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Found 37 results

  1. Inspired by a post by @Ark1002, I wanted to try to compile a list of quotes in Sanderson books that can be used in everyday conversation. They need not make total sense, but comedic value is appreciated. For example: Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do.
  2. cosmere

    Hello, I'm a new prospecting reader to the Cosmere uniververse. I decided to get into the series in order of release from Elantris to White Sand Volume 2 and beyond. My delima is that I thought that I had bought Elantris 10th Anniversary Edition when I purchased the mass market paper pack from my Barnes & Nobel here in America because Sanderson said, in a post back in '15, that all prints would convert to the new edition exclusively. Well... it was not the 10th AE. And I live 2 hours from the nearest bookstore and am a poor college grad— and it was also purchased two weeks ago —so returning it and getting the new version is out of my control right now. So, my question to you is, even though this is the original version of Elantris, could I still read it and enjoy the rest of the universe (like, does it properly fit into the canon)? If not, should I hold off on reading anything until I eventually buy the new version? Thanks.
  3. Anyone know any cool tests, that relate to the ShardBearers. & do any other books tie into it? Thanks!
  4. The other day at school I was in the library because the Librarian bought the Stormlight books! One of my friends teachers saw me, and later he stopped me in the hallway during study hall and we spent like 30min talking about Oathbringer, which he had finished the day before! Highlight of my week! It's the best when you find more people, or when you bring more people...I got my sister into Mistborn, and my friend into Stormlight and Mistborn
  5. I was incredibly bored one day, and I just decided to make a bunch of these... Warning: cringey-ness below. Awful puns and terrible references follow this message. Viewer discretion is advised. Reckoners: Elantris: Warbreaker: Stormlight Archive: Rithmatist: Emperor’s Soul: Mistborn— Secret History: Mistborn: Perfect State: General Sanderson: Again, I was incredibly bored. Feel free to use them if you need... Anyone have any others?
  6. So we all know that one of the main things that Brandon is known for throughout the industry is his genius and incredibly in-depth systems of magic. Everything from Feruchemy, to Surgebinding, Allomancy and even the Shardblades (not really a system so to speak...I mean they kind of are..). My question for my fellow Sharders is what one is your favorite? It doesn't have to be the most in-depth and complicated one but rather the one that gives you the most joy to read about. For myself it's got to be Allomancy, something about the constant manipulation of the steelpushing and ironpulling to maintain a sort of flight is very appealing to me.
  7. This popped up in my Google curated news feed last night: Personally, I find it interesting that I have not seen an official announcement from Dragonsteel or Brandon himself but, as far as I can tell, this is legitimate news. Sorry Reckoners fans but it looks like you will have to wait a bit longer. Personal speculation: the "mystery project" is the long teased "Dark One".
  8. My first post. Perhaps we could petition to have Brandon finish the Kingkiller Chronicle like he did with Wheel of Time. It's become clear that Rothfuss has no intention of ever finishing. Thoughts?
  9. I just thought of these and wanted to share them! May Stormlight be with you May the Survivor be with you May a spren be with you May the mists be with you May your Breath stay with you May the Reconers be with you May Harmony be with you May the Shoad come for you And I'm not even a huge Star wars fan! Any ideas? If the awnser is yes, can you tell me your ideas? (FYI This is one of the days where my brain kicks into weird mode).
  10. I was wondering how Sanderson writes with such a consistent magic system. Also, how does he find the time to write so much. Then I realized it: Sanderson is Khriss! Here's why. He writes with many more female characters than most male authors, because he is a female. He comes from Taladin which has a lot of sand on it, so he named himself Sanderson. He always puts the Ars Arcanum as the source of all the lore bombs, because that's his favorite source of information since he made it. He writes with a sense of great familiarity with the physics of the realm, because he lived there for a while. He is very insistent that Earth is not Cosmere because he doesn't want us to guess that you can travel from one to the other. He chose his initials to be BS so people think he is writing BS. It is indisputable: SANDERSON IS KHRISS!!!
  11. I'm actually really curious. As in many countries, they speak other languages, how does he interact with fans at these other signings?
  12. I'm sure most of you will have seen the following comment time and time again. I'm new to Sanderson. I'm thinking about reading on of Sanderson's Cosmere novels, but I don't know where to start. This post is for them. Some bright spark in the Discworld community had a similar idea. They made a sheet (shown above) which has a sort of reading guide of what you should read first. It's by no means completely linear, but it helps. So, I'm trying to organise something similar to be made. I have done a basic map of what cosmere books should be read first, though it is by no means final. From there, we can finalize it/ make it look fancy. So hear it is. Version 0.1. EDIT: Thanks to navybrandt, we now have an awesome version 1.0. Thanks! Image below.
