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Found 24 results

  1. Welcome to the official thread for all sample chapters, unpublished books, and short stories that Brandon has put out on the internet. He has been gracious enough to allow people the opportunity to get to know his different works by providing these samples and short stories for free. Please note that unpublished works are not necessarily canonical. If you know of anything we might be missing, please let us know; we will try to keep this as up to date as possible. PMing Ene is likely the quickest way to have a change made. Thank you for your assistance in helping us create a comprehensive list! Full Published Works: Books: Warbreaker Short Fiction: The Hope of Elantris Firstborn Unpublished Works: Full Books: The Way of Kings Prime Aether of Night Sign up for Brandon's email newsletter to receive the prose version of White Sand. There are physical copies of Dragonsteel Prime at Brigham Young University as part of Brandon's Master's Thesis, which can be checked out from their library. There is a chapter of The Final Empire Prime available on Brandon's website, and through the Contact form, you can ask for a copy of TFE Prime. Unfinished Books: Mythwalker Adamant scene Some Liar of Partinel scenes The Silence Divine scene Dragonsteel Prime Mistborn Prime Final Empire Prime Full Short Fiction: The Traveler Centrifugal Defending Elysium Unfinished Short Fiction: I Hate Dragons (Extended Version) Sample Content: Books: Elantris Mistborn: The Final Empire The Well of Ascension The Hero of Ages Shadows of Self The Way of Kings Words of Radiance Oathbringer Rhythm of War Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians The Scrivener's Bones The Knights of Crystallia The Shattered Lens Steelheart Firefight The Rithmatist Short Fiction: The Emperor's Soul The Eleventh Metal Legion Perfect State Infinity Blade: Awakening Dreamer Deleted Scenes: Books: Elantris scenes Mistborn scenes (includes a TFEP scene) Jasnah scene from Words of Radiance Words of Radiance interludes Warbreaker scene Short Fiction: The Emperor's Soul prologue Please follow the 17th Shard's spoiler policies when discussing this content. Enjoy your reading!
  2. So, apparently last week on Instagram (the... place for your book news?) Brandon posted that last week's batch of chapters would be the last of them. My apologies for being misinformed and getting your hopes up last week in the last release that you might get Chapter 17 today. Indeed, more chapters did not arrive this morning, but yesterday we did get a short bonus chapter, Chapter 15. That's all the preview chapters for Skyward, but don't worry, it comes out next Tuesday, November 6th!
  3. It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: more Skyward! This time we're back to three chapters, Chapters 12-14! As usual you'll need to scroll down to the newest stuff. One's a short chapter but this is still a meaty week for Skyward. Discuss it in our discussion topic! There's only one more week of Skyward previews left, because Skyward comes out November 6th! So, there's an interesting thing. Supposedly we will pick out what universe Skyward is in on Chapter 17, if we pay attention. (Skyward is in a universe of something Brandon wrote before, and is not cosmere.) Will we get Chapter 17 next week? If we get three chapters, we will see it!
  4. Last week we all had a pretty brutal cliffhanger in Skyward, but now we get the resolution in Skyward Chapters 10 and 11! There's just two chapters, but action is pretty fun. As usual, that GetUnderlined link has every Skyward chapter released, so you'll have to scroll down to Chapter 10 for the new stuff. Discuss the recent chapters in our spoiler topic and we'll see you next week for another set of chapters. Skyward is released November 6th.
  5. Last week, we got more of Skyward than revealed before, going from the prologue all the way up to chapter 6. Well, Wednesday looks to be the day for new Skyward chapters, and we get three more, chapters 7 through 9! It's actually in the same link as last week, so if you missed the last preview Skyward stuff, you can still read it all in one page! That's convenient. Once you do, you can discuss the new chapters in Discord or our forum topic on the chapters. In other news, we have heard from Dragonsteel Entertainment that if you are ordering a book from Brandon's store ( and you want that book personalized, and you want it to arrive before Christmas, you need to order it this weekend! You can get a lot of hardcovers and beautiful Dragonsteel editions of novellas there. So if that's on your Christmas agenda, do it now, otherwise they will not be personalized prior to Christmas.
  6. We reported last week we're getting an interlude on audio on Monday, but turns out it is here early. Check it out. It's fourteen minutes on audio, but it's pretty spicy. You should take a look. We're so close to Tuesday, guys! The hypestorm comes. Next, we have an interesting annotation on Way of Kings Chapter 6. It explains how the Shattered Plains transitioned from Yolen (Dragonsteel) to Roshar (Stormlight Archive).
