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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I am excited to be part of this community. Mainly because I yearn to participate in Sebarial theorizing when I have more time than I do today
  2. [OB] SPOILERS Palona makes an offhand remark that Sebarial keeps poor wanderers and that she was the one who stayed. Could Palona be a worldhopper?
  3. These two were the only (surviving) highprinces to join Dalinar at the Battle of Narak. What do you think their roles will be during Oathbringer? Will they continue to work with and support Dalinar?
  4. So in one of the recent Q&As for the Firefight release, Peter made a sly post about how there's a character in the Stormlight Archive who he guessed correctly, without external help, was going to eventually become a Knight Radiant, and that he hadn't seen much talk about them in particular on this site. It got me to thinking what characters I think have enough evidence to be considered, that no one has talked about much prior to his post. After thinking about it for a few days, I came across Sebarial. Oh how I love Sebarial. In snooping around for info in the book, I came across two passages. The first is in Chapter 63. "Actually, she hadn't been to visit Sebarial's ardents very often either -- though when she had gone, she'd found them surprisingly devout, considering who owned them" - Words of Radiance, Kindle edition, page 759 The second is in Chapter 81. "Teleb was supporting them with some of Sebarial's troops, who were surprisingly good. The man himself was practically useless in battle, but he knew how to hire the right people -- and that had always been his genius." - Words of Radiance, Kindle edition, page 984. Both of these passages tell of Sebarial as a leader. Though he often comes off as obnoxious and apathetic, he is very serious about his people. This is evident in his warcamp and it's construction, as well as his economic policy and foresight. These two passages show that Sebarial pays attention to who he hires for various jobs. He wants the best for his people, as any good leader does. Particularly when you take into account that Sebarial has a strong military force, when he himself despises war, and he avoids it whenever he can. So what does this mean? Well, as the title to this thread says, it means I think Sebarial is Knight Radiant material, specifically Bondsmith material. Bondsmiths are leaders, and particularly effective ones, so Sebarial fits right in. But what of his spren? Well, Dalinar bonded the Stormfather. Many people on here seem to be thinking that Bondsmiths had such low numbers because they each bonded special spren, such as the Stormfather and his ilk. Well, that allows Sebarial to fit in too! Daliner is a very honorable leader, leading by example and such. He bonded the Stormfather, a special spren with ties to Honor. I think Sebarial will bond a spren tied to Cultivation, as he leads in a much more cultivating way. He cultivated his warcamp so that his people could live in relative comfort. He cultivated his employees so that his people would have the best services. He cultivated his economic policy to ensure his camp would see plenty of cash flow. ultimately, he has cultivated life for his people. No good theory, though, is complete without it's share of doubts. Mine come in the unlikely hood of two Bondsmiths being so close to each other. Considering how small their numbers, in comparison to the other orders, and how large Roshar is, it strikes me as odd that two would appear so near each other. In addition, outside of the Nightwatcher (possibly), we have yet to be introduced to a spren similar to the Stormfather which corresponds to Cultivation. If it is the Nightwatcher, what will cause Sebarial to go to her? Now, I'm not sure if that is who Peter was talking about, and I have seen people mention it since his post, but I didn't see anything about it before he did. EDIT: Due to discussion below, I've changed my mind. I now think Sebarial will become a Willshaper. For reasons, see ensuing discussion.
  5. Lots of predictions about these two on other threads covering all aspects of their individual and joint lives. I’ll just add a few ideas to the general discussion: Adolin Will Not Become a KR In WoR, Sadeas observes how much Adolin has grown to be like Dalinar in his younger days (unfortunately for Sadeas). I think this foreshadows how Adolin will at some point become the leader of the Alethi army, the new Blackthorn, and the Kholin Highprince. Being a KR is superfluous to these roles. If something happens to Elhokar and his son, then Adolin in the future may even become the Alethi King. Friction Between Adolin and Shallan As mentioned in Part 1 of this series of posts (about Kaladin), I believe Kaladin will be blamed for Sadeas’ murder. Reasons: (1) People will assume that someone connected with Dalinar did the deed; (2) everyone knows that Kaladin passionately hates Sadeas; (3) Kaladin is Dalinar’s Captain of the Guard; (4) Kaladin disappears the day after the murder; (5) Kaladin is known for using his side knife on an opponent’s eye (not just Helaran, but he also threatened Jakhamav during the duel the same way); (6) for reasons expressed in Part 1, Amaram will point people in Kaladin’s direction, and (7) people will assume that if Adolin wanted to kill Sadeas, he would have confronted Sadeas openly rather than murder him secretly. Adolin at first will not confess his crime, but I do think he will confide in Shallan. She will be appalled – not because he murdered Sadeas (glass houses and all that) – but because he is willing to let Kaladin take the rap. Until Adolin makes his public confession, there will be serious difficulties between the two. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kaladin will rise in her estimation simply because he is not there. Adolin will suffer from the comparison with a phantom. (I know many on this Forum think Shallan will discover that Kaladin killed Helaran, damaging her relationship with him. Kaladin may tell her himself. But that may not happen in this book, and by the time it does, Shallan may be over her grief.) At some point in the book, Adolin and Shallan will work things out. In saying this, I’m not suggesting one way or the other who will ultimately “get the girl” in this plot. I just think there will be friction between Adolin and Shallan for a time. Shallan Will Become Dalinar’s “Right Hand Person” I think she already is. But because she is further along in her development as a KR than anyone we’ve seen so far other than Jasnah (with whom Dalinar has compared her), and because she is a scholar who will have closely read Words of Radiance, among other things, Dalinar will come to depend on her greatly. (She is, after all, his future daughter-in-law – at least in his mind.) It will also be interesting to see how her relationship with Sebarial and Palona will develop. Everyone will physically be much closer to one another in Urithiru, and we all suspect that these two are much more than they seem. I can see them growing into a Godparents role for Shallan (not in the Francis Ford Coppola sense…well, maybe.) Shallan Will Accept Her Role with the Ghostbloods Shallan’s need to discover the truth about her family will lead her to join the Ghostbloods. She will want assurances, as Mraize seemed to provide at the end of WoR, that her activities for the Ghostbloods will not run counter to her duties as a KR and her help in the defense of humankind. She will also want assurances that the Ghostbloods will not hurt anyone else she loves or cares for. While Mraize views her as his replacement soulcaster, Shallan will do much more than that. It will be easy within the relatively small confines of Urithiru to discover all sorts of secrets from Urithiru’s archives and its current occupants. I suspect that at some point Sebarial and/or Palona will discover her activities. I’m curious what their advice will be then. And Shallan will learn how to soulcast...
  6. So.. at this point there are so many societies, factions and agendas that it seems almost every interesting character is hiding something which again is only hiding something which is... you get the point. A character I haven't really read much about here (I hope I didn't miss it) is Sebarial - well, actually him and his mistress combined. I found them extremely interesting. He gives off a very Hoid-ish feel. Which I guess is easily accomplished by being witty, laid back and enjoying to see others struggle for words. Anyways, as far as the Highprinces we know go he's one of the rather entertaining ones. And he seems rather smart on top of it. So yes, I do think there's more to him - whatever that may be. He knows to well how to keep appearances (I mean who the hell chills out during an upcoming Everstorm?) Any thoughts? Oh, and can anyone remember/quote what Jasnahs notes say about him?