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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to the "gauging interest" bit of this whole thing. I've been really bored lately and need to write me some more epic anime combat, so... here it is. AoT-esque power armor combat sim. Basically, please join! The pros are that you'd get to really customize your character's skillset, learn how to write riveting combat sequences, play around with deep and heavy themeworks, and also bend to my every will at every moment. The cons are that there aren't any, so you'll be left with nothing but a perfected, incredible experience. Totally for sure. We'd be playing as new cadets in the Cytocorps, just getting into the world of power armor and terrifying soul-sucking monstrosities. Hopefully that'll give us enough time to develop our characters as people before getting into the "dedicate your hearts" portion of the RP. I'll post a character sheet below to give you guys an idea of what we're working with. Reminder that for now this thread is just to gauge interest and not to evolve into a full-on RP. Don't bother with quote boxes for OOC or whatever. Please pepper me with questions and comments and accusations as you deem fit. Setting: Most people live underground in excavated tunnels of ancient cities. The ancients lived in massive conglomerates of buildings, putting the vast majority of the city itself on the 'inside.' People now live within these ruins, surrounded by ancient concrete and weak energy shields to protect them from the faiemen. Training for the cadets also takes place underground, mostly between a few massive caverns: - Main Hall: Just a really big room. Completely empty except for the occasoinal bunch of training equipment and such - Dorms: Two separate caverns, one for each biological gender. Most folks are okay with trans and enby folk, but the army literally couldn't care less when it comes to where people sleep. - All the other stuff: There's a small section for the meal prep folk, several restrooms, storage rooms, etc; but most activity takes place between these three. FAQ: What the heck is the power armor? Good question, real person! By connecting to the Cytosphere, individuals can summon pieces of armor called "Modules." Each module effectively has a single purpose, like "fire a laser beam" or "protect my vitals please." As a rule, each body segment can only host a single module at a time, which is why most people can't just summon everything and walk around like they're Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster suit. What kinds of things can Modules do? There are hundreds - probably thousands - of different types of modules out there. I've only designed so many of them so far, so if you ever have a cool idea feel free to let me know. Most follow pretty solid sci-fi tool rules, though. Several of the most basic might provide more power to your punches, give you a rocket launcher, create a small energy shield, or dampen impacts. Here is a comprehensive list of things I've thought of so far for reference. It's in comment/suggestion mode, so feel free to point out mistakes or even just straight-up add/delete stuff. No changes will be permanent until I approve them and I can veto anything, so please add to the pile as you deem fit. What do they even look like? Metal. They're made of metal. It's kinda dark-ish. Very thick. In most cases the Modules' innerworkings are completely covered up, so you rarely see anything more than just the metal overlay and whatever the heck it's doing. Several Modules happen to provide a lot of force, which apparently is dangerous when applied to a human body, so they'll include lattices of bracelet-like rings and terrifyingly durable joint wires to disperse the force safely. I did my best to describe what they look like in the doc you should have open in another tab right now. If you have any questions... well, obviously I said to pepper me with questions here. Batteries for Modules come in the forms of colorful glowy crystals, shaped as any one of the five platonic solids. The largest of these are about as big as a walnut (why do people compare things to walnuts so much? I've seen walnuts like... twice in my entire lifespan). The crystals emenate colorful glowy power lines that extend across the Modules and give them power. The color of your crystal(s) and power lines is the same as your eye color (so, of course, don't just stick with regular earth-y eye colors. Have fun with this). What kinds of Modules should I pick? Before you pick anything, you should bear a couple things in mind. First is that literally everyone using any kind of Module for an extended period of time (i.e. more than ten seconds) is going to need a power supply. Enter the Main Power Supply Module: a large metal armor piece that fits neatly over the user's chest. No Cytocorps warrior has ever fought a faiemen without a power supply and lived to tell the tale. There are two other modules that just about everyone in the Cytocorps uses: the Gravitational Redirector and the ForceCap Boots. The second one is basically the long fall boots from Portal 2: as long as you land on your feet, pretty much all fall damage is gonna get completely tanked. The first is a bit more complicated than that. It's a belt module, meaning it goes around your waist (y'know... like a belt does), and its job is to change the