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Found 97 results

  1. Ok, so I've been listening/reading the mist born books in preparation of the lost metal, and something occurred to me. According to TSH, the reason that Sazed was able to take up both Preservation and Ruin at the same time was because he was balanced between both. Tindwyl's death instilled a sense of acceptance of death within him, which allowed him to take up Ruin, while still wanting to maintain life, allowing him to take up Preservation. The balance he represents between both is what makes him Harmony. I remember reading a WoB that stated that if Kelsier had managed to take up both Preservation and Ruin, he wouldn't have been Harmony; he would have been Discord. Sazed represents the balance between the two Shards, while Kelsier would represent the conflict between them. Based on their respective personalities, I think this makes a great deal of sense. But what if Vin had somehow managed to take up both Shards? She was both a destroyer and a preserver, something THOA makes perfectly clear, which seems to me to be another type of balance that could allow someone to take up both shards. Does anyone know if there is a WoB on this? It seems like the kind of question someone would have come up with a while ago. I don't think Vin would have been Harmony or Discord, although Harmony seems much more likely than Discord. The way she talked about life and growth just before she killed Ruin makes me think Vin would have been something like that. Maybe Life. What do you guys think?
  2. Can somebody remind me how Sazed was able to pick up Ruin again? I don't remember his personality or actions having much connection to Ruin, and usually your personality has to be related to a Shard's Intent before you can pick it up, so how could he take both Preservation and Ruin? He certainly seemed to embody Preservation as a Keeper.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here and so I apologize if his has already been discussed to death (I didn't find threads in a search, but there are a lot so I could easily have missed some). But I've long wondered if Harmony is right when he describes the connections of Metallic Arts to Ruin, Preservation, and an interaction between them. His connection of Hemalurgy to Ruin seems clear enough: you have to kill a person to use it, and the amount of power in the resulting spike is less than the victim had. Ruinous. But Feruchemy always seemed more like Preservation to me than an interaction between Preservation and Ruin both. Nothing is gained or lost when an attribute is stored or withdrawn, it is just maintained almost perfectly until some time in the future. Where is the Ruin in that? (The only example I can think of with imperfect storage is Ruin's manipulation of copperminds). Conversely, Allomancy requires serious physical damage to awaken, destroys the metals used to catalyze its effects, and is described as producing a net gain by Harmony. None of those are very Preservation-like. In a similar vein, Preservation couldn't create dynamic individuals by itself and required cooperation from Ruin to create the humans on Scadrial-- the ability to choose to Preserve at some times and Ruin at others was more than was present in the other animals implied to be within Preservation's ability to create. That sounds more like the Allomantic net gain to me. My mind reaches for explanations and finds unsatisfying scraps. Allomancy existed before anyone swallowed lerasium, albeit in a weaker form, and Preservation was already a critical component of Scadrial's people, so maybe their Allomancy came from that and the huge dose of Connection from lerasium beads creates the otherwise impossibly rare Mistborn. But then the Connection to Preservation from burning lerasium doesn't grant them anything like Feruchemy, so that idea starts falling apart... All of this is pretty pointless speculation since we have so much information suggesting that Allomancy goes with Preservation: the mists swirl around people using Allomancy but not Feruchemy, swallowing a bead of lerasium is what grants super-Allomancy (in the form of Mistborn) in the first place, and Harmony (who holds both relevant Shards and would presumably know everything on the topic) explicitly says so. But outside of those, is there any discussion, here, in-text, or in a WoS that addresses my confusion?
  4. Okay so I’ve been really digging into the whole creation of Nightblood. Could a splinter of Ambition be involved someone how? Thus amplifying it’s “destroy evil” intent? I also believe the theories that this was apart of Ruins involvement as well.
