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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Team! First day on here, but long time follower of everything Sanderson related and have read everything published within the cosmere. For a while now I have been interested in the potential use of Hemalurgy on Roshar. We know inquisitors can have 9-11 spikes (I believe) and Hemalurgy is of Ruin, the only other Shard, apart from Odium that seems that have directly try to kill/splinter another Shard. Given there are 10 surges in surgebinding, and 10 is an important number on Roshar, it might well be that there are 10 voidbinding surges. We also know that Honor was pushing Dalinar towards forcing Odium to chose a champion. So I have a few questions and wanted to know peoples thoughts regarding them, or if any interviews with Brandon have said anything about this - or alternatively if this has been discussed before. Firstly will we see hemalurgy on Roshar, secondly could either a radiant/voidbringer hold all the surges through spikes, thirdly would Odium be able to use hemalurgy to form a direct connection to someone like ruin, and fourthly, if so, could these be viable champions for each side? What do people think about this?
  2. Hey, I'm kind of new here, though I've been a Cosmere fan for a while. I'm currently the Narrator for my Mistborn Adventure Game Crew, and while reading the Treatise Metallurgic, I was quite interested to find that, while Lerasium can be made into an alloy with any other Allomantic metal, turning someone into a Misting of that metal Instead of a Mistborn, Atium has only one known alloy: Malatium, the so called Eleventh Metal, an alloy of Atium and gold. When Burned, Malatium allows the Allomancer to see someone else's past and might-have-beens, which makes it basically an external version of gold, which allows one to see one's own past and might-have-beens. This makes sense, as Atium is the External, God, Pulling metal. So, when Burning Malatium, you are basically Burning gold through someone else. It therefor stands to reason that the other Atium alloys would function similarly, effectively using their powers through someone else's body. I'll continue this later with more detail and speculations on the other alloys, but I figured this was as good a topic as any to introduce myself with. --Sazedezas
  3. So we as of BoM we know it takes a full feruchemist to make other people feruchemist using aluminum and duralumin. With that revelation we kind of forgot about the ferrings, but even if the person is just an aluminum ferring he is still incredibly powerful. Supposedly the ferring while filling aluminum can use anyone's metalmind. With that in mind if an evil organization like the set get a aluminum ferring into their employ, they can round up some ferrings, imprison them, and force them to fill masterminds for the aluminum ferring. Not only can this ferring use all of the feruchelmy powers, he doesn't need to spend anytime filling them either.
  4. So, I noticed one of the members of Ghostbloods wore a mask, and when questioned about it by Shallan, she stated she wondered why people here (either meaning Alethkar or Roshar) went about so brazenly without masks. In the newest Mistborn book, we are introduced to a civilization that always wears masks, and said something similar about the people of Elendel not wearing masks. Also, this is my first post, so hi!
  5. Title says it all. Just curious to see what people will say. Brandon has said that he would be a Coinshot. I'm a big fan of Seekers, but that's just me...
  6. It seems that all worlds share similarities of end positive, neutral, and negative or some other versions of them such as creating, transferring, and destroying. The most prominent example that comes to mind is Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. However on Roshar and Sel there are examples of this too. On Sel the end negative is the Drakhor i.e. to transport themselves they kill one of their own, an example of end neutral is when at the very end one character uses motion in shapes to do things (I can't properly quote now), and end positive would be the Aons where very little is needed on the users part. On Roshar it can be broken down also with Honor being the positive/creating and Odium as negative/destroying. Personally, I think that the Nightwatcher is the end neutral with her boon and curse which supports her being a form of Cultivation. The difficulty is in Warbreaker but it still seems that end neutral is where you can put Breath into an object and retrieve it, end negative if you create a Lifeless because you can't retrieve the Breath back. I can't think of anything end positive for it. It may be that end positive is actually when you create a Lifeless since that's only 1 Breath and end negative if it's inanimate as that would be 1000. Also, I looked on the forums and it didn't seem like anyone made the comparison so if you see something please refer me to it.