  13. Hello! I created account today, because I wanted to make this post for such a long time. I post it in Brandon discussion, cause it fit here the best. So I'll start: Shallan Davar is the best. I like her past and her kinda little girl life style, she is very adult with this saving the world thing, but in my opinion, she is scared of it and she wants old days to be back. Plus she is one of the first Radiants to be discovered. I like Megan too, but not that much like I do with Shallan. Also I don't want to make a poll, because I might miss someone. I hope it will get lot of replies, cause I think this will be an interesting topic. Have a nice day. See you soon
  14. Please note: I consider Sanderson to be one of my favourite authors. What I'm about to say here I consider a minor irk, in the same way that I've seen complaints about people 'raising an eyebrow' too often. I'll still be waiting eagerly for Brandon's next book. Also, please note that there are spoilers for Mistborn, the Stormlight Archives, the Reckoners, and most Sanderson novels in this post. One thing I've been thinking about recently is this: If there were one thing I disliked about Sanderson's writings, what would it be? In the end, I've settled on one slight theme that I politically disagree with. Some of you might actually disagree with me and my political views, which is perfectly OK. Some of you might have a different take on how I see things, which is also OK. But, if I were to point at one thing about Sanderson's writings, and say "I disagree with that.", I would talk about the theme of redemption. Throughout Sandersons novels, there are many examples of the theme of "Once a villain, always a villain." And, usually, the resolution of the story ends with murdering the 'bad guy'. The only exception to the rule that I can see is when you have an Unreliable Narrator, and we don't see the full picture, or else there are external influences in causing the character to be evil, while deep down, they're pure of heart after all. But, in real life, people can and do change. If you do something wrong, that doesn't automatically make you a horrible person, irredeemably, for the rest of your life. In fact, it is partly through are mistakes that we learn, develop and adapt to become better. This is one of the reasons I personally strongly oppose the death penalty. I genuinely believe that virtually anyone can change, to become better people than whoever they were before when they committed the crime. But, I don't see this in Sanderson's works. You almost never get a genuinely remorseful villain who wishes that they hadn't done something horrible. For example, the Lord Ruler and Sadeas, when confronted about the horrible things they'd done, respond in a similar way. "I did what I had to do", or else actually provoke the people confronting them. Shortly afterwards, both of them get murdered. Now, imagine how we, the readers, would have reacted differently if The Lord Ruler had been remorseful. If The Lord Ruler, quietly, had turned back to look out the window, silently thinking of all those he'd murdered, all those who were now dead because of him. Then, he looks back at Vin, with deep, haunted eyes, and talked of how he'd tried to do the best thing, the only thing, he thought possible. Would you, the reader, still have sympathized with Vin when she tore Alendi's bracers off and stabbed him through with a spear? But, Sanderson didn't do this. And, so, we cheer Vin on as she throws off the yolk of oppression that the Lord Ruler has kept the skaa under for the past 1000 years. The same story goes for most 'villain' deaths in Sanderson's canon. Whether or not it's intentional, this enforces the message that nobody who has done something for a purely selfish reason in the past can ever work past their flaw in their nature, or become a better person in the future. A few of you may ask me about the Reckoners, in which Prof, after briefly becoming and Epic, overcomes his evil side to join David and the Reckoners once again. However, in this case, his evil side never actually belonged to him, but instead was forced upon him by Larcener. If it hadn't been for that, he would never have become evil. So, if I were asked what issue I had with Sanderson's works, that is what I'd say. I, personally, believe that no matter what one's done in the past, one can move beyond that. Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Peace Prize because he was so horrified at the damage and carnage he'd created by inventing dynamite. Oppenheimer, too, helped to create the Atomic Bomb, and only later did he regret what he'd done after seeing the carnage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, quoting from a Hindu text: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." In this way, people learn from their mistakes and regrets, to become their better selves, something I feel is lacking in Sanderson's works.
