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Found 5 results

  1. (((write-up to be added))) No one has been killed! Devotary of Spontaneity has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Saturday, October 19 at 6 p.m. PDT. Announcement: Any days turns which may or may not occur will only be 24 hours long! Please plan accordingly.
  2. Day 4: The Turning Point The mist cut away from his as he soared skyward. The blue lines faded away one by one, until only the thickest, the ones connected to Kredik Shaw, remained. Zane pushed on each of them flaring Steel to get as much altitude as possible. The mists began to weaken, until he finally erupted from them. The lines fell away. He floated above the tallest point of Luthadel, far enough above that he needed to flare tin to see in any sort of detail. Zane carefully rotated, balancing on his one line. He was at the peak of the world, as close as he could get to god. “Why will you not help me?” YOU MISTAKE YOURSELF FOR MY PROPHET ZANE. YOU ARE MY PLAYTHING. NOTHING MORE. Zane clenched his fist, but managed to keep a level voice. “Why do you tell me to kill everyone then?” BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PURPOSE. “And Vin? Vin does?” . . . “What is her role in this God?” LET ME DO YOU A FAVOR BOY. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NIGHT THAT AMUSES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE SINCE YOU ARRIVED IN LUTHADEL. IF YOU KILL JAX SANGRIN, I WILL TELL YOU. Zane gritted his teeth, and glared at the sullen stars. “This had better be important God.” NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE IS, BUT IT WILL AMUSE YOU. “Read me the list again.” Fynn Seidel paced the perimeter of the safehouse, juggling names and alibi’s in his head, putting them together and looking for holes. His men sighed, and started over. “Adfus Syponr. Arrived in the City right before we did. Supposedly worked as a Hazekiller for Lord Tormander down in Furthing. We haven’t had time to confirm. But we haven’t spotted him leaving his house during the killings.” “Marv,” chimed in another. “Nothing unusual about him either. He does seem to enjoy the mists though, often walks about at night.” “There’s Jay. He’s obviously a plant for someone, but we don’t know who. An illiterate Librarian supposedly, but actually some sort of assassin. He murdered a man and stole two Hemalurgic Spikes of unknown origins. We think it’s unrelated.” “Phillip and Aspen both have Pentapox, and have been unable to leave their houses. They’ve been sending letters in lieu of participating. We bribed some of their bodyguards to report to us, and they’ve confirmed neither of them are Mistborn.” “How many else?” murmured Fynn. “4 sir. Count Senn Conrad, the street dancer, Jax the hobo, and Lyv. Conrad has lived here all his life. He’s utterly devoted to Elend. The Street dancer has been entertaing Adfus, and Jax in literally a hobo who lives in a box. Though he is a soother of some skill.” “And Lyv?” The infiltrators dug through their papers, mostly shuffling them around. “Erm, she’s been rather hard to pin down sir. Never really does much and constantly leaves the city. We’re fairly certain she plans to flee the city when the armies arrive tomorrow.” Fynn stopped next to the chair of the one man who had yet to speak. “She leaves the city for days at a time? And you think she isn’t reporting in to Straff?” The men blinked, then looked away sheepishly. “When you say it like that sir, it does sound stupid.” Fynn placed his hand on the silent man’s shoulder. “It’s your turn. Assassinate this woman, no matter much.” Boy did Jax love boxes. He would sit in boxes anywhere, anytype. Big ones, cardboard ones, wooden ones, he just loved boxes! He was terribly disappointed when a man fell from the sky and crushed all his boxes. He was even more disappointed when the man grabbed him by the neck and ripped his head off. “There god. Jax is dead. Now what is so amusing? YOUR NAME IS NOT LYV. YOU’RE NOT EVEN A GIRL. Zane blinked at the nonsequiter. “How is that amusing?” CETT’S INFILTRATORS ARE EXPENDING NEARLY ALL OF THEIR RESOURCEC TO KILL LYV, BECAUSE THEY THINK SHE IS YOU. Zane thought about it, then giggled. “You know God, that is amusing.” RIGHT? The Assassin paused in the street and smiled. It was quite the lovely evening, and it would be a shame to focus so much on his assignment. The mist was shifting just so, the breeze blowing away the smoke so beautifully. As far as things went in Luthadel, nights don't get much better. Supposedly there were places out in the Northern Dominance or to the West that were ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous. Hopefully Cett would send him there next But, he did have a job to do, no matter how much he wanted to talk to the mistwraith