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Found 22 results

  1. I haven’t finished the rest of the book so no spoilers if this becomes immediately relevant and I doubt it will. but with kaladin being made cosmere aware thanks to vasher he is being position as a worldhopper assuming he doesn’t die in book 5. I think we are very obviously supposed to think this is gonna be kaladin whcih make some speticsl but then it made me think, what if kaladin gets powers from every shard. kaladin has powers from honor The theory about him bonding yxili exists harmony if he discovers his existence may be interested idk I just kinda want to know if anyone else has other theories on this
  2. SPOILERS FOR RYTHM OF WAR!!! So considering the fact that our heroes now have the capability to permanently kill the Fused, and the Shard of Odium is under new management, will Roshar's newest god create more Fused to make up for losses? Or is there perhaps a reason that Rayse didn't any new ones at any point after the first Fused.
  3. So in the Rythm of War, Navani and Raboniel manage to create a Light that is a mix of both Stormlight and Voidlight, creating Warlight. But what can it do? Is it only it's existence that is special or is there a practical use to it that we know of?
  4. I honestly don’t know who I’m more pissed off at. Lirin for being a self righteous ass, who is so obsessed with turning Kaladin into what he wants him to be, that he is unable to accept his son for the man he actually is, causing Kaladin ridiculous amounts of pain and grief in the process - this btw started as a kid, he screwed up his whole family (SPOILER WARNING FOR Way of Kings) stealing those spheres just so he could force teen Kaladin to pursue lirin’s dream of being a surgeon. He didn’t do that for Kaladin, he did it for his own selfish ass of a self. But, sometimes I thin what pisses me off most is tha fact that Jaladin won’t storming stand up for himself ONCE. I want him to kick Lirin’s ass at this point, he’s the worst piece of rust father ever, psychologically harming his CLINICALLY DEPRESSED SON WITH SEVERE PTSD on purpose just to manipulate him into doing what he wants, and Kaladin just takes it,. BTW how the hell is (Spoilers for ROW) Kaladin letting every soldier on the tower get slaughtered while he delivers storming towels not a breach of his storming oath to protect????? That’s even worse than what he did before that almost killed Syl? That’s so inconsistent. But finally, I think I am most pissed off at Brandon Sanderson, writing his characters into rehashing the same character arc, book after storming book, leaving Kaladin idle for the last two books btw, while he bulked up the page count with repetition and filler rust that bring no new information, doesn’t build character (repetitive dramatic beats over and over) and most importantly, doesn’t advance the story at all, making the character’s lack of progression, lack of change (until that magic moment in the last 100 pages when everyone conveniently figures out their rust at the same time) all the more painful to get through. For storms sake, you could cut 400 pages out of WOR and ROW each and not only not harm the books I’d argue they’d be better. storm, what’s most frustrating is that the core story, worlds and characters are so engaging (except Shallan and Lirin - they suck through and through), so storming phenomenal that you still want to get through to the end…. storm, these books are at the same time sooo freaking good, but also so storming annoying!!!! alright. Rant over, sorry for this, but now I feel better, and can perhaps continue reading XD
  5. This is my first Theory Post. I apologize if this has already been put forth before. I suspect the voidbinding the Fused use come not directly from Odium. Instead they are channeled via the 9 Unmade. In Rhythm of War the Sibling says they will be unmade if the corruption of the Tower is completed. This leads me to believe that perhaps The Sibling is not the sibling of the Stormfather, and the Nightwatcher, but instead more like one of their 10 children. One powerful Spren for each type of Surge. These are the true 9 siblings to The Sibling. These 9 powerful Spren of Honor and/or Cultivation were Unmade. 9 Unmade, and 9 voidindings. Not only would this explain why there are only 9 voidbindings, but also why the binding that is missing is the Bondsmith binding. None of the 3 known Bondsmith Spren have ever been corrupted into Unmade. If the Sibling, the Stormfather, or the Nightwatcher ever get corrupted into Unmade made it could allow for the 10th type of Binding. Taking this speculation further into territory that maybe should be a new post. If my theory is true this could also be the cause of the changing of the true tones of Roshar. My understanding of planet, star system, and magic system investiture is that the investiture is imbued by Shards into the planets. Which ties the Shards to the planets. On Roshar the Singers seem to be able to hear this investiture as rhythms. If Powerful Spren are tied to the investiture closely enough it would make sense that the corrupting of said Spren with the addition of Odium’s void investiture would change the investiture rhythms of the planet in much the same way that mixing of investiture Light changes the type of Light as discovered by Navani in RoW.
