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Found 9 results

  1. Someone's probably noticed this before, but I'll mention it in case it hasn't been. For the official Herald portraits, Chanarach doesn't have her safehand covered. Anyone have any idea why this would be the case in setting? The other 3 portraits of female Heralds only their left hand covered, either by a sleeve or a glove, so we know that the custom was being followed by the artists. I kind of want to ask Peter or Brandon if this was deliberate. (copied from Coppermind)
  2. The Vorrin women covering their left hand is incredibly arbitrary. There are some weird taboos surrounding it that don't seem to make sense for the society, especially given the difficulties it adds to the life of the scholars/musicians. More, it's hard on lefties (WoB here), meaning it's the left hand, and not the non-dominant hand. So why would the Heralds pass on that particular tidbit of wisdom and gender roles to society, compared to stuff like "bathe regularly" and "wash wounds"? I think it might be sort of silly: one of the Herald women had a malformed, damaged, or mangled left hand, and always kept it covered (malformed is my main choice, since other damage would likely get healed). This mutated into a tradition of "women cover their left hands" in much the same way that "Radiants' eyes turn pale" mutated into "Lighteyes should be the elite ruling class". Obviously this is sort of a crack theory, but I feel it makes as much sense as anything else?
  3. So I am left handed. Would that mean that my safe hand is my right hand or would I have to learn to do things with my right? I am guessing the latter but I just want to know.
  4. From the album Shalladin

    The silly result of a fashion challenge over on my tumblr. The prompt was "Shallan + Fingerless gloves"
  5. [This is the first New Topic I've ever created! ] I just found this recent BBC video on the resurgence of hanbok, a traditional Korean fashion: At 1:54 the lady says that the sleeves of a "princess" robe are long so that the hands shouldn't show. Immediately reminded me of Vorin fashion!! ... but I bet Sanderson HAD to have it be only one sleeve in order for Shallan to be an artist. Hanbok is really beautiful! I saw a lady wearing "modern hanbok" at church a couple months ago - so elegant. I'm tempted to add a modern hanbok outfit to my own wardrobe, but I understand that the colors have meanings - I'd hate to choose something and find out later that it was offensive to someone actually from that culture. Tips from Korean members of our 17th Shard community are welcome!
  6. From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    Shallan and the Cryptics from Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archives.” This is from a scene in the first book, The Way of Kings
  7. My sister is a silly teenage Sanderson nerd and she's decided to wear a safehand glove as part of her daily attire. It's just a cheap magenta knit winter glove and it looks really weird. I don't think I can convince her not to wear it but I could probably get her to wear a more attractive one. I was wondering if anyone knows of some good Stormlight Archive fanart that I could use for inspiration in my design for a replacement. I'm pretty sure she'd like that. From my own knowledge, anyone who wears gloves does so because they don't impede daily work that needs to be done but still preserve "modesty" so it's unlikely for a glove to be too fancy unless it were being worn by someone wealthy but kind of eccentric like Navani. I'm not really interested in spending money on this but I have a large selection of fabrics to work with at home so I think I could whip something up after having some ideas to work with.
  8. Why does Shallan use the safehand against the Midnight Mother? Shallan obviously has the proper Vorin inhibitions about it. As best as I can tell, unlike Navani, "Shallan Davar" (as opposed to "Veil") has never worn one. Furthermore, in chapter 32: Mentioning it here again so soon struck me as important. I went to the new Arcanum (an absolutely awesome resource!) and all of the WOB on safehands are roughly the same. Men, by declaring swordplay a two-handed art and that two-handed arts were masculine while one-handed arts were feminine, effectively kept shardblades to themselves. There didn't seem to anything about a secret power, purpose, etc. with the safehand. So why does she pull off the glove in the middle of a group of men? So she could summon Pattern to her right? Maybe, but not only does she not use Pattern that way in the encounter that files, it seems more instinctual than that. It is so instinctual that it overcomes her ingrained Vorin social mores. My starting theory is that Shallan knew she had to open herself to the Midnight Mother (which she did): in order to fight it. Initially, this is Shallan fighting Re-Shephir with Pattern and her true honest self (she of course has to lie about who she is later in order to win the confrontation). Removing the glove was an instinctual way to open herself up. I am not satisfied with this theory but wanted to throw something out there to start the discussion. Other ideas?
  9. I've posted this in a few threads before, but I figured I better add it to the gallery. This is Sylphrena in her new Vorin dress, complete with safehand, from the Stormlight 3 Kaladin preview. Done in glorious colored pencil.