direction of gravity for the person wearing it. It takes in all the current gravitational energy and allows the user to redirect it, meaning any direction can be down for the user. As most faiemen are incredibly fast and maneuverable, this module really helps Cytocorps members to keep up. Those are the standard-issue things. Now onto the actual question that all of you totally asked. First of all, remember that every body segment can only host a single module at a time as a rule of thumb (it's a bit more complicated than that, but ambiguity here is more late-game stuff). If you look at the doc that I so kindly linked up there awhile back, you'll find a list of body segments as defined in Modular terms. Several Modules only take up minimal space (like the High-Energy claws, which only require a hand), while others take up tons (the ForceCap Boots take up your entire lower body to properly protect your pelvis from pulverizing). Ensure that you aren't stacking with all your ideas, because the result could be... catastrophic. Second of all, figure out a decent theme for your character. It could be anything, ranging from the basest of gimmicks to the most complicated dynamics that literature has ever seen. My Cytocorps novel thingy (don't ask for it; I barely have two pages written) stars a very anime-protag protagonist, who will do whatever it takes to become the strongest warrior and defeat the faiemen so no one else has to lose their loved ones to them again. For them I gave incredibly basic modules: a Force Amplifier (makes your punch REALLY punch) and some High-Energy Claws. There's another character I made who specializes in dexterity; they use tons of maneuverability modules paired with a Wristblade to dart in and around their foe. Third of all, remember: when in doubt, decide what would look the most badchull in an anime. Art? Yes please. And uhhh... here're some references. Old, bad, but kinda helpful? New-ish, Bad-ish, and Helpful-ish: Absolutey fudging incredible (credit to alexie from Artfight) Should I join? Yes. Duh.
  2. In the far future, when poverty and hunger is a thing of the far, far past and no one needs to do any menial labor, the galaxy is an utopia. Like, really. There isn't a dark underside of like mind control or slave labor- this is a true post-scarcity civilization. Anything is possible, anything you wish to do, you can. You can be a god of your own virtual universe, crowdfund a discworld, become the horrible mutant of your dreams, and then realize that was a horrible idea and go back, and just read all day for the rest of your very, very, very long life. It truly is perfect. Unfortunately, you will be far, far from this- in fact, you will be descending into an insanity like you have never seen. Lore: You, a handpicked team of experts, have been tasked by an activist organization (In this case, "activist" meaning doing things without months or years of bureaucracy from the Panarchy) with diving into Azathoth, a sapient, malevolent Matryoshka Brain created by an ancient, extinct precursor race to house their minds in a utopia, which Azathoth descended into chaos and destruction. Your job while within this simulation is to take Azathoth down, and, if you can, save the people within. There are some... issues with this. however. With the available tech, you can only be plopped into the simulation itself, which Azathoth has complete and total control over almost every aspect of, except some hard-coded things he cannot change. Luckily, he can't directly detect you or edit you since you are essentially an extremely effective computer virus. However, if you are killed in the simulation, you get kicked out and can't get back in. In addition, no one quite knows what's going on inside- they know it's bad, but they don't know how. It could be just a sea of endless pain- if that's the case, you'll just be immediately kicked right back out, so it's a gamble. Character sheet: Anyway, good luck! And please don't be too ridiculous with your characters, please.
  3. Hey all! Some of you know me from the discord server the 'writers guild' and my frankly unsettling escapades there, others are unfamiliar with me and my talents. Here, I hope to take requests from people who need plants and animals and monsters and humanoids to populate their various worlds, and hopefully also have fun discussions with people who come here to talk about their creations. I'll give and ask for advice, and hopefully we all can enjoy or have with this thing. I hope it goes somewhere, but that's up to you all. I also hope that this keeps on going when I eventually have to shift my attention elsewhere, so... I hope you all enjoy it. Let's try to make this something interesting, alright? @Sherlock Holmes @AonEne @bees? @Blessing of Potency
  4. sci-fi

    Yera looked out the window at the large Neptune class carrier hanging in space outside. It would be loading cargo bound for some of the outer stations. She turned around, looking back into the station. Several groups of civilians would be coming up to the station from Corislain today, to be prepared for the mission to Vienia later this month. She frowned to herself. The board had decided to bring some super soldiers from GeneCorp along with them on the mission, as well as some other various people that might be useful on the mission. She groaned to herself as she mag-walked to the briefing room.