  6. Looking for help locating a chapter as Audible lost my place and trying random chapters hasn't helped. I'm looking for the scene where Venley first is given the vision about stone shaping in the Tower. Thank you
  7. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  8. Cultivation doesn't have a goal or an endgame. She wants to guide everyone and everything to be the best version of themselves. What does "best" mean here? Whatever the subject thinks it does. The alethi (as a group) think the best version of themselves have to be the best warriors. Taravangian thinks his best version is to have the capacity to stop what is coming. His stated goal is not to stop it....just to have the capacity to do so. Seems to me that the vessel of Odium has the capacity to stop what odium is doing. He's new, and the shardic intent won't begin to consume him for centuries, maybe millenia. And yet. Will he stop it? Taravangian's arc is over. Taravangian got what he wanted. TOdium's arc has just begun and we have no idea what He will do next.
  9. SPOILERS for SA, Mistborn, and Elantris. Not sure if this should be a post on the Sel Topic. So, I was doing some reading on the Coppermind, and noticed something on the Page for Dakhor. (source: The Dor now, I'm pretty sure I saw a WoB once that I can't find right now, I'd be happy if someone found it, that said that every magic on Sel was powered by the Dor aka by BOTH Dominion and Devotion, not just one. Most people who've read Mistborn assumed Dakhor was a counterpart to Hemalurgy and AonDor to Allomancy, with one being powered by Ruin/Dominion and the other by Preservation/Devotion. Good vs Evil, yes. But that's not how the Dor is or works. WoB told us that every magic has the mix of both shards as a power source, so AonDor uses Dominions Investiture just as much as Dakhor uses Devotions. But now that we know what we know from RoW, what if that's just initially true. what if it should be "every challening (for lack of a better word) accesses the Dor initially, not just one shard.", and what the Dakhor Monks do by chanting is messing with that. Rythms Honor, Cultivation and Odium all have a Rythm. There are Rythms for the mix of them (The Rythm of War, for example). This is a Cosmere-wide phenomenon, as far as we know. Ruin's pulses from the Well of Ascension are similar to the Rythms, we know that. If my meh-tier understanding of all the magiphysics in RoW is correct, Navani and Raboniel could use the Rythms of Odium and Honor respectively to influence the shards investiture, their flow, and their combination. The Rythm of Dominion The simple conclusion here would be: The Dakhor monks chant the Rythm of Dominion to use specifically Dominions Investiture/Investiture aligned to Dominion for their magic. But even if we say the WoB "It's always Dor" still holds true, Selish magic is all about Keys. I think the Bones of Dakhor monks are more like the Aons on Plates that you can reactivate than the Aons you draw into the air. The making of a hyper-specific Key is the chanting itself, where different chants/rythms influence what kind of mix of Devotion and Dominion is channeled into a bone, thus deciding what kind of twisting the bone will do. Okay, aluminum foil hats on. The next points are all based on my initial theory (Dakhor chanting uses the Rythm of Dominion and maybe that of Devotion), and are wilder. 1. Anti-Investiture (source: The Anti-Tones, from my understanding, sound the same as the Tones, but technically they are inverted, and it's the Intent that matters. I doubt that Dakhor chanters know "what we're doing is channeling the Anti-Tone of Devotion", but I assume an Intent like "we want this to block AonDor" could be enough to create Anti-Dor properties. Is Anti-Investiture how Dakhor monks can be resistant to or negate AonDor magic? Counterpoint: We've seen some pretty violent reactions when the lights meet. So either the violent reaction here happens in the cognitive realm, Dakhor blocking the Aons from even channeling much Investiture, or there's no Anti-Investiture involved. Then again, Anti-Light is described very similar to how Skaze are described, so maybe Dominions Investiture inherently has features similar to Anti-Investiture. 