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Found 21 results

  1. is savantism reversible if you slowly wean yourself off the metal? it seems possible.
  2. I recall a particular WOB (Which I can't bloody find on the Arcanum) that compared Savantism to the Nahel Bond and called Savantism 'Uncontrolled'. So I'm wondering if it were plausible that there would be a way to 'Control' Allomantic Savantism, gaining more of the benefits with less of the extreme downsides. Like controlling the extreme tin-savantism so that your tin-senses would be greatly enhanced while leaving your regular the same? Basically what I'm asking is would it be possible to cheat Savantism.
  3. If you hemelurgically steal tin so you can burn it and you flare it so much you become a savant like spook, and someone steals the spike back or you take it out, do you keep the enhanced senses? I think yes, but I'm very curious what ya'll think.
  4. In The Emperor's Soul, Shai mentions that a Soulstamp placed on the emperor enough may lead to a permanent taking of the stamp. And that got me wondering; since using a form of Investiture constantly used will eventually cause savantism to occur in the practitioner, would someone who stamped themselves and renewed the stamp before it ran out for a long enough period of time become a savant, causing the stamp to take permanently, or really, would the effects of the stamp stay even after the stamp itself dissolved?
  5. I was re-reading Mistborn when I noticed that Clubs is often forgotten by the other characters, and it made me begin to wonder: were Club's powers helping hide him from the other's attention? It's been confirmed that Allomantic copper can hide you from an Awakener's Lifesense, which is an ability that all people in the Cosmere have, with the exception of Drabs. Could an Allomantic copper savant be harder for people to notice because they are hidden from people's natural Lifesense?
  6. I was reading Trusk'our's thread on Allomantic Duralumin Savantism ( and it got me thinking. Is there a scale of savantism or is there one or more plateaus to the changes caused by the power? Technically, once physiological changes begin to occur, they would be considered a Savant, regardless of how minor or extreme the change was. So, hypothetically you have three people who ate equally sized bits of Lerasium and became Mistborn. All three burn a metric ton of Brass (or other large but reasonably sized amount that could be burned away through normal allomantic usage) over the course of a year, one burning at a normal rate, one constantly flaring, one burning their Brass as fast as they could with Duralumin. What level of savantism would each allomancer obtain? I assume the normal burner would get very proficient at Soothing and overall benefits to the practice, but would get relatively little savantism effects because they aren't stressing the body or Spiritweb (considering Mistborn commonly leave their Copper and Tin running in the night but don't suffer as Spook did, even when they aren't using Pewter). The one flaring would certainly become a savant, their soul warped by the constant stretching. What of the Duralumin user? Would they get end up at the same level of savantism as the one flaring, or would they have more extreme effects of savantism? I would guess the second. Could the one flaring metals continue burning and eventually catch up to the Duralumin user, or would there be specific changes that only could be feasibly accomplished with Duralumin (unless you're TLR and have 1,000 years to burn? Maybe not even then? I'm not sure I see him going the Duralumin route either though)? A reduced rate of Duralumin burning allowing for abnormally high flares might explain TLR's insane Soothing, but we don't see him chugging down Brass constantly either. Breeze's estimate at the Skaa executions was that TLR was Soothing a number two orders of magnitude larger than what he could, probably with a greater Push on their emotions as well. That seems like an insane amount of Brass to be burning during a long, leisurely carriage ride from Kredik Shaw to the fountain square without refilling your metal reserves at some point. Maybe he is stealthily eating Brass, maybe he can choke down a huge amount to fill his stomach, but it seems rather inconvenient for TLR to constantly put up with. Thoughts?
  7. I've been wondering about what a A-Chromium savant could do and have a few ideas. It'd probably make sense for a Leecher to be able to use Chromium as a defensive technique if someone was trying to force investiture into them, such as Lashing, Soulcasting or blocking Lightwoven lasers. That might come up when we get to space age and have laser fabrials. Crackpot idea for A-Chromium, we know it seems to only work on kinetic Investiture (though maybe a Savant could do something with passive/static), but it looks like Chromium allows a redirection/release of power, probably into the SR. I think it would be cool if a savant could actually redirect Investiture, instead of just burning it off. Like... Hoid somehow modifying Shallan's storytelling Lightweaving. Tweaking a Soulcasting to change whatever product the Radiant was hoping to make, changing the intended vector of a Lashing, or adjusting the Commands of an Awakened object such as a doll. Thoughts?
