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Found 11 results

  1. So, I was digging in my old posts (hey, people get bored sometimes), and found this: It's from this thread, which is about reading RoW chapter by chapter (IIRC), instead of releasing it and letting people binge read it. Now, it appears that Brandon wrote those books for such a thing to happen - though not necessarily online. And maybe someone thought of it and already posted a topic somewhere else. I myself am not sure that this is the right place for it. If you know of such a thread - let me know. But if you don't, and you happen to not be in a book club that's interested in reading those novels, and you'd like to join one - well, you're invited. If this won't interest enough people I'll let the idea die. I already have a couple of failed attempts at recruiting people for things I want to do - it'll be nothing new if this one joins them. If I'd have started a kickstarter I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near Brandon's initial target, not to speak about where he's at currently. Please don't let the previous paragraph shame you into joining this or any other project I'm working on, and please be aware of the fact that both this paragraph and the one you're reading right now are mere psychological tricks to make you join. Thank you for reading that far, and for putting up with my cheap psychological tricks! (Assuming you put up with them...) Good [insert here the portion of the day you're currently at]!
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a post like this already. I didn't find any, but if there are, mods feel free to move or delete this! So, i recently got around to reading the chapters we have so far of SP 1 2 and 4. And while one of them namedropped a Shard, the other two are still out, so I wanted to spark the conversation about which Shard's influences we're seeing here. Tess and the emerald sea: The different seas, the sorceress... Many people expect Aethers here, from what I've gathered. I haven't read Aether of Night, but it seems that the Aethers on this planet, if there are any, relate to the 12 moons somehow and are seperate from the OG Aethers? Which aren't from any shard as far as we know? Or are they? The sorceress sounds like she could fit Dominion, but tbh almost any Fantasy Villain could fit Dominion. If there's knowledge here that I missed and can be discussed openly, I'd be happy to hear it! Someone mentioned Pragmatism sounding like a shard name, and i wouldn't be surprised if Pragmatism would be a shard that coopts anothers system. Yumi and the Nightmare Painter: Virtuosity. Interesting! Both manifestations of the investiture seem fun, and I already love spirits. Can't wait to think about whether you could Bond them somhow else. It seems that the gift that Yumi has is not genetic, but it is rare. Similar to the Shaod, just randomly chosen? I wonder if it's something super weird, like, your genes have to be an interesting pattern. It seems that basically anyone can become a Nightmare Painter if they have the artistic talent for it, so that makes me wonder whether Yumi's gift could be learned too, I guess we'll see. And we'll see if the planet has these two sides or if there's more distinct versions of Virtuosity Magic. And whether you can take Spirits offworld! The Sunlit Man: The big one. Already multiple worlds being namedropped and appearing, Roshar, Scadrial, Taldain, Threnody... The people here are descendants of Threnodians/they are Threnodians. But is the magic? Nomad compares the sun giving power with Taldain, but we know this is a seperate system. @Miltank_drink wondered if the sun is the grave of a highly invested person or the site of a splintering. That would be super interesting! I don't think we've had the first part yet, but someone like a Godking giving up their life or being killed to set free their Investiture in a form like this would be insanely cool and also a great mythos for the world. The people on this world are certainly brave and ambitious, so Valor or Ambition being involved wouldn't surprise me either. I assume not all of Ambitions Investiture is near/on Threnody, but it's probably mostly in the same system. Makes you wonder which way round things happened. Did Ambitions power settle here too, investing the sun, and that lead Threnodians to come here/discover this planet? Or did they leave the Homeland, and ended up on a planet invested by another power, be that a Shard, Avatar or the grave of someone from another world? If a giant elder spren bonded with a Shard's cognitive shadow can dispense investiture, who's to say there's not a giant elder invested being (Spirit, Spren, Splinter, whatever) bonded to/making up the sun and perpetually burning and imbuing this planet. To funnel my thoughts and open discussion, here's a few shards I thought of here: Cultivation: Plants blooming within a day, then burning up again. Would have to be in a future where Cultivation is not fully busy on Roshar. Then again, we don't know she is during SA anyway. Valor: The pit fights, and Invested People being those that proved themselves in trial and get rewarded for it with power, that could be Valor. Living here certainly needs some bravery. I wonder if some Threnodians were searching for other powers to combat or reign in Ambitions volatile power, and found this planet. We (the readers) know that Odium