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Found 23 results

  1. Could you go so far into savanting with Allomancy that it kills you? Like what if Spook decided to constantly Flare tin years earlier? Would the extreme Savanting eventually kill him or would it just become so extreme that his abilities would be effectively unusable? I ask this because becoming a Savant involves your soul being saturated in Investiture for long periods of time which causes 'cracks' in your Spiritweb, could these cracks grow so much that they kill you or is there a kind of limit on Savantism.
  2. wax

    So wax is always storing 1/4 of his weight right? I know Brandon has stated that he doesn’t want wax to be a savant because he hasn’t shown any drawbacks, but that seems exclusive to his allomancy. What I’m thinking is that wax is actually losing bone and muscle density. It isn’t yet manifesting because when wax taps his metal minds to get immensely heavier, his feruchemy has the side effect of strengthening him enough that he usually isn’t hurting himself. Well, astronauts in negligible g have serious bone density issues, and this poses a few problems for settlers of low g planets/moons requiring that they take steroids. In any case, when and if wax loses his metal minds, he should start suffering from weak bones and joints, and trouble moving, at least until he can find something made of iron. On a side note, skimmers should make excellent deep sea divers, and astronauts, since they can avoid pressure issues either way, changing the density of the air and blood in their bodies. I’d love to see this in era 4, with a skimmer able to hold their breath in vacuum by filling their metal minds at an absurd rate
  3. I can’t find the source for it, so sorry I can’t cite it, but I remember reading somewhere that becoming an aluminum savant would cleanse you of impurities. So, if you had multiple hemalurgic spikes and you didn’t want to be controlled by any shard you came across, could you burn enough aluminum to cleanse your spirit web of impurities, seamlessly melding your spirit web and the spliced spirit web together, leaving one’s self protected against direct control?
  4. So Ive been into the cosmere for a while and have been searching the forums for this but I can't find any answers. Savantism is the end result of overflaring metals too often and damaging the spiritweb as a result yes? Questions are: How exactly does it damage the spiritweb? How does savantism itself occur in relation to preservations power and the metals as a conduit when burning? How long does it take to become a savant? Those are a few I thought up. New here, hope this piques someone's interest
  5. Okay, this may be a stupid question... But, theoretically, could a bronze misting (or mistborn) become a bronze savant? Like the bronze equivalent of what happened to spook in HoA? If so, what would happen? Would they potentially be able to sense through copperclouds, like vin with hemalurgy? Or would they just be able to sense the pulses more clearly?
  6. So I was thinking about savantism lately and the difference between the multiple "cases" of savantism. Some, like Spook, were examples of extreme savantism that are not seen anywhere else in terms of the severity. Others, like Vin's pewter and Kelsier's iron and steel savantism, were not as prominent, but still had an effect. That is why I think that there are different levels of savantism. Some are extreme and very noticeable, like Lestibournes, while others are more "mild", like most other savants that we have seen. I made a preliminary list of the levels below: Extreme Savantism Rashek Spook Miles Vin Wax Kelsier Less Extreme Savantism The reason I put Kelseir at the bottom is that his savantism is perhaps the least noticeable out of everyone on the list. In addition, Kelseir's savantism might just be due to his extensive use of the metals and years of practice. I had a hard time placing Miles and Vin, but I think that their places could be optimized.
  7. Savantism takes years to develop in most cases however cadmium would take stake substantially longer due to the time compression. In our world cadmium was discovered in 1817 and industrial scale production began in the 1930s-1940s. It's production requires electricity and as such small scale production could only have began recently, further evidenced by it's high cost. Coming up with a number that seems reasonable we can say cadmium production began 20 years ago. So if some rich cadmium misting decided to go to the future 20 years ago and burned non-stop excluding sleep breaks would they have become a cadmium savant yet? Sadly it seems unlikely we'll never see a cadmium savant.
  8. Hello everyone! I've recently discovered that among my circle of friends, my idea of Wax's savant ability and resonance is not the norm. So I wanted to share it with you all and get your input. 1) While reading the books, it was clear that Wax's steel bubble was becoming more fine tuned over time. To me, this implies that it's a manifestation of him becoming a steel savant. It's not an increase in raw power, but instead is a very technical ability in which his skill grows as he burns more steel and warps his spirit. 2) As I understand it, a resonance typically doesn't have an effect on the actual investiture being used. Shallan's resonance is the ability to take Memories. Kaladin attracts followers like a boy band. Neither of these necessarily is directly linked to their use of stormlight (because no one has confirmed Spiritual Adhesion as a thing...right?). Wax has one particular ability in the books that is very unique to himself and Brandon goes out of his way to mention it several times. Wax has pinpoint accuracy when shooting. Every fight is -*headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand. Miles Graves even tells Wax to "stop doing that!" after Wax has performed the "shoots gun out of hand" trick multiple times. This type of accuracy is not normal, and since Brandon goes out of his way to acknowledge it in book, it makes sense for this to be Wax's resonance.