wandering down the street. He should really get to it. A lot counted on him killing the Mistborn tonight. If he didn’t, they only had a 50/50 chance of killing Elend in time. He whistled a catchy tune as he pulled his knives out of their sheathes. He spun them on his palms and made them dance through his fingers to make sure they were still balanced. Then, he began to juggle them. All 16 of them. Each was made of a metal so shiny, coinshots couldn’t steal them. He didn’t know the why of it, but Nisa insisted they were too invested to be pushed. Even if they weren’t, the nifty things the gems embedded in them could do necessitated his carrying them. As he juggled, he spotted Lyv’s door in the distance. He pulled four of the knives from the air, and flung them in a tight spin at the door. They punctured, and stuck in a nifty square, that somehow turned the door to smoke instead of wood. He caught the rest of the knives, and sauntered into the house. Immediately, a feminine voice called out, “Who’s there?” He grinned, but did not answer. As he climbed the steps, his mood soured, his motivation and determination fading away like yesterday’s lies. He sighed. “I hate being soothed. It makes the job boring.” He pressed onward to the top of the stairs. The single door at the top was locked, so he stuck another ruby dagger into in, and waltzed in through the resulting smoke. Lyv coughed her lungs out as the assassin calmly walked toward her. Something in his head alerted him that this woman was obviously not the mistborn, but still, he had a job, and he saw it through. 12 daggers in her chest later, his mood began to improve, and he walked jauntily out into the welcoming night. Darkness_ was killed! He was a Village Soother 2! ShaneyRus was ASSASSINATED! She was a Village Soother 1! The Day ends in Player List:
  3. So, my school is starting a Bring Your Own Device program, and I'm looking at getting a laptop. I want it to be 11-14 inches, so it won't completely take up my desk, and I want it to be a fairly good laptop. I've considered the Surface Pro 4, but it's too rich for my blood. Most important thing for me is the feel of the keyboard, but they don't list that anywhere. Any suggestions?
  4. To Shatter a Shard Jain shivered in the corner of his cell, his eyes squeezed shut to block out the world. A World devoid of Mercy. He didn’t know how long he’d been in The Cellar. All he knew was what Hoid told him, and the man took a perverse delight in tormenting him. There was a clang, as the cell door opened. Light fell on his eyelids, and he huddled deeper into the corner. Light meant that Hoid was back. His tormentor. What would it be this time? Another illusion of freedom? Some succulent meal that would turn to ash as soon as he partook of it? Or something new? A hand grabbed him by the neck, and pulled him upright. Ah, so it was to be a beating then. “Stand up boy. I’m freeing you.” Jain blinked his eyes open, and looked at his tormentor. Hoid looked regretful, an expression he had never seen before. He tried to respond, but only coughed weakly, and tried again. “I, I can’t.” Warmth Enveloped his body, and he suddenly felt better than he had in ages. A confident, fatherly voice sounded in his Ear. “Don’t worry Jain, Hoid isn’t going to hurt you anymore. We need your help. Odium has returned to a new Host. Now Rise.” He blinked again, then rose one foot. He pressed it against the stone floor and pushed. Hoid let go of his neck, and the prisoner stood on his own for the first time since his Panda’s death. His jailer was looking towards the door, so Jain followed Hoid's gaze to see Leif, the Holder of Endowment. “Thank you Sir. Why do you need me?” “After the last time Odium struck, we three are the only ones without hatred in our hearts. We three are the only ones to be trusted. Even the other Shards feel and act on his Hatred. We must find the Dread Lord and Destroy him, before he can destroy us. Furthermore, you were once Odium's own Slave. You know his actions and thoughts better than any other. Will you join us Jain?” “Of course.” \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Ash, holder of Odium and Lord of Hatred, watched as the Seventeenth Shard gathered. The last time they had gathered in such numbers, they had been hunting his predecessor. For them to be gathering again spoke of a momentous event. Could it be that they had learned of his revival? Impossible. The only ones who knew were Devotion and Survival, and they would never betray him. A pillar of Golden Light came down from the heavens, interrupting Ash’s thoughts. A Pale Shin man stepped out and surveyed the crowd. He was followed by two Lifeless, carrying Corpses. The man spoke quietly, and the Lifeless dropped their loads on the ground. The crowd gasped as they saw their