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Found 8 results

  1. So I have been reading since a YA . And I have two great loves . Jordan and Sanderson. Jordan books are just way to long to Reread that would take me like 5yrs . But that’s not why I read and reread Sanderson. It’s the Secrets “ as Kelsier would say” “there is always more secrets . I was trying to explain to this lady at the airport why she should read Sanderson and why she would definantly want to reread . I tried to explain the Chekhov gun style of writing . Where you hear the Gun go off , the bullet has to land somewhere. Basically it’s that Sanderson doesn’t write much fluff , if he touches on a subject it’s more than likely meaningful. You might not understand why on the first read , but on a reread it just jumps out at you. Sometimes you can get to the wrong conclusion , but often times you discover something new , a secret . And it is so satisfying when you do. No other author does that . What about you , do you reread Sanderson ? And why ? And , Have you found any secrets ?
  2. Warning: It has been 6 months since Skyward came out, so I hope you have read it at this point (it's really good, you should read it regardless of whether I'm running a game on it). However, while the basic premise of the game is not a spoiler, particular mechanics are significant spoilers for the book. Read the rules and play the game at your own risk. The Krell were kind of sick of dealing with the humans on the face of Detritus. Certain factions wanted to back off entirely. Others just wanted to wipe out the humans on the surface and be done with the potential risk. But for now, they continued to match forces with the humans, keeping them busy, and hopefully keeping them from trying to escape and bring ruin upon the galaxy again. But the Defense Force was dealing with internal problems. Specifically, an entire cave of people had decided they didn't like how the Defense Force was run. Their children were thrown into combat to battle off the endless waves of Krell, that never seemed to stop. So the Defense force had ended up barricading off the rebellious cave. Unfortunately for them, certain members of the military were already sympathetic to the rebels, and had decided to take action against the military in order to effect change. And all the while, a cadet was busy fixing a mysterious ship, a girl who could end up becoming a threat to every human on the face of Detritus. The die were cast. And the fate of a remnant of humankind relied upon the actions of pilots in a final flight. And hopefully, that final flight would be the best one of them all. _____________ Welcome to MR35, Final Flight. There will be a 24h/24h rotation from day to night, totaling 48 hour cycles. The game will begin at 8:00PM EDT on 5/22/19, a week after LG55 has gotten off the ground. The simplified rules are in the spoiler below, the exact rules will largely depend on the number of people who sign up, and will be posted along with Day One. There are certain secrets in this game. Feel free to sign up with a call sign. As this is the final game that I will run, and might be the final thing I do in the SE community for 2 years depending on what happens, I'd like to thank you in advance for joining this game. That being said, as indicated in the rules, activity is very important. Not submitting ship requests will leave you with bad ships, and not submitting night actions will increase your probability of being court martialed, because by not submitting night actions you put the entire village and eliminators at risk of losing to a Lifebuster bomb (although there is a buffer, if a single player doesn't submit an action, everyone isn't going to lose. The Krell force should be manageable so long as at least half the village attacks Krell). Please keep that in mind. Player list: Quick Links:
  3. From the memoirs of Ardenne Rathis, survivor of the Last Shardic War. "The most frightening thing about the lead up to the war was the way that interplanetary institutions were so quickly subverted to aid the aims of some faction or another. The Worldhopper's Tribunal was the most prominent example. The failed execution of the Weasel was only the first, and least egregious, of the subversion. Where Weasel had been accused (belatedly) of trying to start a pan-Cosmeric war, it's later actions seemed almost deliberately calculated to inflame tensions towards that exact end. The execution of the Opal Lion is an instructive example. Although at this point, the tribunal was still attempting to provide some semblance of justification for its rulings, the Opal trials were clearly based on flimsy evidence, and the votes were beginning to show signs of the factional alliance that would later be openly declared. Of course, the fact that Opal was found to be the holder of the Shard of Odium was retroactively declared to be justification enough, given Odium's fell reputation among the Shards. The fact that the Shard was not recovered from the body, though, was quickly spread among underground channels, and quickly became a point of question. Was the execution simply a matter of one faction trying to steal the power of Odium for themselves? Conspiracy theorists went wild with the news. That the shards had contingency plans that made it virtually impossible for them to be taken by force was an inconvenient notion, little mentioned in the wild furor that followed. Accusations of factional bias soon became the justification for other factions to follow suit." Vote Count: Indigo(1): Mint Opal(9): Mauve, Onyx, Charcoal, Cream, Melon, Violet, Turquoise, Sunburst, AMBITION Axolotl(1): Magenta Melon(1): Taupe Mauve(8): Indigo, Saffron, Ivory, Quartz, Azure, Emerald, Opal, Salmon The adorable Opal Lion was the Vessel of ODIUM in the Hidden Gardens Faction. Player List: 1. Amethyst Scorpion Worldhopper, Researcher. 