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Found 111 results

  1. I just thought of something why reading through WoK. "I've never seen a named martial arts used on scadrial, thats weird". Then I thought,"Ah why the hell not? lets have some fun and make A martial arts form!" So this is what I call MistWay (MisutoPo, ミスト方法) where there are 16 different disciplines each meant to compliment A certain type of misting or mistborn. so, Here we go! (Things With an Asterisk can be used by Non-Allomancers Easily) Here's Feruchemy, special thanks to @Shallan's Ward for the help, I literally could not done it without the help: Feruchemy (Path of Balance) / バランス
  2. The other night I got into a philosophical debate with my fiancé regarding the definition of opposites. In summation we were debating the following topic: Ruin and preservation being opposites. I made up these terms so my fiancé could understand what I was talking about (she has only read Sixth of Dusk). Shard Description of Action Higher Level Description Ruin Entropy, intelligent decay, take away Change Preservation To preserve, keep things the same No Change Cultivation To grow, intelligent growth, to add Change If you focus on the “Description of Action”, then you can see that Ruin and Cultivation are opposites (from one perspective). Or you could call them compatible, but those could also mean the same thing; opposites attract y'know. If you focus on the “Higher Level Description”, you can see that Preservation is opposite of both Ruin & Cultivation. Regardless, that is not what this theory is about. The non-sober debate that I had sparked an idea regarding: the three shards, Harmony’s role in the Cosmere, and where this Mistborn/Stormlight Archive plotline is heading. I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty details of how this is all going to play out, I’m merely commenting on the larger moves. Here we go… Something is going to happen in the final installment of the Mistborn Era 2 or 3 events that causes Sazed/Harmony to head for Roshar. (Not sure how the timelines match up so not sure if it will be after Mistborn Era 2 or 3 or somewhere in between) · Maybe Sazed can’t beat whatever enemy is attacking Scadrial and so searches how to resolve his problem with acting (finding cultivation to balance him out) · Maybe he beat the enemy attacking Scadrial, learns some info from the enemy and its possible relations to Roshar/Odium, travels to Roshar and discovers the existence of Cultivation In any case, in this theory Harmony will end up on Roshar and play a role in the climax of the first half of the Stormlight Archive. I have a feeling that Harmony will interact with Cultivation, maybe fall in love with Cultivation, then Cultivation dies and Harmony picks up a third shard (Sad stuff often happens to Sazed). Or maybe Harmony shows up just when Odium kills Cultivation’s vessel, and conveniently picks it up (sound familiar?) Oh and probably some of the characters we like will die sadly but also badassly in this climaz. Anyways, Harmony will pick up Cultivation and become…Ouroboros? Balance? Nature…idk. So this new shard will trounce Odium, but Odium is actually a coward and leaves Roshar to go into hiding, greatly diminished (like Sauron or Voldemort). Boom, end of book 5. Then maybe the second half of the Cosmere will be Odium slowly regaining power, maybe he realized he needs to pick up some more shards to challenge the New Harmony Shard so he searches for some of the more sinister ones. Maybe the New Harmony shard will figure out how get the Dor on his side and it will be like Harmony + 6 shards vs Bodium (Badass Odium) + 7 shards…or something like that I have no evidence, didn’t do much research, I just thought it was a cool/possible idea. TLDR; Harmony goes to Roshar, picks up Cultivation, beats up Odium, Odium flees
  3. I am in the process of making a cosmere cookbook for my self and the various cosmere fans I know. But I am running into a problem, outside of Roshar, little is know about the cuisine of the cosmere. I really need help on the food from Nalthis, Scadrial, and Threnody. I will post the PDF of the cookbook as soon as I have tried the various recipes suggested. Does anyone have any recipes they want to share any suggestions on cosmere cuisine?