  7. Another Tuesday, another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 25-27. We're three weeks away from Oathbringer's release on November 14th. The wait is almost over! Check out our discussion thread on the chapters here, and discuss Oathbringer only in the Oathbringer subforum. There's some other news if you look at the progress bar on Brandon's site. Legion 3's first draft is done, and then there is a new Mystery Project at 1%. What could the mystery project be? Who knows! Just remember, guys, Brandon keeps being productive because he jumps between projects. Considering how huge Oathbringer is, I don't blame him for taking on some side things--though, he has said he has been outlining Stormlight 4, which takes a long time.
  8. It's Tuesday, so you know what that means. It's time for yet another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 16-18! Since I'm not going to spoil them here, go check them out, or check out our discussion thread here. We also have some super exciting other things. We have another Merin chapter from Way of Kings Prime, but we also have an annotation for the prologue of Way of Kings. Most excitingly, we have a Bridge Four scene from Dragonsteel Prime. That's right. That Dragonsteel. The annotation on the Szeth prologue is quite interesting. He explains how the magic was quite different in Way of Kings Prime, and how he immediately wanted to make sure that readers knew it would be a high learning-curve series. He says that Jek, the old version of Szeth (which we read a chapter from) had no magical abilities. Brandon also talks about how he needs to put his foreshadowing front and center, and teases us with the black sphere, as usual. But we have to talk about Dragonsteel Prime. This was Brandon's thesis long ago (and you can still read it at the BYU library). This excerpt is from Bridge Four. Yup. If you don't know the story, Brandon lifted the entire Shattered Plains from Dragonsteel, and the entire Bridge Four sequence. In this section we are introduced to the Shattered Plains--and immediately told why they are Shattered on Yolen, which is still a mystery to their existence on Roshar. Then we get Bridge Four, and you can tell it's very similar but less well-written. Oh yeah, and you also meet Frost, the guy who Hoid writes the letter to in Way of Kings, and responds to Hoid in Words of Radiance. He's here. You get a mention of the Sho Del, because they aren't fighting Parshendi on the Plains here. So yeah, it's pretty cool, because basically no one has read Dragonsteel. Check it out. As usual, only discuss Oathbringer spoilers in our Oathbringer spoiler board, or our Discord's #oathbringer_spoilers channel. You can view all the Oathbringer chapters and their discussion thread in our Oathbringer Chapter Index.
  9. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 13-15. Check out our forum topic on chapters 13-15, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two more Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 3 and Merin 4. Prime continues to be a profoundly different story than the one we know but It's fascinating to see glimmers of what it will one day be. There have also been two Annotations for The Way of Kings posted, one for the world map, and one for the prelude. In other news the Kaladin album Kickstarter funded yesterday, ultimately raising $112,667! They have also announced that they will be composing the full album. The second half of the songs will be digital, rather than recorded instruments, but they are going to try to record at least the strings for them.
  10. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 10-12.Check out our forum topic on chapters 10-12, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 1 and Merin 2. Merin, who, remember, is the version of Kaladin in Prime, is insanely different from Kaladin. There's lots of differences in the world. Oathgates exist and are active! Check it out. It's a fascinating look into an old draft.
  11. Top of the morning to you all! has posted Oathbringer chapters 7-9, and the plot thickens! Check out our forum topic on chapters 7-9, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. But wait, there's more! Yesterday we have a new Way of Kings Prime scene (this one is actually new, unlike the Jek scene which we apparently had since, uh, 2012. Oops), with our good friend "Dalenar." Yeah, the names are pretty wonky in this. This scene introduces proto-Dalinar and also, interestingly enough, the start of proto-Kaladin, who in this version was named Merin. You can see some dramatic differences in this version, because in Prime, Kaladin took the Shards he won. Yup. That kind of makes everything different. Another interesting note: when they say "Awakening" in this chapter, that just means Soulcasting. Clearly they changed the name when Warbreaker came out. It's a fascinating look into Roshar, with so many things different (like no spren). Also check out Brandon's essay above the chapter talking about writing depression with Kaladin. It's like we get an annotation with this scene, too!
  12. Happy Reading!
  13. Your withdrawal is over. has now posted Chapters 4-6 of Oathbringer. What else is there to say? Nothing, get to it! Seems like these will always occur at 9am Eastern time from now on, for sure. Here's our forum topic on Oathbringer Chapters 4-6, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. Remember, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord.