  5. Hey, so this is going to be an open world RP that’s going to be in the universe of the game Elite Dangerous. You don’t need to know the game to join. It’s going to be completely open, so I won’t make a main antagonist, though there will be little quests and conspiracies you can uncover. Everything that happens is completely up to the players. If you’re interested just say so and I’ll add you to the PM!
  6. Content Warning: Language Believe it or not, there's no gore or violence in this submission, just language. Feels weird lol I hope you guys like it. I don't specifically have something I'm worried about this time. Just hoping it flows well and is enjoyable. Thanks a lot Zaya Previously: Ronen is a scavenger of thrown away electronics and lives on Trash Island. He found a mysterious trunk that was taken from him by Toad and Wart. They got into a fight and they hurt his leg pretty bad. [Also] Sorry about the botched subject line. It's the result of hours of revision and submitting at 2am X(
  7. Content Warning: Violence, Language, Alcohol, and Gore Alright guys here it is. I honestly hope you like it. I spent all week editing to get it ready and I can honestly say I no longer can tell if it's good or not lol. I'm concerned about some of the phrasing I use and if you have any suggestions for alternative ways to word things I'd greatly appreciate it. It takes a momentary dark turn here and one of the scenes in particular has been the toughest that I've ever written. After last week's feedback, I tried to take it all and apply it to this next chapter. I hope it shows. Thanks again Zaya
  8. Content Warning: Violence, Language, References to drug use and sex work Hi everybody, So this is the first 3 scenes of a book. I really wanted to try something new with this and experiment with style so I'm super curious how people react to it. Honestly, I'm not sure what you will think in the slightest. The first scene is mostly exposition but I went through great pains to embrace it and make it entertaining. I'm really interested in hearing feedback on this part in particular and if it's interesting despite the infodump-iness. I just tried to have fun with it and I hope everyone else has fun with it too Thanks bunches Zaya (By the way: Sorry for the duplicate emails. I'm using a new email client and sometimes it gets sassy with me. Linux software seems to come with a personality haha)
  9. Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that a while ago I was asked to help create stories in a Sci-Fi universe one of my good friends created. While I only have one very short story in this volume, I've got a novella length piece that will be published in volume two along with another small character piece he asked me to do. So what is '10,000 Dawns?' Set in our solar system in the far future, the original novel written by James Wylder is about a universe that has been subjegated under the oppressive rule of crony capitalism taken to its most pernicious extreme. The Centro Corporation is both the only business in existence, as well as the government, inside and out. It is ruled by a shadowy cabal known only as the Board of Directors. '10,000 Dawns' explores this universe late in its history as one of those directors invents a technology that can breach into other universes, and needless to say, hijinks ensue. While I haven't checked the ranking lately, during an aggressive marketing campaign James was able to push the novel that started this universe, '10,000 Dawns' to the number one spot in time travel books. You can also read it for free online at his website, or get it as part of a bundle with this Kickstarter. Poor Man's Illiad, the anthology being kick-started now, explores the history of the universe leading up to the revolution against Centro Systems by the colonies that have settled on Mars. This unique history is what drew me to the universe in the first place, and I was happy to explore it with this team of talented local writers. With the interwoven tapestry of voices writing these events, each with their own take, any Sci-Fi enthusiast is sure to find at least one story they enjoy in this huge anthology, which had to be split into two volumes due to the sheer amount of material submitted. If you have any interest, I highly encourage you guys to go check out his Kickstarter page for more information to see if this is right for you. There's more information available about the project there, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me on here if you don't want to go through Kickstarter, and I'll be happy to get in touch with James if I don't have the answer. Without any further pomp or circumstance, here's the link to the Kickstarter. Come check us out!