2. Svrakiss Next crackpot thesis: Svrakiss are Dakhor monks or Dakhor sacrifices. It is those that have a sufficient attunement to Investiture aside from their connection to their home country to come back as Cognitive Shadows. Now, we don't even know that Svrakiss even exist. But lets assume they do, and take what knowledge we have: Let's go in order. 1. half-ghost and half-demon. Sure sounds like Cognitive Shadows. 2. souls of men barred from entrance into heaven. -> don't enter the beyond because they're so invested that they don't pass on initially - or maybe at all. 3. Taking over bodies of living men and control their actions. If that doesn't scream Dominion, i don't know what does. 4. older concept than Shu-Dereths presence in Svorden. That's actually very neat for us. We know a) Elantris already existed when Shu-Keseg split and b ) Elantris the city is older than the splintering of Dominion and Devotion. We don't have a timeline, but it could be that the mythology of Svrakiss comes from a time before the Dor came to be. Another thing I want to highlight is the wording from this WoB: (Emphasis mine, source: "Twisting" is exactly the vocabulary used for the bones of Dakhor monks, which from what we know are the key to Dakhor magic, and, as I've theorized, are influenced by Rythms. Now, this wording might be a coincidence, but I think it's possible that it isn't. Which leads me to my theory: Svrakiss today (when Elantris takes place) are either former Dakhor monks or specifically monks that have been sacrificed in Dakhor ritual. To further explain: Svrakiss in general are Cognitive Shadows based on Dominions Investiture, and some kind of mistwraith-spike-construct and/or Nahel-Bond parallel stuff happens for them to take over living bodies. Since D&D were shattered, Svrakiss don't really come to be anymore, since Cognitive Shadows don't happen in the Plasma that is the Dor, and since Dor users aren't aligned to Investiture in the same way that someone burning a metal or holding a lot of Stormlight might be. (I admit, this point is a bit iffy, we just know very little about the mechanics here and about the Dor). However, a Dakhor user or sacrifice would be so aligned to and filled with Dominions investiture due to the chanting that when they died or were sacrificed, they don't pass on into the Beyond directly ("barred from entrance into heaven") but rather become Svrakiss, still connected to the physical realm, half-ghosts and half-demons. What I'm saying is if Svrakiss are real, the very rare nature of sole-Dominion-aligned people dying might explain why they're so rare that no on-screen-character so far has seen one (aside from maybe Suit...). Counterpoint: The Cognitive Shadows we know aren't super affected by whose investiture they're using as shadows, from what we've seen. Second, maybe Svrakiss could also just be Dor-Cognitive-Shadows. Or something closer to the Threnody Shades than the Heralds and Returned. But, importantly, we only know the Shades as being from post-Ambitions-death, while Svrakiss mythology might be older than the splitering of D&D. Aluminum foil hats off. Again, the last two points are very out there. The first one, I think, might not be. I'm pretty sure that whenever the Elantris sequels come out and we learn more about Dakhor, the chanting will tie into the cosmere-wide phenomenon that are rythms.
  10. Give we are told by ishar that he is trying to bring back the oathpack. Given that we are told several times that cognitive shadows are closer to Spren then they are to people. Given that the key difference between the Heralds and other connective creatures are there physical bodies. Given that we see ishar trying to give physical bodies to cognitive beings in the form of high Spren. Is ishar trying to figure out how to give a cognitive being a physical body? If so dose he intended to use this to create new Heralds to replace the old broken ones?
  11. Has shallan said all the ideals of the lightweavers? At which ideal does she get a blade? Because she is at 4th or 5th ideal. What do u guys think?
