you can learn the role and alignment of a player. Coinshot: Each cycle, you can kill a player. Lurcher: Each cycle, you can protect a player. Soother: Each cycle, you can remove a player’s vote. Rioter: Each cycle, you can change who a player votes on. Doing this will nullify your own vote. Mistborn: Each cycle, you will have a random allomantic power. Clarifications: Ties: If there is a tie, both players will die. Smokers: Smokers start with their coppercloud on, and can use an action to turn it on/off. Actions: Every player gets one action per cycle. Eliminator Kill: The eliminators must put in their kill as an action. Vote Manipulation: Manipulated votes will be visibly moved. Rioter votes will simply not be counted. If a rioter vote is the only vote on a person, that vote will disappear. Example vote count: (Wilson is a rioter and rioted Alvron’s vote to himself. Alvron is a soother and soothed Orlok’s vote.) Original Vote Count: Wilson (1): Alvron Alvron (1): Orlok Orlok (1): Wilson After Manipulation: Alvron (1): Alvron Minimum Number of Votes: There is no minimum number of votes. Self Protection: Lurchers cannot self protect. Rioting: Rioters can move a vote to a no vote, or a no vote to a vote. End of Signups: Spectator List 1. Fifth Scholar 2. Steeldancer 3. Kidpen 4. Crimsn-Wolf Player List 1. Araris (Aralis) 2. Elandera (Ela) 3. xinoehp512 (Demmanu) 4. LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian (Lopen) 5. Arraenae (Para Dere) 6. I think I am here (Itiah III) 7. Snipexe (Snip) 8. Devotary of Spontaneity (Leidene Larabeck) 9. Cadmium Compounder (Artin Aldenadel) 10. Alvron (Vron) 11. Gancho Libre (Rhawnie Mackahoe) 12. Bort (Joe Bourbon) 13. TheMightyLopen (Oplen) 14. Drake Marshall (Jay) 15. _Stick_ (Straw Stick) Quick Links: