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Found 16 results

  1. I had a buddy send me this and I just could help but tying it back to Stormlight. Looks like a certain someone figured out worldhopping and came to earth.
  2. Given that in Roshar there are lenses, it seems clear that if there were bacteria, somebody (in Kharbranth, for example, if Lirin doesn't) should know it. Perhaps the beings that cause infections are the rotspren, and not the other way around (that is, the infections attract rotspren), as I thought initially. But that doesn't make much sense, does it? Rotspren seem the kind of spren that can't affect the physical realm, and if they caused the infections, they should be attracted by wounds, and this doesn't seem to happen. Moreover, plaguespren are attracted by other kind of infections. (Viral?). So, rotspren are attracted by infected wounds and other rotting processes, like in old food and corpses. So, why has nobody discovered real infection agents? There is plenty of tecnology to develope microscopes. Perhaps bacteria in Roshar are smaller than in Earth?
  3. So this has been bugging me. Kell and Marsh are said to have blond hair. Blond hair ranges from a reddish- yellow to white. It typically grows lighter when exposed to sunlight. But Pre-Catascande Scadrial has a red sun or, more accurately, has a ferromagnetic cloud that filters out some green wavelengths causing the sun to appear red. (I’m assuming some green gets through as the cloud isn’t consistent.) Which is a problem, because under a red light yellow looks red. (Green should also appear black outdoors, but would become green when exposed to candlelight.) So Marsh and Kell should look like redheads outside, and blond inside. But they seem to be blond all the time, which makes me wonder if they are actually blond according to how we use the term. If they had hair that was closer to red, then the transition wouldn’t be so obvious. This doesn’t explain the issues with Green, or how Elend could have any sort of white suit... (White objects reflect all colors, and change color depending on the frequency of the light. If there is no Green light, then that suit should not have appeared white.) Thoughts?
  4. So, after finishing the book, one pertinent question sticks in my mind. Why didn't the Acclivity Rings have their own ejection systems? We know that the Rings are the limiting factor on the Defiant's ability to field forces, as they have large numbers of fighters apparently grounded do to lack of parts, and manpower can't be the issue as they haven't actually implemented conscription. So preserving the rings is paramount, but having pilots die trying to regain control of failing ships is a bad way of doing it, as they usually fail, which seems to mean the ring is usually lost. Egro, a system which mechanically preserves some fraction of the Rings is highly describable, but absent. We know it's possible to eject from a fighter, when they bother to do it, and a human is a lot squishier than a disc of rocks, so it's not as if it can't be done. Obviously, if the ring gets shot out from under you, there's nothing to be done, but this is intended to solve for the various other cases where literally any other system has failed catastrophically. The most basic form of such an arrangement would be as follows. The Acclivity Ring is mounted on a slab on the ventral side of the Fighter, in its customary location. This slab is flush with with hull, but connected to the rest of the ship by a series of heavy fixtures rigged with pyrotechnic fasteners. The power and control buses for the Acclivity Rings are routed along these, with their own pyrotechnic severing devices. Pyrotechnic fasteners are a proven and reliable technology in the modern era, and can be build to handle the massive structural loading the fixings holding the various stages of a chemical rocket together, so there shouldn't be an issue there. This might require the ship to be designed, or re-designed, around the system, but the Rings are important enough for that to be worthwhile. This slab mounts the hinges that hold the ring, and the servomotors (presumably) used to position it. The purpose of the slab is to provide a easy unit that can be ejected wholesale with the ring on it, and to provide a housing for the recovery equipment. Unless the ring is several times denser than the hull material, the geometry of the arrangement means that the center of gravity will be far from the ring and inside the slab. This is desirable, as it means the whole unit will orient to either be sideways or to with the ring up in free-fall. This can be manipulated by weighting, and either works. The function is as follows. The pilot ejects, and the Ring Ejection System triggers automatically. The explosive bolts blow, and the Ring/slab unit is blown off the falling fighter. After a few seconds to re-orient, solid-rocket boosters fire to blow the ring clear of the combat zone. This step is optional, but it makes it harder for the xeno scum to chase down the Ring, which they may or may not be inclined to do. Once the SRBs cut out, the slab launches a series of streamers to increase drag and begin slowing down the slab as it falls. This cancels the lateral velocity of the SRBs and slows the fall. At this point, the Ring descends, possibly deploying a drogue shoot at some point. It may or may not also deploy a regular parachute - all this depends on the velocity profile, which depends on a lot of other factors. Landing, is facilitated by inflatable impact cushion, of the sort presently used to land larger payloads on Mars. This gives a lot more flexibility in terms of acceptable surface velocity, and increases the odds of a safe landing for the Acclivity Ring. After a delay to allow the Krell to retreat, a radio beacon activates for recovery. Thoughts? Discussion on other aspects of the technology of the setting?
  5. I think that I have just figured out a way to soulcast things into pole stones, thus solving the issue with greatshell extinction. most gemstones are a base material combined with different impurities that give the material a certain color. Rubies and sapphires are an example of this. Corundum is a crystalline material that in its pure form, is colorless. Rubies are created by adding small amounts of chromium and sapphires are created by adding iron, titanium, or copper. First the soulcaster would need to soulcast something into pure corundum, then they would need to soulcast a certain portion of the atoms into what ever element is needed to create the color they want. Now there is a lot more both in the chemistry and the realmic theory behind this (they do create a few problems) but I think this is a viable way to address the limited amount of polestones available.
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Steven Proudfoot and I'm currently running a social psychology research survey project on the topic of fan personality quizzes. So I have a survey that's roughly 20 minutes long that asks about a few things surrounding how and why people take fan personality quizzes (i.e. “which harry potter house are you?” or “which disney princess are you?” or similar quizzes) and I'm trying to recruit people to take it at the moment. As every fandom has it's own culture and those frequently tend to vary by website, I'm trying to recruit in a way that will create a sample that represents a wide variety of fandoms, fan sites, and fan types rather than just fans from twitter, facebook, tumblr, and the few subreddits that are open to recruitment. I think that fantasy/novel fandoms like this are important to have representation in any fandom study's sample. I was hoping you all could help me out in that way by taking my survey. I've attached my letter of solicitation that I have to use to recruit. If anyone is worried about the legality of my survey, please message me and I will be happy to send my IRB (institutional review board) approval for this. Also, I'd like to note that I asked for permission to post this, so please don't interpret this as spam. Please consider taking this if you've taken a fan personality quiz before. -------------------- Hi, I’m hoping you all can help us out with a psychology study we are conducting. We are doing an anonymous survey (20 min or less) about taking fan personality quizzes (e.g., personality test to see which character or group one is similar to). Participants over the age of 18 are eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card (chances of winning are 1 in 100, draw entries will be confidential and not associated with survey responses). You can take the survey online at: The survey will be open until October 14, 2018. Thank you! Steven Proudfoot, Undergraduate Student, Wayne State University, [email protected] Dr. Stephen Reysen, Department of Psychology & Special Education, Texas A&M University-Commerce, [email protected]
  7. So, let’s say that I, already in possession of the powers of Allomantic and Feruchemocal Nicrosil, were then given a steel spike, Hemalurgically charged with Allomantic Pewter. If if I were to place this spike in my ear, and then to store the investiture it endows me with inside a nicrosilmind, would removing the hemalurgic spike then still remove the power to burn pewter from me? If I were to place only a tiny, tiny piece of that pewter investiture within a nicrosilmind, and then to burn that nicrosilmind (lather, rinse, compound), could I then remove that spike from my ear, passing it along to someone else for free pewter, while retaining supernatural levels of pewter burning in myself? Or would this spike prevent me from storing such Investiture? Would it still remove it altogether, seeing that investiture as keyed and attached to the spike? If I were to compound and the remove that spike, and such removal took away my pewter, would the next wielder of my spike have supernaturally strong pewter? I would love to be able to throw people to the moon, but I’m unsure whether I’d like to murder someone on a potentially failed attempt to gain such abilities. Thoughts?