  5. When Hoid tries to hurt someone or even contemplates it, he is incapacitated due to the way his Spiritweb was changed by holding a Dawnshard. However, there are ways to use magic to compel you to cause harm rather than avoiding it. The first that comes to mind would be by him using Hemalurgic spikes to grant himself a more Ruinous Intent on his Spiritweb, which would, if there were enough spikes placed and enough time given, allow him to override the current structure of his Spiritweb allow him to physically harm others. There are definitely some problems with this, such as how he would need someone else to charge and place the spikes for him, and how he would be opening himself up to shardic influence (which is NOT something that he wants to have happen), but this may hypothetically be possible. Another possibility would be for Hoid to wield Nightblood. Since Nightblood compels whoever is holding it to destroy, it seems likely that Hoid would be able to overcome is own magical compulsion to not do any physical harm if he were to use the blade. However, even if he could do so, I doubt that he would risk himself to try and directly kill someone via Nightblood; he's crafty and patient and he would likely rather carefully plan for someone else to do the fighting for him, which he could even without needing to cause direct physical harm.
  6. Ok so this will have spoilers all the way up to (you guessed it) Shadows of Self and secret history So I'm reading mistborn for the second time and HoA this exchange happens between sazed and the first gen kandra: “Preservation’s power remains, for power cannot be destroyed. His mind however, was all but destroyed-for this was the sacrifice he made to imprison Ruin.” “The sliver remains,” another reminded. “The shadow of self.” I found a post from like 6 years ago discussing it but nobody touched on one point I thought about (sorry if this is the wrong place for this I'm new here ><) So it seems to me in the context of HoA the "Shadow of self" refers to what was left of Leris after he created ruins prison. Slowly fading eventually leaving the power up for grabs. Reading Shadows of Self the first time I figured the title more leaned towards being about Wax as in this book we learn the bulk of his past (or at least the key moments like his childhood with his uncle, meeting Lessi etc) and where his identiy is in question. But what I wonder this time around is that maybe it's a hint about Trell too. Trell atm is not confirmed to be a shard however it must be shard like at least. This book is where we get confirmation that Trell is actually real. It has it's own form of hemalurgy, a more refined version maybe given what Lessi/Paalm was able to do with it which implies investiture in some capacity in my eyes. Trell must be something big being an object of worship pre-dating the lord ruler and being able to control/influence others. Even Miles was a follower and seem to have been influenced in some way by it? Anyways where I'm going with this is what if something similar is happening to Trell where only a sliver remains of them and they are trying to act with whatever time they have left. At the very least they have a plot in motion and if my previous thought is true they have a power that cannot be destroyed. Whether Trell is a shard or not that could have interesting implications in the cosmere especially if Trell isn't a shard. What do you guys think though? I'm mostly just eagerly awaiting The Lost Metal to come out so my brain is spinning trying to figure out whats gonna happen.
  7. So, as per WoB, Nightblood's investiture is related to Ruin's investiture. If Nightblood were to meet the vessel of Ruin, what would happen? Would Nightblood be able to hurt them, or are they too similar to hurt one another? Would Nightblood be able to feed and grow on Ruin's mists?
  8. There's not a lot to this theory beyond speculation, but I was watching the Shardcast where they go over the Word of Brandon that states that Nightblood is related to Ruin in a "non-trivial way". That got me thinking about the way Nightblood's frenzies are written - they really remind me of the scenes where Ruin is enraged/showing his true self in HoA and Secret History. Bearing in mind the fact that the Five Scholars were Worldhoppers who at the very least travelled to Roshar, I think its reasonable to assume they visited Scadrial too (I believe there's a WoB about interplanetary travel occurring on Scadrial at least as far back as the Lord Ruler's time). We also know that they got the inspiration for Nightblood from observing Shardblades on Roshar in their travels. As scholars, I imagine they did a thorough examination of the Blades and were probably aware that they were