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Found 13 results

  1. So I was listing to the Overlady reads and they mention a box the Set used to communicate, assuming it was some kind of radio But then I thought, a metal box that transmits voices? We've seen that before, specifically on Roshar, used by the ghostbloods to communicate with Shallan I checked it out (end of chapter 16 and beginning of chapter 17) and sure eanough a mid sized cube that produces voices! I'm not sure what to do with this information nesiseserly but it implies to me some connection between the set and the ghostbloods and perhaps the source of there knowledge of hemalurgy, given Thaidakars nature XD That's basically it, I leave it to you arcanists to make sense of this information and any hints it might bring or tell me its just a radio Either way, please let me know if I'm onto something or not.
  2. So I have a theory. The Malwish have so far in chapter 9, been changing to be more unified and more aggressive to the Northeners, mostly from Wax's POV but I digress, I wonder if these rather rapid political decisions might be because of another group like the Set, just set (heh) up in the Southern Continent by Trell. After all Trell wouldn't be hindered by measly distance and would definitely want a way to influence the Malwish. And sure it might just be natural tensions rising, but I think that just as the Basin's politics are being influenced by the Set to go to war, so too are the Malwish. What do you think?
  3. Ok, I have no proof of this hypothesis. But seeing the fact that Axindweth is from Terris (Scadrial), and she is the one who brings the voidspren to Roshar from Braize, it makes me think that she is a member of the Set, or that she is someone important in Trell's plans. We know that Odium and Autonomy have a "pact", being possible allies, so it would not be strange that Trell is an avatar of Autonomy, who feels admiration for Odium (like Patji in Oathbringer's letter) and seeks the return of the Desolations to favor Odium. It is not a well-crafted hypothesis, but it is what I think it might be. And furthermore, I also think that the Set itself is a reaction to the Ghostbloods, being rival organizations, like the Ghostbloods and Sons of Honor. What do you think?
  4. First time posting, so sorry if this is the wrong thread. Some spoilers for Misborn Era 2, RoW, and other cosmere books. Crackpot theories developed around 2 am ahead, so please take with a grain of salt and give honest feedback. In Mistborn Era 2, we are given some information of Trell, the strange entity that is corrupting kandra and being worshiped by the Set. Debates with friends have led us to a few theories, and I was hoping for community feedback on them. Sanderson confirmed in book signing that Trell was a shard we already knew. At the time of the signing, only 9 Shards were known: Devotion, Dominion, Odium, Honor, Cultivation, Autonomy, Endowment, Preservation, Ruin. We saw many people on here with the theory that Autonomy would be Trell, or that Trell would be an avatar of Autonomy. This doesnt feel like their motivation or Intent. Trell seems to be about control of the planet, or sphere as the kandra phrased it. Autonomy does not feel like one to actively control or rule a planet. If they did, why would Taldain not be the first taken over? Ba-Ado-Mishram was a name that came to mind early in the talks. Her manipulation during the False Desolation sparked the idea that she could be manipulating the kandra. Her ability to give huge amounts of Investiture to the Singers along with her tricky nature was what led to that idea. However, despite her being missing from a long time on Roshar, we found no connection that would lead to her being on Scadrial. The next idea was another popular one, Odium. Due to a timeline confirmed in another signing, Era 2 takes place in the time skip between Stormlight 5 and 6. In RoW, Taravangians deal with Dalinar would allow the Odium shard to finally leave, if Dalinar can not win the challenge in Stormlight 5. The sneakier manipulation of the planet feels far more akin to the planning shown by Taravangian, rather than the violence Rayse used. Again however, control does not appear to be part of the Odium Intent. Perhaps it was just Rayse himself, but Odium never seemed conserned about the people, just the Shards on the worlds. If he cared to rule or destroy them, Sel and Threnody would be ruled or extinct. The final thought that was brought up was a strange one. The Dor, the mash up of Devotion and Dominion, left broken by Odium. Trells desire to be worshiped and control a planet seems to fit both Intents of the shards. Sanderson talks about the Dor gaining emotions in a Q&A from 2015, along with the Arcanum Unbound mentioning that the Sel landscape, effected by the Dor, seems to becoming self aware. This would also be oddly connected to the Kelsier memory seen at the end of Mistborn 6, as Kelsier is aware of the Ire past attention on Scadrial. The Ire are a group of Sel based world hoppers, seen in Mistborn: Secret History, where they had goals of stealing Preservations Investiture. A strange connection of Sel and Scadrial. All of these were simply ideas thrown around by a grouo of friends. We are looking for more community ideas. Hopefully this thread can become a Trell theory board. We think Sanderson has given enough hints or clues to prove who it is, if we look carefully enough.