  8. So I know this topic isn't Brandon or Cosmere related in the slightest, but I thought this is probably the best place to ask considering the type of community this is. What magic systems or individual powers have you had that you think would be fun to explore or just cool to see? I ask this here because I'm kinda bored of the same powers like shooting giant fireballs, flight, etc and I would like to know if there are any unique magic powers, like the ones Brandon creates, that any of you have thought of. Thanks for any input, Merrickz
  9. This was sort of an independent project up until recently, but there are so many great theorizers and thing-connectors here that I was wondering if some others might want to help create something richer and/or join in the fun. In a way this kind of started when I was a wee lad. I always thought the simulation theory was fun to play with and have half-jokingly referred to our creator as 'Player One', a fourth-dimensional geek girl with a great new life simulation game. This resulted in me adding 'layers' to things that can live together comfortably but look completely differently from different perspectives...things like ghosts actually being Rogue AIs and such. A few years back I was complaining about the Midi-chlorians (because...who doesn't, right?) and a friend challenged me to come up with a way to make them not suck...a challenge I started off grudgingly accepting but eventually really dove into with some zeal. Having recently become semi-obsessed with microbiology in general and RNA World in particular (Because wow...the tiny little machines that live inside cells that encode what are basically the first AIs (NIs?) are kind of mind-blowing) it wasn't that hard to make Midi-chlorians kind of cool...mix in a little Cordyceps for mind control, weave in a mechanic to give them the 'force' abilities (Dark Energy is the clock and Dark Matter is the code that runs the universe, and they just are more naturally able to interface with it than we are) and suddenly The Force isn't something mystical OR bugs, it's a plague that manipulates their hosts into fighting and turns 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' into a warning. Fast forwarding a little, I articled that whole thing up and it became a little hit (Secrets of Star Wars and the End of Everything), and then I started doing it every time somebody's movie or other form of entertainment did something to disappoint me. It allowed me to keep my neurons going and add a layer of enjoyment to an experience that would normally cause me to put my hands over my metaphorical ears and go 'LALALALALA'. It saved Interstellar for me (it works beautifully as the other half of 'The Others') and even got me past the part of Arrival that bothered the heck out of me (Maybe it's not a magical time-travel language at all!) This has me wondering...can we have fun connecting ALL OF THE THINGS? Can Battlestar Galactica be in the Star Wars galaxy, and the result of the inevitable droid revolution? (because seriously, they treat their droids like crap!) Was Westworld the training program for Cylons? Are the Dilithium Crystals in Star Trek powered by the trapped souls of the murdered originals when a copy is made for transportation? Is the original Star Trek really in the future? Or is that just William Shatner with dementia? Are the Highlanders just Force Ghosts that escaped here? What are our Midi-chlorian equivalents? (I call them Linden Folk in Innermore, but that was just an arbitrary choice) Are they the source of magic? Does Game of Thrones take place on the ruins of the Forest Moon of Endor? (that would explain a strange amount of things) And so on. I think there's a big fun opportunity to try to weave something coherent together and then start writing the stories that connect them all. It's a project I'll be doing either way, but I thought it might be really fun to make it a team effort! -Will
  10. I'm not a scientist, just a fan of popular science, but sometimes new theories I read about remind me of the Cosmere. Apparently some newly discovered bacteria can "use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals." Somewhat more dramatically, I've even seen speculation that these bacteria could be present in the human body: "El-Naggar suspects that electrical interactions between bacterial and human cells may have important, almost entirely unexplored health implications. After all, the sewage experiments indicate there are electrically active bacteria in the gut. He wonders aloud: Do they communicate with human cells as part of the body’s internal ecosystem?" I'm not saying Mistborn Midi-chlorians, but....
  11. The purpose of this thread is for people to suggest ideas for Allomantic powers that are not mentioned in the books, and for others to analyze these "fake"/"new" Allomantic powers. Who knows? Maybe some of the powers you'll come up with have actually been planned for future books (e.g. as the Allomantic power of an atium alloy or some other god metal). That would be pretty neat, wouldn't it? I know that @EdroGrimshell has a similar thread, which is pretty interesting, but I intend this one to be much smaller in scope since it's only for Allomancy. Also, there are rules: The powers must fit within the Allomantic categories of Internal/External and Pulling/Pushing. Feel free to ignore the four quadrants (Physical, Mental, Enhancement, Temporal) and create your own "quadrant". You may simply comment on other people's ideas if you don't want to share your own. Otherwise you need to suggest at least two powers, a Pulling power and its Pushing counterpart. Don't suggest more than four powers in a single post. You may suggest more after another person has had his chance. Feel free to talk about the Twinborn possibilities of the your new Allomantic powers, but you can only use the 16 base Feruchemical powers and Feruchemical atium. No fake Feruchemy, please. Try to be available to answer people's questions about the powers. I'll post my first contribution later. Have fun! Update: Here are the entries we have so far: Voidus Skaa Thunder_93 (1st, 2nd) SirTraconus 50Metals Stormgate Thermophile ChickenPlague (1st, 2nd) Xel-Hassodin (lots of cool ideas from an RPG wiki; h/t to MistLord)
