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Found 24 results

  1. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  2. Is there any chance Rysn ever will be able to use the Dawnshard? Apologies if Dawnshard answered this question. I don’t have that novella, and it’s been a while since I’ve read it.
  3. This fic is in two parts with VERY DIFFERENT ratings! Please read the tags and be warned! Isn't Cord Just Wonderful? Rated Teen, 900 words Rysn realizes her feelings for Cord and tells her. Say My Name Rated Explicit!, 2500 words They do things about those feelings they have.
  4. Ok, so I just read Dawnshard (because I didn't realize it existed until last week) and my engineer brain has been percolating ideas for how to improve Rysn's mobility, and make her more self-sufficient. Here's an idea I've come up with. Take her chair, and affix a freely rotating crank approximately 7 inches in radius to the side of it at a height which makes reaching both the top and bottom edge of it comfortable for her. The handle of the crank will be about 6 inches out from the center, and will be -- for lack of a better term yet -- a spanreed. (We'll probably want to make this spanreed more like a belaying pin in size and shape, in reality.) Put another of these spanreed-belaying pins on a similar crank in Rysn's cabin. This crank is on an axle, but is rigidly affixed to a small diameter gear. The small diameter gear is meshed with a larger diameter gear (ratio TBD for Rysn's convenience) which is, in turn, rigidly affixed to a capstan. The capstan has a line which runs vertically, with a very small weight on the end (for stability) and a number of conjoined gemstones that match the ones in her chair. The weight and gemstone plumbob should be constrained in a tube. Yes, the selective dissociation of forces means she won't move side to side if the bob swings around, but she would bob up and down as the cosine of the arc it describes. Give the crank on Rysn's chair a setting brake so she doesn't have to worry about inadvertent vertical motion, and using the power of gear ratios and conjoined gemstones, she can crank herself both up and down. If the tube is the same height as the ship, she could go all the way from the hold to the top deck under her own power. It might even make sense to run this device from the top of the Eelsnest. It should be noted that we're not using the "opposed motion" principles of Navani's archery platform. The gemstones in Rysn's chair and on the capstan line move in the same direction, not opposite. So she's not using a counterweight to lift her, she's doing it herself with her own muscle power. -Hephaestus
  5. From the album Cosmere Dresses

    Here's Rysn (and her plant) showing off some Thaylen fashion.
  6. I have no experience with wheelchairs, but that doesn't stop me from learning about them! Since I want a hoverchair for myself and for fanart, and technically there's no references yet (because the McSweeney art might be the Wandersail chair), and that leaves plenty of room for your headcanon. What we know: Rushu installed three rubies on the bottom of the wheelchair, which has padding, armrests, and a place to rest her back and legs. The Wandersail chair has straps that she can buckle herself in when sailing, so her wheelbarrow-chair probably has that along with a place to put a writing board and spanreeds. RoW didn't have much to add, other than the fact that she can apparently pop into the air when she activates it and doesn't need to pole around. what we don't know: what does she do when the gemstones run out? Did she trick it out with a button for fabrial boosters? Does it come with a Bag of Holding? What would you want?
  7. From the album The Stormlight Archive

    And more portraits! Here's a tiny one of Rysn.
  8. So, from the information we currently have on Dawnshard from the released prologue makes it seem that Rysn and Lopen will be at the helm of the journey to Aimia. Until recently, they had something in common, disability. Rysn lost use of her legs in the Reshi Isles in Words of Radiance, Lopen was one-handed till he became a Radiant. Despite Lopen's injuries being much older he never viewed himself as a cripple and constantly cracked one-armed Herdazian jokes. Rysn, on the other hand, started seeing herself differently after the incident, to the point that Renarin couldn't heal her with Regrowth. There could be another journey that the characters make, Lopen might teach Rysn to view herself differently, possibly enough for her to deal or maybe even enough for her to heal.
  9. Drawing of Rysn because I love her and I need to practice realism. I don't do realism that often, and I still need to work on facial proportions and shading hair, but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. As I was looking at reference pictures for Chiri-chick I realized... scorpions are really storming ugly. That is all. Also the picture is kinda blurry.

    © revelryintheart

  10. I’m doing a fanart of Rysn but then I suddenly realized I don’t remember what color her eyes are, and the Coppermind doesn’t say anything about it. Does anyone remember?
  11. From the album Random Photos/Art

    Sorry it's upside down! I have no idea what went wrong. But, if you can tell, it's Rysn's Shin grass, (nicknamed "Sullen) and her pet larkin, Chiri-Chiri. I also apologize for my utter lack of talent in the area of art, but I did my best!
  12. Simple theory, Vstim, the merchant who was Rysn’s master during her apprenticeship is Kalak, the willshaper herald. Known to love travel, it would make sense for a willshaper to become a merchant, and who else but a herald could enjoy such favorable trade with people from such disparate cultural backgrounds, including the shin. Blow this to bits sharders.
  13. I'm not sure whether I got it right, so I decided to drop this here. I haven't found a similar thread, but should one already exist, I'm sorry. Obviously, the fact that Rysn's larkin Chiri-Chiri doesn't only feast of Stormlight, but is also capable of sucking in "Voidlight" is going to be important. Question: Does this actually kill the Fused by taking their power, or does it merely kill the host and the Fused will still be reborn? I personally would like the first, because it'd be very handy, but I'm not really sure I can believe that. Thoughts on that?
  14. From the album General SA Art

    Stuff I drew for Oathbringer countdown =) (via) Viewing separately: Kholin babies: Kaladin & ... [OB spoilers] Young Dalinar at age 15-20 (Warning: 6 pieces)
  15. From the album ShiroXIX's Art

