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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there! This is a place where you can put your sad stories and have other read them, review them, etc. They don't need to be related to Cosmere or Brandon or fantasy at all, anything is allowed as long as it doesn't break forum rules. Inspiration here, just scroll down a bit. And with that, I believe Lunamor has something to post.
  2. funeral

    Dusk stood at a podium. He new that this was a sad time. He new that Mara had been loved. He was leading the funeral proceedings because Devaan and Max might be to distraught to lead the funeral. He would make her feel loved. He looked out at the crowd in front of him. He saw everyone who loved her, Devaan, Max, and Fang prominent among their numbers. "I did not know Mara. All I know about her ws her performance before her death. She fought eloquently with the kind of skill that deserves honor. She deserves honor. She will be put to rest in the hall of heroes, but before she does those who loved her most would like to say a few words," Dusk gestured for Devaan/Max/Fang to come on stage.
  3. LG31: Day Three - Aftermath The nobles stared at each other. The Lord Ruler, Sliver of Immortality, lay fallen on the cold steel floor, forever. How they’d managed to kill him, no one was even quite sure. Jack had done something - pulled, somehow, the bands from his shoulders, and the Lord Ruler had withered within minutes. Everyone had suspected him, yes. Everyone accused him. Lord Tekiel, Neer, Alrin, Lady Mater, all called him skaa to his face, and he did not strike them down. He had seemed almost… tired. No one noticed Remart’s smile. Everyone did notice what Jack had done, though. No one had expected the Lord Ruler to actually die. Lord Alrin stepped forward. “You… you killed the Lord Ruler.” “Yes,” Jack said defiantly. “Didn’t we all say he was skaa? Didn’t he deserve it?” “I… no.” Alrin shook his head, stepping further out of the cluster of shocked nobles so that he had a clear line of sight to the man. “He was our God. Weren’t you raised to believe that?” “He was skaa! He had to die. Don’t you see that?” “No. He didn’t. And you just murdered the person who has ruled us for a millennium now.” Alrin raised his hands, burning steel. There were plenty of bits of metal left in the room from the earlier fight. They shot out from him, towards Jack. Jack smiled. “If that’s how this must be.” He gestured himself, pushing back on those bits of metal and gathering new ones to him until he was enclosed in a vortex of swirling metal, sending it at Alrin like an unstoppable storm. So Alrin Pushed back, and both were thrown against the walls of the chamber. The outermost coins fell away, leaving only a few in the middle to be flattened. Whoever he was, Jack was strong. Stronger, perhaps, than Alrin. Sooner or later, someone’s steel would give out, or someone would come to aid one or the other. Alrin, fortunately, had a few tricks up his sleeve. He was no Mistborn, but he’d taken the liberty of procuring a couple of those glass daggers anyway. Quietly, he reached his hand behind his back, grabbing one out of its sheath. He weighed the distance, nodded, and deliberately lost focus with his Steelpush, just a little bit. Just enough to make Jack cry out in victory. Just enough to distract him. Alrin threw, and his aim was true. The knife took Jack in the neck. He saw it coming, but was too late - and couldn’t have dodged anyway, not without releasing his own Push and dooming himself to death by tiny spikes. Strangely, the Push didn’t stop, even as Jack slumped to the floor. Coins and bits of metal hung in the air between Alrin and Jack, still. Carefully, Alrin took a piece of metal from his pocket and flicked it to the side, Pushing himself out of the way of the coins and letting them fall against the wall where he had been, harmlessly. Carefully, he and the other nobles advanced towards the fallen Jack. His eyes fluttered open. “You shall not kill me,” he said, managing to speak despite the gaping cut in his throat. “Even the Lord Ruler could not kill me. Why would a bunch of petty nobles be able to?” “Skaa,” Neer spat. “The Lord Ruler was never skaa, was he? You just wanted an excuse.” “More than that,” Lord Tekiel said. “I knew Jack, once. He was no skaa then. This is…” the corners of his mouth turned downwards in disdain. “A replacement, shall we say?” Jack smiled. “You cannot kill me,” he said mockingly, “for I am hope.” Alrin stepped forward. How to kill a kandra… They probably couldn’t without acid, of which there was none in the room. For now, though, severe incapacitation would do. He picked up a few coins from the floor. Jack watched him, of course. So, when Alrin threw the coins at Jack, Alrin simply stepped out of the way of Jack’s Push and brought the other glass dagger down, cleanly beheading him. Then he gasped. He hadn’t quite been fast enough, or perhaps Jack had had one more coin left in waiting. He doubled over from the pain of the coin shot through his stomach. His vision faded, slowly. He was alright with that. His duty had been done. The rest of the nobles looked around at each other nervously, again. Who would be next to go? Jack wasn’t the last skaa, they knew. Who, then? The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII looked around, trying to spot some trace of evidence on the faces of those around him. Most were gasping in shock at Alrin’s sudden death, or staring in disdain at Jack. One, however, was not. Boris looked at Alrin with a small smile - so slight that had The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII not been burning tin, he doubted he would’ve noticed. “Lord Boris,” he said politely, with a slight edge. “Why are you smiling?” “What?” Boris said defensively. “I’m not smiling! Why would I be smiling?” “Perhaps because you’re skaa, and perhaps even Jack’s master?” Neer suggested. “Pssh. I am a noble, just like the rest of you.” The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII was watching. Boris’ breathing sped up. He was afraid. “No, Boris. You aren’t. You’re skaa.” Boris shook his head again. “I’m not skaa! Whyever would you think that?” Kelsier hadn’t said much this game. He was new to the court, and a man of few words, they’d learned. He cut to the chase. “You’re skaa. Die.” He drew a dagger and stabbed Boris through the heart. (The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII, with his tin flared as it was, couldn’t help but notice the reactions - Neer was grimly satisfied, Lord Locke looked ready to faint in horror that a splatter of blood had gotten on his pristine suit, Remart was very nearly… bored?) Boris glared, the mask falling away to reveal the hatred beneath. He threw himself not at his killer, but at The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII. The one who had revealed him. “Die, noble scum.” They couldn’t pull him off in time. When the chaos subsided, four bodies lay beside the Lord Ruler. The nobles looked at each other in silence. It was done, they knew. Jack had been the skaa’s trump card. Without him, the organization would collapse. So long as they could stop the Final Empire from collapsing with it… Remart smiled. Preservation had been maddeningly elusive, but even so. The Lord Ruler was dead. Now, there was nothing to stop his ascension. All was going according to plan. Arinian was killed! He was a Noble Steel Misting! Joe was killed! He was Kelsier and a Kandra! Len was killed! He was a Skaa Bronze Misting! Drought was killed! He was a Tin Misting, Kandra, and Part Skaa! The Nobles win! LG31 has ended. Well done, everyone, and (many) GM thoughts will be up in a day or two. Docs Spec/Dead Doc Evil Doc Ruin Doc Spreadsheet Player List
  4. Ym

    (SPOILERS for WoR) I just wanted to through this out there out of curiosity: Of all the deaths in the first two Stormlight books, was I the only one who was the most broken up over Ym's death? He was only featured in one Interlude, yet for some reason I felt a deeper connection to him than some of the other characters, and so when he died, I was actually pretty sad. Am I the only one? 'Experience Ended'