  4. Okay, so we know that Ferrings come from the mixing of allomancy genes and feruchemist genes, which result in the possibility of a single feruchemical power instead of the full set, just like you can the full allomantic suite, or just one power. What I don't know is the full effects of that mixing--if someone was a full mistborn, by inheritance and not Lerasium, and they also inherited feruchemical genes, would they necessarily be fullborn, because they didn't have the gene set for one allomantic ability to affect the feruchemical inheritance, or would it possible for someone just to be a mistborn and a gold feruchemist, for instance? Or vice versa--could someone be a full feruchemist and a misting, or would their being a misting prevent them from being a full feruchemist and they would just end up twinborn? I presume if someone was just a ferring, or just a twinborn, and then consumed Lersasium, they would become mistborn, and would keep their one feruchemical ability, but wouldn't become fullborn, but maybe they would? And/or maybe the one allomantic ability they already had would be supercharged like vin with bronze, albeit in a different way?
  5. So performing hemalurgy on someone is going to result in their death or grievous injury. However, when a spike is received, the body accepts it, molding around it even if placing a non-hemlurgical spike in the same place would be fatal. The eye spikes of an inquisitor are a good example of this. A person can have a spike made from them, and if they survive, regain the ability by having the spike given back. But what if the spike is never removed in the first place? Does merely driving the spike in and stealing an attribute result in grievous injury and death, or does the subsequent removal from the body cause the mortal injury? Is it possible to make a spike and leave it in place? In another thread we were talking about spiking forged abilities, but I think that there might be additional times that self-spiking can be helpful... For example, a lot has been said about dying people donating their abilities. One of the biggest challenges with this is that the hemalurgy is probably going to kill them. What if you could spike someone, and let them continue with their lives until they die, after which the spike could be collected. I think that if the knowledge was given to the Koloss tribes, they could adopt it as a way to make new spikes. Either non-spiked members of the tribe could be spiked, and when they eventually die, the spike could be collected to make new spiked koloss. Or they might even have tournaments where each participant is spiked, and the participants then fight with the victor taking the spikes of the defeated. Kandra could get new blessings. I imagine that some Pathians might agree to have a blessing spike made from them, if it didn't cause injury and death. The Kandra wouldn't have the quandary of using blessings with violent providence.
  6. warning: contains spoilers for mistborn era 1 as we know, shardblades can slice through anything but aluminium and other invested items like shardplates and half-shards (and possibly enlived objects). but if I understand correctly what was written in "hero of the ages" and "secret history", on scadrial any kind of metal used in the metallic arts is invested, and by that preservation blinded ruin. and if it is so, that every shred of metal from scadrial is invested, wouldn't it suggest that a simple scadrian sword would be able to withstand a hit from a shardblade?
  7. This is obviously purely philosophical, but I was just wondering, if not for her relationship with Honor, would Cultivation have been drawn to Scadrial either instead of or in addition to Preservation? People often say that Preservation and Ruin were both drawn to Scadrial because of their opposing intents, kind of like two poles of a magnet. But strictly speaking Ruin and Preservation are NOT opposites. Ruin is essentially regression and Preservation is essentially stasis. The true opposite of Ruin is actually Cultivation, at least if we assume that her overall intent is growth/progression, which appears to be the case from what little we’ve seen of her. Preservation is effectively smack in between Ruin and Cultivation in terms of intent. And indeed, I would think that if someone were to simultaneously hold the Shards of Ruin and Cultivation, the result very well might effectively be a second more powerful Shard of Preservation, since the net effect of their two intents would cancel each other out. Anyone have any thoughts?
