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Found 211 results

  1. Brandon Sanderson *reading a personalization request* Did Kelsier fill copperminds for reasons other than to share knowledge? Did he want to forget certain memories? *written* Yes. Yes. Those may not be causally related. You asked two separate questions and got two separate answers. JordanCon 2016 (April 23, 2016) Soooo..... Here the theory. We know that kelsier has one spike stapling his identity to a mistwraith. But apparently he believes he cannot get more to regain allomantic powers. What if, this is actually because this would open him to harmony's influence? What if he once had more, but had his mind taken over by sazed, in order to save south scadrial. What if thats where the coppermind is from. Sazed tried his best to delete kelsier's memories of the intrusion? Just a crackpot theory
  2. mistborn

    Does anyone know if the rule of 16% of the Scadrian population being allomancers is still in effect in the later eras?
  3. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    This isn't exactly Mistborn fanart, but it's in the same world so yeee
  4. me and my friends were discussing compounding and I was wondering if anyone knows what copper compounding does as well as what nicrosil compounding would do
  5. So I'm currently going through my re-read of The Bands of Mourning. I was reading the clip of the New Seran broadsheet that's right before chapter 6, and I noticed this: Now all these rumors and legends in Mistborn Era 2 need to be taken with a grain of salt, but the first thing this reminded me of was the awakened army of Lifeless in Warbreaker. I can't see hemalurgy causing metal beings to come to life, but I could see awakening doing that. So here's my crazy theory: Yesteel is hiding out on Scadrial, and is still experimenting with awakening... Thoughts?
  6. So I haven't really seen any pages talking about what people think will happen in the cosmere in the later eras, specifically the space/sci-fi. I recently just read a very interesting WOB that I believe is not canon but could show us Sanderson's plans or ideas for the future. (spoiled for length) (Underlined Bold is mine for most important parts) So long story short, Scadrial and Roshar seem to be in some sort of a conflict and both want control of the Avier. Their ship uses Allomancy to fly, and the Knight Radiant is a Skybreaker and has learned of a way to make a gun from their spren that can use an external ammo. What are your thoughts and predictions? Why would they be fighting, who do you think would win, etc. Also, do you think that their respective planets will be united or not? And will the other planets take sides or form their own factions?
  7. Shardblade and Shardplates are made up of cognitive shadows (spren). They are also Cultivation and Honor Fragments (because they are metallic). This presents two unknowns: How can a divine metal appear and disappear transforming into a cognitive shadow. What would happen if a Radiant Allomantically burned his Shardblade?
  8. There is the lerasium (Preservation), the atium (Ruin), the "sazedium" (Harmony): Does the metal of Adonalsium exist?
  9. In the pre-chapter text (can't remember what it's called) of the Rhythm of War chapter 'A Cage Without Bars,' Harmony says that he is looking for a sword that embodied the two aspects of the power he holds, Ruin and Preservation. In the previous pre-chapter text he mentions being hampered in his ability to act due to his two held Shards being opposites, so is it logical to think of this as Harmony seeking a champion to act on his behalf against/with other Shards? If so, I have a theory. I'm not sure if there's a running theory on this, but the main Cosmere character that comes to mind for that is Kaladin. He's trained/training as a surgeon and is a skilled fighter. Particularly in The Way of Kings, there was a constant internal dialogue about whether Kaladin or his father were correct in how they could protect: Kaladin choosing to protect using force while his father protects through medical care. Kaladin is currently in a spot where he can protect using both methods, acknowledging that he needs time to deal with his PTSD and depression but is enhancing his abilities in the medical area. The main barrier I see to this potentially occuring is that due to Kaladin's nahel bond with Syl he is anchored to the Rosharan system, as per Mraize's conversation with Shallan/Veil/Radiant in part 1 of Rhythm of War. Now this is entirely conjecture, but I am assuming that by the end of Book 5 several key things relevant to this will occur: a way of transporting Rosharan Lights to other systems will be discovered, which will be linked to finding a way for Connected individuals to move outside of their systems as well. While I don't believe Kaladin is intended on being a main character for the back 5 (correct me if I'm wrong), that doesn't necessarily mean that he won't still be a major player in another form like being a champion of a Shard that isn't "native" to the Rosharan system and is thus not present for Rosharan events all the time. If there is an existing theory thread regarding this, could someone please point me in its direction?