  8. So, when a person becomes a Savant, their spiritweb is suffused with investiture. If their spiritweb is actually having investiture added to it, then will that investiture continue to build up over time? Would someone like the Lord Ruler have a much larger amount of power added to them than someone like Spook due to adding investiture to their spiritweb over a significantly longer period of time?
  9. Allomantic duralumin gives a massive burst of power to a Mistborn burning it along with another metal as it allows your to use up a metal reserve instantly. However, I don't think that it's actually instant, just very, very fast. If someone could have a large enough metal store, or burn their duralumin at a slower pace, then they might be able to use another power very quickly, but not in a single burst, more as a very highly flared power. I think that savantism with this particular power may actually allow this, as savantism allows for significantly greater control over the power's usage. In fact, it may be that the reason The Lord Ruler was able to sooth so powerfully was because he used Allomantic duralumin, but in a very controlled way allowed by savantism. He was also very powerful innately though, so this may not be the case. Even so, I think my idea still has merit.
  10. When an allomancer (or Feruchemical compounder) uses their powers enough, they can accidentally suffuse their spiritweb with investiture, which can lead to changes in the physical realm. However, Kandra are able to manipulate their physical aspect, as well as having mutable spiritwebs. If a Kandra were to become a savant, would they be able to easily scrub away the negative changes? Or would the changes made to their spiritweb instead damage their ability to change themselves and assume different forms?
  11. compunding

    Here's a thought, Tin compounders, could they simultaneously burn tin while storing, say hearing, to minimise the effects of loud noises? Could they become a tin savant with little or no negative effects? Could they become a savant without the constant burning by burning their metalminds?
  12. So Ive been into the cosmere for a while and have been searching the forums for this but I can't find any answers. Savantism is the end result of overflaring metals too often and damaging the spiritweb as a result yes? Questions are: How exactly does it damage the spiritweb? How does savantism itself occur in relation to preservations power and the metals as a conduit when burning? How long does it take to become a savant? Those are a few I thought up. New here, hope this piques someone's interest
  13. Also would mistborn suffer from savanthood if they flared tin like spook ? Would tlr also suffer from negative side effects of general allomantic savanthood and compounding savanthood ??
  14. What would happen to a mistborn if they were a savant in all the metals? We know that savantism can become dangerous, but would being a savant in all metals weirdly balance eachother out? In a similar way to how Spook's pewter negated his tin savantism? Or would the effects on ones spiritual DNA be too much and the mistborn suffers woth big issues both physicslly and spiritually? Are there any WoBs on this? Do we know more? I appreciate any further input.
  15. So what are the effects of savantism for all the metals? AFAIK we know about Tin (as seen by Spook) and we know that pewter can be very dangerous but we don't really know the effects. There's a WoB that states bronze savants can pierce copper clouds, so presumably copper savants can create more powerful copper clouds. So what do we think the effects of savantism in the other metals would be?
  16. Time for a speculation thread! Ignore for a moment the financial implications of having that much atium on hand. Let's imagine that there was someone, either a Mistborn or a Seer, who had burned enough atium to warp their spiritual aspect and become a savant. What sorts of things could they do with atium that normal burners could not? I imagine they'd be able to extend the length of the atium shadows they saw far into the future. But presumably prolonged exposure to that much concentrated power of a Shard might have additional unexpected effects. And I'm almost positive that one drawback of atium savantism would be an increased suceptibility to Ruin or another Shard's influence. Are godmetal savants even possible?
  17. So, apparently if you Soulcast enough, your body begins to take on the characteristics of whatever Essence you're the most knowledgeable with. Like that one ardent in Words of Radiance whose face was turning to stone/crystal. But what if someone was a savant with meat Soulcasting? Would they just stay the same? Or would their begin producing more and more flesh? Or would they begin to turn into the characteristics of an inanimate slab of meat? Damnation, this is a creepy line of inquiry. In retrospect, this would be a good thread topic closer to Halloween. Oh well.
