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Found 6 results

  1. The Wiki Page starts with: But I remebered this: I came to this Topic when i wanted to mention, "This Character has a Nahel Bond" in a WTCC Question but checked the Wiki to not confuse everyone. Can we change this in the Wiki? I know that WOBs are only secondary canon but the quote is from December 2020, so it is pretty recent and past RoW. And he literally said, that it is the definition. It does not just change "human or singer" to "being from the Physical Realm", but also "sentient spren" to "spren".
  2. In Chapter 22 of RoW (p. 325), Adolin observes Gallant leaving behind an afterimage. This passage is shortly after the delegation to the honorspren enters Shadesmar. This tickled my brain to the point where I decided to do a little digging into Szeth's afterimage, which is remarkably similar. To quote the wiki (I unfortunately do not have the relevant passages on hand), It's pretty clear to me that Szeth's afterimage is his Cognitive Shadow which is the result of his death and that "improper reattachment" by Nin/Nale/Nalan. I'm going to go out on a limb here and surmise that this detail about Gallant is 1. a characteristic of all Ryshadium, and 2. while not necessarily a Chekov's Gun by Brandon, something that is relevant to the nature of Roshar and/or Cognitive Shadows in general. I don't think it would be like Brandon to have a detail like this be purely flavor. I have a number of ideas concerning the ramifications on the lore that this has. I don't expect it will blow anything wide open, I just think it's interesting. Firstly, I'm fairly certain that these afterimages are connected, if not the same thing. What I think we're seeing here is Gallant's Cognitive Shadow (Ryshadium do have CSs as per this WoB). The implication here is that any sufficiently sentient life-form has a CS (not much of a stretch). I would posit that we would see a similar afterimage in Shadesmar (the manifestation of the Cognitive Realm on Roshar) from bonded Aviar. However, since we do not have any mention of such afterimages from humans or even Radiants (who have a symbiotic spren bond as do Ryshadium) this comes with a few reservations. It could be that my first premise is false and that Gallant has suffered some trauma that has harmed his "soul" and/or spren bond in some manner. I'd like to encourage someone trying to get a WoB about if we would see the CS of a non-sentient life-form with a symbiotic sprend bond such as a chasmfiend or skyeel in Shadesmar or even to confirm/reject my first premise. Another detail of note is the differences between the afterimages of Szeth and Gallant. Adolin is not heavily Invested, at least not enough to see Szeth's CS. However, he can see Gallant's CS without issue. He has not become more invested, so the only conclusion I can see is that CSs are more visible in the Cognitive Realm. While I don't have any evidence to back this up (perhaps someone who has Secret History could scrounge for such details about Kelsier), intuitively this seems reasonable. I'm also curious if Lift could see Gallant's CS in the physical realm. What are your thoughts? Am I making too much out of a random detail? Is this just a one-off? Am I wasting my time on a minor detail? Let me know what you think and any crazy thories you come up with!
  3. Friesian horses are are how I picture Ryshadium when I read the books. ( pictures below)
  4. From the album Stormlight Characters

    Portrait of Gallant Dalinar's Ryshadium.
  5. From the album Stormlight Characters

    My illustration of Sureblood Adolin's Ryshadium.
  6. (Hi guys - first post in the forum!) I have the sneaking suspicion that some sort of spren symbiosis, or some sort of investiture, is what makes Ryshadium so much smarter and more durable than ordinary horses. Perhaps the same way that the symbiotic spren let the greatshells grow so large? Alternately, meddling by the Knights Radiant (so still magic, but at one remove); after all, there were plenty of them, and if the Ryshadium are the only horses capable of carrying a bearer wearing Shardplate for any length of time... Ancient bioengineering! Thoughts?