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Found 137 results

  1. What do you think of a possibility of Adolin becoming the third Bondsmith? It makes sense to me that if anyone could restore all, or a large number of Deadeyes, it would be Cultivation's Bondsmith. Adolin seems to be interested in helping more of them do what Maya did, and he remains the only major character who isn't Radiant. That would also continue the trend of Kholin becoming Bondsmiths, and of Cultivation manipulating events that bear fruit much later. Maybe she removed Dalinar's memory of Evi in part to make him a more nurturing father to her future Bondsmith. Maya is a cultivation spren as well, so there's a connection there. I'm aware that this is just speculation, but I thought it was fun. Also sorry if this was already discussed before but I haven't found anything.
  2. Hello, assorted sanderfans! I have just finished reading the first few chapters of The Lost Metal, and it looks like things are getting spicy. I'm pretty convinced that the Set is following Odium at this point. Odium is preparing for conquest of the Cosmere, and Scadrial looks like his first target. Here are some reasons why I think so. As Taravangian ascended and became Odium near the end of RoW, he decided that the rest of the Cosmere was ruled by ¨impostors.¨ In classic villain logic, he decides to take over the other worlds to ¨save¨ them. As Lost Metal is the first major Cosmere book to be released after RoW, narrative flow would make it a good target for invasion. At the end of Bands of Mourning, we saw someone with red eyes, working for the Set and disguised as a human. That sounds a lot like a Fused. Lord Ladrian's internal monologue indicates that it is disguised, and there's an order of the Fused who have that as their sole ability, so... yeah. From the blurb, we know that Harmoy's prescience doesn't work in a particular town, which is being influenced by the Set. That has served as an indicator that another person/shard who can see the future is in the area, and Odium is the best shard for seeing the future. Please respond if you think differently!
  3. Welcome to the Museum of Cryptics Please follow our guide through Cultivation's perpendicularity. Once on the other side, kindly refrain from touching the petrified lifeforms, as the disease may spread. Follow the guide, and keep a quick pace, as you may have to run from angerspren at some point in the journey. If you are still alive once you have entered the building, present your passes to the Admittance Officer and enjoy your visit.
  4. Hello everyone, i was just wondering: is there a limit to how much Investiture Nightblood can absorbe? Since RoW we know there is kind of a limit, at least Nightblood was fed up after consuming part of Odiums Investiture. But is this the hard limit of how Invested Nightblood can become or can it still wield more Investiture? Secondly we know that Nightblood leaks Investiture in form of black smoke, so there is definitely a loss there. Just imagine the possibility of Nightblood storing a very big amount of Investiture. In that case it may function as a Perpendicularity, so you might be able to travel the Realms freely just by holding Nightblood. There might also be the possibility for Nightblood to mix different types of Investitures. I imagine that, after consuming Stormlight and Voidlight, the black smoke it leaks may have similarities to Warlight. I hope we see something like this in later books, as it would enhance our understanding of the cosmere significantly. So let me know your thoughts on this. Maybe there is somthing in the books i missed or maybe there are WoBs I don't know about. Cheers and have a wonderful day.
  5. Ok, Since we have had enough time theorize about the major things from RoW, I thought it would be good to make a thread about the smaller details that doesnt have much discussion. Also, I just finished a reread and I really wanna talk about it. This is a bunch of theory fodder for future speculation too 1) Navani hears a pure note even before meeting raboniel. Even rushu How?? And Rushu?? What about Dalinar? 2)Navani created light She is only singing the rhythm of honor, and singing the rhythm redirects the investiture. Is the sibling using a vacuum tube somewhere? How is light being created? Is there some stormlight being redirected in this scene? 3)Taravangian's Bravery 4 times! 2 times italicized and at the end, the last 'bravery' is separated from all the other passions. Makes no sense to me, why is this important? 4) Taravangian never reveals how he knows szeth's dad died 5) Hmm interesting, Gav's laughter hurts szeth and szeth feels he is a danger to gav. Hmmmmm 6) Wonder what horrible things they did? 7) Close to what, Teft?? Did moash kill another amazing radiant swearing an ideal and getting redemption moment?? 8)The Tukari are wreathed in shadows for some reason 9)Odium's connection with Dalinar grows? Dalinar hasn't been doing anything to serve odium, then his connection should be weakening instead of growing, right? 10) Stone of Ten dawns I am calling it right now, Ba Ado Mishram is trapped in the stone of ten dawns. Purely based on the name 11) Raboniel wanted Venli to find the listeners, which Venli noticed and brings up many times. Raboniel died before Venli found them, but we never find out her plan? The sleeping radiants were revealed to be part of her plan to test anti-stormlight on radiant spren. But we never find out why she manipulated Venli. 