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Found 9 results

  1. The guidelines listed here are still current as of December 2019. What is Reading Excuses? Reading Excuses is an online critique group and a spin-off of the popular podcast Writing Excuses (note: we are a fan group and not affiliated with the Writing Excuses podcast). In other words, we read each others' fiction to provide constructive criticism that will help improve your work. Reading Excuses is open to anyone. To join, send a PM to both Silk and Robinski with the email address that you'd like to receive submissions at, and one of us will add that email address to the group's email list. Discussion threads happen here on the forum; submissions are sent out by email each week. I will always respond to your request to join the group. I try to be reasonably prompt about doing so, and usually respond to requests in a couple of days. I do miss things sometimes, though, so if you haven't heard from me within a week, feel free to re-send the request. This group is meant for writers of all levels who intend their work for publication. Writers of any genre are welcome to join, but we're primarily science fiction and fantasy writers, so if you're writing outside of SFF you may find that we're not the audience you're looking for. The posts below tell you how the group operates. Please read the "How Do I Submit" and "Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines" sections before submitting or critiquing. How Do I Submit? Formatting Submissions Length Guidelines Content Tags Naming Conventions How to Submit When to Submit FAQs Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines Code of Conduct Critiquing Guidelines Receiving Critiques How Often Do I Need to Critique? Sharing Work From RE Other Resources RE Administravia Extra Credit Your opinion ... The Writing World
  2. Another Message from Future Meta (circa the proposal of the Unification Law): Hi, everyone! It appears activity on this has picked up again, without any prompting from me. The game state has changed rather significantly since then. It’s now an RP. I shouldn’t be surprised. If you post for the first time, and then don’t post for 24 hours or 3 pages, you become a Wandering Merchant. That means you can set up quests for people, and you get to be in a Guild. If you’d like to be in the RP, post your sheet in the thread. The current President, Ene, will add it to the list. Message from Future Meta (circa the passing of the Maybe Rule): Hello, prospective players! One of the side effects of the rules of Nomic (which you can read below the horizontal bar - highly recommended) is that the game quickly sprawls out of control. This has happened. I’m here to answer a few questions, and generally make it easier to join the game. Q: Do I need to understand all the rules? Heh. No. In fact, rule infractions are frequent, and nobody really understands all the rules apart from a select few. If you understand the basics, you will get by. Q: What are the basics? The currency of the game is Eggs. Getting one million Eggs makes you win. You can get Eggs by challenging people to games or duels, or by passing rules (or asking AonEne nicely). You can lose Eggs and have your actions in a post invalidated by breaking rules in that post. However, you only lose those Eggs and actions when somebody calls you out on said rule breaking - by saying UNO. You can also call out other people for rule breaking by saying UNO - however, you get nothing from it. Calling UNO is therefore a strategic decision. Every post must have an animal picture in it. If you vote on stuff, you must also propose a rule. Q: That sounds complicated! You don’t need to understand it all. Just vote on the proposals, and challenge some people to games, and you’ll get a sense for what Nomic is like eventually. CURRENT OLD GAME STATE (complicated): To celebrate April’s Fools (for my time zone, at least), I would like to propose a new forum game. It is called Nomic, and it only has three rules. (Well, three rules right now.) The essence of Nomic is that we collectively determine the rules of the game, with each player trying to bend the rules such that he or she can win first. EXISTING RULES: The Main Idea: Players take turns suggesting rules, or amendments to or the removal of existing rules. The Voting Clause: Upon a majority vote of more than three players, said amendments or removals are taken into effect. (Note: no rule is exempt from this rule, including this one, unless superseded by another rule.) The Winning Rule: The winning player shall be the first player that wins. When one player wins, all other players lose. Every rule can be changed, including the rule that says every rule can be changed (thus making it so that some rules cannot be changed - unless, of course, we collectively decide that all rules can be changed again.) This means that the game starts simple, but inevitably spirals out of control. I’ve seen games become glorified DND, complex blends of Chinese Checkers and Monopoly, and even entirely new board and card games. There are also two ways to play Nomic - we can carefully consider the ramifications of each rule, force everyone to understand rules to the fullest, and avoid contradictions. The second one is where rules are forgotten until someone brings them up - where bad ideas are voted into effect on a whim, and where the complexities of the ruleset invariably cause the game to collapse, sending it spinning out of control. In my opinion, the second one is much preferred. To start us off, I shall propose two new rules. Again, these are not in effect until they reach majority. The Points Rule: The winning player shall be the first player to reach one million points. The Equal Opportunity Act: any rule that discriminates based on the identities of players outside of the game (including screenname, rank, etc.) shall be considered invalid. I suggest that whoever takes their next turn should start devising ways to get points. It should be noted that said rules should also allow other people to get points, and shouldn’t give you too much of an advantage - otherwise, they won’t be inclined to pass it.
