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Found 32 results

  1. On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person Hoid would like heavy metal music Hoid loves bacon The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
  2. You know how this works Kaladin - 4 Syl - 4 Rock - 4 Teft - 4 Moash - 4 Shallan - 4 Pattern - 4 Veil - 4 Radiant - 4 Dalinar - 4 Stormfather - 4 Adolin - 4 Renarin - 4 Sadeas - 4 Navani - 4 Raboniel - 4 Jasnah - 4 Eshonai - 4 Venli - 4 Szeth - 4 Lift - 4 Taravangian - 4 Rayse - 4 This list is rather long, so I’m giving everyone only 4 health. Let me know if I missed anyone too important.
  3. So, There's an author I really like, he writes epic fantasy, but he's not super well known. I was curious, does anybody on the shard like Brandon Sanderson? I haven't heard anything about him said, though. If so: What's your favorite book? Who's your favorite character? When did you get introduced to Sanderson? Please put all spoilers in spoiler boxes. Thank You!
  4. From the album stormlight archive art

  5. From the album stormlight archive art

    She is awesome
  6. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    A fixed version of my Kaladin/Syl drawing I posted on Tumblr.
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Tried to draw Shallan ;)
  8. Jasnah Kholin, my bae uwu I have always imagined her looking a little intimidating, idk, but I kind of like it… still not very good at drawing digitally, so practicing with cosmere characters really motivates me… ;p
  9. Does anyone know if Brandon is intending to release a Stormlight roleplaying game. You could level up using oaths. And there could be 10 classes, one for each order of radiants.
  10. George Lucas Open on Kaladin, staring out at the battlefield. It is littered with both soldiers and Parshendi corpses. He stands alone in his vest and trousers, an unreadable expression on his face. KALADIN: Dead. All of them….dead. Half of Bridge Four is gone, because of me. Sylphrena floats up to him, a ribbon of light, before assuming the form of a young girl. SYL: Not-so, Mistah Kaladeen, sah! You-sa still have meesa! KALADIN: Uh, Syl? Why are you talking like that? You didn't talk like that in the last book. SYL: Mistah Lucas thought it'd be better for the KIDS! You-sa knows he loves dee children! KALADIN: Excuse me, Syl. SYL: Where-sa you-sa going, Kaladeen? KALADIN: To find the nearest chasm. J.K. Rowling Dalinarbledore gripped Kaladin's shoulders, meeting his eyes. "Don't you see, Kaladin? You are the Chosen One. Of all the Radiants at this school, you alone can unite the Sprenly Hallows and defeat Voidemort!" Kaladin looked away from Dalinarbledore's eyes, which always made him feel as though he were being X-rayed. "But….this doesn't make sense." "Of course it does. Voidemort chose you as his equal, which is why you can fly and do all of those amazing things." "But wouldn't I have been able to do that anyway, being a Windrunner and all? And while we're at it, why did I get Windrunning while Shalmione got Lightweaving? I mean, seriously, why are there differences in our magic, anyway?" "Because it's magic. Duh." Just then, Professor Sadeas walked by, scowling at Dalinarbledore. "You're smiling, Professor. Ten points from Gryffindor." "I outrank you, Sadeas." "Fine. Ten points to Slytherin, because I have better fashion sense." George R. R. Martin Sigzil stood alone on the battlefield. Around him lay the broken bodies of Bridge Four, Dalinar's warcamp, Sebarial's warcamp, and the entire customer base of a random tavern. "Looks like it falls upon me, then," he sighed. "I alone must carry this narrative to the end. And I shall. I shall." The arrow struck his heart from an unknown source, and there he died. Stephanie Meyer Pattern buzzed in deep chagrin. "Shallan?" "What?" "I know that your sketches are important….but shouldn't you be working on keeping the parshmen from destroying the world?" "In a minute," she said, chagrined. "Shallan, you have already made 499 sketches of Adolin Kholin's abdominal muscles." "And this will be an even 500." Just as she finished the sketch and held it to the light for a moment's admiration, the door swung open. Her chagrin was quickly replaced by delight. "Shallan," Kaladin breathed. "I'm sorry for intruding on you like this, but I had to see you. I didn't have time to put on a shirt. I hope you don't mind." Pattern's chagrined buzzing began anew, but Shallan ignored it. When the Almighty sent you a shirtless Captain, you didn't ask for details.
  11. I'm a big fan of the cosmere and I really like to get involved in learning background world knowledge. I learnt how to read/write in Women's script a little while ago and that is pretty good, but I was wondering about Glyphs. Does anyone have some resources they can share about how to read or make glyphs properly? Because at the moment I just look at one and my brain says "Too complicated, how does this even work".
  12. For school, I have to compare and contrast a specific part The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. I am writing my essay on the plot structure. Ideas would be appreciated. I already plan to write about how they both focus around a character, WoK around Kaladian and WoR around Shallan, and tell that character's backstory through flashbacks. However, more ideas to help me out would be great.
  13. Not all of you may remember, but before the prologue of WoK, there was a section that took place 4500 years ago. It detailed the abandoning of the Oathpact, the pact forged by the Heralds to defend humanity from the Voidbringers. This moment was never important until now. So why was the section taken from Kalak's point of view? Why not Nale, Jezrien, Ishar, or Taln himself? Is this fact important? Am I over thinking this? Let me know what you think below along with any theories.
  14. Q: What do you do after the everstorm hits? A: avoidbringers! so yeah, thats it. feel free to add jokes/rage at me for my terrible sense of humor.
  15. From the album stormlight archive art