  9. So this thought was kindled by an off handed comment on the shardcast, and so I ask here after some thinking. Can a radiant become a savant in a particular surge? Or perhaps even to stormlight in general? we understand from Mistborn that savantism is the almost rewriting/overwriting of your sDNA to be 'this particular way now' as being more attuned to a particular power, so would a radiant who is using their powers a lot become a savant? Does stormlight's healing abilities simply restore you to your sDNA perceptions before you can become a savant? I welcome your input.
  10. What would happen to a mistborn if they were a savant in all the metals? We know that savantism can become dangerous, but would being a savant in all metals weirdly balance eachother out? In a similar way to how Spook's pewter negated his tin savantism? Or would the effects on ones spiritual DNA be too much and the mistborn suffers woth big issues both physicslly and spiritually? Are there any WoBs on this? Do we know more? I appreciate any further input.
  11. So what are the effects of savantism for all the metals? AFAIK we know about Tin (as seen by Spook) and we know that pewter can be very dangerous but we don't really know the effects. There's a WoB that states bronze savants can pierce copper clouds, so presumably copper savants can create more powerful copper clouds. So what do we think the effects of savantism in the other metals would be?
  12. Hey might be a strange question, but if someone like the Lord Ruler receives no resonances from his full born status, because he has all of the abilities, if he was a savant in every allomantic metal, would he receive any negative effects, or are those also negated like resonances are?
  13. Hello! I'm excited to finally be a part of the cosmere club. Now I can speculate absurd ways of hacking the magic systems just like I used to, but now it'll be official. Medium-sized blurb about me: favorite cosmere setting so far is Mistborn Era 2, Wayne is such an awesome character (maybe even as awesome as Lift). Favorite feasible power set (as you might be able to tell from my username): Twinborn Allomantic Slider + Feruchemical Steelrunner A theory that I've been considering recently is what would an allomantic bendalloy savant be able to do? Take his time bubble with him as he moves? Reduce his bubble to act like a second skin so that no one else could accidentally get inside and reap the benefits?
  14. As we have seen in Hero of ages, spook savantism in tin allowed him to gain more power from burning metal, but as Brandon said theoretical aluminium savant can clean his body from other impurities. So he would gain more control over his metal. And as burning duraluminium alows you to burn other metals in MUCH FASTER way than normal. So maybe with more control over it you could just accelerate the proces of burning. Instead of just one burst of power, you could make your pewter three times as effective, by flaring it three times as faster, but constant.
  15. Hey y'all This is my very first post on the 17th Shard! Without further adieu, let's get in to the topic. So, is it possible—and if so, what it even does—to become an aluminum, duralumin, chronium, or nicrosil savant? Post your answer or thoughts/musings down below! I believe that it's possible, but doesn't do anything. (Wait-can you even flare aluminum?) Sorry for the short post, I'm just usin' my phone so it's hard to type. Ising the have of having a good day/night. -☫Kell
  16. This is something that occurred to me a few years ago, when I first read through the epigraphs about spook being a tin savant. Vin burned pewter pretty much constantly. She often went without sleep because she was burning pewter and didn't feel the fatigue. Furthermore, she has burned pewter instinctively for as long as she can remember. I also suspect that learning to pewter drag might be something that approaches savantism... And Ham also notes that Vin was stronger than him when both of them were burning pewter. I've always figured that Vin must have been a pewter savant, for all the above reasons. In my time on these forums, however, I have never heard anyone mention this idea. So here I open up discussion and speculation on the matter.
  17. Several days ago I mentioned somewhere (I did, didn't I?) that Brandon is maybe considering backpedaling on some savant... stuff. I felt that his original comment to me was unclear, so I reached out and asked for a bit of clarification. Here it is: The TL;DR of all of this is: Wax was intended to be a savant of the combination of Allomantic Steel and Feruchemical Iron. Originally, savantism was meant to come with a consequence, a danger to it (e.g. see Spook) Three three published Wax & Wayne books don't seem to explore that - Wax experiences no downsides to his savantism So it's possible that some stuff will change in the future - whether it is Wax's status as a savant, whether it is how savantism and/or resonances work, whether it is some slight retcon, nobody knows ('cause it might not even happen). So take all this as a word of warning that any discussion about how savants work might end up being wrong and/or incomplete, even if all the information in it is currently accurate.
