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Found 183 results

  1. Okay. So, I came up with an idea for an RP. It might suck, but I'm trying it out anyway. Anyway, the basic idea is that people from Earth (yes, our Earth) got teleported somehow onto Scadrial. The characters somehow get one (seemingly random) allomantic power or feruchemical power, and get to travel through Scadrial. They are from our current time period, so I don't think they would be too frustrated... I mean, Covid... This would start at the time Alloy of Law starts. Anyway, if you're interested just post a character sheet. My person is going to be me, (except for the name) and is going to have some extensive knowledge of the cosmere. If you want to play someone from Scadrial, that would be okay too. (I'll wait to post a character sheet until I see if anyone is actually interested in this.) Also, we get to mess up the plot if we want! Or not! It depends on what happens.
  2. Hello, do we have some numbers, or estimates on how frequent Ferring or Mistings are? I tried looking in Coppermind/Arcanum, but could not find anything specific. Thank you.
  3. It's pretty much exactly what the title suggests; I'm looking for any hints of Hoid having his Cryptic when he shows up in the Wax and Wayne series, which would suggest that he figured out the trick to taking Spren off of Roshar. Any mentions of "strange patterns/markings/symbols" when Hoid is on screen? Or him talking to someone that didn't seem to be there?
  4. Spoilers All Cosmere This is just some crazy tinfoil idea that I had. I've long had a pet theory that Kelsier was connected to another Shard. He has such commitment to his ideals that it speaks of great Intent. He comes off as cocky and self-interested but his willingness to sacrifice himself - and pursue his ideals even thereafter! - shows the depth of his devotion. I used to think that, if he was influenced by a shard, it was probably Bavadin. Her penchant for Investing herself into Avatars is well known. Kelsier's anti-authoritarianism seems pretty Autonomous. And Kel's immidiate antipathy towards Hoid seems rather as if he "has been instilled with an intense and overpowering dislike of" our favorite flautist. This seems a little hard to square with his becoming a ruler (the Sovereign) on Scadrial, and a leader (Thaidakar) to the Ghostbloods. But it's possible. Perhaps there is no greater autonomy than sovereignty. Kelsier created the Bands of Mourning, an artifact so powerful as to grant its user quite a bit of "freedom and self-direction." But of all the questions about the Bands of Mourning, one gets a little lost: Why are they so named? I don't believe that the eponymous book gives an answer. But another text may: Shadows For Silence In The Forest Of Hell. Shadows for Silence is set on the planet Threnody, namesake of the Threnodite system. The other planets in that system include Monody and Elegy. A threnody is "a wailing lament composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person." Both a monody and an elegy are "poems lamenting a person's death." All three of these are examples of mourning. There's no Shard in the Threnodite system now. We know that several Shards were once there - Odium, Ambition, and Mercy. A "wail for the dead" doesn't speak much of Ambition, and though it is Passionate it doesn't really feel like "God's own hatred." Mercy? "Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm." That doesn't sound much like a death-song - and it sounds nothing like Kelsier. In the Threnodite system, then, one of two things seems likely. The first possibility is that the planets are named for some other Shard. Perhaps this is one of the two we haven't encountered - maybe it is the Shard of Grief? Maybe Memory? The second possibility is that this system was created, or at least deeply touched, by all three of the shards which once resided there: Odium, Ambition, and Mercy. What do you get when you mix striving, passion, and forgiveness? I think that you would get the creation, of a song, of mourning. Perhaps Kelsier is touched by something from these worlds. Kelek's Breath but there are enough Cognitive Shadows running around Threnody! And we know that the Selish Ire have set up pickets around Scadrial's subastral specifically to prevent Threnodite Shades from coming through via Shadesmar. And we know that Kelsier had a deeply transformative experience when he was enslaved in the Pits of Hathsin - the Lord Ruler's prison, the source of all atium, but also a Perpendiculatiry. Maybe a Shade got through the Ire's picket and touched Kelsier. Maybe it was more than one of the apparently simple-minded Shades we see in Shadows for Silence. Perhaps all of the Shades of Threnody contain portions of the three Shards we know were present there. Maybe they contain an especially large portion of Ambition, since Uli Da was the one so wounded there. One part hatred, three parts self-striving, and one part "a desire to relieve suffering." ...that sounds a lot like Kelsier to me.