wants Roshar as a training ground, i would not be surprised if Valor had a planet or multiple planets like these that they see as a proving ground. Maybe the Threnodians hoped to prove themselves, become chosen by Valor, and then return to the Threnodian system with it, Anchoring it there somehow? Maybe I'm speculating too much. Ambition: They're from Threnody. Ambitions is dead and chunks of it are in different places. Who's to say this small planets burning hot sun isn't from Ambitions power or invested with it? It could be a system fairly close to Threnody, but not the same system. Dominion? I don't know how that would work, but the Cinder King certainly seems dominant. If the IRE can exist outside Sel somehow, who's to say this planet doesn't have some influence from Dominion (and Devotion?). The Ember Knights with their red glowing embers, obedience to the Cinder King, winning in a trial, those all have themes of Dominion and Devotion too. Makes you wonder if the Ember Knights are Svrakiss, taking over bodies... Autonomy: She likes to put Avatars in places. Her main planet is locked between daytime and nighttime, and for sure the people on this planet have to live autonomously if you want to put it like that. Cities made up of individual parts that can break out of them, never resting, never settling to grow farms. So, what do others think, what shards could be involved in the worlds and magics we've been exposed to here?
  3. I'm curious as to how many of you are planning to read/listen to the sample chapters for the Secret Project books and start theorizing, and how many are wanting to go in fresh when they're released next year? I am undecided and see merits to both. Please comment on your plan (Yay or Nay) and why!!
  4. City of Kilahito from Kickstarter Secret Project #3.
  5. Here are some image descriptions of the new Secret Project covers for people who are unable to enjoy them visually! Please note some corrections in the comments! Sanderson Secret Project cover mockup Image shows four books side by side, each with the title at the top and Brandon Sanderson’s name at the bottom. Art was done by Steve Argyle, Howard Lyon, and Geoff Shupe. Brandon noted that these are mockups and not the final covers. Title: Secret Project #1 The overall colour of this cover is green. A large, irregularly shaped rock juts up defiantly above the waves that crash around it. A large, bright moon dominates the sky, taking up half the image. There is a humanoid shape silhouetted against the moon, possibly two shapes. One is the shape of a slender person, likely a woman, with long hair whipping in the wind above her. Her outline shows off a bust and a thin waist with wider hips. Her silhouette is only visible from the hips up as she leans forward on top of the rock. One hand is reaching out in front of her, palm up, the other arm out to the side and palm down as if to steady herself. A second silhouette is difficult to read - it could be a very small head and shoulders behind her, although the head would be rather square and the shoulders rather round. It could be a trick of the rock’s silhouette, or some other thing. Something is being blown in the breeze, bubbles or dust. The bits are of various sizes, and they are dark in silhouette. Title: Secret Project #2 The overall colour of this cover is purple. A person stands confidently on a sphere, possibly a globe. Bright light, like a transporter beam, is shining behind them, casting the figure and the sphere into silhouette so that only the shape of the form is visible. The person is wearing a pointed, wide-brimmed hat, and the tip of the point has been crushed into a frazzled curl. In one hand, the person holds a tool with a handhold, a barrel, and an extra piece below the barrel. The tool is being pointed upward. Its shape is reminiscent of a nerf gun or sci fi gun. In the other hand, the person holds a rectangular object, likely a large book. Behind the bright beam of light, the background is of a cluster of human-sized circles or spheres. Title: Secret Project #3 The overall colour of this cover is black with pink and turquoise accents. The design is mostly abstract, with the background as paisley-like curls and curves. A tall, slim person wearing a long coat is falling, one hand reaching out protectively as if they may hit the ground. Their focus, however, is behind and upwards. They twist their body and reach out their other arm to shoot a burst of pink light from their hand. The light ends at a beautifully arched ball of lines, like a pile of lily petals, that seems to be absorbing the hit. The person’s straight, shoulder-length hair is swept aesthetically in the wind as the person falls. Title: Secret Project #4 The overall colour of this cover is orange with yellow accents. Two clusters of buildings with lights underneath hover in the sky far away. The sky in the background radiates a series of circles originating in a yellow sun, the brightness of which casts the foreground in silhouette. In the foreground, a person stands in front of a cityscape. The person, likely a man, wears a form-fitting jacket and pants, showing off square shoulders and slim hips. The person holds a shining orange shape in his hand, vaguely round, about the size of a grapefruit. He holds it protectively against his collarbone and looks discreetly off to the side. His other hand, at his side, is held in a tight fist.