  12. From the album Stormlight Art

    Don't know what it is about Shallan but I'm constantly doodling her. Ironic

    © Vian Provins

  13. Hello all! This is my first time posting in a spoiler forum so I hope I am getting it all correct. Please let me know if I should be doing something differently. I haven't seen this asked anywhere in my cursory inquiries so I decided to come out and ask it and ask for input on it. So a bit of back ground to my idea. There are some contradictory statements on if it is the Vessel or the Shard of Odium that wants to become the only shard in the Cosmere. I personally think that it was more because of the Vessel's ambition. My question to you is this:
  14. I was doing some research about different Surges the other day, and when I read about the surge of stone shaping, I started wondering about it. Specifically, when a Willshaper or a Stoneward uses their Stormlight to shape a stone, does it become like clay and they have to mold it? Or (this would be way cooler) would they be able to sort of command it with their mind so they don't have to actually dig tunnels through rock, etc. I may simply have this question because I missed a part in the descriptions in both the book and the info pages. But if the latter is tue for Willshapers and Stonewards, it would be wicked cool!
  15. Cultivation in my opinion seems to be shaping up to maybe be the real villain of not just stormlight archives but the cosmere. she has manipulated to our knowledge three major characters all of which we knew had been touched by the night watcher. We know cultivation has good future sight and has been manipulating things a lot, and her plans judging by the end seems to keep going, additionally rayse calls roshar a testing ground which seems sounds very cultivationy. But that’s not the point so let’s lay out people who may have been manipulated known- Dalinar- whose role was to become a bondsmith and we don’t know after that maybe become honor? taravangian- role was to become odium and save the cosmere? lift- unknown but the pattern seems to suggest her becoming cultivation. likely- Jasnah- what broke her has been mentioned before as some kind of mental problems as a child but she describes it as “a childhood illness nobody remembers” which sounds to me like the work of cultivation. evie- I think it’s very possible that she was somehow manipulating evie maybe not in terms of a boon or memory snip but maybe just straight up giving her instructions while she meditated. szeth- I think szeth may very well have been manipulated by cultivation, we know she had nightblood and it’s quite possible nightblood is the manipulation or there may be more. He had to have been there for taravangain to become odium and she must have known that. sja-Anat- I think it almost certain cultivation has worked with sja-Anat and maybe is what enabled her to break from odium, by extension I think she is also manipulating renarin and all those with corrupted spren. possibly- Rysn- idk what role she could have but I think it possible that she could have manipulated her lots of event shave been prodding her and Changing her life. aesudan- a lot about her is unknown and odd but certainly seems possible venli- not sure what would have been done but venli seems uniquely able to resist forms influence and is always herself even more so then Eshonai, maybe she caused her mother’s memory loss. Idk but it seems possible. Unlikely- Gavilar- possibly did soemthing to him but no indication of anything weird going on with him that seems in any way to fit cultivation’s methods so far. navani- same as a with gavilar sadeas- doubt it nothing seems to fit there on the fence- shallan- I think it possible that shallans memory compartmentalizations could have been something caused or at least aided by cultivation I mainly think this because they conveniently start to drop at certain times causing problems where nothing seems to have triggered it. kaladin- ok hear me out on this, something is going on with kaladin, something that I don’t know the end of but there he has a role we don’t fully understand im certain of it. The things that have happened in Rythm of war especially in terms of his fighting process remind me a lot of vin who we know became a shard for a while. My evidence 1. child of tanavast- sure it means soemthing not sure what 2. those yellow eyes when he killed the pursuer- I think that it had to do with the strong emotions he was feeling and his bond to odium the full extent of which we may not understand, also when I learned that war light was the name of honor and odiums light together It made me think that kaladin is gonna take up the two shards and become war, idk if this is gonna happen or not though. 3. Kaladin is being set up as the next dalinar- kaladin especially in Rythm of war and especially relating to his leadership style and evolving role has been described very similarly to dalinar especially early on in the series, i doubt cultivation would start her plan without a back up and it strikes me depending on what happened to kaladin he could become honor or odium, especially if you manipulate some of his past events. 4. vin parallels- kaladin especially this book in fights has seemed to be very similar to vins miraculous skill, and while this was always the case now more then ever the best example Being how he defeated a fighter with 7000 years of experience while unarmed and an emotional wreck and doing it all so fast that everyone around could barely register what was happening, that’s not just stormlight that’s something else. so while I can’t prove and can’t offer any specifics on her manipulation of kaladin it just seems very odd that cultivation wouldn’t have a plan or want to control kaladin considering that he seems like he has somewhere to go in terms of the grand story. Insane- syl- why did syl go dormant after bonding a Knight, we get basic explanations but we never hear about this being a problem other times, she also seems decidedly more independent and even like she has actual neurological things going on with her like adhd, overall she is a very odd spren. On top of this she slumbered for a long time and was only rediscovered recently only to immediately bond the redo under of the order of windrunners seems convenient, coudl cultivation have been keeping her hidden and asleep? ok actually just thought of soemthing to make syl more plausible she says she heard a pure tone or note in relation to kaladin many people think this is tien but couldn’t it be cultivation? also everyone needs to start wearing aluminum hats. just had a thought they are all shards, maybe kaladin is valor, and ambition coudl be venli, etc...