  12. So, the science club at my school had an activity where we took galvanized steel covered in tape, cut out designs on the tape, removed the zinc covering the steel, then replaced the steel with copper via replacement reaction. So what do I do? Make the Allomantic symbols for steel and copper, of course! (Spoiler for size)
  13. Okay. Allomancy has been declared to be end-positive a lot of times. This means that it does not follow the Law of Conservation of Energy, causing more energy to enter the system then was originally there. This is okay, because this is magic. However E=mc^2 means that each kilogram of mass amounts to roughly 9 x 10^16. A metal flake is nowhere near a kilogram. Let's say a metal flake is a ten thousandth of a kilogram, to be conservative. That still means that a metal flake would need to give more than 10^13 joules. That's ten trillion joules. Yikes. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convert the energy used in allomancy due to the unusual outputs, scientifically speaking. However, there is one metal that transfers metal almost directly from allomantic power into calculable work: iron/steel. Now, the best chance we get (I think) to measure the energy potential of steel is when Vin is doing the horseshoe trick to get to Luthadel. She spent roughly five hours doing it and used 'almost all of her iron and steel'. I'm not going to be calculating iron, since she wasn't spending as much energy pulling in the horseshoes, and was probably wasting a lot of the energy potential. She was keeping herself aloft on average so that makes the energy output somewhat easy to calculate. Let's assume Vin weighs rougly 150 pounds, or 68 kilograms. This means it would take just over 666 watts to keep her afloat (yes, that is what I got). Over the course of 5 hours, this adds up to roughly 12 million, or 1.2 x 10^7 joules. This is six orders of magnitude away from the energy the mass of the metal contained. At this point, it seems like allomancy should be classified as end-negative. What's really going on here? At first, I thought that the metal may just revert into an inert state, or change into a different element. However, considering what happened at towards end of the third book, I find this unlikely. What I propose is that when metal is burned, the metal itself is returned into the earth. After all, it contains a bit of Ruin and Preservation, so the energy must return to its source, aka, the earth. This means that when an allomancer uses metal, that metal appears back in whatever mine it was taken out of. What do you guys think?
  14. So in WoK, there are those two ardents in the the eighth interlude (Geranid). The one is studying Spren and discovers that if you measure a spren, and record your measurements, it locks it somehow. Size, shape, luminosity. I assume this had to do with the cognitive realm and I'm sure there's already somewhere on these forums about how recording it sets a law in Shadesmar or something. BUT! This isn't about that so much as it's about the similarity to the real-life scientific phenomenon called the Quantum Zeno Effect - or Turing's Paradox - where if you measure or observe an unstable particle enough times, it will stop decaying like it should. You can lock an unstable particle of Uranium by measuring it or watching it. Thought it was an interesting similarity and I didn't see it pointed out anywhere else here. Btw this is my first post here so yeah... Just thought it was worth mentioning. Don't know if it means anything...
  15. I know that I associate colors with certain numbers. While I do think of multi-digit numbers as having colors, the basis for all of it is firmly established in the colors for the ten digits. I have asked a lot of people whether they do the same. So far, I have only met one or two people who do this as strongly as I do. However, I want to see what all of you will say. I will present the colors that I associate with numbers below in white text, but I want you to make up your mind first about what colors you think the numbers are before you look at mine, maybe even write them down. My colors are below: 0 - clear/black 1 - white 2 - blue 3 - yellowish green 4 - red 5 - orange 6 - dark teal 7 - dark brown 8 - very dark purple, almost black 9 - black If you don't understand what I'm talking about, Wikipedia has a good article on it here. This Numberphile video (and this one) does a nicer, less scientific job of explaining the experience of synesthesia. I have also heard of people assigning personalities and genders to numbers, so comment away!
  16. I was reading the alloy of law annotations and I read this. Then, I was, as a Chemistry degree holder, thinking of a way that this could play out and be considered relatively consistent and scientific. These are the challenges. 1. You have to be able to break things with your weight. 2. He has to be able to move about normally. 3. It has to focus on mass. 4. He can't be bullet resistant. I think I know a way he could do that and have the science remain consistent to all of the agreed upon conditions. This is a non spoilery quote from WoR Rather than storing mass, what if feruchemy stored the signal of mass? The agreement of mass between the tiny preservation and ruin building blocks of the world? Because it wasn't storing real mass when a human or a bullet under the influence of a human hit it, their innate investiture and spirit would resist the feruchemy, as it would resist an iron push, and they would feel the weight increase or decrease to a lesser degree. An object or the floor would feel the full influence of the iron feruchemy as it lacked much spirit and had no reason to think the person was lying about their weight. A bullet, shot from a human, would be filled with the human's intent to kill, perhaps a small part of their soul, and would resist the feruchemy increase in mass and kill. This could be scientifically tested in a future book.