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Found 101 results

  1. So I just had this Idea, and I wanted to put it here. This post might be insanely long with the hidden parts when I come up with all the rules, but anyway, here My idea is of a role-playing game of the crew of the fourth bridge, the airship that Navani made. It is in the time of rhythm of war so if you have not read row yet, do that right now. So each player would be assigned a job and things will happen. For more detailed explanations of the rules I will put those in spoilers boxes along with other information. I will add more stuff later When I have time. Just post here if you want to play and say what role you want to play. Also you can ask me to add more roles if you'd like but for now these few.
  2. Hey, I'm posting this since I don't know if there's a specific mod I should ask about this. So, I have this character who won't be explicit really besides mild innuendo stuff that they'll say now and then. But what I really want to know if I'm allowed to do a few different things. So, if a mod who's more involved with the role-play and such wants to talk to me about this, or even one who isn't, I like to do so, because I want to know what the limits are to what I can do with this character. I would very much like to stay within the rules here. (Note: this character won't necessarily be used, whether or not I get staff permission. I'm more of a discovery writer than an outline writer, so that's a side effect of it)
  3. By chance of luck, you have been trapped inside a computer. YOu stand atop a pile of one's and zero's wit code and programs flying around. You see that when code hits a app or website that are floating through the void, they go inside. You feel a sense of urgency to escape the computer. You see investiture flying around as the coppermind explodes, hit by the much larger but less awesome wikipedia, and you are able to pick up items from the void, try to get investiture and become surgebinders, misting or what have you, or do whatever you want. The apps within reach are: google docs, 17th shard, and wikipedia. the "ground" shakes as the computer shudders.
  4. Fish chased after the tortilla. Flopping as quickly as he could. So far the tortilla had kidnapped a meatball, and burned a strawberry field. Such crimes would not go unpunished. The tortilla rolled quickly, but fish flopped quicker. He was almost there...
  5. From the album Telrao's RP Character Arts!

    This was my first ever commission, for the fantastic Shining Silhouette!
  6. From the album Telrao's RP Character Arts!

    A sketch of my RP character from Fellowship of The Thing - Season 2!
  7. Telrao writes 'The Plan to Murder Santa' on the whiteboard. "Our goal is to conquer what has never been conquered before - the Lord Ruler, the Man, Santa." She throws muffins to everyone. "Any questions?" Aaallll righty people. This is a roleplay - the plot to murder our Lord Ruler, Santa. We'd kinda appropriated the Girl's Only thread - so I'm moving it here. Just for the sake of things (and continuity). Please state your character's name, species, gender, and a random tendency that could mess up the mission ('cause it's funny) in a quote box, like this: If your character already has a role (eg: distraction, ops) please state that in the quote box too. Characters and mission groups will go in here: Schematics & Maps! If you want to see the OG conversation, go to the Girls Only! club pages 43-45 Let the plot ensue!
  8. 12th of Scholus, 19 ATR Bellatrix Deathstrike, The Dark Angel, ex-Bureau member, the former Dark Phoenix, strolled down the street. She wore white robes, cut off at the arms. She shivered, then opened the door to the shop. It was labeled Tanner's. She smirked, putting the crown of fire in her hair. They would remember her anyway, might as well go all out on the drama factor. She stepped up to the counter, and leaned against it, holding a glass of port and sipping it. "I'd like to talk to Beau." Her smirk widened. "I want to buy some jewelry for Little Red." The man standing there nodded at her. "I am he. You got anything for me in return?" She grinned, setting down the port. "I do, in fact." Bellatrix reached down to her pockets, pulling something from each. In one hand was a knife, made of three vinelike strands of metal woven together. "The knife of a prominent gang leader, now dead. Each strand of metal is a soulspike reshaped." In her other hand was a coppermind with some aluminum and nicrosil attached. "This is an unsealed coppermind. The full lifetime of a scholar of the lives of the Alleycity." She grinned. "I hope that is acceptable?" The man's eyes widened almost imperceptibly, then reigned the shock back in. She slid a note across the counter, which had ink written all over it. "Take care of this. I may be back someday." She grinned, waved, and walked out of the shop. @ZincAboutIt
  9. This is a Hunger Games RP, but you don't decide what you do. Sort of. I am (Or maybe someone else is, if someone wanted to) going to run a Hunger Games simulation with the people who want to join, and everyone has to role-play what happens. (So if "[person] eats poisonous berries", then you'd say something like: "[Person] walked up to an un-suspicious-looking bush and took some of the bright red berries from off of it. They tasted good, but soon [person] fell unconscious and died.") If you want to join, comment what district you want to be in (if one is preferred),what name you want to have, whether you're a boy or girl, and (optional) a picture. If you want to be in the same district as someone, you can also put that as well. I'll edit this post whenever someone joins. For example, this would be mine: Available spots: District 1 Male: Napollo Female: [Empty] District 2 Male: Enter Female: EmLee District 3 Male: Fadran Female: Queen District 4 Male: Nameless Female: Tani District 5 Male: Void Female: [Empty] District 6 Male: Exp Female: Morningtide District 7 Male: Xino Female: Star District 8 Male: Eluviani Female: Szeth's Facepalm District 9 Male: TalnFan Female: Syn District 10 Male: Mat Female: Vapor District 11 Male: Thaidakar the Ghostblood Female: Robin District 12 Male: Dannnex Female: Sequence ----- May the odds be ever in your favor!