  10. Hi, I sent this letter to Brandon, but I think it unlikely that I might get a reply. I would not expect you to read all of it, but I thought some of you might be be interested in the Sexuality section of it in reference for his future work. A heads up, it discusses all of Brandon's published works: Dear Brandon, I came to you having finished the Wheel of Time series and was feeling a hollow space within me that needed to be filled by more fantasy. Therefore, let me make it clear that I owe you a huge debt of thanks for your work on WoT and the Cosmere. There were a few topics that I’d like to discuss - in the same way how you feel the need to get a story down on paper, I would like these thoughts out of my head. Sexuality: The main point that I’d like to focus on is the heterosexual relationships of characters. I admire the romantic bonds that your characters forge whether they come from hardship or circumstance and personally I dismiss much of the claim that they are passionless or platonic. However, I would urge you against skirting around when sex actually does happen. It does not matter whether you claim to be a bit of a prude, you yourself mentioned in your Dumbledore EUOlogy that writing characters having a jovial time from is a natural part of any believable world; sex is much the same. The need for relaxation and good cheer amongst friends is as human an experience as two sweaty people lying in bed pleasuring each other - either from passionate love, casual abandon or respect founded on pressured times. Fantasy is primarily drawn from Western medieval-renaissance influence which itself was frequented by the casualness of farmhands with milk maids, easy lovers’ induced by Mediterranean festivities or young nobles dallying with maidens keeping secret from their father that they may not have an intact hymen anymore. Sex extends down to more disquieting interactions between noble and peasant girl that then need to portrayed in a negative light. Despite the control of the Church, people were just better at hiding it. It is one of the only drawbacks that I see in organised religion today: it clings to the dregs of social acceptability from centuries past. It was useful as a social construct when rural families had little knowledge of contraception to stop diseases when they could not afford multiple partners over a lifetime, however, with how far we have advanced in technology the prohibition now seems outdated. Raw primal desire is just something we cannot get rid of - as anyone who has gone through teenage years well knows. This may be prying, but I feel that some of your reluctance on this topic may come from what you have shared of your upbringing, in that was a sexual conservative one. You had to wait, of course by church and choice, until you could share with your wife something that you never let out. As such, it is a very personal and closeted topic for you to broach fully as it stirs too many feelings close to your home. However, you have said that you want to push the boundaries of what is expected in writing. We know that epic fantasy was weighed down by the preconception of Tolkien and Jordan of no sex. It seems only natural that if you want to push you and your books to new places, expanding that sexuality is the logical way to go. It may not reflect with your personal views or you may worry that it will reflect badly in your community. So what. What you put into your book is pushing your artform and your art is capturing the human nature. If you want to see under the skin of what makes a human graceful, an artist draws nude pictures; if you want to see beneath the skin of what really makes a human tick, you write in their deepest primal urges. You may say ‘All my batch of fantasy contemporaries are doing this, so I don’t want to do what they’re doing’. Yes and no. While in the last 15 years sex has been rising to the pages, it just seems to be making a big splash when surrounded in an ocean of meekness. I’m not asking you to go as visceral in sexual details as GRRM, for that is his style and how he plays with sexuality. If I wanted to see more of that kind, I would go read more GRRM. In fact, you started to move in a more positive direction with Warbreaker; it should not matter if the novel’s concept concerned was trying to get with child. However, that withstanding, every other novel feels like a Drab: a incredibly complex biological organism with divine proportions of engineering living an intricate life yet it fails to look quite right - it is missing its Breath. There are numerous examples I am sure you are familiar with, the most popularised one that of Vin and Elend sleeping in separate rooms before they are married, despite having been in a relationship for years and that you hint at their desire for each other’s body parts. Only after they are married is it mentioned that Vin will wear a top off in a tent. Again, I think this is an issue that stems from your personal life, that you never allow characters to engage in sexual matters before marriage. As I have mentioned in previous paragraphs, there are reasons for this hesitance and