  16. Brandon deserves his own coin! And why not take a shot at pushing a coin to the masses. Now i know someone here understands how to do this....
  17. I bet this has been brought up before, but I'm clearly new so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Starting my first reread of the full series on my 1-year anniversary of reading WOK (note: because of poor memory some of this might be wrong), and only a couple chapters in I've noticed that Shallan used to be much more religious. However, with the whole business of Dalinar, "Honor is dead," the Stormfather, etc, Vorinism took a big hit. Do we ever see Shallan reflect on this? Does she even consider herself religious anymore, or has it been overshadowed by her identity crises? Basically, I feel like maybe that's an aspect of her character that has been written out/ignored in favor of more plot-relevant things. I would like to see more of the impact that the changing world has had on religious people in Roshar in general... Though I like the large-scale plots of the later two books, it feels like we're missing out on details that made Roshar feel more real. (If this has been mentioned, then disregard this post lol)
  18. From the album Stormlight Archives

    I struggle with visualizing what the singers/listeners look like so I wanted to try drawing Venli!
  19. We know that ishar is try to give Spren for a way to give Spren bodies that can survive in the physical. And we know that he is looking for honor Spren to experiment on. And Kaliden is sent to look for ishar. Dose this sound like a chekhov's gun to you or am I over thinking it?
  20. It's demonstrated that somehow there is a way to make Spren physical and that honor spren can be mistaken for Natanatan. Is it just me or is there a connection?
  21. Me and a friend were taking yesterday about the new fabrial that uses voidlight, and we came to the conclusion that it's metal might be chromium. If you noticed, in mistborn duralumin and aluminum don't seem to be exactly paired together - they seem to do things which are a bit different. Me and my friend came to the conclusion that maybe they both manipulate your Connection to Preservation. Duralumin increases it, while aluminum decreases it. We know that lerasium makes you Connected to Preservation, and that is what gives mistborn their powers. Now, this makes sense for duralumin, and it makes sense that you cannot use allomancy while burning aluminum, but why then does aluminum permanently remove the metal reserves inside of you? I theorise that this is because it makes you not a Mistborn for a moment, and that any metal that you swallow before becoming a Mistborn cannot be used. In other words, if Elend were to swallow pewter before swallowing the lerasium bead, he would not have been able to burn that pewter. A point in this theory's favour is that sometimes, feruchemical powers and allomantic powers align, and affect roughly the same thing. Duralumin's feruchemical power is Connection. So now, back to fabrials. What the fabrial seems to do is weaken the Connection between a radiant and his spren. This is why Syl could not manifest as a Blade, and why she remarked about feeling faded. Notice anything? This seems awfully similar to the effects of chromium, which is like aluminum but external, allowing a person to wipe someone else's metal reserves. From the epigraphs, we can assume that all allomantic metals affect fabrials in roughly the same way. This is why I think that the voidlight fabrial was connected to chromium. Now, how could the voidbringers specify radiants and their spren as the targets? I don't know. I assume it has to do with the spren trapped inside the gemstone. Now, what is the likely result of this? I think discovering that fabrials can also be affected by chromium will help Navani understand what chromium does, and that should open the door to understanding the entire quartet of aluminum, duralumin, chromium, and nicrosil, as well as help them understand Connection, and beginning their journey to cosmere awareness. Thoughts?