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Found 5 results

  1. So, I finally got Arcanum Unbounded and the last conversation between Vin and Kelsier is the (in my opinion) second saddest thing in Mr. Sanderson's work. Vin's just so harsh, and for those to be her last words ever to Kelsier, is, well... Kelsier's not a good person, and Vin always saw through him like few ever did, but I want to scream at the book "darn it Vin, you weren't this harsh in your thoughts on Reen, and you were more forgiving of Rashek! And you know what hurts the most, Vin? In the end, it was you who left. Sure, Kelsier died, but he never truly abandoned you, never stopped looking out for you, believing in you, being proud of you when you grew into the person you became, not even death stopped him from trying to do what was best for you because he is Thief Dad and you are Thief Daughter." I mean, yes, Vin deserves her happy eternity in the beyond with Elend, but Kelsier didn't even get to meet Mare (or Dox, or Clubs) in the afterlife, had a front-row seat to the-world-being-destroyed-and-it's-pretty-much-all-his-fault-and-there's-almost-nothing-he-can-do-about-it, and also went through the (in my opinion) single saddest thing in Mr. Sanderson's work (Leras's death), and now Vin can't even say anything nice/good/kind to/about him without following it with "but, ". Honestly, it hurts, and it honestly makes me want to not reread the original Mistborn trilogy, so I gotta ask, guys: How do you deal with sad Cosmere thoughts that you can't explain to a therapist or non-reader friends?
  2. So I was thinking of BoM and got to wondering why it was that marasi gave up the BoM to wax , like how did she know he was dead and I remembered this thread I read where it says Harmony basically influenced her kinda like how kelsier influenced ppl in SH. AND I got to wondering, how good is Harmony's Futuresight ?? Like he has preservation so that's a plus but then he has ruin so that's a minus. His intent is to maintain harmony. So I'm guessing he worries about the future. So I'm guessing he has good Futuresight. Maybe not as good as old Leras, but good enough. Saze is still young for a vessel so he might still be learning the ropes. Whatchu think ??
  3. What are the odds that the Era 3 Serial Killer is either Kell or Spook (but probably Kell)? We know that Kell could easily have been a villain in different scenarios, so who's to say this won't be one of them?
  4. Listening to last week's Shardcast I had a pretty baseless theory on Vax. Theory: Vax is a planet* where a majority or at least large number of humans live in the Cognitive Realm. In Secret History, Ati, while confused, made a comment about Vax, which I believe is because he saw humans and also recognised that he was in the CR, leading him to assume he was probably on Vax because that's where you would expect to find people hanging out in the CR. So a similar concept to Silverlight, except not entirely based in the Cognitive, and on a distinct planet** *I'm taking Vax to be a planet as a base assumption, which it may or may not be (and Brandon has neither confirmed or denied), but is kind of integral to this entire theory. **I am unsure whether or not this is a contentious point or not but I don't believe Silverlight corresponds to a planet based on this WOB. Poke, prod and spike away!
  5. In the Genius thread (which isn't designed for replies), I saw the following idea from @Khyrindor: I wanted to expand on this because I liked it so much, and get some discussion! My thinking is that while Kelsier and Hoid hate each other, and will probably be at odds, we'll find the two of them working towards similar but perhaps incompatible goals, and see the grand escapades that ensue as the two recruit or plan against the other's machinations, even though they may not actually be fighting against each other specifically. An example would be that they both need the same object or person to help them with two separate goals, so while they're not technically enemies, for one to succeed, the other will have to fail.