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Found 24 results

  1. Hello hello hello! I don't know how many people know this, but there's a Mistborn RPG? Mistborn Adventure Game It's super cool. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I really want to. However, there's also an additional book you can get that's based on Alloy of Law and general Era 2 stuff. Alloy of Law Book Inside of this second one is a bunch of stuff for Twinborn, including some other names for them! We know that Wax is a Crasher, but did you know that Wayne is a Constant? And Miles Hundredlives is known as a Timeless? There's a bunch of names, so here they are! Feruchemical Table Allomancy Table Allomancy, Feruchemy, Name Tin, Tin, Eagle Eye Tin, Steel, Catcher Tin, Copper, Monitor Tin, Zinc, Quickwit Tin, Chromium, Keeneye Pewter, Pewter, Hefter Pewter, Steel, Sprinter Pewter, Zinc, Sooner Pewter, Chromium, Scrapper Pewter, Gold, Bruteblood Pewter, Cadmuim, Marathoner Iron, Pewter, Scaler Iron, Iron, Deader (They're well known for squishing themselves dead) Iron, Steel, Guardian Iron, Zinc, Navigator Iron, Gold, Stalwart Steel, Tin, Sharpshooter Steel, Iron, Crasher Steel, Steel, Swift Steel, Aluminum, Shroud Steel, Duralumin, Bigshot Steel, Chromium, Luckshot Steel, Cadmium, Cloudtoucher Copper, Copper, Copperkeep Copper, Bronze, Shroud ( Yeah, two of them are named "Shroud". I dunno. \_(ツ)_/¯ ) Copper, Brass, Boiler Copper, Aluminum, Ghostwalker Copper, Duralumin, Shelter Copper, Chromium, Masker Bronze, Tin, Sentinel Bronze, Steel, Hazedodger Bronze, Copper, Metalmapper Bronze, Bronze, Sleepless Bronze, Zinc, Pulsewise Bronze, Bendalloy, Stalker Zinc, Pewter, Strongarm Zinc, Zinc, Mastermind Zinc, Aluminum, Loudmouth Zinc, Duralumin, Zealot Zinc, Chromium, High Roller Zinc, Electrum, Instigator Brass, Zinc, Schemer Brass, Brass, Cooler Brass, Aluminum, Icon Brass, Duralumin, Pacifier Brass, Chromium, Slick Brass, Electrum, Resolute Aluminum, Aluminum, Puremind Duralumin, Duralumin, Friendly Chromium, Pewter, Metalbreaker Chromium, Chromium, Ringer Chromium, Nicrosil, Sapper Chromium, Bendalloy, Gulper Nicrosil, Pewter, Booster Nicrosil, Copper, Burst-Ticker Nicrosil, Duralumin, Enabler Nicrosil, Nicrosil, Soulburst Nicrosil, Electrum, Cohort Gold, Copper, Chronicler Gold, Aluminum, Vessel Gold, Gold, Timeless Gold, Electrum, Introspect Electrum, Iron, Whimflitter Electrum, Copper, Foresight Electrum, Zinc, Flicker Electrum, Chromium, Charmed Electrum, Electrum, Visionary Cadmium, Bronze, Plotter Cadmium, Gold, Yearspanner Cadmium, Cadmium, Chrysalis Bendalloy, Tin, Spotter Bendalloy, Steel, Blur Bendalloy, Copper, Assessor Bendalloy, Zinc, Flashwit Bendalloy, Aluminum, Monument Bendalloy, Gold, Constant Bendalloy, Electrum, Transcendent Bendalloy, Bendalloy, Sated By the way, these aren't canon. The Mistborn Adventure Game isn't canon, and Brandon didn't write these names. I think that it's still a fun idea and cool to look at all of them!
  2. Hey everyone! A couple of my buddies and myself are knee-deep in an off-the-wall Sanderson-inspired tabletop mini-series we've entitled MICEBORN! The title might give it away, but it is a Mistborn-themed adventure that has been lovingly mashed up with Redwall! It's only four episodes long and two of them have already dropped with the other two dropping on 5/18 and 5/25. Each episode is just under an hour so it's not a huge commitment, but we wanted to make any podcast listeners out there aware of this project. We had a blast recording it and we drop a TON of easter eggs for other Sanderson works throughout, but for the most part, we keep it spoiler-free for all Sanderson-related books. We hope all of you enjoy listening to this mashup and hope you stick around for our other mini-campaigns! Thanks for your support and sharing with your friends! Episode 1: Episode 2: (You can also look us up on popular podcatchers) -Improv Tabletop
  3. Hello everyone, hope this post finds you all well. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing the mistborn tabletop game? I've been trying to convince my players to run it myself and I'm curious how smooth the game plays for new players. Setting aside for the most part I am more focused on mechanics. Of course those who've read it are welcome to comment as well. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Somehow fan works didn't quite seem right.