  5. I feel the possiblities of burning iron have under utilized in mistborn compared to the tricks of other metals (ex. steel pushing letting you basicly fly, tin letting you detect poison etc.), so I want to write a fan story where the main character is lucher. I need some more Ideas on how utilise the power, so far I have: -seeing where metal objects are are Identifyimg which a which -using it to pull your self to increase your speed while in a wheeled vehicle (or pull on another vehicle?) -fastening on improvised armour -redirecting weapons in a predictable manner (catching swords, pulling bullets etc.) -shoot things given the opponent is between you and the object you are pulling or the object is behind you and the target is in front of you and you move out of the way just in time, -walk upsidedown on metal objects -bring metal things, like weapons or valubles, right to you -swing from metal object to metal obect like some kind of magnetic spider man? -levitate in place if between to metal objects up high -stop someone wearing in their tacks. if someone has anymore useful applications please let me know (side note, does anyone think there could be any way a lurcher or a coinshot could pull or push to specific parts of the body, like how they are able identify specific parts of metal objects and push them individually? like maybe if you split the soul with hemalurgy)
  6. I am creating a Scadrian history for my tarot cards (which are an in-world deck). I would really appreciate any input on the history as written, and any ideas for the history to make it more cohesive and ‘realistic.’ The two threads dealing with the cards are here: Thank you!
  7. Found this in "Shadows of Self" I thought it was deserveing of attention.
  8. From the album A lurcher with a secret

    It's a character for a fan story in Era 2 I'm thinking of writng. If you look at his right hand it's translusent allowing you see the bone implying the presence of a Kandra. The Idea here is that as a child the character (Working name Caduel) lost his arm in factory work, soon after he found a very young kandra (though Caduel didn't know what it was at the time) only just learning to imitate flesh. With the Kadra's help Caduel has a working, living prosthesis. I want to use the story to create a mystery of who could be creating Kandra after the Catacendre, in addition explore the possblities of the powers offered by burning iron. I don't have a working name for the kandra yet, but I am how ever toying with idea of Caduel slowly discovering the kandra is fully aware, and for the kandra becoming somewhat of a little brother figure for Caduel.
  9. I ran across a closed discussion on Mistborn vs Radiant from a few years ago yesterday and it got me thinking how a conflict between the two might resolve and in who's favor. In it they were comparing a Vin with a Kaladin both having ample means of investiture which in cosmere practicality would have to happen during a high storm with mist though that wasn't stated. So how would a contest shake out between a Skadrian and a Rosharan given that there is every possibility that if Odium wins the contest of champions Rosharan's could be sent out into the Cosmere to conquer or bring order. Radiants seem to operate like twinborns with 2 surges and a hybrid surge or compounding, but they are limited to 10 specific combinations where Scadrian twinborns have an Alamantic investiture and a Feruchemical Investiture combining to 256 different investitures including 16 that compound while the other the other 240 create an enhanced composite effect of the 2 investitures. That doesn't include the 2 God metals one of which would create a full Mistborn with a feruchemical compounding. For this discussion limit it to Twinborn vs Radient and the possibility of cross investiture such as a spren bonded Scadrian or hemolurgically enhanced Rosharan or some plausible Rosharan misting without Lerasium. Atium legal but only as a misting or fering though that might only be available on Scadrial in the mist since Harmony doesn't produce it anymore. To start with could an aluminum compound Twinborn be the ultimate immune to direct investiture attack Maybe even to the point that a shard blade doesn't sever the spirit but instead becomes a conduit to drain the Radiant's storm/void light? An aluminum gnat actively burning acting as a sink to any overt lashing like soul casting, gravity, adhesion, etc... Also with any hand held aluminum piercing weapon of any kind they might be able to drain the storm light from shard plate or sword and the radiant. The other thought I had was that windrunners could fire projectiles using reverse lashings on low mass objects in hand turning them into guided missiles at their opponents. Those dun spheres, chips, pebbles, would then make dangerous projectiles with multiple reverse lashes that would almost never miss their target. Or imagine a Rioter who bonded a cryptic or Soother who bonded a High Spren. Any Scadrian Twinborn who bonded a spren might be able to use storm/void light to invest their metal mind. I could see a Tin compounder bonded to any Spren having the physical skills to take full advantage of the awareness given by their Tin. It also seems to me that it would be easier for a Twinborn to bond a Spren than a Rosharan to develop metal arts giving Scadrian's an advantage in the long run in the contest and perhaps over other forms of investiture in the Cosmere. My guess is that upon initial contact the advantage goes to the Rosharan's, but in the long run the advantage goes to the Scadrian's. (I hope my spelling is ok since I listen to the books not actually read them so I spell them phonetically.)