  8. Some shard is attacking Scadrial. Who is it?
  9. In the Greater Cosmere there are 4 major magic systems I'd like to discuss and make comparisons. My purpose is not to theorize who'd win a fight between magic users of different systems, more a comparison of the nature of the magics themselves. Note that I'm not including White Sand, Aether of Night or Shadows of Threnody. The first isn't fully published, the 2nd may not quite be canon yet and the third we don't know nearly enough to evaluate. So, first the Planet and the systems. Sel-AonDor/Dakhor Scadrial-Metallic Arts Nalthis-Awakening/Chromatics Roshar-Surgebinding/Voidbinding Granted this list is of course incomplete. As Brandon writes more books and opens up more of the Cosmere we will potentially see more planetary systems and more magic. Up to this point the 4 major magic systems of the Cosmere are the ones listed above. Easiest Entry Point: That title goes to Awakening. Everybody in the system is born with a seed of the magic in Breath. It's not terribly difficult to get more, at least in comparison to the other systems. And if one gets enough Breath you get the magic handbook. In fact the only restrictions come when you make it to Cognitive Shadow territory and even that's not onerous. 1 Breath a week, substituted for any raw Investiture if breath isn't available. Most Mobile: The Metallic Arts take the cake on this one. If your sDNA allows for metal manipulation then you can do it anywhere in the Cosmere. It's not location dependant like on the other Shard worlds because the doorway to the power is already incorporated into your spiritweb. Most Investiture: This is obviously Roshar. Two living Vessels and a shattered third are all in system. Raw Power circles the globe on a semi-regular basis. That raw power can be harnessed by practitioners of different magic systems with a simple hack. Probably a different hack for each system but it's probably not terribly difficult. Unlike say Scadrial where the hack into their system involves material that no longer exists (lerassium) or finding someone with the appropriate spiritweb and ripping a piece from their soul. On Roshar all you gotta do is stand out in a storm with a kite. I'm sure there are more but that's all I could come up with for now. I'm sure there are others. I tried to stay away from the more subjective comparisons like Most Useful or Most OP but feel free to explore.
  10. If Atium and Lerasium are named after the holders of the Shards, then why isn't Ettmetal called Sazium, or something like that?
  11. Who do you think would win in a giant, interplanetary war between Scadrial and Roshar? Ok so in order for this to work we're going to need to establish so ground rules. Rules Scadrial is set in Wax and Wayne era Roshar is set in the current era The only way to travel from one planet to the other is through perpendicularities. Both planets know where all available perpendicularities are. No space travel. Also they can't just surround the perpendicularity and kill anyone who passes through. Let's assume that in both sides, all nations on each planet are unified in this war, but not by a lot. Meaning all the Roshar kingdoms want to defeat the Scadrians, but for example if the choice comes to either protect their own nation or defend another's, they're probably gonna save their own. Which is similar for what we've seen so far. Same goes for the Northern and Southern Scadrians. Also since Scadrial has so many mistings and ferrings, let's assume Roshar gets 50-100 more surgebinders (We can change that number if you guys don't think that's fair).
  12. I saw an Ad in a broad sheet in the bands of mourning that seems like it was an ad put there by Khriss and Nazh asking if anyone's metal talked to them this reminded me of spren. is there any other evidence that there are spren on scardial or did they place that ad for a different reason?
  13. This idea had been bouncing around in my head for a while. The phrase "I've got a bone to pick with you" takes on a whole new meaning when you imagine it being said between two kandra... I apologize for the horrendous artwork (if you can even call my stick figures "art"). If anyone with more artistic talent than I have wants to make a better version of this, feel free! (Like, seriously, please do. I'm begging you, help this joke reach its full potential! )
  14. So the obvious answer is the ability to burn specific metals or alloys to gain temporary powers. But I'm asking what IS it? Mistborn can burn metals to gain amazing powers like physical strength, but how? Cause later in the mistborn books we see that on Scadrial the links to the spiritual realm are metals, so much so that Scadrians (which aren't really humans, they were made after the shards were a thing) have tiny metal spikes in their bodies just naturally. Metal in Scadrial works much the same as stormlight works in Roshar (which brings up the question of whether a coinshot in Roshar would still push metal or would change to things infused with storm/voidlight but that's for another time). Anyway does that mean that allomancy is the act of digesting investiture? (It's unclear if it's a purely Preservation based power as burning Lersium grants allomancy or if scadrians' Ruin investment mixed with the burning grants the power). It could work in a way similar to the way Lift can turn food into stomlight (investiture) through the boon granted to her by Culivation. Anyway I'm rambling way too long and I'm sure I've missed some stuff but I wanna hear other people's theories.