  6. The secret project is now out, and it's free to read. Children of the Nameless is a novella set on Innistrad, one of the planes featured in Magic the Gathering. It's Brandon's longest novella to date, and does not require any knowledge of the setting to enjoy it. Feel free to discuss the story to your hearts content in here.
  7. I don't know if anyone has posted about this yet, but there's a new "Secret Project" on Brandon's website that's 2% done as of right now.
  8. This is the first time I've ever properly waited for Brandon's books, took me a month to catch up with all of Era 2, the Novellas and Oathbringer. If it's a secret project does that mean it hasn't been mentioned before and such? Like we know we're getting a Wandersail novella, could it be that? Or is it ambiguous?
  9. In a few short hours, the sixth Mistborn novel, The Bands of Mourning, will be available for everyone to read. Our Bands forum will allow full spoilers for the book tonight. Get excited. You can read our review of Bands here. Below we'll discuss about our spoiler policies for this novel. But, there's something more. As we all know, there is always another secret, and with Brandon, that secret is, of course, a secret project. It is also coming out tonight on ebook formats alongside Bands. It's called Mistborn: Secret History, which Brandon revealed on Reddit after Amazon leaked its existence. Secret History is an ebook novella (and you can find it on Amazon yourself) and it will be on all ebook platforms tonight. It is not coming out February as the Amazon listing suggests. (It will be on iBooks tonight, but when that entry appears, you'll be able to buy it immediately. No preordering there, apparently.) This novella is especially long, at 50,000 words. Just so you know, that's half the length of Shadows of Self, or one-fourth of the first Mistborn book. That's pretty big. Secret History will eventually have a print edition in a cosmere novella anthology, which Brandon hopes will be out this fall. That anthology will have an audio version. There will probably be a standalone print copy of Secret History, in the vein of the Shadows for Silence book, but not until that anthology has been out for "a few years," says Brandon. What is Secret History about? I'll just let Brandon say, as he said on Reddit: I'm going to say this a bit more forcefully than Brandon, but: do not read Mistborn: Secret History until you have read Bands. The preface of Secret History will make this clear...If you're curious about the background of Secret History, this was initially to be a total secret and for it to come out at the same time as Bands, but Amazon did leak its page. It's a thing that exists, but we aren't going to tell you what it is. If you want a mini review, here's one: it is a totally insane, extremely special thing that you should read immediately (after Bands) if you love Mistborn. Forum Spoiler Policies At 12:01am tonight, Mountain Time, our Bands of Mourning spoiler board will open up for full book discussion. Why this time zone? Because the midnight release is in Provo, Utah, and it seemed the most sensible time to "start" the book. You'll know when this happens because you'll see a topic called "Bands of Mourning Book Reactions [bands Spoilers]" pinned at the top, and you'll be able to add posts there. At the same time, there will be another subforum, the Mistborn: Secret History board, that will be open and you will be able to discuss that there--though we will judge you if you go here before finishing Bands. Here's how spoilers are going to go. We need to be especially strict this time around. -You must discuss Bands and Secret History in their respective subforums. Do not even use the usual spoiler tags to discuss these books in any other place on the forum. -Topic titles should not have spoilers (be as vague as possible!) and should either contain the text "[bands Spoilers]" or "[secret History Spoilers]". The reason for this is that, though these topics will be in the Bands or Secret History subforums, they appear in the Recent Topics ticker on the forum home as well as the site home page. Topic titles also appear in the View New Content ability. So, because of this, you will need to be vague about this. Having these tags should make it clear to people who pass across the titles that they should not click those links. -If there happens to be overlap between Bands and Secret History and you want to discuss both, use the Secret History board. We will be using these guidelines in ultra-strict mode for the first two weeks of release. We're super serious about this, and if you break this or spoil stuff