  18. Disclaimer: This is not a theory or a new idea, the purpose of this post is to make clarifications as to what a savant is, and explain a subtle difference between the personal effects of Allomancy and Feruchemy If you look in the Coppermind you will find that a savant is someone who has flared a metal for so long that their physiology changes to adapt. With Feruchemy the creation of a savant is impossible, technically. I believe that the use of Feruchemy makes anyone into a temporary savant, as their physiology changes. For example, Sazed's muscles grew larger when he saved Vin, and Wayne becomes more susceptible to sickness when storing healing (as it weakens his immune system). This means that Feruchemy will temporarily change an individuals physiology (or at least the physical, cognitive, and potentially hybrid do), while Allomancy will do it permanently.
  19. We keep seeing WoBs about what happens when you become too invested. You ultimately ascend to become the vessel of the shard whose investiture you hold so much of. That much is established... But it makes me wonder... What happens if you get enough investiture to ascend... But the current vessel of the shard is still alive? Now, we have technically seen such an occurrence, when Vin ascended and took Preservation from Kelsier. On the other hand... In my estimation, Kelsier wasn't really holding the shard to full capacity. I do not think his example really counts at all. But it still raises questions. What happens? Would the current shardholder be killed? Just like that? That sounds like a surprisingly easy way to kill a shardholder. Or would perhaps the would-be ascendant be killed? For anyone here who has read the traveller's gate triology... I can't help but think of what happened to someone when they tried to become an incarnation of a territory when that territory already had a living incarnation in the real world. It wasn't pretty. No matter which way you cut it, this kind of ascension has some serious implications. And while Sanderson has said more than once that holding lots of investiture is a way to ascend, his silence on what happens to the existing shardholder sticks out to me as significant... I wonder if we will see such an ascension down the road.
  20. Let's tackle that topic. Unfortunately we lack WoBs about it (or my theoryland search-fu is weaker than I thought) but we can still discuss about it. Feel free to throw WoBs at me. SOURCES There are four main sources of the differences in Allomantic strength: Inherent difference: some Allomancers are born stronger and some are born weaker (and some rebuild themselves during their Ascension...) . I believe the difference is in the amount of the Innate Investiture. Hemalurgy: after charging a spike with the ability of someone else, it adds up to the strength of the Allomancer. That ability remains tied to the spike and spikes hold Investiture, so they steal and add up the Innate Investiture. Nicrosil Feruchemy: it's possible to store Innate Investiture in nicrosil and upon drawing from that storage the Allomantic strength is increased. This obviously changes the amount of Innate Investiture. Savantism: it widens the cracks in the Spiritweb, allowing more power to flow in. Here I am not so sure it changes the amount of the Innate Investiture. WoB: I believe that the amount of the Innate Investiture is directly proportional to the strength of the Connection to Preservation. MECHANISM Now, we are not really sure how does Allomantic Strength work. The main theory is that it allows the Allomancer to burn metal quicker - the normal burning rate is higher than the average and the flaring burning rate is higher than average flaring burning rate. It also assumes that the Investiture density of the metal is fixed - no matter who burns it, the same amount of the metal will produce the same amount of the Investiture. The other theory is that stronger Allomancers get more Investiture from the fixed amount of metal. So here the Investiture density is tied to Allomancer and is directly proportional to the Allomantic strength of the burner. I could see how the amount of the Innate Investiture you have changes the normal burn rate and flaring burn rate but it seems that's not what is happening with savantism. Savantism cracks the soul more "allowing more Investiture to flow in". So it would mean that the burn rate remains the same but more Investiture flows in. I don't like that conclusion but it seems logical. Soo... thoughts, WoBs, counter-evidence?
  21. Due to Spook's POV's in HoA, there has been some confusion about what exactly a savant is. It is generally accepted that an Allomantic savant is someone who has burned a metal for a long period of time, warping their soul and giving them increased power from that metal. However, there is some issue about the implied dependence of the savant on their metal. In HoA, Spook says that without tin, he seems blind, deaf. However, he also says something along the lines of "this was how normal people sensed the world." Spook only was dependent on tin because he was used to the sensations, painful though it was. There are likely more savants than Spook in Mistborn. Clubs may have been, Breeze almost certainly was, and Marsh was almost said outright as a savant. Waxillium Ladrian is a steel savant. His 'steel bubble' is something that few Coinshots have been able to do. I believe that there is a WoB confirming as much, but I don't know where it is. A savant does not have dependence on their metal, only increased precision and strength in it.
  22. I was just curious of what everyone's opinion of the best savant, potentially (since we've only seen tin and pewter savants- although, there was a WoB saying marsh was an atium savant, what that entails, i have no clue) Also if you suggest any savants, could you clarify what you think they would be -if i've missed any savants, please say so
  23. The books give us very little in the way of information on Allomantic Savants, but ever since first reading the second book years ago, i've been fascinated by the implications. Does anyone know if Sanderson has given any hints about Savants other than tineyes? Could a misting reach duralumin boosted levels with their allomancy? Could an Atium misting with a mountain of atium theoretically gain true future sight from atium as Elend did via duralumin There's so much unexplored territory with the savants.