  15. Does anyone know how to decipher Scadrian? I recently found something that I really want to know what it says!
  16. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have come up with some cool twinborn ideas, or if you have favourite twinborn combo? One of my favourite combos is Feruchemical bendalloy and Allomantic pewter for longer and stronger pewter drags. Another one is something I saw somewhere named a "Catcher"- basically a twinborn with Feruchemical steel and Allomantic tin, essentially making a Daredevil on steroids or something like that. Anyways what are your ideas? Cheers!
  17. Where is the Elendel basin getting its electrical power from? Coal and oil comes from organic materials, pressure, heat, and time. Scadrial was made by Preservation and Ruin recently, geologically speaking. I guess the shards created the coal and oil when making the world but how scientifically minded are the Shards? They can see future paths to some extent, but from the actions of Ruin, and Odium, it seems like advanced scientific understanding isn't something they focus on (though Sazed does seem more inclined to this book learned approach).
  18. In Scadrial books Shadesmar is one of Mists and in Roshar it is full of Spren and countless connections to the physical world rolled up in little spheres. Are these difference defined by the collectivve minds of the people or is it more defined by the Investiture/Shard in charge (Roshar was originally Adonalsium's world so the spheres and most of the spren are probably his and not specifically Honor, Cultivation, or Odium's). Is the only constant to Shadesmar the beyond. Is the inverse landscape a constant? How much can a Shard change the landscape. Brandon has said that Sel is a dangerous place in the Cognitive realm because of the Shattered shards power residing mainly in the cognitive realm so how far can the cognitive realm be twisted by Investiture. Perhaps there is a splinter of Ambition causing the cognitive realm to be twisted on threnody.
  19. I've just read Secret History again and faced some questions. Here are some of them about the cognitive world on Scadrial. these are more guesses and ambiguities than theories, as well as some questions (which may definitely be flawed). I would gladly hear any missing points on these issues, and sorry if these seem foolish questions to you 1-When Kelsier was running towards the Ire in the cognitive realm, he faces Ruin which could not reach him past the shores and onto the ocean. why can't Ruin reach the Ocean Island? we say that a shard resides on a planet, not only a continent. Isn't he completely free of Leras' prison at the time? We could say the area might be out of the planet, but in this case there are plant life (the cognitive version) all over the place even after Kelsier gets out of Ruin's reach, which means Ocean on the other side. 2-After more traveling, Kelsier reaches a place with no plant life. There are no life in the depth of the oceans or it's somewhere near the planet's borders? I assumed that the Ire is somewhere in the space which is out a Ruin's reach. 3-If that's the case and Elantrians are somewhere in the space, so the surface of the planet and the void outside it must have complete integrity in time-space like in physical realm. But how do they breath? 4-Is there gravity on CR or Kelsier can't fly just because he expects planet to pull him down? 5-Is the "awful tearing sensation" the same as the sensation or just a coincidence? P.S: I don't know if these are relevant questions or they just raised because I'm completely wrong about the conception of the CR.
  20. In chapter 12 of BoM, There is this lady who is dancing with Wax. She seems super curious about Wax's abilites, and whether his Skimmer abilities make him actually storing more mass, or just have the planet recognize him more. Could she be Jasnah? Her physical appearance matches. She also mentions the mortality rate on Scadrial as compared to other planets.