  10. In the RoW Chapter 6 epigraph it is stated that the fabrial function is determined in part by the metal used. I think it would be worthy to ask Brandon if the metals used in the metallic arts are the same that can produce functional fabrials.
  11. From the album Alphabets, typography and similar [Cosmere]

    Edit: There's an image size limit? I really prefer having it all in one image. Here's a Google Drive link to full-size of it.
  12. From the album Alphabets, typography and similar [Cosmere]

    Inspiration and some info from @Honorless, thanks! @LordOfCheesecakes, I'm curious about your opinion too, I hope you don't feel like I stole the thing you were to do? A question to everyone: are you interested in me doing part 2 and 2.1 (the last couple letters and other characters that didn't fit on 2 first pages of the table)? Or making those into vectors, but that's more work. I made up some Terris letters that were missing, based on the ancient letter forms (chapter numbers in HoA) and some deduction.
  13. Would it be possible to use a duraluminmind to store Connection to other metalminds? That way you could have metalminds taking up entire rooms and not have to lug them around everywhere. Also, would it be possible to Compound enough Investiture with nicrosil to give yourself almost Shard-esque powers? Could you use the Spark of Life or other such Innate Investiture to fill a nicrosilmind? Could you store a Shard in a nicrosilmind? Could two Archivists use an unkeyed copper wire to communicate (i.e. one stores the memory of a sheet of paper saying “Hi. How are you today?” and the other taps that memory, writes down their response and sends it back)? And what would happen if you compounded a coppermind?
  14. I just read Emperor's Soul for the second time and it was just as good on the reread even though the first happened a few months ago. It might be my favorite of his short stories (except for Shadows of Silence or Sixth of the Dusk or...). I have a couple of questions about how Forging relates to Hemalurgy. I'm guessing based on the Kriss essay on Hemalurgy that Forging ability could be stolen from a person. Could I steal some one's stamp? For instance, I could put Shai in a situation where she uses her warrior stamp then take it? Also, could Forging allow someone to switch/gain magical abilities? Like, could I reforge someone into being an Elantrian? P.s. I'm relatively new to the discussion boards so please forgive me if I missed some earlier conversations.
  15. He apears just two times on the pages of RoW, but I still find him very interesting. First, we see him as steward during Gavilars feast, he speaks with Navani. Is mentioned he has many rings on his fingers. Second, we see him as corpse, as he is murdered by Mraize. We can assume its the same person. His eyes changed and his rings are gone. Also, we learn he had Aviar of some sort. So what he is doing here? And witch organization he served? Scadrian worldhoppers are associated with few organizations, each with other one. Demoux is from 17th Shard. Felt is independent. Axindweth is associated with Gavilar and Sons of Honor (probably) but is also linked to some other organisation (Set maybe? Dont think she is Ghostblood). Yiatil is Ghostblood. So who he is? Is he one of Harmonys agents? Is he 17th Shard? Why Mraize killed him? Is he rival Ghostblood?