  4. So I’m going to be leading a game of mistborn adventure game with my family. Is there any tips for doing things? I think I have the basics of storytelling done, such as having good, 3d characters and not forcing people along a path, but I have never been a DM. I’m fairly bad a voice acting, but I think that’s fine for a family setting. one of the players are thinking of being secretly a Kandra. I’m going to give them the stats of someone with no powers because that is what the group sees them as, but secretly they have average powers in addition to average and strong stats. I think that will work. I also am a “member” of the crew with a character that doesn’t fight, but gives recourses and has contacts. Is that a good idea? I can use him as a tool to assist the plot, but I dunno. I’m thinking maybe giving him items might be a bad idea, given that it gives advantages to the group? But I do have someone built to mess with the plot, so maybe that evens it out? Should there be an in-game reason for him to mess with things? Maybe he’s a member of a third party trying to lead the group off course? I honestly don’t know. also this might not be the right forum to ask this. If it isn’t, could the mods move it to the right one?
  5. Week 1, Day 1: The Waking God You wake in an opulent room, the like of which is utterly unfamiliar to you. The sky outside is dark, and you feel tired despite the fact that you've been sleeping. The walls are hung with fine tapestries and paintings, and the bedsheets are soft and luxurious. It seems strange to you, but the strangest thing, in a way, is that it seems strange to you at all. That thought ties itself in a knot in your brain as you try to puzzle it out. You try to put it aside, but it returns again when you realise that, while it feels odd to be in this room, when you think about it you have no comparison as to whether or not this is normal for most people. It’s a disconcerting thought process, an endless cycle of recognising the unfamiliar for being unfamiliar. You try to clear your mind, to recall how you got here. You remember… You remember… You remember nothing. Your mind is blank. No, that isn’t true, you realise after a moment more's introspection. You know you are sleeping in a bed, you know that it is of better quality than you are used to, but you don’t remember why you know that. How strange that understanding this does not seem to require you to have any memory of similar objects. The details of your life are unknown to you, a hazy blackness just out of reach. Every time you try to grasp it, it edges ever further away. “Ah, You’re awake.” The voice distracts you as it reaches your ears, and you look up, the strange thoughts dissipating now you have something else to focus on. In a way, you're frustrated as your thoughts are halted suddenly, but a bigger part of you is grateful for having something, anything, else to think about. For one thing, while you were probably too distracted to notice before, you can feel that she almost... pulses. You know exactly where she is, even if you look away. And on the edges of your senses, you can feel other pulses, blips of something you can't see. But this is another distraction, you realise, and you resolve to give her your undivided attention. The woman in the doorway smiles at you. She wears a grey robe, though in contrast to her basic dress, she also wears a gold ring on one of her hands, and her shoes look polished and formal. On closer inspection, even the dull robe appears finely tailored, not a strand out of place, all the same exact grey shade. “I was beginning to worry that You never would.” It takes you a moment to speak, the words taking their time to form. A thousand questions present themselves, but all you can begin with is to assess your situation, even before you ask the questions you truly desire to ask. “Where am I? And who are you?” The voice is unfamiliar to you, and it takes you a moment to realise that it’s yours. You feel suspicious, not of the woman herself as such, but of your situation, and you crave information. But, the treacherous thought takes root in your mind, can you even trust anything she says? Perhaps that is an unfair thing to think, and the two of you are in fact firm friends, or family, or lovers. Or perhaps the situation is quite the opposite and you are her captive, though that seems unlikely with such a fine bedroom. In any case, all you can do right now is listen to her, and her explanation. “My name is Hera,” she says, giving a polite bow before your bed. “I have the singular honour of finding myself as Your High Priest. Your Grace, if I may be candid, You will probably feel strange at the moment. Please, do not be alarmed, that is not unusual for someone recently Returned.” “I’m… I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” Hera smiles a little, “Please, do not apologise. I am not worthy of such a thing, and the fault is mine for not being clear. Your confusion is not at all unusual. I’m sorry to have to tell You this, but You have died. Fortunately, You have also been Returned, for some great purpose that we are not aware of yet. Your past self is now immaterial, only who You are matters. Your memory is gone, because You are greater than Your previous self. Do not be concerned though. I – and Your other priests – will be here to guide You as You fulfill Your last task. I will explain everything, but first, we must decide on Your name, and colours.” “My name?” you repeat, grasping at the final words as the rest pass through you without much registering. “My name is… My name is… Oh.” You frown as the thought never completes. “No memory, yes... So I must pick a