2. Azure Mouse 3. Amber Vulture Vessel, Autonomy 4. Charcoal Hyena 5. Chartreuse Penguin Worldhopper, Truthwatcher 6. Coral Swan 7. Cream Tuatara 8. Emerald Falcon 9. Fuschia Ostrich 10. Indigo Weasel 11. Ivory Dragonfly 12. Magenta Albatross 13. Mauve Crocodile 14. Melon Dingo 15. Mint Heron 16. Onyx Flamingo 17. Opal Lion Vessel, Odium 18. Oxblood Beagle 19. Pearl Chameleon 20. Plum Rhinoceros 21. Quartz Zebra 22. Saffron Iguana 23. Sage Kangaroo 24. Salmon Meerkat 25. Sapphire Elephant 26. Scarlet Octopus Worldhopper, Mastrell 27. Sunburst Toucan 28. Taupe Gecko 29. Turquoise Gorilla 30. Violet Axolotl Shardworld Tracker: Yolen: 2/8 charges First of the Sun: 1/6 charges The day will last until Friday, January 26th, 12:00 AM, Mountain Time
  4. Night 2: The First Secret is given form, the Second given purpose, the third abused. YOU SUCCEEDED. “I didn’t. Rat and mice do not worry me God, only the Spiders.” The mistborn crouched on the rooftop, watching as Varun’s family buried his body. “He was my brother’s man. Not Cett’s.” HE WAS A LIVING MAN. YOU KILLED HIM AS I COMMANDED. “I need the spiders dead though. But if I kill rats too often, Vin will despise me. She doesn’t understand.” FOOL. HAVE HER LOVE, KILL A MAN. Zane cocked his head, then grinned. Fake Joe, the man who spat at the gods, stood proudly as the guards tied his hands with ropes. They hobbled his ankles with heavy stones, so that he could not flee. None of them had a speck of metal on them. They knew that he was Ironborn, yet they still arrested him as a traitor. It was a perversion of Justice, but he couldn’t figure out why it was happening. They lead him out of his house, and up the streets toward Keep Venture. Joe had never heard of a prisoner being treated this way. Normally Elend wanted everyone to be treated humanely, and innocent. There was a crowd before the Keep. Joe could see his peers, the people he suspected, and a lot of guards. He could also see King Elend Venture. The Monarch was standing before the gates with a naked sword. His expression was grim, and the crowd was nervous. The guards brought him before the King, and forced him to his knees. “Sire,” he started, “What am i accused of?” “You are found Guilty, traitor, of treason and murder.” Elend raised the sword above his head. “I execute you for betraying me.” “But sir! I am innocent!” The sword swept down in a sideways arc, catching halfway through his neck. Joe spasmed once, then fell dead. Droughtbringer was a Lurcher 2! There are No Tineye 1’s Left! PM’s are CLOSED for tonight. Votes: Araris (1): Shaney Drought (4): Nutellaspren, Araris, Darkness, Elend Venture Drake Marshall (2): Straw, Sart Darkness (3): Drake, Seonid, Shanerockes Hemalurgic Headshot (2): Steeldancer, Droughtbringer The night will end in Player List:
  5. Mid Range 18 - Patji’s Caldron Rumors of an artefact found deep in the jungles of one of the islands of the Pantheon have made it to the Homeisles. While it generated some buzz, most have just passed it off as the ramblings of a mad Trapper, but not you. Under the leadership of Idoya, and with the help of Second of the Twilight, and First of the Noon, Trappers based on the island in question, you have all set off on an expedition to find this artefact, and bring it back, if at all possible. Three days after making landfall, people started to die. The first few seemed to be accidents, caused by the very real dangers of the jungle, and the creatures that inhabit it. Then someone was found dead, with a blade from the Homeisles left in their back. The Rules There are two teams: Researchers and Traitors. The Traitors are trying to prevent the expedition from succeeding, and ruining the company funding the venture, by causing the party to be killed in the jungle. The Researchers understandably want to survive, and will exile Traitors found from the group, trusting that the without a guide, the jungle will take care of any left behind. The Researchers win if all the Traitors are dead. The Traitors win if they outnumber the living Researchers. Each cycle will be 48 hours long, and will be a combined Day/Night cycle. Everyone may vote to lynch a player. Vote for a player by posting their name in red. To retract a vote, in a subsequent post (or edit it into the bottom of your post, if no one has posted after you) put the players name in green. If you forget to retract a vote, and end up with multiple votes on different players, I will be taking the earliest vote placed. 