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Found 7 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. I had this random idea while reading the theory about Wayne being a Kandra. We know very little about the Set's Faceless Immortals. They are presumed, by the characters on Scadrial, to be Kandra. This is presumably because the Scadrians know them to be shapeshifters, and the only shapeshifters they know about are Kandra. However. These Faceless Immortals have red eyes. What other shapeshifting species do we know of that has red eyes? The Parshendi. That is, the Voidspren-bonded Parshendi. "But they all have marbled black/white and red skin!" Yes. They do, that we've seen so far. BUT. "Smokeform for hiding and slipping between men." The obvious assumption for that is that they'd look like Parshmen, but that makes no sense. They've got Dullform for that, which is definitely NOT a form of power, and Dullform would be extremely conspicuous anywhere that wasn't used to Parshmen. So. My final theory: the Faceless Immortals with red eyes are Parshendi in Smokeform. If you've any evidence for or against it, please tell me.
  3. So at the end of the bands of mourning before the hijacked "homeless person" kill Suit with a ettmetal bomb. (which seems odd since he was stating at the time that dynamite would be just as powerful so is there a reason they choose ettmetal that i could puzzle out besides maybe making it look like it was done by southern scadrians) Before which he says maybe you can serve us in another realm, so is cross world reincarnation possibly whats "beyond"
  4. Has anyone one else seen the mathematical theme in the names of the Set? Set: a well-defined collection of distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right. For example, the numbers 2, 4, and 6 are distinct objects when considered separately, but when they are considered collectively they form a single set Array: An arrangement of a series of terms in some geometric pattern, as in a matrix. (Think a multiplication table) Suit: Generally another name for a set. Think of the suits in a deck of cards. Sequence: An enumerated collection of objects in which repetitions are allowed. Like a set, it contains members (also called elements, or terms). and Wikipedia. This nearly makes me wonder if Trell is a Shard that already embodied the concept of Harmony, Balance, or order and is threatened with another one on the scene. CRAZY THOUGHT: Sazed has multiple personalities one is Harmony and another it is Trell. I'll need to think about that one.
  5. Do we have any idea if the set could have existed prior to Mistborn Era 2? They are obviously extremely technologically advanced, wealthy and well connected (both on Scadrial and with their overseers Suit refers to as their own Faceless Immortals). It is also feasible that if they did exist prior to the Catacendre, some or all of their members could have survived in the storage caches. I'm just wondering if anyone can reference anything that points to the Set's (or their Faceless Immortals) existence during the original trilogy.
  6. Do we have any idea if the set could have existed prior to Mistborn Era 2?
  7. The Set is a well defined organization with members that nearly all worship the 'god' Trell. Most of the members we have met in the Set have been native Scadrialans. For the plot of the Wax and Wayne trilogy to feel complete, Sequence and the Set obviously need to be dealt with in The Lost Metal, but I don't think the Set will be completely destroyed--only the part of the organization based out of Scadrial. The Set will continue their machinations in the background, and will be important during the Era 2 Mistborn trilogy. So far, the focus on the Set has been through Suit and Sequence, who appear at the end of Bands to be little more than middle managers. They commanded the actions of Miles, the Marksman, Irich (who called his rank 'Array'), Kelesina, and Templeton Fig. This level seems to be the lowest that actually know much about the Set. They commanded some people (Miles' robbers, Templeton Fig's grave robbing, etc.), but that's the end of the chain. All of the above people are from Scadrial. Above Suit and Sequence are 'the Series', who are a group of people who seem to care about technological advancements (Page 400): The naming scheme of the organization also proves their scientific focus: Set, Sequence, Array, and Series are all mathematical terms (though I'm not sure how Suit fits). This Series seems to be a council, very high ranking within the Set. Suit speaks to one at the end of Bands, and calls it a "Faceless Immortal." I believe they are all "Faceless Immortals"--but not kandra. The Series are not from Scadrial. At the very least they don't have any affinity for the planet, as shown by the "Faceless Immortal" that speaks to Suit (page 434): We know the Set worships Trell, and that the spike is from a Shard we know (Link). It stands to reason that the spike and the "Faceless Immortals" are from the same shardworld. Harmony hasn't said anything about the material from the spike, so it's probably not of Harmony, or something he would understand (Scadrial). From what I can see, Trell is acting entirely through agents. He isn't invested in Scadrial, so he is having people below him do what he wants to be done. This means he has to have a sizable group of people cosmerically aware enough to do his bidding. Secret History Spoilers: So, these beings can take the form of others, and are not from Scadrial. They also have "softly glowing red eyes." I believe they are a group of Svrakiss from Sel. Coppermind: I think this is close enough to a "Faceless Immortal," at least relating to the changing of forms. It at least matches Suit's understanding of the creature he spoke with. Also, someone asked back at the Salt Lake City Comic Con 2014 about Svrakiss: Clearly Svrakiss, or something equivalent, had some influence on Miles--and possibly the Set as a whole. I think introducing the Svrakiss is the reason Sanderson wants to have Elantris 2/3 written before Era 2 Mistborn (State of the Sanderson 2014): The Set worships Trell; believe him to be a god. I think Trell is related to Dominion; Trellium is Dominion's god metal. Trell himself would be someone who holds a sizable amount of Dominions power (not sure how; maybe there exists a particularly large splinter, or found a way to combine Skaze and hold their power). This person with some of Dominion's power commands the Series, and uses them to do his bidding around the Cosmere, including on Scadrial. Summary: Trell is related to Dominion; the higher ranking members of the Set are Svrakiss from Sel.