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Found 4 results

  1. A random thing I did :)
  2. I finally drew a Sarene! (Originally for the gift exchange on tumblr.) + + + Alternative version Lineart Sketch Tools: automatic pencil, Photoshop CS3 + + + More Elantris and TES sketches Kiin’s Family (Kiin, Daora, Lukel, Jalla, Adien, Daorn, Kaise) Hrathen Sarene Raoden before turning into an Elantrian The Emperor's Soul chibi cast (From left to right: Zu, Bloodsealer, Shai, Hoid, Gaotona, Ashravan, Frava) & Three versions of Shai (Beggar, Normal, Shaizan) The Bloodsealer from TES
  3. So! I am new here and I JUST read Elantris for the first time. (I realize, most of you have probably read it years ago and are on your 5th or one-hundred and fifth reading :-P) I have searched this forum topic and have not found a single thread pertaining to the romance in this book (if I missed it, please excuse my rookie mistake ;-) ) Let me just say how much I loved Sarene and Raoden's love story! It was refreshing and enjoyable throughout the book. Perhaps my favorite aspect of their romance is that you see both sides - particularly Raoden's perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed the little gem of him confessing to Galladon that what he wanted most in Elantris were Sarene's letters. I think this could have been cheesy if it didn't feel like a victory moment for Sarene. The fact that she battles with feelings of self-reproach, despair and being unwanted by men made his confession that much more powerful. It made me happy to think that - even without meeting her - he really did like her. I enjoyed that Raoden's identity was hidden from Sarene; the mystery was fun. I think typically, (maybe just in cheesy, chick-flicks) when one character is trying to keep his true identity secret from the other, it is usually that he has initial reasons for "spying" on the person in question. He is doing so to settle a bet, help a friend, win a trophy...whatever. And then, in the process, despite himself, he falls for the person he was deceiving. I thought it was a nice take that Raoden wanted to watch Sarene and be close to her because he liked her. (His reasons for keeping his identity secret were also more of a defensive nature, wanting to protect New Elantris, his people and her.) And thus we get all those beautiful little moments of him being proud of her intellect, her political skills, her courage, her kindness and really coming to love her even when she doesn't really know who he is. I absolutely loved seeing his side of the story. I also enjoyed the fact that it was not an "opposites attract" romance; everything about Sarene complimented Raoden. You can see that from when she first reorganizes the group of noblemen. You can see before they officially meet, how they would naturally love each other and work together. Even when Sarene is suspicious of Spirit while distributing food in Elantris, instead of frustration and annoyance on his side, he is amuse and proud of her. Her caution makes him love her more, even if it is directed at him. At the same time, his openness and honesty with her eventually opens the door to a more natural attraction when she enters Elantris as an "Elantrian." No battle of wills, no false-hatred, no question of does he like her? Does she like him? It just kind of happens. I think that's much more true to life. I could go on, but this post is getting really long...:-P Suffice it to say that overall, I thought it was a beautiful romance and it made this book that much more enjoyable. Thank you, Mr. Sanderson :-) Feel free to share your favorite Sarene & Raoden moments :-D
  4. Here's another Elantris art! We get Sarene and Raoden in his Elantrian form which I didn't do in the former piece.