  16. harmony

    Okay so considering the fact that Sazed picked up two shards at his Ascension, does that make him the most powerful being in the cosmere? Or would that title depend on which shards were combined? For example, the opposite nature of Ruin and Preservation make changes hard for Sazed. If someone, say Rayse, were to have shattered Preservation and picked up Ruin, would that be a more powerful combo? Regardless, would Sazed be able to contend with Rayse given he is Harmony (Ruin AND Preservation) and Rayse is only Odium?
  17. Am I allowed to put this in the gallery? I was inspired by the end sheets of SA and thought it would be interesting to draw (hypothetical) religious art from Scadrial and Nalthis depicting Kelsier and Warbreaker. Not complete, but you should be able to see the issue. That’s marewill, btw, not the GB symbol. But I do headcannon the GB symbol as stylized marewill. Warbreaker will not be an issue, as none of his picture elements include spoilers beyond Warbreaker (the book).
  18. Pretty much exactly what the title says; I just wanted a single topic/thread to discuss and theorize/hypothesize what stuff like the Pure Tones and Rhythms might mean for Investiture on other worlds. The main one that spurred me to make this thread is: Can you use the Song (Pure Tone + Rhythm) of Preservation to draw in and burn the Mists of Preservation, even if you don't have the same Connection to Preservation that Vin had in the Final Empire? We see that the Pure Tones alone can guide the Lights of the corresponding shard into different containers, so would adding the Rhythm and making the Song of Preservation attract the Mists strongly enough to be consumed by an Allomancer? ...Could you do the same with the Song and Mists of Ruin to fuel Atium Allomancy without needing physical Atium??? See, these thoughts are why I make topics like this, I need to know if I'm completely off-base or not, bring in some other thoughts and see if I'm onto something by thinking in weird directions.
  19. Brandon has said that Era4 will be a clash of cultures. We now know that this will probably involve a Rosharan/Scadrian conflict. And in RoW we’ve seen what may well be its beginnings. So this is what I think will be the heart of the Scadrian/Rosharan conflict. Scadrial is society created by thieves. They revere a conman, Kelsier and venerate am assassin, Vin. They naturally seek the mists, which actively work to conceal Allomancers. They are a society naturally drawn to the shadows. Fighting fair is NOT how they operate. Roshar is the opposite. Knights in literal shining armor, bound to honor codes. The most duplicitous of the Orders revolves around Truths. They’re practically designed for a straightforward fight; you can’t hide if you glow in the dark! I can’t imagine why the Rogue planet doesn’t get along with the Paladin planet... Chaotic Good/Neutral vs. Lawful Good/Neutral... We can see this with the Ghostbloods, which we now know are run by Kelsier. As I’ve pointed out on other threads, they’re on the same side as the coalition - quietly. They want Dalinar to win. But the way they’re doing it (leaving aside the actions of individuals) is not a method most Radiants could approve of. But it gets better. Scadrial is the world most like Earth. It utilizes mechanical industry and the metallic arts. It’s the type of industry that, as we know, can easily scour the land. On top of which, the allomantic and feruchemical arts are internal and intrinsic. And those two combined allow for fairly easy sharing of powers. And then there’s Hemalurgy. The ability to steal any power with the proper training - so long as you’re willing to kill. On Roshar, in contrast, industry is almost entirely Investiture based. And we now know that fabriels can be created by Spren, without needing to harvest resources. On Roshar, industry may very well follow a more symbiotic path; note that much of their nature and their major investiture system is all about symbiosis. The powers so granted, however, are not easily transferred. And while Bondsmiths can more easily manipulate Connection, there are some fairly strict limits (including an inability to travel). Hemalurgy lacks those constraints, being limited only by knowledge and morality. And there are no Oaths to enforce the latter. And what is the Shard of Scadrial? Harmony. What is the hypothesized union of the three Rosharan Shards? Conquest. Honestly, when you look at it, it makes a lot of sense that these two would end up conflicting. The natures of the worlds are inherently opposed.