new name, then?” “Indeed,” Hera nods. “Traditionally, names chosen by Returned are two-part names, such as ‘Lightsong the Bold’, or ‘Blushweaver the Beautiful’. It will, to a certain extent, define you. You must also select a pair of colours to represent Yourself.” She smiles wryly a little as she picks at the robe she wears. “I’m afraid grey isn’t really my colour, so I must insist on something more vibrant. And, when You have chosen, we will begin Your great task.” Hi all, it’s been a while This is a ‘quest’ RP I thought up while waiting for a delayed train recently. Players will take control of a newly Returned character, just after the end of the Warbreaker novel. Players don't have to sign up, though I heavily encourage discussion within the thread on what to do, and hope people become invested in it. Through voting for decisions, you will decide what this Returned character does (or attempts to do, not all options are guaranteed successes) after waking up in the Court of Gods. I will put suggestions at the end of each write-up with actions you can take (sometimes you can only take one, sometimes more), but I’m more than happy for - and encourage - people to put their own suggestions in to be voted for by the group. I will try to convey a rough estimate of how difficult the task is, if necessary. I will close voting after a decent period of time (at least 48 hours), or when activity dies down, or when there is a clear winner or winners. This timing isn’t set in stone by any means, and is meant to be a guideline rather than a hard set of time rules. If there is a draw, I will either try to combine the options if possible, or I will choose one as GM’s prerogative. Your character’s starting stats are determined by vote, but they are not set in stone, and will increase on occasion (or may decrease!) when certain milestones are reached. You may also get bonuses to rolls from any roleplaying that the players do, though the roleplaying will not be canon unless I decide it fits perfectly in with what is happening. I highly encourage players to write their own RP snippets though, even without the benefit of maybe getting bonuses to rolls . Whenever a roll is required, I will be using a Powered by the Apocalypse-inspired system, though with stats taken from the Mistborn ARPG (as they fit quite well into this). These stats are Physique, Wits, Charm, Resources, Influence and Spirit. I will roll 2d6, and add the relevant statistic and any other bonuses or maluses to the roll. A 10+ is a success, a 7-9 is only a partial success with some drawbacks, and 6 or below is unfortunately a failure. Sometimes these will be modified for difficult tasks, which you will be informed of in advance. Now, there are some immediate decisions that must be made. Firstly, as your High Priest Hera has hinted at, you need a name and two colours. Your colours don’t really matter, but your name will determine how people view you to begin with, and may hint towards some of your character’s personality in-story. For example, let’s say you want to be called Redcross the Healer, and you want Red and White as your colours. You would type the following in your post: 1) What will be the Returned character's name? [X] Redcross the Healer 2) What colours does the Returned character bear? Pick two. [X] White [X] Red Obviously, these two are ones you have free reign on, and the above are just examples :P. Returned have a body based on their own idealised view of themselves. The actual detail of their body will be more-or-less based on your Physique, Charm and Wits, but their general appearance is still something to decide. 3) What appearance does the main character have? [X] Masculine [X] Feminine [X] Androgynous Finally, while your Returned has an unknown past, they will have some bleed in of skills and memories from their previous life. Vote for two of the below in each category; The highest-voted category will get +1, the second will get +0, and the third will get -1. Don't worry too much about your starting stats, as there will be opportunities for you to improve them within the story, and previous actions can also make rolls more (or less) likely to succeed as well. This will give you a spread of stats between +2 and -2, averaging 0. 4) What kind of person were they before? [X] Martially Inclined (Physique, Resources) [X] Socially Inclined (Charm, Influence) [X] Mentally Inclined (Wits, Spirit) 5) What kind of company did they prefer? [X] Workers and Tradesmen (Physique, Wits) [X] High Society (Resources, Influence) [X] Thieves and Rogues (Charm, Spirit) You will begin with 5th Heightening, granted by a Returned Breath. Using this Breath will kill your character – but perhaps that is how the story goes. So, that is the start, and the rules. I hope people are interested in this and where it will go. You don't need to 'register' for this or anything, but I'd be very happy to see people in the thread, discussing events or the options available to you. Don't hesitate to debate with other players, or ask any questions you might have of anything. Let me know your thoughts, hopes and dreams - I swear I'm a merciful GM, as most people from the SE section will tell you! Well, at least I'm honest about things when asked, and don't go out of my way to mess with things. So don't let that put you off! This is an experiment as much as a story. Much like the Heirs game I ran, it's a very different thing to what usually happens on the forum, and I hope it inspires others to join in, or maybe consider their own. Who knows, maybe we'll have a subforum for these too . But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, I hope you enjoy Chromaticity.