faces. Ash just frowned. Cleo and Kae, Shardholders of Devotion. It looked like they did know he was back. At least he could be more active in killing now, rather than arranging accidents. The Shin man raised his hands for silence. “Fellow Sharders, these two betrayed us. They have collaborated with others, to bring Odium back.” He paused as the crowd started chattering fearfully. “We were lucky enough to have captured them before they could cause too much Hatred, and their Shard has been given to a new bearer, but we don’t know who else is working for Odium. He has undoubtedly infiltrated us again, along with his champions. So, who among you are willing to help capture them?” Ash slid back through the crowd as people began to raise their hands in service. Luckily no one knew him in this current identity, so he could sign up as someone completely new, and no one would ever know. He signaled to the others in the crowd he knew, those few who had sworn their loyalty to him. They nodded, and rose their hands in service as well. Together, they would make the Seventeenth Shard tear itself apart, just like last time. Sign ups for Long Game 14 Have begun! Rules Signups will close on Sunday the 30th of August, at 9:00pm PST. (Exactly one week from this posting.) The Game will begin One hour later. Turns will always end at 9:00pm PST, and begin one hour after. We will begin on a Day turn. If you’re on Mobile, and can’t change the colour of your vote, please go to the bottom of your post, hit enter twice, and say who you’re voting for a second time, so that I don’t miss it. This is the First and Last game I will say this. THERE ARE NO SECRET ROLES OR RULES. Final Note*: I’m playing this game as a direct Sequel to A Game of Shards, so if you want to know where the prisoner, Leif, Ash and Cleo/Kae came from, Go read that! At least, read the Final Writeup. The Prisoner is totally Jain, I just need his permission to show that.
  5. QF 10- The Scadrial Atium Rush The Discovery* As James W. Marshall placed down a log of wood, he stumbled backwards. His friend helped him move the log into place, but James tripped into the river. His friend laughed and reached forward to help James up. James ignored the hand and reached into the river to push him up. His hand touched something cold, with a metallic texture. Huh? He wondered. James looked down and saw a big bead of a dark purple metal. He pulled it out and examined it. “What’s that?” His friend asked, grabbing at it. “Hey, I found it,” James said. “It’s kinda pretty, ain’t it?” “Yeah, it is. What’s it?” “I ain’t know.” James put it in his bag. “Ain’t look like any metal I know.” “Sure it’s metal? Might be some trash or somethin’.” “Yeah, pretty sure. What ya thank it is? Atium, the lost metal?” James joked. “Nah, that’s ridiculous.” His friend shrugged. “Send it back to Elendel for analysis.” “Good idea,” James said, and later that day he sent it in a package back to the city. - The first of the many independent miners to come had a pan made of metal and an insane attitude. He believed the crazy reports that had gotten everywhere- that atium had been rediscovered. The miner sat down on the bank of the river and reached down. It took him under an hour to find the tiny bead he was searching for. It was beautiful. It was a violet shade and when he polished it off with a cloth, it glowed in the afternoon light. Or maybe that was just him. He pulled out one of the glass bottles he’d brought and dropped the bead in. “Atium,” he breathed out. It made a soft clink noise. “I found it.” - That night, as a larger group arrived and set up tents, a shadow crossed the camp. A person stood in the darkness. They were a scout for the larger group that was set to come. “Atium. Rediscovered at last. No way are we going to let these ‘independants’ gain a monopoly on such a vital resource.” The corporate’s scout said as they wrote the report from the cliff. “I think something needs to be done about this.” - The next day, the first immigrant was found dead in the river. The bead of atium he’d found the day before was missing. Rules And the signups are open! Welcome to QF10. The idea of a Scadrial game without allomancy came from Renegade's QF8. Signups will be closed on Sunday, September 27 (exact time to come). The writeup time will come soon as well. If you're on a mobile and can't change the color, write this PERSON WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR[/color*], but get rid of the *s. I will try to keep a link to each cycle's writeup in my signature. And player list in the writeup. Now, happy murdering each other! *this may or may not be how the actual California Gold Rush started. Do not use this and substitute 'gold' for 'atium' for a history report. EDIT: I have switched the rules to the modified version.