2 votes are required to lynch a player. If the lynch is tied with 2 or more votes, one of the tied players will be chosen at random to die. Please use players profile names, rather than their character names, when placing votes. Traitors are able to communicate privately with each other in a shared doc. Each cycle they can decide to kill one player. Once a target is decided, one person must put in the kill order in their role PM. If multiple orders are placed, targeting different players, no kill will happen. All discussion must happen in the main thread - there will be no player-player PMs. Once during the game, the Traitors can request the GM put in lynch votes on behalf of their team. Every living Traitor must agree to this action. If this happens, the votes will be posted ~3 minutes prior to the end of cycle. NOTE The purpose of running this game is to allow people to practice or learn the skills necessary to find/catch eliminators just based on what they say, and how they vote. I feel this is something that we’ve not had a lot of lately, and that it could be something that contributes to players going inactive in games, if they don’t have an interesting role. This is only going to work if players make the effort to contribute to the game. Please consider, before signing up, if you are going to be able to put in the time to keep up with the game, and contribute to discussion. Consider not signing up if you don’t honestly think you will be able to remain active for the entire game. P.S. I guarantee that there definitely won't necessarily be secrets. Quick Links
  6. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  7. I was perusing the list of Aons for enjoyment today, and I noticed something that I haven't seen pointed out elsewhere. The Aons hold a fair number of references to other Cosmere doings. Some fun things I've found: [edit] Ashe is "Light, Illumination." Illumination is a surge on Roshar. I find it odd that Raoden's illusion trick was through using Aon Shao, when Shallan's lightweaving seems more based on illumination than transformation (see Shao below). As a lightweaver, though, she has both of those surges, so I suppose the lightweaving itself uses both (I just got the feeling from the book it was mostly illusion and not transformation). [/edit] Are is "Unity, Cohesion." Cohesion just so happens to be one of the surges on Roshar. I presume Surgebinders with access to cohesion will have similar abilities to what Aon Are does (not that it is shown in the novel). Ata is "Grace, Smoothness." This reminded me of the abrasion surge and how slicking works. Perhaps it is similar? Ati is the aon of Hope. Hope isn't exactly how I would describe Ruin, but I thought it was interesting his name was also the name of an aon. Deo is "Gold, Metal." Though I think this one simply exists due to the language needing a word for metal, I thought it was interesting that it is an Aon specifically mentioned, and Brandon had a metal based magic system in a later book. Ene is "Wit, Cleverness." Makes me surprised Hoid went by Hoid in Elantris, and not Ene. As we all know Wit is a common name he takes. Eshe is "Gift, Endowment." That's interesting that the exact name of a Shard shows up... Also, given the almost exact wordings of some of the Surgebinding parallels, I wonder if this could be used to Awaken after some jury-rigging. Mai is "Honor." Yet another exact name of a Shard... Shao is "Transform, Change." Yet another parallel to Surgebinding. Tia is "Travel, Transportation." Another parallel to Surgebinding. I'm willing to bet this is one way Elantrians get to the Cognitive Realm. So I thought those "coincidences" were interesting. The parallels to other magic systems (namely Surgebinding and my possible Awakening tidbit) means that hints to the rest of the systems could be hidden away in the current list/complete list that I'm sure Brandon has. In addition, the inclusion of two Shard names got me to thinking that the names of the other Shards could be in here too. Though I am usually opposed to us wildly guessing, some interesting candidates are "Wit, Cleverness," "Loyalty," "Chastity" (this would be a little odd), "Intelligence," "Affluence," "Punishment, Retribution," "Love," "Justice," "Solemnity," "Wisdom," "Mercy, Forgiveness," "Willpower, Endurance," "Protection, Safety," "Stability, Security," and "Bravery." Also of interesting note is Ati's name being an Aon. There are various theories floating around that could explain this. I've read that some think Aona and Skai were directly in contact with the Selish people's prior to being splintered by Odium (explaining the occurence of both Aona's and Skai's name being in world). This would also explain why so many other interesting Cosmere "coincidences" occur. Another theory was the origins of the shardholders, and whether they were all from Yolen or not. Could Ati be from Sel? This would depend on whether Sel and it's peoples were made by Aona and Skai (I can't find any information regarding this, though it seems likely given the importance of Aon Aon). Anyways, I simply thought all this was interesting, figured I'd share. Have fun reading into this way more than we probably should (like I am).