  6. I recently fell under a misconception. I was told that there was a running RP on the 17th Shard. I, unfortunately, mistook the statement as meaning there was a standardized RPG game complete with GMs and a running community. I was corrected and ended up in a very long conversation with a friend of mine about what would be required for an adequate, or preferably amazing, RPG. So, I have created this thread with the hope of finding how many people would enjoy such a game. Current plans: In-depth (and specialized) character sheets that gauge state of mind, how broken the character is, (snapping, insanity, Etc.) and how aligned they are with their ideals and goals. Online compatibility. (You do not need to be in the same room to play) Worldhoppers that appear randomly through quests and scenarios. Pros and cons to each magic system. Scenarios that adhere to canon. Artwork. And as much extra as we can churn out together. What we will need: Interest; we can't make this unless people actually want to play. Please contact me or simply post here with ideas, questions, suggestions, and anything else related. Game-Masters; People who are quick-witted and enjoy messing with people will probably enjoy this position in the game. You do not need to only GM the games, but having people willing to would be greatly appreciated. Fan-art; The game can still function without art, but where is the fun in that? Feel free to contact me (Discord: ArmyOfHellium) or @Vashakh Sadeas (Discord by same name). Thank you very much, and we will enjoy any interest or worries expressed. Edit: We now have a Discord channel for the yet unnamed Cosmere RPG is up and running:
  7. For International Games Week (November 3-9) I will be putting together some one-shot, one-page RPG sessions via Discord for whoever's interested. By design, the games will be really easy to get into and rules light, with a hard limit of 2 hours of play time. It's a chance to get together with people and have some fun without all the preparation and baggage. I have a number of games we can play, including but not limited to Honey Heist, Everyone is John, Lasers and Feelings, Oh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present Inside, Sexy Battle Wizards, Adventure Skeletons, and Pride and Extreme Prejudice. We can even do a short Mistborn Adventure Game one-shot if people are willing. At the moment I'm trying to gauge interest and get a sense of peoples' schedules, after which we can set up times and decide what games to play. Once those details are hammered out, I'll post updates here in this thread, including links to the Discord server. If you're interested in playing, let me know here or on the 17S Discord, along with a general idea of what times you're available!
  8. Hey there, so I know there are already official tabletop games for the likes of Mistborn but I'm wondering if anyone out there has created their own homebrew games or adventures? I'm trying to homebrew a DnD 5e adventure and got thinking of setting it upon Nalthis, most likely have the party teleported to the world so they are strangers to the land just as the player will be. I think it would be best if I just ignore certain facts of cannon in the Warbreaker world to make the adventuring smoother, and to run with the idea that upon entering Nalthis our adventurers becomes invested/awaken to the fact that they now possess a breath and can eventually learn the intricacies of Breath and Heightening. All this I hope to simply stack on top of the core Dungeons and Dragons mechanics rule set. Anyone out there who has tried making their own RPG adaption got any pointers or advice on how to organise this kind of cross over?
  9. Hey! There was a thread exactly like this one a little while ago, but other than me, @Silverblade5, and @Exalted Dungeon Master, it sort of died. I liked the way the thread had started and decided to start a new one to try and re-weave this RPG. The story: Anyone can join at any time, but you have to follow two simple rules: 1. To play, you must follow both this thread and the actual RP thread; this will keep you updated about whose turn it is and what is going on. 2. To play you must provide a character profile and an introductory scene. I'll provide an example** below, hopefully you find it helpful. I know it might rankle a bit to have to follow these rules in order to play, but I want this thread to start off well and survive to the finish. Those ideas actually came from the Reckoners RP, and it's been around for years, so I know that they work. I hope you enjoy the game, let's all have fun and play together! *This is an AU or alternate universe wherein Sammael was reborn by the shadow before Tarmon Gai'don and he and Moghidean were captured and held captive so that they could be rung for information on weaves from the age of legends. **The example: The available types are: Channeler- Wilder, Wise One, Aes Sedai, Windfinder, or Asha'Man; Human; Wolfbrother; and Warder. ***The talents mentioned above are the talents that the Aes Sedai have mentioned. I would advise picking one or none as they are supposed to be rare and many can be game changing later on, but they are your characters and its up to you how you design them. Most of the talents require channeling, Some don't. The ones in this RP are as follows:
  10. Hey all. Long time creeper, first time speaker here. Like most of us here, I think, I'm a nerd. I built Lego models when I was a kid, computers when I was in highschool, and I've been playing D&D for years now (longer than I've been reading Sanderon's works, in fact). I've always loved the freedom that comes with tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I've brought it upon myself to find a way to merge these passions of mine with the works of the Cosmere into a single, fun-to-share project. Enter: The Cosmere Universe Guide. A mostly brand-new set of rules and character options for D&D 5e. I've been working on this project off-and-on for the better part of a year now, and while I've made a great deal of progress, I'm starting to hit a wall in some areas. That's why I'm here now; Who wants to make a game? While I personally have no idea how, say, a spren's decision to bond a radiant works, I'm willing to bet that there's someone on here who's made it their life's goal to figure out the most minute of details. Right now, I'm struggling to flesh out one of the new classes; the Allomancer. I'll post a link to the WIP document, so you can see what I'm talking about. As you can imagine, writting a class with 16 sub-classes, based on a magic with strict rules we don't fully understand is a little difficult. Any ideas or suggestions for new class abilities or changes to existing powers are welcome, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about an actual full-scale Cosmere RPG! Thanks AllomancerWIP.pdf
  11. I'm planning a roleplaying campaign that I'll be running with my friends, and I want to put together a playlist of background music to set the mood. The campaign will be a Firefly-esque space western. I've already pulled some songs from Firefly, obviously, as well as the soundtracks from Bastion and Titanfall, and I'm thinking about using a couple from Journey. I'm looking for additional suggestions. I'm especially in need some more intense songs that still have a similar flavor but would work well for combat. Any ideas?