  3. One theme of the Cosmere is that Shards, while holding enough power to put planets together, are bound by rules in such a way that lesser feats are forbidden. A Shard cannot simply speak into a person's mind. Ruin, a Shard that embodies decay, cannot simply make Scadrial wilt in a blink, even with no mind controlling Preservation. Preservation cannot simply stop fueling an allomancer. No Shard can stop gravity. The list goes on. They can do these things if they follow the appropiate constraints, however. Ruin can introduce thoughts into someone, but only if there is an opening through an hemalurgic spike or a broken mind. He could have destroyed Scadrial if part of its power had not been sequestered into atium. Preservation can't prevent an allomancer from drawing power from metal, but it can stop the mists from fueling someone tainted by Ruin. Gravity, as other natural laws, cannot be removed even by a Shard, but they can actively expend power in order to work against gravity so that the net effect is zero. While I can't come up with better examples for this premise, we have book references and wobs relating to the rules Shards must follow. From the Almighty in Way of Kings: From the Stormfather in Oathbringer: And this Wob clarifying that Shards are still bound by the natural laws: With this in mind, my question is: can Shards project themselves in the Physical Realm on demand, or do certain constraints need to be met? I tried to think about the moments when a Shard has shown themselves in the PR, and that I can recall they have always followed these rules: The location they project themselves into has to be particularly Invested/Connected with their own power. When they are projecting themselves, every individual has the same view of the projection. That is, they can't show a different view of themselves to different individuals at the same time. If both A and B can see C, they both see the same thing. IF they choose not to be seen by everyone, they can be seen only by individuals they have a Connection to, but they can't selectively not show themselves to a subset of those. The third rule is not a hard one. If it is followed, I believe the projection is less tangible than otherwise - it becomes just a vision, with no direct power over the PR at all. All of this is perhaps biased because the examples I draw are from Stormlight and Mistborn, in which all Shards are in different states of being bound/restrained, but it seems to me this would be a rational limitation on the way Shards can expose themselves in the PR. From Era 1, the projections we have seen are of Ruin and Preservation. Because of the nature of the planet, both P&R immediately comply with (1). Ruin has only shown himself to people with hemalurgic spikes in them (3). As seen in Chapter 58 of HoA, both Quellion and Spook see Ruin as Kelsier, and both have the same experience of him (2): Similarly, when Leras shows himself as the mistspirit, both Elend and Vin see the same thing as it slashes Elend. I think Leras' apparitions are a case of a general projection not satisfying (3): anyone at all could have seen it, that is why the mistspirit itself can affect the PR directly (draw in the ash, stab Elend), like a (lowercase) avatar. From Era 2, in Chapter 7 of Shadows of Self, Harmony can only be seen by Wax once he puts his hemalurgic earring in (3), not before, not after. No other observer so I can't say anything about (2). In Stormlight, we see a Shard in the Physical when Dalinar visits the Old Magic. I think Cultivation's body in the Valley is much like the mistspirit, fully physical not satisfying rule (3). It still happens in the Valley of all places, Cultivation's domain so to speak, satisfying (1), and with no other observer besides the Nightwatcher so I can't say anything about (2). In any case, no rules are explicitly broken. Then, we have Odium projecting himself at Thaylenah. He only shows himself under the Everstorm, because of rule (1). Venli, Amaram, Dalinar and the Fused all see the Odium say/do the same things (2). But not everyone sees Odium here, only those with some Connection to him (3), as neither Szeth nor Navani can see him. The Fused see him because they are of him, Dalinar because Odium has been influencing him through the Thrill for decades, Amaram because he made a pact with him. Finally, the other appareance of a Shard that I can think of is the Sand God in WS3, which happens over sand invested by Autonomy (1), and nothing else can be said about the rest of the rules. I would like to see additional thoughts to this idea, because I have not looked much into the particular examples and am wondering if there is an instance where these rules are not met. Particularly because I assume Avatars would be bound by them as well, so this could potentially help rule out certain people being Avatars if they don't meet this criterion.