  21. Alright so this is my first time doing this and I'm very excited and pls be gentle. Compounding with Allomancy and Feruchemy is basically done by investing a piece of metal (I guess replacing the investiture from Preservation with that of a Feruchemical charge) and then using the end positive nature of Allomancy to generate extra power from the 'new metal' right? If this is wrong, hopefully it's close enough for the theory to hold. This is nice because Feruchemy takes a bunch of preparation and storage to be useful. Now, as far as I can tell breath is somewhat limited by supply, and cost. You could theoretically get more than you could ever need but it would be expensive and generally a pain. Because of this, being able to make Breath would be neat. Enter the 9th Heightening: This handy dandy quote from the Coppermind states that when you've got enough breath you can put some of it inside steel (Probably other metals too, but I'd assume that steel is the only tested metal). Now, given how simple compounding is: Could a steel Misting of the 9th Heightening invest some steel with Breath and burn it? Assuming any Allomantic metal can be used in Greater Awakening, any Misting could have access to Breath Compounding. Now, given how costly it was to awaken Nightblood, it's possible that you'd spend more Breaths than you'd gain though this process (Psst here's a nice way to patch this hole if you don't want it to be used). There's also a WoB stating that awakening isn't easy for non-Nalthians, but through Hemalurgy or Lerasium I suppose this could be entirely avoided by making a Nalthian a Misting. Anyway I've said my part, and this lowly spren is tired from all this thinking. Would love to hear corrections, compliments on my magnificent genius/stupidity, insults, discussion, really anything.
  22. Are we SURE it's Odium attacking Harmony at Scadrial? If Harmony had to divest himself of power to keep them away from Odium. He has admitted to being trapped and at odds with his dual natures in the final Letter in Oathbringer. I wonder what character he might choose as successor? Have you? Any thoughts?
  23. There is a WoB from November 13, at the Oathbringer signing party, in which Brandon confirms that Nightblood's sheath is made of Aluminum. Brandon has also previously noted that Vasher (and I assume at least also shashara if not all the scholars) where on Roshar to study investiture, leading them to attempt to duplicate shardblades on Nalthis (resulting in Nightblood). He also noted separately (sorry for not having this WoB's linked) that Nightblood's sheath was present upon Nightblood's creation to serve its obviously necessary purpose (though he does make it sound like they aren't sure what will happen). However we can pretty obviously infer there, that the five scholars are aware of at least some properties of Aluminum for them to have used it as the metal to be sure they could put Nightblood inside if they needed to. Compounding this knowledge with the presence of Iyatil (who is, I believe, a confirmed southern Scadrian) on Roshar to prove that worldhopping between the planets is fairly conceivable, it seems to me to be fairly certain that the scholars would have also visited Scadrial on their trip and brought the aluminum back with them. Do we have any other confirmation that they went to other planets? Or do we only know for sure that Vasher at least has been to Roshar and Nalthis?
  24. Brandon seems to really enjoy giving things names that start with the letter "s". Planets, People, Books, and Things. So I thought it'd be fun to make a thread that lists All The Things that start with S. Some of the ones I remember are Sel, Scadrial, seons, skaize, spren, Stormlight, Shalash, Stormfather, Silence Divine, Shadows for Silence, Shadows Beneath, Shadows of Self, Secret History, Stormlight Archive, Suri, Susebron, Shard, Splinter(ing), Sliver, Shattering, (Cognitive) Shadows, Shades, Shadesmar. Oh, and of course, SANDERSON. What are some of the ones everyone can remember? (Note, this isn't a criticism. Brandon puts a lot of work into linguistics and names. It's just a funny thing that I noticed.)
  25. As I was perusing through Reddit, I found this this comment by /u/pervyfguy69 about abusing the magics of Allomancy and Feruchemy to create a Nightblood or Shardblade-like weapon. I thought that these fine forums, being the obviously more cosmereically (???) enlightened portion of the interwebs would like to take a gander at his thought experiment. Also please note that there are some mild spoilers for OB within that comment, and the thread. (Hopefully) you have been warned. Here's an edited version without these mild spoilers, for those still not inished the book: Also importantly: according to Brandon himself this "shoots past RAFO territory so far, it can't even see the line from where it's now standing". Thoughts?