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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, friends! I am watching 'The Library' episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender, and I just realized how similar the sandbenders are to sand masters. What do y'all think?
  2. I'm working on the White Sand pages on Coppermind and I'm feeling some confusion on how to handle these terms. Here's my take on them: sand masters - I take this term to mean anyone who can utilize sand mastery (like Surgebinders, Mistings, Awakeners, etc.). It's not an "official" term; it's just a catch-all for people who can use this kind of magic, whether they have an official association or not. Diem - This refers to both the building AND the sand masters who reside there. Those who are part of it tend to refer to themselves as part of the Diem. This is an "official" organization made up of sand masters. sand profession - This seems to be synonymous with Diem, but seems to be used in a more political or economic context. It mainly seems to come up in contexts where the other professions are involved as well, and it seems to be used more often by outsiders in place of Diem. (Side note: I'm also curious if anyone knows whether "sand profession" ought to be capitalized?) I'm curious if you guys have any input on my interpretations of these. I'm particularly interested if those who have read the prose version can weigh in. I know discussion of the prose version isn't appropriate here, but that's not quite what I'm asking for. I just want clarification on how these terms are intended to be read (something that doesn't come across very clearly in the graphic novel). The problem I find is that we have articles for both "Sand master" and "Diem". The first contains information about Diem heirarchy and such, which doesn't feel right to me as the term doesn't imply association with the Diem and it's rules, ranks, customs, etc. The latter focuses on the building only, which doesn't feel right as it is frequently used in the graphic novel to refer to the official organization of sand masters. And between each of these, I'm not sure how "sand profession" fits in- should it be included as an alternate term for Diem, get it's own article, or be stuck in some other article?