    Drew a better version of him. (My last drawing was awful)
  16. So, we have a Word of Brandon that Cultivation is alive. Have we ever gotten an actual confirmation from him that Cultivation is currently on Roshar (or anywhere within the Roshar system)? Why? There is a well-known WoB somewhere comparing Nightwatcher and Stormfather. While he did not draw the exact parallel, he did point out that the question was along the correct lines. Stormfather is a Cognitive Shadow of Honor (right?). Nightwatcher may be something of a Cognitive Shadow of Cultivation. But why would a living Shard have a cognitive shadow? Perhaps because it left the proverbial building. Looking through WoBs on this topic, there is one early one where he says "yes" to a statement "Cultivation is a Shard on Roshar", but this can still be interpreted from a historic perspective, not as "Cultivation is on Roshar now". So, has anyone ever asked Brandon if Cultivation is actually ON Roshar during the events of the Stormlight Archive? (counterpoint is Cultivation is heavily Invested in Roshar, and may find it difficult to leave. I argued elsewhere, that Investing Odium in Roshar was part of Honor's plan, which is why Odium was allowed Desolations and own spren. I do not have a good answer to that, except a vague feeling that Cultivation's Intent may be something that might allow her to, at least for a time, not reside on a planet she Invested into... Not certain why or how. Autonomy may be able to do so as well, so it is not out of the realm of impossible).
  17. From the album Shallan

    Oi. I forgot to link the animated gif:
  18. From the album stormlight archive art

    Painting of Jasnah <3. Find it here: deviantart: Jasnah Kholin Tumblr:
  19. Is there any information on the sun of Roshar? I'm running some calculations and I need either Roshar's semi-major axis or the sun's mass. The map in AU gives me the idea that it's a class B or O star, but that only means that the mass is more then 2.1 solar masses, nothing else. EDIT: Seeing the size of taldain's larger sun in AU I'm guessing that Roshar's sun is a class B star, probably a smaller one. Also comparing the sizes between the other stars I'm guessing it's around 3 or 4 solar masses. EDIT 2: Seeing that the light of Sel's sun and scandrial's sun seem to be around class F and G, which puts them between 0.8 and 1.4 solar masses. comparing the sizes of the stars afterwards in the maps it seems to put Roshar's sun around 3 solar masses.
  20. So, I was discussing with several people on the Cosmere Discord, and I came up with a question about the Oathpact. I wanted to ask the wise members of the Shard what they thought. Do you consider Heralds to be an integral part of the Oathpact? Or is it more based upon the Honorblades? Is it both?
  21. From the album Jasnah

  22. I get the whole "guiding" ideal. But wouldn't Jezrien be a better fit? Like Ishi and Jezrien switched?
  23. Welcome to the umpteenth Hurt'n'Heal game on the 17th Shard! Rules are simple and anyone can play: On your turn: Hurt one person for two health points or hurt two people for one HP each. Always highlight whomever you're hurting in red. Heal one person for one HP. Highlight this person in green. ​You cannot hurt and heal the same person in one turn. You must hurt and heal on your turn; don't just do one or the other. Anyone who reaches 20 HP becomes immune and is highlighted purple. You cannot hurt this person until the second round, which starts when there is only one non-immune person on the board (that person's HP is automatically raised to 20 and kept on the roster). The second round's HP cap is 30, and no one can become immune when it starts. A brief description of the players for this round if you can't remember all of the worldbuilding that Brandon did. I tried to keep it non-spoilery... ish. Ishik - The Purelaker who talks to the weird foreigners Rysn - The merchant apprentice who has to take care of "comatose grass" Ym - The shoemaker who believes in the One and heals orphans Nan Balat - Shallan's brother who tears apart crabs Axies - An Aimian who gets drunk, studies spren, and takes notes on his body Baxil - A man in the hire of a lady who goes around destroying statues Geranid - A hermit ardent who cooks food and studies spren with his wife Taln - The crazy guy who has RAFO written all over him, Stonesinew?!?!?!? Lift - The proto-Edgedancer who steals food in order to be awesome and bosses around a vine Zahel - A lonely ardent who uses strange metaphors and turns of phrase involving color Eshonai - A Listener Shardbearer, who tries to lead her people to survival Szeth - The Assasin in White, Truthless of Shinovar
  24. All right! Pick one Order to Hurt for two points (or two to Hurt for one point each) and one Order to Heal for one point! Any Order that reaches 20 points will be immune until the second round. (I'll stay neutral for now...) Bondsmiths 10 Windrunners 10 Skybreakers 10 Dustbringers 10 Edgedancers 10 Truthwatchers 10 Lightweavers 10 Elsecallers 10 Willshapers 10 Stonewards 10