  4. Hey everyone!I evidently need to make a reminder: multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. This has been long stated in the rules, just like this, in fact: I shouldn't really need to explain why this is prohibited, which is why the rules are short and sweet. You guys, for the most part, are some of the kindest, most excellent people on the internet. But in case you weren't aware, here are some reasons why multiple accounts are banned: 1. Reputation abuse. There are restrictions on the amount of downvotes you can make in a time frame, and obviously abusing the reputation system is not acceptable. Additionally, upvoting your own posts is also reputation abuse. 2. It's intentionally deceptive. If it's something you wouldn't say on your main account, you shouldn't say it at all. 3. Discipline avoidance. If there becomes a time when a member's actions are not in line with the forum guidelines, trying to use another account to get around this is very bad form. For those of you in shared computer households: don't worry! Usually this can be obvious from an introduction post--saying something like "oh I'm so and so's sibling". Just let us know. This won't be an issue for almost all of you, and we'll be very nice about that. For the rest of you, if we discover you have multiple accounts and suspect foul play, we will not hesitate to ban you. There will not be notice. We will be very strict about this. If you believe any such banning has happened in error, contact me at [email protected] Have an awesome night, you awesome guys and gals. Sorry I had to post this; I really didn't want to, but certain events have transpired that are forcing my hand.
  5. Welcome to the prose version of White Sand forum! This is the forum where--finally--you can discuss the unpublished version of White Sand. I'm sorry this needs to be a passworded forum. It makes discussion difficult when the graphic novel comes out, because we can't compare the graphic novel to the prose version in the main forum. You'll need to do that here. So, to be clear, you can't discuss this content outside of this board. This is for a number of reasons. First, this content is not the canonical version of White Sand, as that's the graphic novel. We don't know how many changes there are. Therefore it obviously is a bad idea to have theory content in the main theory boards when this isn't even necessarily true. Secondly, some don't have this content, and some people get extremely upset seeing discussion on a topic that they are "missing out" on and really lay on the hate. Let's just keep it here. For this reason the main rule--besides not talking about this stuff elsewhere--will be to not distribute the password unless they have the manuscript. If they have the manuscript, they can word search the password. I do not want to hear of people getting access to this board unless they have and read White Sand. Also, as should be obvious from Team Sanderson's distribution emails, don't hand out White Sand either! Sorry. They can go ask Team Sanderson directly. Thanks and sorry it has taken so long for this to exist. (By the way, this version of White Sand is not "White Sand Prime." That's the very original White Sand. This is Brandon's second attempt at this story.)
  6. General Rules and Etiquette Policy Welcome to Sanderson Elimination! Table of Contents About Sanderson Elimination & Elimination Games General & Fair Play Rules Etiquette Policy SE Lexicon Game Formats GM Formatting Past Games About Sanderson Elimination Sanderson Elimination is the Sanderson-based, forum version of the party game Mafia/Werewolf. The most basic form of the game splits players into two groups: the Village and the Eliminators (also called the Mafia, Werewolves, etc). The Eliminators are mixed into the Villagers and their goal is to kill or outnumber the Villagers. The Villagers are trying to weed out and kill all of the Eliminators. The game is played in turns: Days and Nights. Day turns are when everyone votes on a player to lynch, and the player who accrues the most votes by the end of the day dies. Night turns are when the eliminators choose a player to kill. Often times, there are other roles involved in the game too: a Detective that can investigate a player and discover their alignment/faction, a Doctor who can protect someone, etc. So what’s the Sanderson-based version of this? Well, we take Sanderson settings and build elimination games around those. From little towns in post-Final Empire, to a party trying to cross the Shattered Plains, or a group of people staying at an inn in the Forests of Hell, or any number of other locations. We’ve seen a lot of settings and there are many more available. To get an idea of what games are coming, take a look at the signup list. If you like statistics, the SE Player and Game Stats Spreadsheet contains information about player count of each game, wins and losses, how many games each person has played, how many times each person has been an eliminator, and more.