  10. Laonin walked through the Alleycity. Since becoming both literally homeless and one of the Homeless, he had been looking for a suitable place to claim for his own. He had come across many people in this strange place, from the DA to TUBA to any other number of other Homeless. He tried to mind his own business for the most part, as getting involved only seemed to end in death and despair. He hadn't been here long but for the time that he had, he had heard rumors of a great war which had happened in the past that threatened this entire place. A war which it still seemed to be recovering from. He passed ruined buildings, people huddled in corners, and others who rushed from place to place, either needing to be somewhere or needing to be away from somewhere else. There were of course many powerful people in this city. They went about their business, doing important things in important places with important people. Running around waving magic circles in the air, or shining bright with some inner light, or getting into fights with other people. Of course when fights between powerful people happened, those around without power seemed to suffer even more. Most of the people in this place seemed more concerned with trying to spike unsuspecting travelers with sweet delights, or trying to stop the people doing that, or creating strife between guilds. That isn't to say there weren't people out there trying to serve the greater good. There was at least one hospital set up that he had seen, but the care that had been given to most residents of the Alleycity was lacking in his opinion. Buildings had been left in rubble, people without homes. Countless dead caused by power hungry people with no care for the common folk. As far as Laonin could tell there was no central government to this city, and that meant there was no one keeping chaos in check, or rebuilding what had been lost here. He walked up to a ruined building he had been studying for several weeks. It seemed as though during the 7 day war it had been destroyed by flying rubble from an explosion in the distance. He had explored as much of it as he could get to, and had asked the few remaining denizens of this area for as much detail as they could remember. He pulled out his toolkit and set to work once again, carving into soulstone. He would restore this building, and hopefully with it at his disposal he could continue to restore the ruined parts of this city to their former glory. He took the soulstamp he had been working on for weeks, now finally finished, and pressed it to the cornerstone. The seal sunk into the stone, and he could almost feel the building trying to determine if his work was good enough for it to allow the change to happen. Suddenly the ruined building before him was replaced with a sturdy, well kept forge. "Well, that took long enough," Laonin muttered, "I should have just tried telling the darned thing the explosion missed it in the first place. Of course it still wanted to be in working order!" Wiping his hand on his pants, Laonin walked through the now intact doorway, surveying what he saw before him. The building seemed well built of course, one of the reasons he had chosen it in the first place. Something that had been created well was all the more likely to want to return to the vision its maker had had for it in the first place. He walked over to the anvil, and was pleased to see that the rust which had previously been coating its surface was now gone. It seemed it had considered itself a part of this place, and when the roof had repaired itself, came to the conclusion that the rains wouldn't have been able to reach it. It was a decently sized room, with lots of hooks and shelves on the walls for tools and equipment. Most of those were missing, either destroyed or looted by people trying to scrounge for valuables. That suited him just fine, he preferred to use his own tools anyway. Now to get himself situated. ----- A sharp ringing sound echoed out the front door, almost like the beating of a heart, a sign that this place had come back to life, and once again its blood was pumping. Laonin stood over the anvil, beating a hunk of metal with his hammer, forcing the impurities out of it. He did this for the time it took for the metal to start cooling and then shoved it back in the forge to heat up again, piling more charcoal on it. While it heated he perused the room, taking in the changes he had made to it the last few weeks. He had moved all of his belongings in, meager as they were, and the place had an almost homey feel to it. He had of course been concerned that the building would relapse into rubble, but after the first night passed without incident came to the conclusion that he had been correct in his assessment that the building wanted to return to its intended purpose. He had since been refitting his tools, as they had been through some tough wear and tear since his last chance to repair them. He had also been making good use of one of his soulcasters, converting some nearby rubble into iron with which to forge. Some would argue he could have simply soulcast it into steel directly, and cut out the purifying process, but he never really trusted a fabrial to do