  12. Cognitive Dissonance GMs: Nyali and Elbereth Timing (Signups & Rollover) Signups will be open for a week, from now until Tuesday, September 13th, at 10pmEST. The game will start 26 hours after signups close (on Thursday, September 15th, at midnightEST) to give me time to adjust the game to the number of players (the game is designed for 25-31, but I can handle any number). At some point during those 24 hours, you will receive your Role PM, but PMs and Docs will not be created until the game begins. Since this game is very complex and it's the first game I'm running here, days and nights will both be 46 hours long with a 2 hour rollover. Rollover will be from 10pmEST to midnightEST (that's 7pmPST to 9pmPST and 2amGMT to 4amGMT). Overview (the game in summary) Every player has a character with their own goals. Some are Independent and have only their own goals, and some are in factions and have a common faction goal as well. Every player has their own unique powers, only some of which are "common" and listed here. Some powers are passive and some take actions. During the day, you vote to lynch. During the night, you get three actions. There are five worlds and you can only use most actions on people who are on the same world as you. The game ends when a faction goal is achieved, even if no one in that faction has all of their personal goals achieved. Rules Common Powers Sample Characters (these roles are either not in the actual game or have completely different character sheets) Write ups:
  13. Hey Everyone, I am currently recruiting players for a PBP (Play by post) MAG (Mistborn Adventure Game) campaign over at I will be narrating the adventure from the Terris Supplement titled "Justice, Like Ash." I'm accepting around 4-5 players for the game, and already have a couple spots filled. If you're interested in participating, come check it out! The details are here:
  14. The Supremacy of Arelon Elantris will not exist for many more centuries. The great land of Arelon is in peril, it has been split up into 28 small countries and is on the brink of utter destruction from neighboring lands. One ruler must step up and unite these countries under one great banner. One great leader to take Arelon to a new era of peace and prosperity. The task will not be easy as each country will fight tooth and nail to become the victor, however only a few will survive. Arelon was once a great nation, however religious unrest drove it to annihilation. 28 different religions emerged and conflict soon ensued. Eventually the fighting got so bad that the different religions sectioned themselves off from one another and become their own countries. As time passed some religions became more tolerable to each other but none would forfeit the power of being its own country. Im the old scrolls of Arelon a prophecy was found that one great ruler would unite the land once again. Thus began a long, cold, bitter war that would spread death, destruction and deceit through the once sacred landscape. Every country proclaimed their leader to be the “Child of Prophecy”. The history books tell a different story… This game is based on World Domination. There are 28 regions in this world, any region that is not occupied by a player will be an NPC nation. The win condition in this game is to own 50% or more of all regions. A Map of the world will be provided and you will be assigned a region. Rules: Buildings, Research and People Every nation starts out with Money, Military, Technology and Philosophy based upon region. Buildings: You can choose to build buildings which can be used for various actions. Max 3 buildings per region. Workshops: These will increase the income of your country. Cost 5 wealth to build. Will give +2 wealth per turn Barracks: These will be used to train troops. Cost 5 wealth to build. Will give +3 Army Power per turn. Colleges: These will be used to research different subjects (Limit of 1 Colleges per Region). Cost 8 wealth to build. Research time varies. Church: Can be used to train Missionaries and Templars. Cost 8 wealth to build. Can train a Missionary or Templar once every other turn. Cost 3 Wealth to train. All buildings can be upgraded. The effect of the upgrade will be revealed upon completion. Research: Military: You can gain military by training soldiers in your barracks. The barracks can be upgraded to produce more military per turn. Army’s will require upkeep which depends on the size of the army ex.) An Army of 12 units has an upkeep of 3 wealth per turn. Battles between Armies will be decided by a dice roll with appropriate percentages given to each army. Technology: Technology can be researched in 2 categories: Military and Economy. Military technology will give an Army a bonus which will be taken into account in battles. Economy technology will reduce the upkeep of running the country and increase your income each turn. Philosophy: Philosophy can be researched to appease your citizens. The new laws formed will make your citizens less likely to have a rebellion. This will also give you access to change taxes in your regions, the tax levels are High (+5 wealth per turn), Medium (+2 wealth per turn) or Low (+0 wealth per turn). Citizen happiness will change with tax policy (the lower the tax the happier the people). People: Missionaries: Can be used to secretly travel to enemy regions and convert the people to your regions religion. This will cause unrest in the citizens, raising the possibility of Revolution. 