  16. Apologies if this had already been brought up in the wake of WoR but I'm still pretty new to the forum. Is there any more advanced knowledge of larkins and what they do? They seem to feed on stormlight (which makes a banker having one as a pet a little bit irresponsible) and after Rysn kills the thief who was trying to steal the King's drop, her larkin absorbs its stormlight and she remarks that it has grown bigger. Do we know why it increased in size? And is it possible that there was a spren (maybe even an unmade) stored within the King's drop that Rysn's Larkin has become a vessel for?
  17. I think Rysn is on her way to becoming a Knight Radiant. I think this is why the Larkin chose her. I think her adventurous nature and ironically her Bbasks teachings about respecting and understanding other cultures, embracing novelty and oddity will lead here to become a Willshaper. She has shown Resolve and I think the Willshapers were the Radiants who built trust amongst different cultures and settled disputes. Any other thoughts on which order if any she wil become?
  18. The obvious reason for posting "bad idea" theories is to promote "good ideas." Maybe this crazy theory will trigger someone smart to make a better guess. We already know the Listeners can change their forms. Aimians are another "non-human" race on Roshar. We know Aimians can change their appearance (Axies' tattoos) at will and have other weird properties (shadow facing wrong way, etc.). Larkins come from Aimia. What was one doing way up in the Reshi Isles? And we know Axies was captive there. Perhaps there are more clues which stem from Vstim knowing when it was the right time to make a trade with the Reshi, and Rysn got something even better. Perhaps the original trade agreement would have involved taking Axies in his humanoid form as a slave, and getting him in Larkin form was an unexpected surprise?
  19. We all know about five radiants. Dalinar, Kaladin, Shallan, Renarin and Jasnah. Well actually six if counting Szeth. But who are the other four? (presuming there is one per order to be revealed) Obviously Lift is one. There are many speculations about Adolin becoming one but I´m not quite sure about that. My guesses for three more is definitely Rysn, maybe two of the following: Wikim, Sebarial, Elhokar, Tarah (if she is alive) Would be cool if Rlain would become one or Eshonai (who probably is alive since the fourth book is supposed to tell about her life) What do you think?
  20. (*Long Post Warning*) "Boldness. You must be bold with the Reshi." / Vstim (Words of Radiance Rysn Interlude) This is a scene from Rysn Interlude of WoR =) I haven’t used this style for a while, but I actually like it! The original piece is here: Also, another sketch based on the whole chapter: I think Rysn, Tyvnk, larkin, Vstim (Oh my he is cute XD), Talik, Reshi King and the eye of Relu-na are included, and the background looks like Reshi Sea and those strange plants. I’m going to do more secondary characters but choice is so hard! Some notes a bit off the topic: Rysn’s outfit is inspired by Bohemian and Norwegian folk costume. For Thaylen men wear I decided to imitate the clothes from Ottoman Empire, especially those robes and hats. Everything related to Reshi people always reminds me of Maori culture in New Zealand. Also, Oceanian people’s tatoo often makes me think of Axies’ scholarly notes =) (Wow, it’s time to study some anthropology!) (Another thing: Is there any Thaylen eyebrow fan? Drawing them makes me so happy ^ v ^) Below is something not serious, drawn by ball pen in five minutes I'm so glad Axies makes a cameo here! Since I may not have enough time to draw in the next few months, I just upload some recent art here, mostly rough sketches, please don't mind "Don't weep, Szeth!" This…is kind of a SA interlude character crossover which I promised to do a few weeks back. I’ll try to include all of them from WoK and WoR =) "Old friend, I hope this missive finds you well." Wit/Hoid and the recipient of the letter, i.e. the dragon (some wild and silly imagination here) "Welcome, lost one." Talenel and Wit from the epilogue of WoK (Finally Taln! I always want to depict him XD) The design of Wit’s enthir is inspired by cittern, a stringed instrument from the Renaissance period =) Different character design for Emperor's Soul I couldn't decide how the final product would look like... We'll see =) Doodles of Iyatil and Zahel (Oh man I'm going to confuse him with Talenel...)
  21. So what did we learn during the Rysn interlude? Axies the Collector is there and is getting tortured. There are greatshell's that are really really big. If the Greatshell=potential voidbringer theory holds true then that would be very very bad. Grass is still boring. The Greatshells attract people who are bold (and naked and violent). Is it the culture or the Greatshells themselves? Just descriptive writing or is this important? Also she gets something called a Larkin by the Island So Aimans is the race Axies belongs to. Are they mentioned anywhere else? Is Axies connected to the greatshells somehow? Is he just here on the island for spren or because something related to his race exists on the island. Why is the creature important enough to get a chapter about it?
  22. Here are all of the readings from Words of Radiance that have been released so far. This list is going to be updated when more come out. Also, the spelling of any new names are merely approximations, not intended to be completely accurate. Jasnah Prologue Kaladin - Chapter 2 Dalinar's Vision Shallan Flashback 1 - Red Carpet, Once White Eshonai Interlude Rysn's Interlude Ym Interlude Lift Interlude Taravangian Interlude Enjoy!
  23. So you have almost assuredly known that Brandon has been posting videos of an interlude in Words of Radiance, which features Rysn, a character from an interlude in The Way of Kings. After all, Brandon has posted twelve videos of it over the past while, and posted a a few weeks ago.But, maybe you don't really want to watch a video of it. Maybe you just want to scroll at your own pace. Well, fear not, for the great and powerful Windrunner has transcribed the video for your perusal! Click here to read it in it's glory! If you aren't opposed to Words of Radiance spoilers, you should really read it. Especially if you like greatshells... I would also say that this is a first draft of the book, so obviously it will be a bit rough.