  10. Does anyone know what the spiritual metals do? All of the definitions are relatively simple for the 12 other metals, but the four spiritual metals seem intentionally vague. Chromium seems simple enough- you get unlucky when you fill it and lucky when you draw on it. What happens when you fill a nicrosil metalmind? Does it take away your power or abilities while you fill it and give you more when you draw on it? Is it like a Kandra blessing, with a more passive effect? Do you forget who you are when you fill an aluminum metalmind? What would it do if you fill it? I think that the duralumin metalminds slow down or decay connections when you fill it and somehow form connections faster when you draw upon it.
  11. We see in the of the Bands of Mourning that there are Unsealed Copperminds being traded across Scadrial. Honestly, this seems like one of the most expansive ways that culture and scientific progress will be shaped, even more so than the flying boats allowed by iron Feruchemy. If you could gather a group of individuals, each with an Unsealed Coppermind, who would then go and research an assigned topic, you could have them store and give this knowledge with one specific individual who would gain massive amounts of information very, very quickly. This could greatly speed up Scadrial's technological progress, as scientists could gather a significantly greater amount of knowledge on a subject much more quickly, allowing them to expand on that knowledge with greater speed. If you combined this with Unsealed Zincminds you'd be able to throw Scadrial to the forefront of technological advancement in the Cosmere (it kind of already is, but Roshar is getting there too, so they've got some stiff competition). It would also be interesting to see people who's job it would be to gather information in these Copperminds for the use of others and how they would go about it. Would they need to study the same topic twice so that they could remember it? Would special studying strategies need to be employed? How would they prevent their own idle thoughts, biases, and assumptions from accidentally slipping into a Coppermind along with everything else? That last one in particular seems like there could be some interesting complications.
  12. To specify a little more on the title, ive have not been able to really get into MB Era 2. The transition to a new cast of characters and practically new world definitely throws me off but i think the majority of it is my lack of care for the metallic arts... in the current era. I mean theres nothing wrong with the metallic arts, theyre real solid magic systems that have the groundwork to do great things in the future of the Cosmere.... But there just isnt any real exitement when i think of them. When i think of like... any other magic system i think of fantastical feats, mysticism, obvious displays of the magic(soulcasting, aon dor), vibrancy(breath), etc.. And when i think of the Metallic Arts im just like "oh.... thats practical... has some real practical applications. Pushing metal through the air... yeah..." Like i dont even really see Allomancy&Feruchemy as magic systems this point theyre just tools like a wrench. Granted they are the tools that will build/power FTL spaceships eventually, but still just tools. From what we've already seen to what Brandon has told us/hinted about what future applications of the magic will be like to what weve theorized on... it just feels like there isnt a whole lot of mystery or intrique left in the Metallic Arts. I think also a big part is that era 2 maybe feels a little too "earth-like" and "current" for me and the magic just seems wrong in a more industrialized, technological, up-to-date society. Should i just push through it and read them anyway? Is the story/characters of era 2 worth it regardless of not liking the magic?
  13. I was wondering, as of mistborn era 2, which planet is the furthest advanced scientifically and in technology... Personally I think it's Taldain, especially in the Darkside, seeing as they had guns when scadrial was still in the Lord rulers time and roshar is roshar
  14. So, this is the first time I've actually asked a question here since signing up, so if I accidentally break some kind of rule, please let me know. Hemalurgy seems to always warp the recipient of an invested spike, particularly with stolen human attributes. Since Identity is something that can be stolen via hemalurgy, I was just wondering if you were granted someone else's Identity, would your physical body change to appear more like them?