  5. 1. The Set is too powerful. Perhaps that avatar makes it too difficult for Kel and his agents to get close to the main members of the set for some good old assassination. 2. They are unaware of the Set. Less likely in my opinion, because there is only one perpendicularity and my guess is the GBs keep a close watch on it. Also my guess would be that the GBs have a large hand in Scadriels current governments and behind the scenes actions. 3. The GB’s put in charge of Scadrial by Kelsier have turned coat and are now members of the Set. Kelsier either doesn’t know yet or hasn’t made his move yet. what other reasons can y’all think off?
  6. Why wouldn't the Set have its high up members be gold compounders? Is there something about hemelergy that interferes with the strength of compounding? Are they trying to limit the strength of their members? Why wouldn't Wax's uncle have gone double gold and made himself near invincible? I get that they would have to find blood makers and gold mistings (both rare), but i feel like if you were going to go through the process of this, you would want to make it count. On that same vain if thought, if not gold, wouldn't they want to compound a different one? Steel compounding sounds quite powerful in that you both get to become a coinshot and essentially become The Flash. I guess my question boils down to this; is there something that prohibits compounding metals through hemelergy (prohibiting an OP army), is it that they don't have the allomancers/ferucamists handy to pick and choose powers, or is the Set/Trell simply trying to limit their powers? I don't know if this is RAFO or if we have the info on this. Any thoughts?
  7. I've been re-reading Bands of Mourning, and I came across a brief comment from Wax about Telsin. He says how despite Telsin always trying to sneak away from the Village, yet when their year there was up, Wax returned (much to Edwarn's sense of victory), while Telsin stayed. Later Edwarn mentions it was Telsin that recruited him, not the other way around. So with next to no actual evidence to back it up, a part of me thinks Telsin was recruited by the Set while at the Village, which is why she stayed. Now the full on crackpot part of the theory. Wax's grandmother is the one that recruited her. The potential motivation is that the Village is all about returning to that Terris ideal, back before Harmony "fixed" everything. Sazed was also considered a "rebel" among the original Synod. Maybe the Grandmother wanting to go back to that ideal, blames Harmony and was a ranking member of the Set. She then recruits Telsin through giving her tidbits of secrets. Or potentially the Grandmother is one of the Set's "faceless immortals" and was keeping an eye out for potential recruits among the village, with other Set "faceless immortals" keep eyes and ears open in other locations as well. TLDR: Whole theory is based on one little sentence, so got barely anything to stand on, but thought it was an interesting idea.
  8. I had this random idea while reading the theory about Wayne being a Kandra. We know very little about the Set's Faceless Immortals. They are presumed, by the characters on Scadrial, to be Kandra. This is presumably because the Scadrians know them to be shapeshifters, and the only shapeshifters they know about are Kandra. However. These Faceless Immortals have red eyes. What other shapeshifting species do we know of that has red eyes? The Parshendi. That is, the Voidspren-bonded Parshendi. "But they all have marbled black/white and red skin!" Yes. They do, that we've seen so far. BUT. "Smokeform for hiding and slipping between men." The obvious assumption for that is that they'd look like Parshmen, but that makes no sense. They've got Dullform for that, which is definitely NOT a form of power, and Dullform would be extremely conspicuous anywhere that wasn't used to Parshmen. So. My final theory: the Faceless Immortals with red eyes are Parshendi in Smokeform. If you've any evidence for or against it, please tell me.