  7. This is the forum where--finally--you can discuss the unpublished manuscript, Aether of Night. I'm very sorry we have to password this forum. That is so we must not discuss this content outside of this board. This is for a number of reasons. First, this content is not even necessarily canonical at all. If it gets published, who knows what form it will take. Therefore it obviously is a bad idea to have theory content in the main theory boards when this isn't even necessarily true. Secondly, some don't have this content, and some people get extremely upset seeing discussion on a topic that they are "missing out" on and really lay on the hate. Let's just keep it here. For this reason the main rule--besides not talking about this stuff elsewhere--will be to not distribute the password unless they have the manuscript. If they have the manuscript, they can word search the password. I do not want to hear of people getting access to this board unless they have and read Aether of Night. Also, as should be obvious from Team Sanderson's distribution emails, don't hand out Aether of Night either! Sorry. They can go ask Team Sanderson directly. Thanks and sorry it has taken so long for this to exist.
  8. Hi all, We are going to have a weird split between the published, canonical graphic novel edition of White Sand, vs. the uncanonical prose edition of White Sand that many of you have acquired. A split is required as we do not want individuals who do not have such a manuscript to be spoiled, or otherwise angry that people have acquired such a thing. In this forum--the canonical White Sand board--we can only discuss things from the graphic novels. It is not acceptable to have posts in this board that contain info from the prose edition, regardless on if they are in spoiler tags. If there are tags in this board with spoiler tags, it is assumed that this will be referring to graphic novel spoilers. (We will do a similar-ish spoiler policy when volumes of this are actually released.) If you wish to compare the graphic novel and prose editions, you will need to do this in the passworded White Sand board. I know this is going to be rather annoying, because this first volume of the graphic novel we get this summer is just the first of three volumes that represent that White Sand prose manuscript, and might hamper discussion in this public board, but this is the awkwardness we must deal with. Please immediately report offending posts in this forum that don't obey this rule. People who post content relating to the prose White Sand will be dealt with swiftly.
  9. I've been working for some time on a "magic" system for my universe. This system was built to support a more mystical element of my story for readers, but I needed to understand it's limitations clearly as the author. So, I'm wondering. If I give you guys three rules, could you tell me, if you had those abilities–what would you be able to do? Some background. In my universe, there is a discovery of a particle that effects the status of elements. Meaning, these particles are what tells elements what they are and where they are (imagine the code in a computer. Change it and you change the program itself). Here are the abilities: Manipulators can... Aggravate/Adjust the location of these particles inside atoms, resulting in the movement of the entire particle. Can force a shift of particles from one element to another. Repair decaying atoms and rejuvenate them by renewing their structure from another source. The constraints (Most important part and they correspond with their listed power. 1 to 1, 2 to 2) Aggravation means that you can speed up or slow down particles, resulting in hot/cold. (restrictions tie into #2 as to cascades) Particles can be moved if their location is changed, but only a specific distance. So you could move an object 100 kilometers away, then another 100, then another 100. It is restricted to 100 kilometers per shift Shifting an element is easier if it cascades. So you could take a block of 26 Fe: Iron and shift it fairly quickly to 25 Mn: Magnesium or 27 Co: Cobalt. But changing a whole block of composite stone would likely fail because of different particles. You could change pieces of it though, one at a time. Decaying atoms take the energy from other compatible sources. So a plant could be kept alive if you have another plant near it that you transfer energy from. Two more things. Adjusting the particles is tasking, meaning that burnout can happen quickly the less training and skill you have. Also, Manipulators live for a long time, roughly 250 years because of their abilities to rejuvenate. But they go insane. There is no known cure. This is a lot, but if you have questions, just send them my way. I'm excited to hear what awesome stuff you could do with this! Have at it