what he could do on his own. He trusted his own hands. Thankfully there was still a supply of charcoal in the back room, as it had been blocked off previously from looters by the rubble. He didn't quite have the skill with a soulcaster to create coal. Plus he had heard that excessive use of soulcasters could have ill effect on the nerves, so he tried to avoid it as much as he could. Which meant he would need to find a way to keep his metal supplies stocked. Something for a different day, he concluded, as he retrieved the now glowing metal from the forge and continued to hammer it into steel. After several hours of hard labor, Laonin cleaned and hung his tools on the wall, and put the forge to rest, to be reawakened tomorrow. He then ate some dinner in the sparse living quarters on the second floor, and set out, toolbox in hand. He had found his next renovation project, a tall building which seemed to have been crushed by something large, given the enormous footprint left nearby. While most of the building was destroyed, the first floor was relatively intact, and housed several families of people who had nowhere else to go. He spent the remainder of his day inspecting the building for damage, taking note of anything and everything that could affect structural integrity once it was repaired. Thankfully there seemed to be some records of what this building had looked like before its destruction, which made his task a whole lot easier. As he was working a rugged looking woman approached him. "What are you doing?" she asked, looking at Laonin making measurements and writing down notes on a sketch pad. "I'm trying to determine how easy this mess will be to clean up. This building used to be able to house a dozen families comfortably, near as I can tell. Now there's a handful lying about in the dirt, and with the holes in the walls it can't be much warmer in here that out there anyway." Laonin replied. The woman looked surprised for a moment. "You mean you're going to rebuild this. Where will we stay when you tear it down? Do you know how few buildings there are with even this much room? Why not build somewhere else that won't disrupt those few living here, and let us be." she said turning away. "I don't intend to tear it down, I'm simply going to fix it where it stands. And seeing as how there doesn't seem to be anyone barging in with deeds of ownership, you'll be first in line to claim housing once it's done." The woman stopped and turned back toward Laonin, a flicker of hope in her eyes. "Really? You're really going to fix it? Why would you do that?" she said, a hint of suspicion in her voice. Despite the hope she felt, her life had been hard enough to know no one would do something like this without a reason. "In my opinion, this place has seen enough power hungry men to last an eternity. I figured someone needed to step up and fix the damage they've caused. I know one man can't fix everything. But even if I only help one person, then that's good enough for me. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to continue with my work." he said, turning back to the wall. The woman looked at him for another moment, the flicker in her eyes warming to an ember in her chest. She turned and went to talk with a group huddled nearby. Some didn't react but the rest watched this dwarf of a man continue to work. Not knowing what to do, they continued doing what they had been, surviving. After doing a preliminary assessment of the building, Laonin headed home. Strange, he thought, only a short time here and I already think of it as home. Have I really been so desperate for some stability? Arriving back at the forge he let himself in, and locked the door. He climbed the stairs to his small bedroom, and after changing, lay down in bed. He let out a deep sigh. Tonight he would sleep well. He finally had a goal, and the means to see it through. Turning onto his side, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. --------
  11. Kalli: Kalli pushed her giant round spectacles up against her rough pale skin, looking at her clipboard, then looking up at the empty waiting room, then back at her clipboard. None of the people she was supposed to retrieve were here. She heaved a sigh, running her hand through her thin gray hairs (working as a clerk for the universe for centuries did that to a person), and spun around leaving through the door of eternity, slamming it behind her. Hopefully someone would show up soon. This job was boring enough as is, she wanted someone to eavesdrop on. Rena: Rena walked into the waiting room and coughed nervously, glancing around. There was nobody here, perfect! This would give her all the time to figure out what haircut she was going to get, because honestly, she had no idea. She strode over and plopped down onto one of those cushy small couches, grabbed the worn hairstyle catalogue that was sitting on the small side table, and began to leaf through it. A third of the pages were ripped out, a third had been utilized as miniature art canvases by what appeared to be several monsters with melted crayons for hands, and remaining third alternated between Chad and Karen looking cuts. Rena sighed. This was going to be interesting.
