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Found 4 results

  1. So Khriss… We know that she is native to Taildan, and that she is a major worldhopper. But Who Is She? What happens after the cliff hanger in White Sand 2? What is her position in Silverlight? And which systems has she been to? For that matter, who is Nazh?
  2. Obscure Magic Hack Question: Would a hypothetical Sand Master able to use F-Bendalloy be able to fuel Sand Mastery with the hydration stored in a bendalloymind? Or does the Magical Sand Lichen (TM) only react to actual water? I figure they'd be able to re-fuel their body's water reserves as normal by tapping the bendalloymind, but I'm not sure about the actual activation of the sand.
  3. OK, this power is a bit weird. Apparently sand mastery works through lichen or something in the sand that feeds on sunlight (recharging it between uses) and water from the Sand Master (at the time of Sand Mastery being used). This lets the Sand Master manipulate the white sand physically. So far this seems like a very biological, ecological, "cycle of nature" kind of magic system. But then there's Slatrification. Really powerful sand masters can turn white sand into water. How does that work? Does the lichen die upon transformation? I suppose that in itself wouldn't be problematic, since as a living thing presumably it can multiply and spread back into areas it's been killed out of. But... does the water ever turn back to sand? If not, will the Dayside eventually run out of white sand, or sink into the ocean as its land is slowly transformed into water?
  4. Let's continue the discussion on sand mastery that was on the private board. I still have way too many questions and I think some more discussion on this would be great. There are some spoilery stuff for the entire book. Some questions to get the discussion started: How are new sand mages created? Kenton was infuriatingly tightlipped about this. How does something become terken? Maybe bauxite in the sand? Bauxite is aluminium in raw form. Is the sun the source of investiture or is it the sand/algae itself? Maybe the sunlight is similar to the highstorms in Roshar and the sand are like the gemstones. How do you think slatrifying work? How is sand mastery connected to Autonomy? Like how Awakening is Endowment's magic because you can "endow" your Breaths to another thing or person How is the sand connected to the sandlings? Khriss found out that black sand and sandling carapace were similar when she examined both under a microscope. How can sand masters grow in power through overmastery? Does overmastery cause holes in the person's sDNA? How can overmastery strip the ability to master sand?