5% chance of being discovered and killed per turn. Templars: Can be used to assassinate Generals, Missionaries or other Templars. Assassination of Generals will cause that army to lose power. 15% chance of success. General: Head of the Army and Leader of troops, if he is killed his men waver and lose their will to fight, causing a reduction in the army’s power. Rebellions: If the citizens of a region get too unhappy, they will rebel. This will cause all production in the region to halt until the rebellion is dealt with. You can use Taxes and Philosophy to appease the citizens in a region. Location and Moving Your location will be given to you on the map. The time it takes for Armies and People to get where they are going depends on how close to your region the destination is. The further the destination the more turns it takes to get there and execute the action. You cannot move through a nations border without making an agreement with that nation first. Should you not make an agreement you will go to war with that nation. Armies and Battles All armies will be given a Power level. This is how strong they are. This level is affected by the number of troops, technology and if they have a general or not. Generals can be bought; every Army can have 1 general. The cost of a general will depend on how powerful the army is, the stronger the army the cheaper the general. The general will give an army a bonus. Battles will be decided by a dice roll. Percentage of victory will be decided by how powerful the 2 armies fighting are ex.) Army 1 has 12 power and Army 2 has 24 power, Army 2 has a 66% chance of victory while Army 1 has a 33% chance of victory. If an army is defending in its own region, then it may be given a bonus for terrain familiarity Should you use 2 armies to attack 1 army, the 2 attacking armies will gain a bonus. Should a Multi-Army battle occur the percentages will be given proportionately to power. Alliances and Agreements Alliances can be made, as it is possible for 2 countries to both control 50% of the regions, however they must be made public and should you break an alliance your country will lose X wealth per turn for 6 turns. The amount will be decided by a dice roll. An alliance allows the 2 countries to travel between each other’s borders without penalty and both parties will be able to give their ally 10 Army power per turn or 8 wealth per turn. Trade agreements can also be made these will gain your country 5 wealth per turn. Should a trade agreement be broken your country will lose X wealth per turn for 3 turns. The amount will be decided by a dice roll. A military access agreement can be made to allow Armies to travel through non-ally regions. Map: Hello all! Me and Elkannah are going to Co-Gm this game. We just think this is a really interesting game and wanted to try it out. The cycles will end at 8pm MST on Sunday and Wednesday of every week. The game will start once we have about 12 players. If you are interested please join! Also help us spread the word and get others to join. Hope to see you all on your path to world domination! Player List
  15. I posted this over on Crafty Games' forum, but I thought I'd go ahead and repost it here, too. After all, the more who know about this, the better! In a nutshell: I'm going to be running a Mistborn RPG campaign starting Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016 at 6:00pm in Salt Lake City, UT, open to all comers. All participants will receive a free set of Crafty-Games' Mistborn dice, or if they already have dice, some other prize (see below). The Details: Who: I will be Narrating. Hopefully YOU will be playing. This campaign is open to anyone who is interested and can make it to the Salt Lake City area on a reasonably regular basis. No previous experience with the Mistborn Novels or the Mistborn Adventure Game (MAG) or Role Playing Games in general is required- the campaign will be accommodating of new and experienced players alike, and it shouldn't spoil anything from the novels. What: We will be playing the Mistborn Adventure Game- a roleplaying game based on Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Novels. Specifically, during the first session we will be introducing players to the game and the rules via a very short, 1-session adventure. In following sessions we will be playing the Beasts of Burden adventure found in the Skaa: Tin & Ash game supplement (so if you are interested in playing, please do NOT read the Beasts of Burden portion of the Skaa supplement). I will be providing everything needed to play the game, so if you don't have the rulebooks or dice or whatever, no worries. If you would like to bring some of your own supplies, I recommend a pencil and 10 six-sided dice. There is no charge to play in this campaign, it's completely free! When: The first session will be on Wednesday, February 24th, beginning at roughly 6:00pm. Subsequent sessions will likely be on Wednesday evenings, on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I anticipate that this campaign should run for a duration of roughly 4-6 sessions over the course of 