  14. You want new Stormlight 3 content, right? Well, you're in luck: has posted Chapters 1-3 of Oathbringer! You might have read the prologue before (it had been at some readings) but here you have new stuff! I'm not going to spoil a thing about it, so you best head right there for your Stormlight fix before your withdrawal until next week. Here's our forum topic on Oathbringer Chapters 1-3, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. Remember, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord.
  15. As we talked about last week, is posting sample chapters of the third Stormlight book, Oathbringer, and will eventually post all of Part One of the book! And yesterday, they posted the final version of the prologue! The prologue has been at readings before, but this is now the final version. It seems as though is posting these Tuesdays at 12:01am Eastern time, so if you're desperate for the next posting (of the first the chapters), that's when you'll get it. Next week we will be more timely with our news article on it. After all, that's when the real new stuff begins! We already have a forum topic for discussion on the prologue, so head on there to talk about it! We'll also be keeping an index of all the chapters and all their relevant week-by-week discussion topics. We'll assume that next week, when we make a topic on Chapters 1-3, that you've read the prologue, and so in the most recent topic, we'll always assume you have read the past stuff. (Don't skip ahead, as Alcatraz would say.) Remember, only discuss Oathbringer in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board and in #oathbringer_spoilers in the 17th Shard Discord! And also, get hyped! Oathbringer Prologue Discussion Topic Oathbringer Preview Chapter Discussion Index
  16. Brandon said he has convinced Tor to release ~25% of Oathbringer as sample chapters! Whoa! How do you feel about that Sharders? Is that too much? Not enough? Who cares give me Oathbringer RIGHT MEOW?! Considering how big Oathbringer is the free sample chapters will probably be, in total, larger than many stand-alone books! Source:
  17. Hot on the heels of yesterday's reveal of the Calamity cover art on comes a preview of the first few chapters of Calamity! Those of you subscribed to Brandon's newsletter will recognize a portion of this from the most recent one sent out a few months ago, though this is an extended excerpt. Read it now over on io9! I for one find this as exciting as a potato in a minefield, can't wait until the release (only 7 months and 8 days away!). Don't lament the wait though there is plenty of Sanderson-goodness coming out between now and then and the 17th Shard will be here with news on any further developments. Check out our forum topic here to discuss the chapters!
  18. You know how when Tor posted sample chapters of Words of Radiance, they skipped Chapter 7? Well, you can at last know what happens, as it has now been posted. You don't get to read it, but you do get to listen to it, at least the first part of it. Kate Reading's was pretty good, though the voice for Pattern is... interesting. It sounded more of Gollum and Emperor Palpatine. All I can think of is... Look, at the release, I put a blanket on my head. Emperor Palpatine things happened. Don't judge. Words of Radiance comes out TONIGHT!
  19. Words of Radiance comes out in just a few days. On Tuesday, March 4th, the wait will be over--well, for those in the US. Sorry everyone else But what if you missed some of the preview Words of Radiance content? Fear not, for we have you covered, to hopefully sate you over from the hype you might be feeling. Preview Chapters These are the officially released preview chapters, which are in the exact state as they appear in the book. However, a few epigraphs are removed for REDACTED REDACTED reasons. Prologue (Jasnah), Chapter 1 (Shallan), Chapter 2 (Kaladin) Chapter 3 (Shallan), Chapter 4 (Dalinar), Chapter 5 (Kaladin) Chapter 6 (Shallan), Chapter 8 (Dalinar), Chapter 9 (Kaladin) Chapter 10 (Shallan flashback), Chapter 12 (Kaladin), Chapter 14 (Adolin), Interlude 1 (Eshonai) Interlude 9 (Lift) Taravangian Interlude (excerpt) Older Readings We post this in completeness, but remember, these come from older drafts of the book. They are not final, and many of these are excerpts. All of these are interludes, and remember that these were transcribed from readings, so spelling is not entirely accurate. Other readings existed, but have been released in final form, as linked above. Rysn Ym Also, while we're at it, check out some Words of Radiance interior art Tor posted on Wednesday. Coming to the Words of Radiance release party? Let us know, and we'll see you there! Discuss the Words of Radiance sample chapters and the entire book upon release in our Words of Radiance forum.