why it is limiting. Perhaps removing this limitation is the first step to opening yourself to your characters previously unseen natures. Start by creating a mere sentence that notes a main character coming out of a door tucking their shirt in. All the while, we can see inside the room where a random/side character is laying in bed with the sheet pulled over their chest. A simple casual occurrence, with no need to make a big deal out of it. Warbreaker was approaching this yet was still tamer. As you have claimed in the past, writers draw out their material from their own lives. This does not mean you have to jump in a time machine back to your college years and experiment with one night stands. But by talking with people of different life experience, sexual morality, a woman outside your community and your author friends who have written sexual passages will prepare you to slowly progress into writing sexual nature. As I have said, your task as an artist is to relate and expound the emotions that are in our lives. It means when a character describes the love of his life, there should be descriptive language of how the light of her eye dances with flashes of white and violet, the reddening of her cheeks as she runs to meet him in breathless excitement and the soft slope of the marble white skin down her back. The aim is to emote the perception of grace and beauty to the readers, the same feeling they would have when looking upon a master artwork. Moments such as these you know are excellent in order to slow the pace of the story. But similarly, one must be able to deal with eros, something which is so common between the butting heads of young and vibrant characters. Let us say, for example, Renarin grew jealous of Adolin for having an exotic and beautiful girlfriend (I avoid using Kaladin as I imagine that he has grown to like Shallan through their shared experience and then realises her outward attractiveness later on. Therefore, his is a merging of love and lust). The young prince on guard duty would notice the way Adolin caresses Shallan by circling the point underneath her wrist, the drop and swell of the breast due to a lower cut dress as Shallan unconsciously leans in towards Adolin across the table. Then there is lust of a minor noble character meeting his barmaid interest for a weekend morning vigorous and enthusiastic coupling. Slightly more challenging is a more domineering relationship such as that I might relate below between Jasnah and Shallan. When writing of lust, the danger to avoid from a lack of sexual experience before marriage is that you do not create the sense that the reader should be joining in on some gigglish teenager ignorance of a taboo. The less dangerous yet still important caution is to avoid making females incapable of displaying lustful actions - to do otherwise is to debase them to the traditional Victorian roles of ‘stiffly lie there and take it’. Your stories are known to have grit in them, whether it be the harsh world of Mistborn, the gruesome imagery of Bloody Tan’s menagerie or strong and broken characters like Kaladin. This realistic aspect would only be compounded with a realistic representation of sex. Just as violence needs to be shown in an oppressive regime, a high stress situation may likely bring people closer together. An unconventional relationship that blossoms out of respect is likely the undone challenge that you would relish, yet I would only appreciate if you are willing to commit to showing its full romantic development. Below are some more encounters from the Cosmere were this issue cropped up: With Wayne and MeLaan, I was getting slightly excited that you had written your first sexual premarital experience. And yes, well done that they managed to get their tops off, but it is a little simple-minded that Wayne and MeLaan were just kissing under there. When I first saw the words ‘neckin’ and ‘snogging’ I thought it was a joke, that others characters were trying to pass off a euphemism to protect Marasi or Steris’ innocence. But no, all parties seriously believed the two were just touching lips. Firstly, the amount of time that it took the train to travel to Ironstand and its protracted fight sequence gave plenty of time for foreplay then a passionate rebound shag reaching at least third base. Wayne’s personality and environment leave him with little inhibitions; the same for an immortal being who has had centuries to try every trick in the book. I thought it unlikely, but I had a faint thought that for the first time a lesbian relationship between main characters might occur. This possibility came to me from the gradual respect that Shallan and Jasnah grew for each other as two capable scholars. There is also the Shallan’s adoration of Jasnah in the student-teacher position that many fans were quick to wonder if it represented bisexual feelings. Jasnah herself finds herself seems so free from men and previous attachments that once we start to see cracks that mark her as a human, we can wonder if she might allow Shallan’s attentions to become something more. It would create a perverse moral quandary to