2-3 months, depending on players' schedules. *Note: If you are interested, but this schedule does not work for you, PLEASE email me (address below) PM me and let me know what schedule would work for you. Where: The folks at Game Night Games, a family friendly table-top gaming store in Sugarhouse, Utah have graciously allowed us to use a portion of their gaming area to play. I know these guys pretty well and they are seriously a great group, and the store is more friendly and comfortable than most gaming stores out there. Here is the address: Game Night Games 2148 S. 900 E. Suite 2 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Phone: (801) 467-2400 link to their calendar event for this game Why: Do I really need to answer this one? Oh alright then. To get together with some new friends and play some Mistborn Adventure Game, of course! If that isn't enough to pique your interest, maybe this will: Free Mistborn Dice! Courtesy of the awesome guys at Crafty Games, I have a number of extra sets of Mistborn Dice from their recent kickstarter. They would like me to demo the game for them (hence this event) and give the dice away for free to players as an incentive to come try out the game. So here is how I'm planning on working this: Every player who participates in this campaign (to a reasonable degree- such as attending at least half of the game sessions) will receive a set of 10 Mistborn Allomancy Dice, featuring the Allomantic symbols for all of the Mental and Physical Metals as well as Gold and Atium. If a player already has a set of Allomancy Dice (and doesn't want a second set), then he or she will instead receive the 3 Allomancy dice given to backers of the Kickstarter Campaign, including the symbols for Lerasium, Duralumin, and Electrum. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, this is an excellent way to get ahold of these exclusive dice. If a player already has all of the above dice, then I will have an additional gift available to them. I'm not quite sure what yet, but I do have access to a 3D printer as well as an embroidery machine, so I'll make sure it's something good. Currently I'm thinking I'll make some custom, embroidered Mistborn coin pouches dice bags, though I am open to suggestions. How: If you're interested, all you need to do is show up at the date, time, and place listed above! However, I would greatly appreciated it if you emailed me sent me a PM first and told me of your interest in the campaign as well as your familiarity with Mistborn and the MAG. That way I have an idea of how many people to plan for and how much time I need to spend explaining the rules and setting. My email address is <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>. And again, if you are interested but this particular event/campaign doesn't work for you for whatever reason, please email PM me anyway. Maybe we can work something out. What else? Okay, enough with the info-dumping, let me just talk about this for a little bit. This all started when Crafty Games sent me more Mistborn Allomancy dice than I had ordered. Rather than having me return them, they suggested I do something like this, and I'm glad they did. I have been playing Role Playing games off and on for more than half my life, and I have been playing the Mistborn Adventure Game actively for the past three years. It is easily my favorite game system so far; it's flexible and fluid, easy to remember the necessary rules, and it's very narrative driven rather than rules-driven, which I love. My favorite aspect of Role Playing games is getting together as a group and creating a story together, and that is exactly what the MAG focuses on. As for the Mistborn books, they are hands down my favorite novels out there. The world is just so unique and fascinating, the characters are fun, the magic system is so dynamic and different, and the story is just so epic! And Brandon Sanderson is an incredible Author and a really great guy in person. Seriously, if you haven't read them yet, go pick up Mistborn: The Final Empire (book 1) from the library and get ready to have an incredible experience. If you are a little nervous to meet up with a group of strangers and play a Role Playing Game with them, don't worry- I am too! I've never done anything quite like this before, with complete strangers, but I'm excited to give it a whirl! I look forward to meeting a few new players, making some new friends, and crafting our own story in the world of Mistborn! Thanks to Brandon Sanderson and Crafty Games for making this possible! EDIT: Apparently 17thshard doesn't like people posting their email addresses. Makes sense I guess. So instead of emailing me you can just send me a PM.
  16. FYI for anyone who's into the Mistborn RPG, there are some beautiful cast metal gaming dice in various alloys being offered right now through Kickstarter. They're luxury gaming accessories to be sure, but they seem like a great fit for a Mistborn campaign!
  17. So, I've noticed several members have RPG game results in their signatures. Some of them sound pretty fun. I checked out the Forums → Community → Role-Playing boards, but it was not at all clear how someone would go about finding a game to join that wasn't already in progress. Anyone have any tips for how to get started? Thanks!