  8. We've been following Hoid around the Cosmere for several books now. And we're not the only ones. I propose that the reason that the 17th Shard is chasing Hoid is because he is a force for evil in the Cosmere. Points in favor of this view: Of the 17th Shard members we saw chasing Hoid in WoK, two of them were people we have seen before: Galladon and Demoux. Neither of Galladon or Demoux are villains, and it's hard to imagine them not having good reasons for chasing Hoid down. In the epilogue for WoK, Hoid tells the Herald that appears, "You are too late." This scene makes it appear that Hoid is enjoying watching the Herald struggle, secure in the knowledge that the Herald cannot stop what is already in motion. Hoid's entire attitude during this scene doesn't seem to be in keeping with someone who's really concerned about what's happening- it reminds me more of someone savoring another person being caught in a trap they set. Hoid's behavior as Wit, the fact he betrayed Shai, and the fact (from the letter) that he holds grudges seem to paint a picture of him that is anything but kindly. Did Hoid write the Ars Arcanum for Alloy of Law? If so, then he said there that of all the three metallic arts, Hemalurgy has the most possibilities for the rest of the Cosmere. Hoid is apparently okay with the cold-blooded murder of others (to power Hemalurgy) if his own goals are furthered. Hoid is always present when chaos is occurring. We know he has some way of detecting where he needs to be next, but does he follow chaos or does he cause it? It is certainly suspicious that he is so often present in times of trouble. Very bad things often happen to people Hoid is around- is this simply a coincidence? Hoid has collected a great many magical powers for himself, has a way of knowing where there's trouble, and can travel to those places- but despite his apparently immense power, he has made very few apparent moves to fight the evil that goes on around him. This is criminally irresponsible of him at best, and malicious at worst. Hoid was perfectly willing to lie to Siri in the guise of the storyteller. His lying to her prevented her from getting the information she needed quickly, and Siri's incorrect information was the cause and several deaths and (almost) a war. Hoid could have sought Siri out and prevented this, but did not. He could even have flatly told her what she needed, even in public- what does Hoid have to be afraid of? I find it hard to believe that many people on Nalthis are a threat to Hoid, given the amount of magic he can apparently use. Likewise, Hoid could have saved thousands on lives on Scadrial by using the Well of Ascension, or giving Vin instructions about it, but he did not. Did he not know about the Well? But he knew enough to take a bead of Lerasium- how could he know that and not know about the Well? The letter in WoK would seem to make Hoid out to be a good guy, but Hoid wrote the letter. Of course he's going to present himself as a good guy. Yes, Hoid is opposed to Odium. But the Lord Ruler opposed Ruin, and the Lord Ruler was a villain. The same letter indicates that Hoid has a stolen bead of Lerasium- apparently in violation of certain rules. Vin was going to see Hoid in Mistborn 3, but felt something wrong about him and left. Having grown up in the streets, Vin probably has a good instinct for these things. Did something in Hoid's demeanor send the message that he is not to be trusted? In short, Hoid is liar, a betrayer, a manipulator, and a thief. He possesses a large amount of extremely dangerous magic- as if apparently having access to both Feruchemy and, through Lerasium, Allomancy as well wasn't enough, he can worldhop, make illusions, see the future, is apparently something like immortal, and can possibly awaken. With the exception of the Shards themselves, it is quite possible Hoid is the most powerful being in the Cosmere. What is he after? If there is an evil force opposing Adonalsium, could it possibly be Hoid himself? We know Hoid was present when Adonalsium was shattered- but was he simply an observer, or could it be that Hoid himself is responsible for Adonalsium's shattering? I believe it is quite simple. Adonalsium, god, the maker of the Cosmere is dead, and Hoid was the one that killed him. Hoid now seeks to destroy the remaining Shards, the only beings more powerful than himself. When that is done, Hoid will install himself as both god and emperor of the entire Cosmere, and all life in that universe will be at his mercy. Perhaps he thinks it is better that way. Perhaps he thinks his own kingship is preferable to everything that happens now. In any case, the only thing that stands between Hoid and domination of the Cosmere is the 17th Shard... and at last check, they were off track.