all alloys of godmetals (Cultivation's + Honor's). So when they went off to create their own via Awakening, they may have used ordinary steel - but they might also have tried to use something more powerful (and similar in composition to the weapons they were trying to emulate). Now imagine they're on their way back from Roshar and already thinking about how to make their own Shardblade. Unfortunately, godmetals aren't generally that common or accessible (in that state) on most planets in the cosmere. An exception to this, at least in the era when the Five Scholars were travelling together, is Scadrial. In fact, the perpendicularity to Scadrial at the time was the Pits of Hathsin, which just so happens to be filled with Ruin's godmetal. As well as being relatively easily accessible, there may have been (perceived) mechanical advantages to choosing Ruin's specific godmetal too. Since they intended to create a Blade to "Destroy evil", which better metal to use than the one made from the Shard whose Intent is as destructive as it gets. It might have seemed like a clever way to harness Ruin's destructive potential for good (which obviously didn't go quite as planned). There may be more properties specific to atium that were beneficial - perhaps it's relation to Fortune/Connection helps with luring in those with evil/detecting evil. One immediate issue I observed with this theory was the act of Awakening itself - we don't know if its possible to Awaken a godmetal but the rule of thumb has been that highly Invested objects resist cosmere magic - be it Surgebinding or Awakening. Given that atium is literally solid Ruin Investiture it would probably be extremely resistant. While its possible that they didn't use pure atium - they could have made an alloy of it and ordinary metal or something of the sort - there is a WoB that offers an alternative explanation. We know that Endowment herself had a direct hand in the creation of Nightblood. I'm not sure of the exact words, but I believe she assisted the Scholars without their knowledge for her own purposes. Until now, I had assumed this was just because Awakening steel/creating a weapon that powerful was beyond the Five Scholars, but maybe the real obstacle was in Awakening a godmetal. If this is true, then endowing a blade of atium with enough Breaths to Awaken it would essentially make the Blade an alloy of Ruin + Endowment's Investiture, much as Shardblade's are alloys of Cultivation + Honor's.
  9. TLDR; Trell is the avatar of Ruin. So, I was chatting with @I think I am here., as you do, and we were talking about the recent books that have been released. I heard somewhere that Trell will be in the new book, so I mentioned that to him, and we talked about who he could be. I believe that Trell is an avatar of Ruin. Think about it, we haven't really seen that many avatars in the cosmere yet, so it could be high time for another one to appear. Plus, it supports the fact that Harmony is "distracted", according to the Kandra. He could be preoccupied with dealing with Ruin's avatar. Ruin could be dead, but his avatar could remain, as it's not a direct part of Ruin. however, it could hold part of it's power, and have some form of Atium, hence the title "The Lost Metal". Also, another point on this is the metal in BoM, or "trellium", could just be a metal that's been corrupted, as it's speckled red, like rust. Red is the colour of corrupted Investiture, and the avatar could be doing some shonky things to Harmony's magic system.
  10. First of all, I put this post in the general Cosmere discussion because Nightblood is from Nalthis, this theory involves Scadrial, and Nightblood is now on Roshar, so I didn't feel like I could put this in only one book series. I was recently listening to the Mistborn Era 1 audiobooks, and Ruin's Intent made me think of Nightblood. Ruin likes to destroy things, guess who else loves to destroy. This made me think that Nightblood's creation could possibly have been influenced by Ruin. Nightblood's investiture is corrupted, which usually means the mixing of multiple shards' investitures. What if Ruin put some of his ruinous investiture into the sword, along with cultivation's investiture? Nightblood's black smoke is reminiscent of Ruin's mist. Second, I think the timeline works out. 1-5 of the SA take place around 330 PC. In my head I think of Warbreaker taking place around 30 years before the Stormlight Archive, and Nightblood's creation happened 300 years before Warbreaker. That would place the Manywar and the creation of Nightblood right around the time that Vin released Ruin from the Well of Ascension. Sorry if this is confusing. It made a lot more sense in my head, but I would love to know your guys' thoughts.