  18. This RPG will take place in a city called Cosmere City. Basically, everyone has a magical ability. Abilities are here below: - Surgebinder - Full Feruchemist - Mistborn - Awakener with Breath up to the 5th heightining - Ferring - Misting - Twinborn The rest of people have Breath up to the 2nd Heightining. So how it works is a bunch of prodigys with magical abilities form together to fight crime. They get awesome headquarters and amazing tech. Note: this is set in about 2017 so there are guns and cool planes. Geography: The city is divided into six sections each named for Aons. The sectors are Aeo, Edo, Teo, Ashe, Daa, Rao. The group ( we can name it whatever we want) is based in Aeo. So if anyone wants to play just ask. This is the planning and characters thread- Venture Mistborn
  19. So, I'm soon to be delving into running a campaign using the Mistborn Adventure Game and Alloy of Law supplement (woo!) and I'm hoping to occasionally drop in little bits of High Imperial, but I'm awful at trying to create phrases in the lingo - anyone with the flair for it, and who can spare the time, I'd love it if you could translate necessary phrases for me as they come up As for the plot of the game - very loose details so far, but I'm going to be setting it a few months after the events of Alloy of Law - as a result, some spoilers for Alloy follow. So I've got the big plot, figured out, but will still need some smaller week-by-week stories to fill things out (and deflect from/lead into the larger plot). Any assistance with plot ideas and/or High Imperial greatly appreciated Edit: Forgot to add, obviously character creation will lead into some story ideas naturally, and that has yet to happen, but I'm still open to generic plot ideas that can be worked in (possibly even worked into someone's personal plot if it happens to align).
  20. Is anyone else pledging towards this? I've already pledged $100 for the Commodore package. I'm particularly hopeful we reach the $150k mark so we get the Seventy Maxims book! Here's a link to see the project: here you go!
  21. Howdy, I just finished reading WoR and I am new to your forum. I love the Stormlight Archives and I am an old time gamer. I would love to run a campaign of Knights Radiant but as of yet no one has come up with a definitive system to run it in. I think it would be great if we started gathering some concrete data for creating a system to run a game. Ideally this data would come directly from the books. 17thShard and Coppermind have done a great job of collecting tons of facts and data from the books. I would like to roll that data into identifying a game system. For instance I would like to define: - How much stormlight can each different kind of sphere hold? - How much stormlight does it take to do a lashing? To begin with it would be nice to keep the information generic. Then as more information starts to coalesce, branch the data into different systems. So is this something that the 17thShard or Coppermind would be interested in adding to the wealth of information that they already have?
  22. Hey all, Wondering how many people here have played Fiasco, by BullyPulpit Games. I really enjoy it, and after running several games of the Mistborn Adventure Game, have decided that most of those ended up being like a Fiasco story. I have since made a playset for Fiasco that is Mistborn themed, though it hasn't been playtested yet. Is anyone here interested in the rough draft? I'm more than willing to send it out to people if they would be willing to play it and tell me how it goes. Any takers?
  23. I have seen that the new Terris sourcebook for the Mistborn Adventure Game is available in digital format on Drive Thru RPG. Has anyone heard if a print or print on demand edition is going to be released? I'd hate to waste money on some PDF if a real book is going to be available at some point.
  24. You've heard whispers of it for a long time, but it's finally happening! 17th Shard Play-by-Post Mistborn RPG Campaigns are coming! We're still working on some behind the scenes stuff, so I can't open the forum right this second, but here's what you need to know: This is a special partnership with Crafty, in which we host play-by-post campaigns and they link to them. As per their request, the games will be hosted on our RPG sister site, Mistborn: The Inquisition. RPG threads will not take place in the same forums as the MBI narrative. They will have their own dedicated part of the site so people don't get confused. This section of the site is currently hidden while we finalize some stuff. I'll post again when it's open. There will be two types of campaigns: sponsored campaigns, which will be put on by staff members chosen by the admins, and third-party campaigns, which can be run by anybody who wants to run one. That means you can do it too! Accounts don't carry over between sites; you'll have to register again if you want to run or join a campaign. When you register for MBI, make sure to register using your own personal handle and not a character name. I recommend using the same name as the one you use on 17S, but it's up to you. Want to go ahead and start working on your concept and begin gathering players before the RPG section of the site goes live? Go ahead! You can use this forum as a starting point. Here are a few things you might want to work on having ready if you want to start playing as soon as the forum opens: A title, short description/synopsis, and a forum tag (make sure it's relatively short). Also be sure to keep a roster of the players who have already signed up to join your campaign! I hope you guys are excited, because I sure am! Stay tuned for more updates, and happy planning!