  20. Tis a sad day for us all. For while there are brand new Words of Radiance sample chapters, Brandon said on his most recent blog that this is going to be the last of them. So, rejoice, as there is more awesome Words of Radiance content! Then, weep because we have to wait till March 4th to read the rest of the book. This time, we get Chapters 10, 12, 14, and the first interlude. We see the first Shallan flashback, the end of part one from Kaladin's POV, and the first Adolin POV, from part two (note the new epigraphs). We also see the first Eshonai interlude, in full, which Brandon read a long time ago, but now we see in its final state! We'll keep you up-to-date with all the latest Words of Radiance news that's upcoming. We still don't have tour dates or any info about the release party, so stay tuned! And with the samples done, we'll have a big post summarizing absolutely everything we know about Words of Radiance coming soon. Discuss the new chapters in our spoileriffic Words of Radiance board! Also, do you browse or edit the Coppermind? Here's how we'll deal with the massive work that Words of Radiance will mean for the wiki.
  21. Of course you were thrilled by the awesomeness of the first bit of Words of Radiance, and you just can't wait for more. Well lucky for you, Tor has the next three chapters up! You can find them here! We've seen part of the Dalinar chapter and its vision before, but all the rest is new! I wonder how many more sample chapters we will get, considering we still have two months left before the book comes out. Discuss these chapters and more in our spoilerific Words of Radiance board on the forums. If you've managed to resist reading Words of Radiance, though, you have more willpower than me...
  22. Guess what? It is January 2014, which means Words of Radiance is coming out in just two months. In fact, if you follow the social medias, you already know that Words of Radiance is basically done (just the final proofs need to be turned in, and then it is done). So you know what that means: new sample chapters. Here are the prologue, chapter 1 (Shallan's first chapter), and chapter 2 (Kaladin's first chapter). This, combined with the Lift Interlude, means you get all the Words of Radiance chapters from the Steelhunt, and more, as the prologue and chapter 1 are totally new. And what chapters they are. Discuss these at our Words of Radiance Spoiler board! Also, you'll see that this image here is the final Words of Radiance cover art, with an improved Kaladin. Stay tuned for more Words of Radiance news. This weekend, we will have a comprehensive guide of everything we know about Words of Radiance so far, so look forward to that!
  23. Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, where we blab about miscellaneous Brandon news and happenings around in the community. It's been a while, so there's plenty to discuss. Most importantly, Brandon is doing on AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tomorrow, the 15th. It'll be on r/fantasy, but don't worry, we'll update this post the second the AMA appears. It's definitely worth getting a Reddit account, since Brandon occasionally answers questions there. For the cosmere savvy, we've posted a Q&A from an older signing. It has some minor Words of Radiance info, like confirming something people have noted for a while, as well as revealing another order of Knights Radiant. Check it out (and thank Windrunner for transcribing it!). EDIT: Just tonight, Windy has posted a second Q&A, which is our last Q&A in our backlog. Take a gander at that, too! has posted two more chapters of The Rithmatist, so we have all the way to chapter five now. You can start right at the beginning if you’ve missed it, or you can start at chapter four and chapter five if you’re already up to speed. The Rithmatist release is rapidly coming soon, too, just a month away now! For you Wheel of Time fans, the A Memory of Light ebook is at last out for you to peruse, available from all major ebook retailers. Rejoice! Remember how The Emperor’s Soul has been nominated for a Hugo? Brandon’s agent, Joshua Bilmes, posted a blog about how it went from concept to an award nominee in just over a year. It’s a truly fascinating look into the process, and how Tachyon was chosen for the novella’s home. See those amazing bookmarks to the right? The lovely Mi’chelle is making fancy bookmarks in the Alethi script. As you can see, they are simply gorgeous. You can customize them with whatever text you’d like too! They are laminated and amazing. They are $10 for a bookmark with text on one side, and $13 for text on both sides, plus $5.95 for shipping. You can order them here. And if you have questions? You can ask Mi’ch for anything you like in her thread Have you had questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to? Or are you the type of person who likes to answer questions for the newer members of the board? Well, we’d like your help to submit both question and answers to FAQs we are putting together. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful when they are finished! In addition to the link to that one in the Cosmere forum, you can find dedicated topics for each individual series, too. See you next time around the cosmere!
  24. It's a new year, and it's time for some new news. There's that A Memory of Light thing (you know the one), but we also have Steelheart and The Rithmatist coming out in 2013, and we have some exciting things for both projects. First up, Steelheart, the superhero novel. Entertainment Weekly has revealed its cover, which you can see to the right. There is also a freaking awesome plot summary: Yeah, so okay, I don't know about you but now I'm ludicrously excited for Steelheart. Next up, The Rithmatist. We've previously talked about how the Rithmatist is awesome, but now you can experience it for yourself, as Tor reveals the prologue and first chapter of the book. Just read that prologue and tell us you aren't stoked. 2013 is going to be an awesome year.