  11. So this is my theory in the dragon steel chapters brandon has made available, yolen is most of the time referred to as “the continent of yolen” now we go on to mistborn secret history , ati, before he dies utters the word vax, now presumably, the last place ati was before taking up the shard of ruin was yolen, or should I say vax (I will explain this later) in warbreaker, hoid refers to his homeland as a “place we’re to lands meet and gods have died” furthermore, there is a saying on yolen that goes “may two worlds become one to you” and Brandon has SPECIFICALLY stated that this is NOT in reference to any realms so my theory is that vax isn’t a planet, but another landmass or continent on yolen
  12. From the album Semi-Cool Cosmere Art

  13. At the end of RoW, Taravangian ascends to Odium and inherits quite a few memories and information from Rayse. Well, I don't know if it's Brandon's favoritism towards TOdium, but I don't understand why Taravangian inherits so much information, but Kelsier, Vin and Sazed don't inherit any information from each other's pre-Preservation vessel (Kelsier from Leras, Vin from Kelsier and Sazed from Vin). And the same case of Sazed with Ati. Maybe Kelsier doesn't inherit any information from Leras because the latter was slowly dying, but Vin should have inherited Kelsier's short-time memories as Preservation as well as Taravangian from Odium, and Sazed should have inherited Vin's memories and Ati when ascending, but it was not like that and it gives me a feeling of unevenness between the shards, despite the fact that Odium is somewhat hurt by his battles in the Cosmere, but Preservation and Ruin are intact despite the deaths of their original vessels.
  14. The colored version
  15. harmony

    Okay so considering the fact that Sazed picked up two shards at his Ascension, does that make him the most powerful being in the cosmere? Or would that title depend on which shards were combined? For example, the opposite nature of Ruin and Preservation make changes hard for Sazed. If someone, say Rayse, were to have shattered Preservation and picked up Ruin, would that be a more powerful combo? Regardless, would Sazed be able to contend with Rayse given he is Harmony (Ruin AND Preservation) and Rayse is only Odium?
  16. warning: I've put what I can in spoiler tags, but there's unavoidable Dawnshard theorizing. enter at your own risk. I've been trying to figure out what changing text has to do with the power of Ruin, specifically. I'm mean, it's a great plot twist, it's just that it's been bugging me that it's not particularly Ruinous. And that only thing that comes to mind is that Ruin = Change and Preservation = Stasis. Which would imply one of two things: 1. Ruin can change words because change is his shtick. Or rather [Dawnshard spoilers] Which would imply that insert-your-grouping-here can do the same thing-- my money's on Cultivation, Invention, and Ambition, personally. But in any case, there's other gods that can cause typos in your forum posts. 2. Preservation can't change words because stasis is his shtick. So everyone but Preservation can mess with your books, or maybe everyone but [Dawnshard] Again, that leaves a lot of Shards that can forge a check. So do you think my logic is sound here? And if so, why have we never seen this dirty but incredibly useful trick elsewhere? Did it use to be there and then it got... removed?
  17. From the album Mistborn drawings

    My vision of Ruin
  18. From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    *sigh* So as you can probably tell, the coloring... did not turn out. I liked the inked version much better, but here's the colored one too. A huge reason the coloring didn't turn out was because my grey marker is honestly dead and I don't know how I thought I could do Fuzz's robe without that. It just looks uneven. But, oh, well, at least Ati's gold turned out well. I'm glad I was able to draw this though, I suppose. Ruin and Preservation are some of my very favorites in Mistborn and my 11 year old self would be over-joyed to see this drawing.
  19. Okay, I just need to see if I'm the only one who had this thought or knows why I have this thought. For some reason, during my reading of Mistborn Era 1, in my head, I started seeing Atium as orange rather than silver. This ended up carrying to when I thought of Ruin, orange was always in the back of my mind. And the odd thing is, I think I saw Atium is silver at first, then something changed that image in my head and I don't know what or why. Am I the only one? Has anyone else fallen to this or something similar, or is it just me?
  20. Okay, when I read Mistborn: Secret History and that scene where Kelsier punches Ati in the face, my immediate reaction was, "That's a dick move. You don't know what he's like." It was made clear that Ati was corrupted by the Intent of the Shard of Ruin to make him do all those things when he was a Vessel. So when he dies, is he back to normal? Was he back to the nice guy he was before, and does he remember everything he did, why he did it, and what sort of mental trauma can that do to a person? Also, he was ascended, so he could have stayed yet went into the Beyond. Why? Why not say anything to the people you terrorized? There are so many questions that the scene gives me about Ati. And did something similar happen to other Shards, like Honor and Autonomy, or does splintering them do something different? Why don't Shards stay and try to come back to the physical realm more? Or just stay in the cognitive realm and give advice? I have so many questions!