  18. Cost aside, what would an Aluminum Misting having burnt enough aluminum to become a savant do? Does aluminum even stick around instead of vanishing like all the other metals if you burn it? Would you somehow become more resistant to all forms of Investiture? That would be pretty funny. Stormlight spoilers:
  19. I apologize if this if this topic has already been discussed, but nothing came up in the search that quite matched this thought. Savants and Savantism have become a bit of a hot topic lately, as there has been much discussion about them, more so now after the Ad Astra reading. While occurrences of Savantism are quite rare in the Cosmere, we do get a skewed view on them, as we are more likely to see them around the big events that tend to be central to Cosmere stories. As a result, I wanted to take a look at our known Savants in the Cosmere, and get the thoughts of the minds on here, with a bit more of a focus on the Savants who have viewpoints. The focus is only because we get to see the side effects of Savantism more if we can be in the character's head. The reason for this is that I believe that Savantism is not a single state, but a spectrum, where the effects become more pronounced the longer and more deeply the user succumbs to the Savantism. Similar to drug use, I suppose. You can have drug users that are purely recreational. Then you have the habitual users, who would be analogous to Savants. They range from minor addiction to constant use. And the effects of addiction/constant use become more pronounced with time. So here is my list of known/suspected Savants that we have encountered: The Lord Ruler - After a thousand years, he was pretty much a Savant for everything. We do not have any perspectives from his point of view, so he won't be mentioned much more. Savant for Centuries. Jedal "Lestibournes" "Spook" - Was temporarily a tin Savant before Harmony cured him and made him a full Mistborn. Had reached a state of constant tin use, was starting to see major physical symptoms in his senses, after about a year of Savantism. Unknown if continued constant use would have led to CR bleed through, would be interesting to explore with the enhanced senses. Savant for approximately a year. Kaza, the Soulcaster - She has the most significant symptoms we have had the opportunity to witness. Much of it may be due to (Spoiler below). Physical manifestations as her body is transforming, mental changes as she is unable to relate to the mental/emotional state of people around her. Losing her tether to her mortal form. Some signs of CR bleed through. Savant for at least 30-40 years (estimated). Vasher, the Scholar - I'm hesitant to include him on this list. But after so many years as a Returned Awakener, and having held God King level Breaths at least once, I feel safe listing him as a Savant for awakening. Especially given how easily he awakened in the scenes we saw for him. He experimented with Breath, and created new commands, and lives off of Investiture. And he has been using Stormlight for some time now. Cannot think of any evidence of symptoms of his Savantism, other than the facility with Awakening. But that could be argued to be a result of his research. At the same time, it was implied that he was awakening more easily than he should have been at his Breath levels. His ability to Command was extrememly impressive. He did have some interesting personality quirks and asocial tendencies, especially when compared to Denth who was not as much of an Awakener that we know of. But we cannot confirm if this was just his personality, or a mental symptom of his Savantism. We do not have an exact age for him, but I would hazard Savant(?) for at least three centuries. Miles Dagouter - Gold Savant, probably. We do not have much from Miles Hundredlives perspective. What we did see was that he had lost the ability to feel or be affected by pain. We also saw that he was frequently experiencing life as both his current outlaw self and his former lawman self simultaneously - along with intense self-loathing as both of them hate each other. While intensely bizarre, that could have led to some interesting mental and CR insights into Savantism if we'd seen more from his perspective. Sadly, we do not get to see more. Savant for 20-30years, estimated. Pre-Inquisitor Marsh - Bronze Savant, probably. As we know most Seekers become Savants, we can assume that Marsh was likely a savant for most of his adult life. We don't get to see much of this, except for his training with Vin, and most of that pertains directly to Allomancy. We don't get to see any real symptoms of Savantism beyond his extreme skill at seeking. Inquisitor Marsh can't really be discussed, because although he is definitely a Savant in a few areas, the Hemalurgy messes up his Spirit Web so much that the data is kinda corrupted. Savant for most of his adult, human life. Edgard "Breeze" Ladrian - Brass Savant. Other than being insanely good at manipulating and Soothing people, as well as