  12. Darien rushed into the emporium. several customers and store attendants stood around the large room. it was just as Darien remembered it. when he stepped on it the squeaky plank made the same noise as he remembered it. one of the attendants walked over to him, "welcome to the Grels Emporium! all items with the red tag are fifteen percent off!" Darien ignored him and walked over to the back end of the store. such memories. it seemed his early life played out infront of him. Him and Elek had played in that corner, his parent's piano had been right there where one of their attendants had played it. Elek whispered, "whoa, this place is almost exactly the same." Darien ignored him too. he was to busy looking around, he began to tear up. the room swam before him right before he collapsed... _________ (new scene) The first thing Darien noticed was the gentle purr of voices talking swiftly. he groaned, his back ached, had he collapsed? evidently he had. Elek's voice was noticeably absent. huh. Darien cracked open his eyes. two store attendants were talking hurriedly to eachother, one was saying, "what should we do?! he just outright collapsed in front of us!" "I dunno," said the other, tall and weedy looking, "maybe we should take him to a hospital." "don't" said Darien, standing up. the two jumped back, "I am fine. I will leave now." Darien walked to the door, leaving the two bewildered attendants behind.
  13. So this rug is set on earth where an evil company lead by mad scientists projected every human soul, memories, identity, etc. into an inanimate object, animal, plant, etc. except a human body, all the bodies disappeared somehow (it doesn't matter how.). Your character can be any of these things, there is no particular goal in this and you can do whatever you like. you can also be wherever you like in the world. sidenote: the scientists also turned into other things. Magical powers can be created by the character but you cannot have immortality, any time related ability (making time go faster, slower, seeing the future, making someone age faster, time travel, etc.) , the ability to kill someone, or the power to transform into something else (chameleons are not included in this). here is a character template you can use. Jacob woke up as a fox. he was lying on the ground in a forest next to a large tree and a rock. Jacob stood up, wobbling. What! he had just been at a work meeting trying to decide what their next product was going to be! Jacob suddenly realized he was a fox. He started talking to himself, "nonononononononono!"
  14. From the album RP Doodles

    Lita reaches for her goals. Final colored version. A nice way to break my drawing slump. I'm especially pleased with her right hand, and her boot
  15. A lone fisherman sits in his boat, line cast in the water. He slowly turns the knob and pulls out a small fish. He rows back to the dock and puts it in a bucket with others. There are many there and soon he'll retire for the day. Nearby, there are a few small shops, a center park with benches, and the long dock extending to sea. In the distance, there is the faint outline of a ship - design unknown. Some considered it a mirage, others an island. Either way, it hadn't come closer in the recent future, leading most to dismiss its presence. The fisherman gets back in his boat and starts to eat his lunch. ---------------
  16. One continent - Gelig Copper bit worth 1 Silver bit worth 10 copper bits Gold bit worth 100 copper bits or 10 Skills beat bad equipment, bad equipment still inhibits but not as much. Race- Men Three languages - Aflin Selipojarious Vinses magic - freeform So basically anything goes unless it is unreasonable. Also please keep it kid friendly. I like freedom so it is as free as i can make it. Conflict bad guys wanna destroy the world with an incredibly powerful, and ancient artifact called The Clay
  17. Hey guys! I decided to become a not smart person, and not only join another RP, but also create one! Similarly to Negative Null’s “Siren’s Call,” this is based off of a magic system my cousin and I created when we were pretty little. It’s not nearly as well-developed as Siren’s Call is, so that leaves lots of room for improvising! Here is a little bit of a summary of the magic system as it was created mostly by Fadran, though somewhat by me and Ex-Fish. Ignore any references to the OP, as this is, obviously, different from what it was. So, yeah!!! Let's get posting! Or suggesting! One thing I would like to hear from you guys: Do you want to be forced to use your birthday month/a random dice roll or do you want to pick your character's birth month? @I Used To Be A Fish @Vapor @Condensation @Channelknight Fadran @Negative_Null @Danex @turtle @The_Truthwatcher @AonEne
  18. Lizzi wrote her name on her homework assignment, using the same character for all five letters. It looked like an uppercase cursive L, a fancy I, and a stylized Z all at the same time. Then she thought about how the person who made her up named her “Lizzi” for the very reason of the same-character spelling.