  21. Since Sazed currently holds Ruin, Hemalurgy is of him now. Since he also holds Preservation, calling the combination Harmony, he also has an entirely new godmetal that we saw in BoM. Duscovered by the Southern Scadrians, who call it Ettmetal and use it to power their ships, create powerful bombs as well as Allomantic grenades. This metal is explosive on contact with water, Brandon compared it with Cesium. As we saw with the Inquisitors, Hemalurgic constructs can survive wounds inflicted by the spike and in fact, alter the receiver's biology so that they can survive being impaled. The Inquisitors' brains itself was reshaped to allow the spikes to pass through, as well as, it seems their skeletal structure and muscular structure as well as possibly a few internal organs and their circulatory system. So couldn't their body do something to accommodate a Harmonium spike? It doesn't solve the problem of the spike degrading or getting damaged or exploding while it's still... passing through the donor, but I'm hoping you all could provide some theories for that end. Now, assuming success of such a venture, what power(s) do(es) Harmonium steal? Feruchemy can sidestep the godmetal's reaction with water, provided the Feruchemist takes a few precautions like covering up their metalmind so as to not expose it to water. So what would a Harmonium metalmind store?
  22. So, at the end of HoA, Vin Ascends to face Ruin and kills Ati (Ruin's Vessel), dying in the process. Now, when Vin "threw her power" against Ruin they "collided and repelled each other", which resulted in the death of both Vessels. Notably, we know that neither Preservation nor Ruin were Splintered during this process, as Sazed Ascended shortly thereafter. That being said, what (cosmerologically speaking) happened when Vin "threw herself" against Ati? How can you kill a Vessel without Splintering them? Are all Shards opposed in such a way that mere "physical contact" damages their Vessels?
  23. Are all the shards pairs? We know that Ruin and Preservation are an opposing pair. Are all 16 shards this way? For example, perhaps Autonomy and Dominion are opposites, as Dominion seeks to destroy what autonomy others have, and autonomy seeks to be free of any dominion over it. In the same fashion, Devotion may have been Odium’s opposing pair, which would make his attack on her make all the more sense. If the theory is true, it would help us guess the other shards, for example, maybe a Contentment shard as Ambition’s pair, or Opposition as Cultivation’s. It would be interesting to know what dishards could be made if more pairs melded, like Harmony.
  24. This is obviously purely philosophical, but I was just wondering, if not for her relationship with Honor, would Cultivation have been drawn to Scadrial either instead of or in addition to Preservation? People often say that Preservation and Ruin were both drawn to Scadrial because of their opposing intents, kind of like two poles of a magnet. But strictly speaking Ruin and Preservation are NOT opposites. Ruin is essentially regression and Preservation is essentially stasis. The true opposite of Ruin is actually Cultivation, at least if we assume that her overall intent is growth/progression, which appears to be the case from what little we’ve seen of her. Preservation is effectively smack in between Ruin and Cultivation in terms of intent. And indeed, I would think that if someone were to simultaneously hold the Shards of Ruin and Cultivation, the result very well might effectively be a second more powerful Shard of Preservation, since the net effect of their two intents would cancel each other out. Anyone have any thoughts?
  25. ruin

    So we've been told that Feruchemy is of both Preservation and Ruin. Allomancy preserves the Allomancer, allowing them to burn metals which act as keys to Preservation's power Hemalurgy allows one to steal attributes. Ruin's Investiture steals part of the Spiritweb from the... donor, keyed to both the metal used and specific bindpoints and grafts it on to the recipient's soul, while ensuring that the spikes being driven through their body itself doesn't end up killing the recipient. Feruchemy allows one to store an attribute and tap or access it later. It is end-neutral, the Feruchemist doesn't gain or lose their attributes, making it of Preservation. In order to tap the attribute later, the attribute being stored deteriorates, making it of Ruin. My question is: how can it also be of Ruin? Doesn't giving his own Investiture go against his Intent?