because you made an extremely poor choice in a topic title, we'll probably put you in a moderation queue, or worse. A moderation queue is a thing where, if we put you there, we will need to manually check all your posts before they will appear to the populace. If spoilers are really bad, it might be grounds to a ban. Let's just keep these guidelines in mind and I'm sure it will go fine! After February 9th--two weeks after Bands and Secret History are public--we will be exiting ultra-strict spoiler police mode and reverting to our usual policy. You will be able to mention Bands or Secret History spoilers outside of their respective subboards only with use of the spoiler tags. If your entire topic is a spoiler, you must still put them in the subboards. You should also keep using the [bands Spoilers] or [secret History Spoilers]. It will be about six months after release when the subforums disappear (as we did with Words of Radiance) and we exit the main spoiler period. To be clear on spoiler tags, the easiest way is to simply type this: [spoiler](Write spoilers here)[/spoiler] I also want to talk about Cosmere Theories. In the past, we have been lax regarding spoiler topics in the Cosmere Theories board and allowing people to have spoiler heavy book discussion (of a primarily cosmere nature) there right at release. We're going to be more strict now, and so the "ultra-strict" mode still applies in Cosmere Theories. Post the relevant topics in the subboards. On February 9th, you can post spoilery cosmere topics in the Cosmere Theories board, so long as you still adhere to the topic titling guidelines. If you would like, we can move cosmere-heavy topics in the Bands or Secret History subforum to Cosmere Theories on February 9th. I hope you are as excited for Bands and Secret History as we are. (You should be.) We hope with these guidelines, if you haven't read these first thing, you can still use the forum effectively. Enjoy, everyone. One final note: Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self will return on Wednesday, rather than its usual Tuesday, because tomorrow, you probably should go read some new Brandon Sanderson-y goodness. But don't worry, Alyx will return soon. She is also going to have Splintercasts for Bands and Secret History, so there will be plenty of screaming to hear for you. I hear some of her reactions on Bands have been particularly awesome...
  10. We have a scoop for you today. Recently, a few of us at 17th Shard got to talk to Brandon, and he had a serious bombshell: he secretly wrote a book. Okay, none of us are shocked but that after the announcement of Bands of Mourning, but what we didn't expect was that the project was actually a fully formed Stormlight novel. Not Stormlight 3, but Stormlight 8. "I've been working on this for a long time," Brandon had said. "I have all the Stormlight books plotted, and it was always the plan to skip certain books. We will get back to Stormlight 3-7 eventually." We questioned further, and discovered the answer was time travel. "Time travel has always been a strong component in the science fiction and fantasy community, and I wanted to do it justice. Temporal magics have a role in the Cosmere, as you've seen with cadmium and bendalloy. I've actually seeded this into the Stormlight novels, if you looked closely." "The Truthwatchers watch every time period," he added. But if this was truly the eighth Stormlight book, how would readers who have just read the first two avoid massive spoilers to the fifth book, which will still be a decisive climax, splitting the Stormlight Archive into two five book series. "Since we are following specific characters into the future, they don't know what happens in book five either," Brandon said. When asked on how it would avoid spoiling who lived and died in books 3-7, Brandon just said, "Yeah, it's a fun first few chapters, when they find it all out." It all makes sense. We're insanely excited to see if Brandon can pull this off. There's no release date for the 500,000 word tome, as it requires rewrites. Brandon joked that Tor may need to invent time travel to develop a machine able to print the massive, door-stopping book. "I want to keep everyone guessing," Brandon said. "The fans, my characters. And now Tor can be added to the list of people guessing what will happen next." When asked if he was simply going mad with power, Brandon cackled and did his best Emperor Palpatine impression. It was comparable to Eric's terrible impression, at least a 7/10. But we are sure that Stormlight 8 will be a 10/10. Though, technically, depending on how you count, it would be a 3/10 or 8/10.