  15. Hey Sharders! Post photos and/or descriptions of your awesome Sanderson Collection here! Take pictures of your bookshelves, homemade props or costumes, things you bought from Brandon's shop, anything Brandon Related! Do you have any low numbered signed&numbered books? Anything unique? Post it here! For a start, here's mine: Here's a picture (I slid in the hardback dust jackets where they fit in):
  16. So, as we all know, being a Sanderfan can lead to certain...conditions. I have decided to compile the ones I know of, if I miss a significant one please feel free to post below!! TBTBB (To Broke To Buy Books) CTP (Compulsive Theory Posting) TMDCD (To Many Dead Character Depression) BNSWB3 (Broken Nose Started With Book 3) (exclusive to Alcatraz Fans) DD (Delusional Daydreaming) AO17SS (Always ON 17th Shard Starvation) There you have it!! There is only one positive side effect HAPPINESS
  17. So, a while ago, I went to Sanderson's website and sent him an email asking for White Sand and Aether of Night. Recently I got an email giving me White Sand. Ecstatic as I was, I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get both. For those who have been where I am, do you get Aether of Night through email like White Sand, or am I completely delusional? Also, are there any explanations for why I didn't get them both? And finally, do White Sand and Aether of Night take place on the same world?
  18. So Brandon has announced a new way of getting the numbered edition of his new books personalized! Now, rather than just requesting the personalization when ordering the numbered copy, you pay more, but the leftover money all goes to charity (source). Does this bother you, particularly since any one wanting to ask a question has to pay the highest price ($28 for book, $20 donation)? I don't generally buy these numbered copies to begin with as I'd rather support by local bookstore, and getting my copies signed in an actual signing was far more fulfilling and memorable than having them arrive in the mail (still mad I didn't take Shadows Beneath to be signed a second time so that one of them was in person). But I know some people really like having the numbered copies, and was interested in the community's opinion on the matter.
  19. This will be an updating list of music I've written based on the Cosmere. Some pieces will have their own topic if necessary (i.e. a timeline of events). Please give me feedback on the pieces, I need to be motivated to write more, especially to move WIP pieces to Finished Works. Finished Works: 4 (*new) Works In Progress: 4 Are any of these pieces worth finishing? In order from most finished to least finished. (All these tracks are private)
  20. Basically, we try to line up the powers of beings from other places (Marvel, DC, etc) and match them up with Sanderson powers. For example: What's the difference between a Pewterarm and Captain America? Pewter runs out. And they don't have shields.
  21. I was just reading Brandon's AMA over at r/books from 2 months ago. It was pretty far down so I don't know if others saw... But both Herdazians and Horneaters are the result of human-listener interbreeding. :/ So, apparently they had been 'discovered' long ago, not to mention that relations were probably quite quite good. So Rock+Rlain=fam forever.
  22. I'm sure there is already a poll of this somewhere else on the forum, but I've been unable to find it. So, I'm starting a new one. Wherever the old one is, can someone point it out to me if I see it? A few notes. 1) I'm sure there is already a poll of this somewhere else on the forum, but I've been unable to find it. So, I'm starting a new one. Wherever the old one is, can someone point it out to me if I see it? 2) PLEASE DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ AT LEAST TWO OF BRANDONS SERIES. This isn't a poll for how many people have read a series, it's about what your favourite is. And you can't say "I prefer the Stormlight Archive", unless you've actually read Mistborn. 3) I've split up Mistborn Alloy Era and Mistborn Original Trilogy, because I've found them to be quite different. 4) I'm not placing WoT on this poll, because I still consider it, fundamentally, to be a Robert Jordan series. 5) I trust you guys more than this point might imply. But please, no offending anyone else or getting overheated in this. Otherwise the poll would have to be locked, and that's no fun. P.S. Ye Olde Mistborn Series will triumph, all ye non-believers!
  23. Heh heh. Top reputation is pretty funny. Top two are obvious, but number 5 has about an 80 upvotes-per-post ratio. Jeez.
  24. Should Brandon re-schedule the Philly signing that should have been tonight but was cancelled due to a little bit of snow.... I know Vin would have made it even if she had to use a few Horseshoes...
  25. I now understand why Mr. Sanderson is repeating the information I originally asked in this thread. For those that might have the same question please read the complete thread as many good points were brought up. My Original post: Mr. Sanderson, You write a phenomenal yarn and I love your books! I have already read Steelheart, the Rithmatist and the first two books of Mistborn. I ask you please to stop repeating how the magic works for every book. It seems that you rehash the way everything works that already happened in two books again for the third. I am seriously hoping this isn't going to be the case for the Storm Light Archive. Your writing style is great but its annoying and takes me out of the story when its explained how the magic works yet once again. I am hoping your newer Mistborn series Alloy of Law and preceding books will not have this issues also.