his penchant for vocalizing when focusing, we don't have much. His Soothing may be compulsive at this point, as we see in the Well of Ascension Seige of Luthadel, but we never get a Breeze perspective. Savant for most of his adult life. Waxillium "Wax" Ladrain - Steel Savant. Wax has his steel bubble that affects everything except his stuff. He is a weird case, as he has no drawbacks. I know Brandon is not entirely happy with this, and is thinking of how he will address it in the future. Savantism achieved during his time in the Roughs. Unfortunately, most of our examples of Savants are from Scadrial, so it is unwise to apply universal statements before we get to see more. But I get the feeling that a mix of exposure and length of time as a Savant affect the magnitude of the symptoms. Kaza is probably the best instance of late stage Savantism that we get, as well as Miles. We do have some examples of early stages of it as well, Spook. I also know I'm doing a crap job of stating a point - this would fail any English class on all conceivable levels. Not my best writing, by far, a result of trying to write at work, while not focusing entirely on what I'm doing, or having time to review and make sure I'm not repeating myself. The point was, no one seems to express Savantism exactly the same way. But we do see some physical or mental symptoms in most of them, the magnitude of which seem to be linked to how habitual the individuals listed use their power. And some of it, Kaza and Miles specifically, may bleed through into the CR a bit. I would assume Spook would have done the same at some point. Does anyone have other examples of Savants that I missed? Or contest my presumed Savants. Or have Cosmere wide Savantism thoughts to add?
  20. Several days ago I mentioned somewhere (I did, didn't I?) that Brandon is maybe considering backpedaling on some savant... stuff. I felt that his original comment to me was unclear, so I reached out and asked for a bit of clarification. Here it is: The TL;DR of all of this is: Wax was intended to be a savant of the combination of Allomantic Steel and Feruchemical Iron. Originally, savantism was meant to come with a consequence, a danger to it (e.g. see Spook) Three three published Wax & Wayne books don't seem to explore that - Wax experiences no downsides to his savantism So it's possible that some stuff will change in the future - whether it is Wax's status as a savant, whether it is how savantism and/or resonances work, whether it is some slight retcon, nobody knows ('cause it might not even happen). So take all this as a word of warning that any discussion about how savants work might end up being wrong and/or incomplete, even if all the information in it is currently accurate.
  21. Let's tackle that topic. Unfortunately we lack WoBs about it (or my theoryland search-fu is weaker than I thought) but we can still discuss about it. Feel free to throw WoBs at me. SOURCES There are four main sources of the differences in Allomantic strength: Inherent difference: some Allomancers are born stronger and some are born weaker (and some rebuild themselves during their Ascension...) . I believe the difference is in the amount of the Innate Investiture. Hemalurgy: after charging a spike with the ability of someone else, it adds up to the strength of the Allomancer. That ability remains tied to the spike and spikes hold Investiture, so they steal and add up the Innate Investiture. Nicrosil Feruchemy: it's possible to store Innate Investiture in nicrosil and upon drawing from that storage the Allomantic strength is increased. This obviously changes the amount of Innate Investiture. Savantism: it widens the cracks in the Spiritweb, allowing more power to flow in. Here I am not so sure it changes the amount of the Innate Investiture. WoB: I believe that the amount of the Innate Investiture is directly proportional to the strength of the Connection to Preservation. MECHANISM Now, we are not really sure how does Allomantic Strength work. The main theory is that it allows the Allomancer to burn metal quicker - the normal burning rate is higher than the average and the flaring burning rate is higher than average flaring burning rate. It also assumes that the Investiture density of the metal is fixed - no matter who burns it, the same amount of the metal will produce the same amount of the Investiture. The other theory is that stronger Allomancers get more Investiture from the fixed amount of metal. So here the Investiture density is tied to Allomancer and is directly proportional to the Allomantic strength of the burner. I could see how the amount of the Innate Investiture you have changes the normal burn rate and flaring burn rate but it seems that's not what is happening with savantism. Savantism cracks the soul more "allowing more Investiture to flow in". So it would mean that the burn rate remains the same but more Investiture flows in. I don't like that conclusion but it seems logical. Soo... thoughts, WoBs, counter-evidence?