  19. So... anyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't really do memes. I don't go out of my way to make or view them. However, by request, I have no created a meme thread for all our favorite roleplays. Here you go. Post things. I have spoken.
  20. At the end of an Alleyway, a nondescript building a haphazard sign hung above the door. Anarchy Incorporated Bringing down organisations Inside the building, there is a desk, and behind that desk, there is a swivel chair that spins around to reveal a person wearing a dark brown trenchcoat, scuffed boots, a feathered tricorne hat, a faded scarf, hobo gloves, and a black cloak. The outfit would have looked strange on anyone else, but somehow this individual pulled it off. A metal nameplate indicates that this person is named "The Anarchist".
  21. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Birds were singing a merry tune as sunlight filtered down through the bows of a green oak. Returned walked along a path, whistling a quick rhythm, watching the wildlife tumble in the grass about him. Yes, he thought, humanity has done a fine job with this world. This place will do... —— Seven Months Later —— Returned stood proudly atop the battlements of his brand-new fortress. He had inspiringly named it "Fort Fortress". Hmm, he though, If my name is any indication, perhaps I should leave choosing names to my advisors. He shrugged, and went on enjoying the fruits of his labors. Even here, on the Alleyplanet, where the science of returned was well known––even taken for granted––there were still people who worshiped returned. That was, in fact, how he had managed to build this monstrosity anyhow. He had the faint worry that the laborers would stick around after the project was done, and he hadn't the faintest idea what to do with a bunch of fanatics. He shrugged, discarding his worries, and resolved to enjoy this day. The short man, Keleth, walked up. "Hello your majesty. How are you doing on this fine day?" "Thank you Keleth. Yes, I am in fact enjoying this day immensely. You know, the opening of the fortress and all. Sadly, I'll have to leave after this, I have a wedding to attend. By the way, are you good with names?" "Um, maybe. My kid has a good name." "You have a kid?" "Yes, his name is Jonathan." "Good name. Are you good with city, or, maybe, perhaps, fortress names?" "The name is kind of lame, isn't it." "Yes. I fear that I am absolutely hopeless with names." "I think I noticed. My lord Returned. How about 'Fortress Eternal' my lord?" "I like. I like it a lot. In fact, have the scribes change the name to that. Thank you, Keleth." "You're welcome my lord. I assume you caught the reference?" "Mm. Are the people almost settled in?" "Yes my lord. They are setting up temporary residences and shops in the main courtyard." Returned looked over the edge, and indeed, many canvas tents were erected in the courtyard. The Fortress was huge, perhaps a square mile, and the construction had been a huge undertaking. It had taken more than seven months with the assistance of large amounts of investiture, including the sacrifice of two other returned. "It will happen soon Keleth. Soon, we will have a city to rival the capitol. A center of trade and economics. A hub of politics and industry. A truly majestic city shall arise here." "Speaking of a city, we have the projected logistics worked out." He handed a writing pad to Returned, which was perused with a careful eye. "A militia of one-hundred thousand strong? Getting a little optimistic are we?" "It's also to serve as a defending garrison, and possible an invasion force." "Are we to be a sovereign state, or under Alleycity jurisdiction?" "If I may advise to start out under their jurisdiction..." The conversation went on like this, discussing many of the logistics and specifics needed for running a budding city. After the conversation with Keleth was over, Returned sauntered over to his office, in the top tower. "Milton, please summon my officials." The thin secretary jumped over to a desk, where he grabbed spanreed. "And what would you like me to say?" "Say this: @#Voidapple, @Gancho Libre, @MetaTerminal, and @beantheboy12. I summon you to the new Diagramist headquarters. You are to report here, and we shall discuss goals and objectives of our great guild. Thank you." The spindly man wrote this, and then hesitated. "Um, sir, what about the... other one?" "Hmm? Oh, yes, draft another message." The scribe took another spanreed in his hands, and set it to the paper. "Say this: Hello @Furamirionind. You have acted with great loyalty and are to be commended. Although your position within the greater guilds has been very beneficial, it is time to end the charade. I'm calling you to the headquaters of the Diagramists, and you will now serve as the known leader of the Silent Gatherers. Godspeed." Milton finished the message then set down the pen. He looked at Returned gravely, "This will cause quite a ruckus in the Alleyverse. They will not be happy." Returned slowly walked over to his window, and surveyed the budding city below. He finally turned towards Milton, "No, they will not. It is time though. Time to break expectations. It is a new era, after all."