  9. So at the end of the bands of mourning before the hijacked "homeless person" kill Suit with a ettmetal bomb. (which seems odd since he was stating at the time that dynamite would be just as powerful so is there a reason they choose ettmetal that i could puzzle out besides maybe making it look like it was done by southern scadrians) Before which he says maybe you can serve us in another realm, so is cross world reincarnation possibly whats "beyond"
  10. Has anyone one else seen the mathematical theme in the names of the Set? Set: a well-defined collection of distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right. For example, the numbers 2, 4, and 6 are distinct objects when considered separately, but when they are considered collectively they form a single set Array: An arrangement of a series of terms in some geometric pattern, as in a matrix. (Think a multiplication table) Suit: Generally another name for a set. Think of the suits in a deck of cards. Sequence: An enumerated collection of objects in which repetitions are allowed. Like a set, it contains members (also called elements, or terms). and Wikipedia. This nearly makes me wonder if Trell is a Shard that already embodied the concept of Harmony, Balance, or order and is threatened with another one on the scene. CRAZY THOUGHT: Sazed has multiple personalities one is Harmony and another it is Trell. I'll need to think about that one.
  11. Do we have any idea if the set could have existed prior to Mistborn Era 2? They are obviously extremely technologically advanced, wealthy and well connected (both on Scadrial and with their overseers Suit refers to as their own Faceless Immortals). It is also feasible that if they did exist prior to the Catacendre, some or all of their members could have survived in the storage caches. I'm just wondering if anyone can reference anything that points to the Set's (or their Faceless Immortals) existence during the original trilogy.
  12. Do we have any idea if the set could have existed prior to Mistborn Era 2?
  13. The Set is a well defined organization with members that nearly all worship the 'god' Trell. Most of the members we have met in the Set have been native Scadrialans. For the plot of the Wax and Wayne trilogy to feel complete, Sequence and the Set obviously need to be dealt with in The Lost Metal, but I don't think the Set will be completely destroyed--only the part of the organization based out of Scadrial. The Set will continue their machinations in the background, and will be important during the Era 2 Mistborn trilogy. So far, the focus on the Set has been through Suit and Sequence, who appear at the end of Bands to be little more than middle managers. They commanded the actions of Miles, the Marksman, Irich (who called his rank 'Array'), Kelesina, and Templeton Fig. This level seems to be the lowest that actually know much about the Set. They commanded some people (Miles' robbers, Templeton Fig's grave robbing, etc.), but that's the end of the chain. All of the above people are from Scadrial. Above Suit and Sequence are 'the Series', who are a group of people who seem to care about technological advancements (Page 400): The naming scheme of the organization also proves their scientific focus: Set, Sequence, Array, and Series are all mathematical terms (though I'm not sure how Suit fits). This Series seems to be a council, very high ranking within the Set. Suit speaks to one at the end of Bands, and calls it a "Faceless Immortal." I believe they are all "Faceless Immortals"--but not kandra. The Series are not from Scadrial. At the very least they don't have any affinity for the planet, as shown by the "Faceless Immortal" that speaks to Suit (page 434): We know the Set worships Trell, and that the spike is from a Shard we know (Link). It stands to reason that the spike and the "Faceless Immortals" are from the same shardworld. Harmony hasn't said anything about the material from the spike, so it's probably not of Harmony, or something he would understand (Scadrial). From what I can see, Trell is acting entirely through agents. He isn't invested in Scadrial, so he is having people below him do what he wants to be done. This means he has to have a sizable group of people cosmerically aware enough to do his bidding. Secret History Spoilers: So, these beings can take the form of others, and are not from Scadrial. They also have "softly glowing red eyes." I believe they are a group of Svrakiss from Sel. Coppermind: I think this is close enough to a "Faceless Immortal," at least relating to the changing of forms. It at least matches Suit's understanding of the creature he spoke with. Also, someone asked back at the Salt Lake City Comic Con 2014 about Svrakiss: Clearly Svrakiss, or something equivalent, had some influence on Miles--and possibly the Set as a whole. I think introducing the Svrakiss is the reason Sanderson wants to have Elantris 2/3 written before Era 2 Mistborn (State of the Sanderson 2014): The Set worships Trell; believe him to be a god. I think Trell is related to Dominion; Trellium is Dominion's god metal. Trell himself would be someone who holds a sizable amount of Dominions power (not sure how; maybe there exists a particularly large splinter, or found a way to combine Skaze and hold their power). This person with some of Dominion's power commands the Series, and uses them to do his bidding around the Cosmere, including on Scadrial. Summary: Trell is related to Dominion; the higher ranking members of the Set are Svrakiss from Sel.