explore if Jasnah were to take it up: if it is an abuse of the pedagogy relationship and would it require secrecy. I am not disappointed that this did not occur, maybe the opposite as Jasnah is one of my favourite characters. You would have received an angry email about how you did not know what to do with a strong atheist character if she had turned out to be dead. Fortunately, once Shallan failed to stumble over her corpse, I suspected that she lived, as I suspect that mere assassins could not kill Jasnah - even if the encounter tempts the dangerous waters of character resurrection. I thought Jasnah’s disappearance might have been unnecessary so that Shallan would be all alone, as I did so enjoy Jasnah and what she could have added to Navani and in the Shattered Plains by taking command of the royal court. For the first book and a bit, the dynamic between the two was what made Shallan interesting, compared to the second book when it focused on Shallan’s past. In the end, I do appreciate the growth that Shallan underwent. To bring it back to the point, you have said that you do not concern yourself with whatever orientation that characters have. I agree that making a big deal out of it would be the wrong direction. Yet you do not abstain from romantic relationships in your books. It makes it a perfectly acceptable precedent to trial other kinds of relationships. Please do not make Adolin into another Gawyn. The Trakand prince, despite his struggle to find his position in relation to Egwene, died still not able to reconcile that his love for Egwene needed him to put aside his pride and be her shadow. His selfishness lead to his death and failure, thus letting Egwene sacrifice her life so freely. That inability earned Gawyn one of the most hated positions among WoT fans. I fear that I can see you setting Adolin on that same tangent. He worries that his place will be overshadowed by having a Knight Radiant for a wife. However, I hope that I am mistaken. Although Adolin is boastful and proud, he does seem a better rounded person than Gawyn. Adolin was drawn to Shallan because she was something unconventional and exotic to him. I hope their dynamic leads to the couple working together as a fighting duo rather than the diametrically opposed Jordan couple. Blushweaver and Lightsong. God I was sad that they never got to consummate their relationship. Again, I hope that your personal stance had nothing to do with that they did not get to have sex because they were decadent unmarried gods. Blushweaver was set well to be one of your most erotically entrancing characters in your entire cosmology. I do admire the two’s articulate flirting - it does represent the most realistic building towards a relationship that I have so far. Blushweaver’s reproach to Siri, “Find someone else’s bed to climb into, you little slut”, left me laughing for quite some time and endeared her to me. I wonder if it would have been more tragic if Blushweaver and Lightsong ended up in a cell together in the end, Lightsong reciprocates Blushweaver’s desires in the face of the situation and they end up having sex on the cell floor or if as it happened, Blushweaver never really knowing that Lightsong really did care for her in the way that she wished. Hopefully they are up there in the Beyond, making up for all that lost time. In conclusion, I feel that you have come some way since the innocence in Elantris and Mistborn and are spreading your wings. Mr Jordan started incorporating more sexual influences too before his passing. It is only a matter of time before this challenge takes you, but I would much prefer it now when you writing so much good and prolific work. Religion: On a different point, I have noticed that it does seem that the characters that hold true to religious beliefs come out on top. Do not get me wrong, I love a good pantheon in fantasy, but I hope this is not a permanent fixture. Sazed did not deserve to Ascend because he went through a crisis of faith and back, but because he was one of the few characters that has gone through trials and we still believe is morally good. That trial did not have to be a religious one and there were plenty of morally grey characters that fill the quota to hold both Ruin and Preservation. Preservation set up someone who cared about the world and this is the person who Saze is. In this, I feel the resolution of characters is sometimes too simple: religious characters are true and the simple good of deontology wins the day. Someone like Dalinar seems a little too pure for what is to come. I hope that when Jasnah confronts her uncle on the whole quandary of if time is worth praying to a Shard, especially if by the end of the Stormlight Archives Cultivation dies. As for The Diagram, the tone of their passages perpetuates that they are the bad guys, but really in the face of an apocalypse, I hope utilitarianism will be shown for its ideological worth. What would you do to save your own wife and children? A sociopathic force has a gun to their heads, do you deny that you would choose the random stranger to die instead. What if it were four random strangers’ lives, five? I think I know which you still would pick. At what number do you let the gunman pull the trigger. It is likely that you never would, not for all the other six billion of us. To protect what is your world, you would give anything. Death: I am sorry to compare you to GRRM again, but I feel the death of characters is sometimes muted because you save them all towards the ends of your books. You might be relying the deaths as ending bombs to give closure to the novel. Valued characters’ deaths spaced sporadically throughout the structure is part of the formula which makes GRRM’s deaths so well received and emotional. As you say, characters have to take risks and their consequences, but one of those big risks should end in the ultimate consequence in Act 1, perhaps our main viewpoint character. Perhaps Dox and Clubs’ deaths didn’t hit as hard as they were meant to, but the only other time can think of a character death midway through the plot is Parlin and you yourself admitted that he needed more done to him to give his departure justice, yet still he is not a primary character. When Karata died, the outrage at her demise was not the event itself, but that not enough attention was given to it. Simply her head gets cut off while running. Even an extra sentence of Raoden acknowledging the light going out of her eyes would have left the audience much happier with the departure of an invested character. Genre: I must say that I am not keen on Mistborn advancing technology to the later end of the 1800’s. I am a diehard fantasy fan and am not of that more common breed that can also stomach sci-fi as well. Give me the setting of magic, medieval times and curious creatures and you can sell me a story of whatever concept you want. However, I start to get discomforted by technology further late Renaissance/Galileo times. It starts to drift from high fantasy. I know of the pitched Mistborn ‘trilogy of trilogies’, but with the Wild West/Victorian feel of Wax and Wayne, we already are into low fantasy territory. The novel use of Allomancy still as a magic kept me through the prologue concerning guns and then the partners’ chemistry, but the magic is starting slip away from the story’s control (machine guns being chief among them). I occasionally appreciate an urban low fantasy such as Skulduggery Pleasant, but only if follows its own rules and genre. By the time we reach modern day and then sci-fi plasma guns and artificial intelligence, I fear that all will be lost that was the spirit of Mistborn. It may be a clever idea to transition a series from fantasy to sci-fi, but I worry if I’ll stick around for it. The implications that it has for the Cosmere are too great, as our shiny technology will inevitably reach the other Shardworlds and turn your anthology into a sci-fi collection. This narrative danger is seen in Sixth of the Dusk. And that worries me because when you started writing you said to yourself that you were going to be a fantasy writer. I would not be particularly interested in a war between the futuristic Scadrial versus high fantasy era societies - it would just seem cheesy. The only hope I can see is that all the future scientific discoveries on Scadrial will come Allomantic innovation, much as the Southerners have, as opposed to electrical currents and telephones. Even still, I can just see our own ideas of the future such as flying cars being excused by Allomancy while losing the feel of fantasy. That said, here’s a suggestion for a potential death in the Wax and Wayne series: a Hemalurgist could die via accidental electrocution through their Hemalurgic spikes, Tesla style, courtesy of Wayne’s beneficiary Sophi Tarcsel. This letter may appear a scathing criticism, but I love your books - these opinions may simply be more useful than the praise that would needed to fill another correspondence. I am hugely looking forward to more Stormlight and have pre-ordered Oathbringer. The cultures and biogeography of Roshar are a world unlike anything I have seen before in fantasy. Blue skin and crystalline fingernails, I’m looking forward to seeing to seeing a cross breed of Thaylen eyebrows and whatever eccentricities that you conjure. Best of luck,
  11. Has anyone else started watching this show? I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-acted, well-written show with an interesting premise that thoughtfully explores all of the ethical and philosophical questions raised.
  12. So, I noticed that we are all about fantasy books on this forum, but are there any sf fans beside me? If there are, then let's talk about sf books. Myself, I absolutely love sf books, some of my top 5 books ever are sf, and I do read quite a lot of this genre. I absolutely love Isaac Asimov books (especially the series about Robots), Ender's Game. And just after I finish the remaining Cosmere books (I still need to read Warbreaker and short stories), I'm going to read Echopraxia by Peter Watts, because I've read his Blindsight before and that is probably the most brilliant book I've ever read. What are your favourite sf books? Do you prefer hard or soft sf? Let's discuss. ; D