  22. the white sun drifted up across the horizon of the cognitive realm over the vast city of Silverlight. Nazh watched the busy townspeople from a balcony on the silverlight University. he had just finished retreiving a map for Khriss. he checked his watch. "shades!" exclaimed Nazh, "I'm late!"........
  23. Let's get on with it! Six months earlier Lisia walked through the heart of a dying empire. Smoke billowed into the dark sky, emanating from the ruins of the palace. The night air was frigid, and every breath was punctuated by a steam cloud. Of course in Kaialis, it was always night. "Lis, where's Kori?" Her brother stood in the shadow of a building, cloaked, and carrying a satchel. His hood was up and his features were covered, but his voice was clearly distinguishable. Lisia shoved her guilt down. "Asher, Kori's gone..." He hung his head, evidently sad, but at the same time, not surprised. He then looked upwards, his hood falling off his face. "We need to leave." She nodded, then indicated towards the rooftops. Asher shot upwards, force streaming from his fingertips, Lisia followed. Upon landing, their pace sped up, as they made their way towards the edge of Anialix. From the rooftops the scene of destruction was made clear. The palace, once a gleaming mix of spires and arches, had been reduced to flaming rubble. Looking down at the streets below them, Lisia could see throngs of people fleeing. Most thought that another purge would ensue, the kind that had happened after every assassination attempt. They were wrong of course. Lisia could only wish there would be a purge, the outcome of her actions was much, much worse. They'd known what would happen, they knew that Kaialis would collapse if they blew the fuse. They did it anyway. "Lis! Ash! Stay where you are!" Three figures, two in armor, walked leapt the rooftop in front of them. Lisia drew a shortsword, and glared. "What do you want Dera?" The woman at their head smiled. "Lis, we're taking you two back to New Ganson." She drew a thinblade. "Resist and we'll kill both of you." Asher raised his hands, slowly looking in Lisia's direction. Lisia walked backwards, sheathing her sword. Dera smirked, and the two assassins behind her began to advance. Lisia jumped off the roof, reducing friction, and falling down. Slamming into the earth, she redirected the force upwards, blasting energy out of her hands, and sent herself soaring upwards. Drawing her sword, she landed deftly on the rooftop, and slid into a battle stance. Dera laughed. “Lis, you’re not going to win. We both remember what happened last time.” Lisia gritted her teeth. “Some things have changed since then.” Dera extended her thinblade, then motioned for her compatriots to do likewise. “Hmm… You’ll have to elaborate before we execute you.” Lisia drew a thin smile, then rushed one of the guards. The man lunged at her, but Lisia easily slid under the blade, reducing her friction as she did so, casually taking out his legs from underneath him, she then finished him off with a slash of her weapon. Realization began to dawn on Dera’s face. “You didn’t. Kori is alive, she has to be alive.” Lisia once again shoved her guilt down. She could grieve later. “Kori is gone. Just like your about to be.” Dera's other escort ran at Lisia, bearing down on her with a short spear and shield. Batting away the woman's swipe of her weapon, Lisia extended her empty hand onto the guard's chestpiece. Immediately friction spread over it, trapping the guard in immovable armor. Lisia finished her off, in a similar fashion to the first guard. Dera stood, wide eyed, evidently shocked by how quickly her companions had been dispatched. "You won't kill me Lis, you're not strong enough." Lisia walked up to her, sword arm extended, bringing her weapon to Dera's unarmored chest. "I have seen my family crumble around me... My older brother stabbed before my eyes. My mother killed by my actions." She rammed the weapon into Dera, then tore it out. Watching the woman collapse. "Don't ever tell me I'm not strong enough." She turned to her brother, and the left, soon arriving at the city gate, where a carriage awaited them. As the wheels began turning, and Anialix began shrinking behind them, Lisia though about what she'd done. Who she'd killed. She'd killed a god.