  15. Okay. So, I came up with an idea for an RP. It might suck, but I'm trying it out anyway. Anyway, the basic idea is that people from Earth (yes, our Earth) got teleported somehow onto Scadrial. The characters somehow get one (seemingly random) allomantic power or feruchemical power, and get to travel through Scadrial. They are from our current time period, so I don't think they would be too frustrated... I mean, Covid... This would start at the time Alloy of Law starts. Anyway, if you're interested just post a character sheet. My person is going to be me, (except for the name) and is going to have some extensive knowledge of the cosmere. If you want to play someone from Scadrial, that would be okay too. (I'll wait to post a character sheet until I see if anyone is actually interested in this.) Also, we get to mess up the plot if we want! Or not! It depends on what happens.
  16. Do we know how the timing lines up on Scadrial and Roshar? In TWOK Demoux is seen worldhopping on Roshar, meaning the non-flashback events we've seen on Roshar must occur after but within decades of the Final Ascension on Scadrial. In Mistborn Secret History, Kelsier only learns of worldhopping around the time of the Catacendre. He is widely theorized to be Thaidakar, but the Ghostbloods have presumably been operating for decades on Roshar. When did Kelsier establish the Ghostbloods? Also, Demoux followed Kelsier in life, later becoming one of the founders of and most dedicated adherent to Survivalism. What are the chances that he became a worldhopper but NOT a member of the Ghostbloods? I assume this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything written on it. Have I made some faulty assumptions? Thanks!
  17. So, an idea I had a while back would be that I would love to have explored would be reincarnation in the Cosmere. I'd love to see older characters come back and play a role in other worlds. I'm not sure how it could work for most characters, since they'd have to have new names and origins, making it hard to tell who they were in a previous life, but I think it could be interesting. The person I can think of it working best would be Vin, or someone else who's held the full power of a shard. Maybe that could enable them to have some memory of their past life, similar to an expanded soul being able to linger in the cognitive realm. Though honestly, I'd just love to see her reincarnate in the second half of the stormlight series as a Windrunner, with Elend as an Elsecaller and maybe Ham as a singer.
  18. So I saw a wob saying luthadel is named after someone , and I just want to know if we know anything about who this supposed “lutha” is
  19. So I’m new to mbti and I’m trying to work out the personality types for ppl in era one here is what I got so far vin:istp kelsier: (damn this was hard as he is so unique)estp elend: infp, as an infp myself I saw a lot in elend that matched with my type sazed:istj? let me know if u have more
  20. Hello, do we have some numbers, or estimates on how frequent Ferring or Mistings are? I tried looking in Coppermind/Arcanum, but could not find anything specific. Thank you.
  21. So, I am using a graph for all of this instead of Pixel measurements, so might be off. But I found that the 100 Mile Scale on the Elendel Basin map is around 1.24 Units long when the image is given a width of 6.6, this makes for a ((3.3/1.24)*100) Radius, for an Area of 223,000 Miles squared, or 577567.349 Square Kilometres. Slightly bigger than Yemen. I am not going to go into all as I kinda lost the math, but using this image, I got that the Area of the Final Empire should be around 4,665,850 Miles Squared (12,084,496.025), but I also got 1,720,000 (4,454,779.55) and 3,510,000 (9,090,858.267279) on different attempts overtime. No close comparison for the first, it is bigger than China but smaller than Russia. The others are, Between India and Australia, and bit smaller than United States respectively. I say this both to get feedback on my calculations, and to see if anyone can find better calculations that we can put on the wiki.
  22. From the album Szeth Facepalm's Mistborn Artz!

    Looking for a beautiful vacation? Come to Scadrial! Its red sun and constantly falling ash are sure to impress. And you can always feel safe knowing that the inquisitors are watching! Sorry i was to lazy to color the sky in heh
  23. If Miles Dagouter’s life had gone a little differently, he could’ve ended up working in a gold mine. A place where, in exchange for supplying food, pay, and the occasional metalmind, he would have large chunks of himself ripped off, cooked, and eaten by other miners. Is this possible? For a relatively small amount of gold you could have a near infinite amount of food ( if you are willing to resort to cannibalism). A gold compounder would be invaluable in barbaric war campaigns or mine cave-ins. Not that I’ve ever thought about being a cannibal…
  24. So Brandon has said in a WOB that hemalurgy has been used in other parts of the cosmere, let’s rack our brains together to see if we can find anything hemalurgy based in other books apart from mistborn