  20. Background Preservation & Ruin created the planet Scadrial together from scratch after the Shattering. Trell is a shard/or shard-like entity that is unknown to Harmony Trellium is the metal of a known shard: Possible shard candidates (at time of WoB): Devotion, Dominion, Preservation, Ruin, Odium, Honor, Cultivation, Endowment, or Autonomy But not necessarily a shard: Devotion and Dominion have spren-like cognitive splinters – seons and skai respectively Seons are ‘devoted’ servants to their masters Skai are described as ‘evil seons’ ( Avatars of Shards can be imbued with an intent and can operate after a shard’s vessel has died The Mist continued to snap people on Scadrial after Ati died Theory Preservation & Ruin pooled their Investiture and used a Dawnshard to create the planet Scadrial Ruin agreed to this use of Investiture on condition that he could destroy the planet eventually The Dawnshard that allowed for the planet’s creation is still on Scadrial and is currently being protected by Harmony A primary of Intent of Dominion shard is ‘to dominate’ The skai are evil counterparts to seons who are described as being helpful and obedient. The opposite of this could be 'dominating'. Trell is an avatar of Dominion Etymologically the word Trell is related to a Norse word meaning ‘slave or thrall’. This aspect fits as an aspect of Dominion that has an Intent to dominate Trellium is Dominion’s metal Trellium as a hemolurgic spike allowed for control over Paalm and the hemalurgic chimeras created by her. This fits with an Intent of domination. Harmony is unaware of what Trellium is and that it comes from Dominion because the Vessel of Dominion is dead. His knowledge of Shards and wider Realmatic Theory comes from self-study and from whatever the other Shard Vessels and people like Hoid tell him Trell's ultimate purpose is to get the Dawnshard on Scardrial Open Questions As an avatar of Dominion, Trell was able to move a large amount of Dominon’s Investiture off planet. Could this be connected to Kelsier (and by extension the Ghostbloods) goal to learn how to move large amounts of Investiture off planet? Could Odium’s decision to destroy Dominion (and Devotion) be influenced by what Dominion’s plans were? What (if any) is the connection to the man named Trell on Taldain?
  21. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  22. Felt is a Ghostblood sleeper agent. Way back in TFE: “Felt, one of the House Venture chief spies, climbed into the carriage, nodding his hawkish, mustached face respectfully to Elend, then Jastes.” Felt is a spy, originally from TFE Scadrial. He was present when Kell died, during the revolt and Elend’s speech, and the Catacande. And now he’s here, on Roshar. We know the GBs have a spy near the Kholins. We know that having an agent near prospective members is common practice. Felt has been by Dalinar’s side for years. He’s a loyal and trusted member of Dalinar’s forces. And now he’s on the Shadesmar trip, in the perfect position to ‘innocently’ question Kalak and discover the whereabouts of Ba-Ado-Mishram. We were all but told he was a worldhopper in Dalinar’s memories. And we know he’s tried to find the Nightwatcher before going on Dalinar’s mission to find her. His presence here, now, is remarkably suspicious - and no one suspects him at all. So: I posit that Felt is a Ghostblood agent in deep cover. Thoughts?
  23. Hey, wasn't there a character called Tathindweth or something like that in the Wax & Wayne series? I can't find the reference now. For a second there I thought that was Wax's sister's name (instead of Telsin) and thought Axindweth might be Wax's mother and had a moment. Alas, it clearly isn't that. But still, I think there's a connection to be found, if fellow 17th shard-ians can help.
  24. Apologies if I'm very late to the party with this, it's been some time since I frequented this forum, so I'm a bit behind on the current WoB's and theories. With Rhythm of War's chapter headings, we now know that I am eager to see your responses. Remember that Sanderson has a tendency for obfuscation when describing things, as evidenced by Roshar's wines, and Aluminum's many descriptors.
  25. Spook and Kelsier as the two sides of Scadrial. ^-^