12) Lift could use regrowth in Urithiru but not abrasion. The fact that abrasion doesnt work means that its not lifelight or lift's weirdness thats the cause, instead it seems that progression is really cultivation's truest surge, like adhesion to honor. Then Why do the fused have progression and not adhesion? 13) Urithiru is original? This is suuuuuper interesting, as we know that Urithiru was placed in the place 'closest to honor'. The valley of the nightwatcher also happens to be nearby. These mountains are special by themselves 14) Axindweth knew jaxlim's mental illness. The only way that makes sense to me is through future sight and fortune. Anyone more well versed in mistborn tell me if feruchemists can have an idea of the future? 15)Szeth gets shocked when he sees that ishar is a shin-like man. Dalinar doesnt think much about, bu we know that shin are the people who remember the history of the world better than everyone. I have a feeling that this revelation is ground breaking for szeth right now. 16) Very good question Venli, why didn't they? workform and warform are not forms of power, so there isn't a reason not to remember how to get them. 17) The titles of the 5 parts of RoW combined give the ketek by el at the end. It is clearly talking about urithiru, which shows us that el cares about urithiru and thinks of it as a home. Thats a problem 18) Venli suggests that the listeners knew what would happen. We know they knew about the everstorm, did they really know what was going to happen? 20) Jasnah says she could be the last alethi ruler. Is that foreshadowing for back 5? A democratic revolution? 21) Cultivation + Odium = Freedom That is how i read it anyway 22) This kind of language is only used with Dalinar, with his warmth that he thinks of as a god. What is interesting is that that Renarin is causing this, which is a first. Maybe something to do with the spiritual realm? 23) A Death rattle solved?? This is when Jasnah goes to war. Her description is very suspiciously similar to a death rattle So now we know what the army is that the ten radiants are facing. Its the singer army. with maybe some humans(iriali) wow this became huuuge. these are all the obscure details I could find in the Book. Did i miss any?
  6. welcome to the ghostbloods, where our tattoo
  7. This would be fun. Topics such as What If... Adolin Stayed Behind? or What If... Kaladin Had Grandparents?* or What If... Kaladin's Homecoming Was From Lirin's PoV? *meaning people who acted as his grandparents.
  8. Apologies if this has been posted already and I didn't find it, or if this is so obvious it doesn't warrant its own post. I was talking to a friend who recently read Warbreaker, and I had this thought when we talked about the potential that Awakening had that is still underused. And while the obvious one is Type Four (Five) Invested Entities, I think RoW showed us a glimpse of another potential application of Breath: Storing Attributes What we saw at the end of RoW in the Meeting between Hoid and TOdium was Hoid losing memories that he had stored in Breaths. In Breaths, or As Breaths. So, who's to say that that's only possible with Memories? You probably see where I'm going with this. (And why I think it might have been posted already) Feruchemy and Awakening are both End-Neutral systems. And while their applications are different, they both are End-neutral because of the closed loops they utilize. In Awakening, you give your breath to something or someone, which endows them with the powers associated with it. They can utilize your breath, no more than what you've given. In Feruchemy, you store attributes in your metalminds. Specific Metals allow for the storage of specific attributes. You can later get these attributes back, no more than what you've given. Now, Feruchemy uses the kinds of metals as keys. Depending on what metal you (can) use, you store different attributes. From how I understand it, Feruchemists use their innate investiture, which is somehow imprinted with the attributes. Attributes in form of Investiture, to be used later. Now, we've seen Hoid do this with Breath. Storing Memories in a different form of Investiture. Of course, Hoid had a lot of time to practice and figure things out, but I think this is an angle of BioChromatic Breath that we might see more of in the future. Storing Attributes and giving these to others. We've seen something similar with Unkeyed Metalminds, where I could store wakefulness, strength, speed etc. and give it to you to tap. For Breath, the difficulty is just figuring out how to store attributes in Breath. I don't know if you need to be a Feruchemist too for that, if you need a specific command or whatever. But once you figure that out, it could be as simple as My life to yours, my Strength become yours. My life to yours, my Memories to yours. My life to yours, my Health to yours. etc. etc. What do you think? Is this possible? How difficult would it be? Does it make sense to expect more of this in the future or will just Worldhoppers like Hoid be able to figure it out?
  9. From the album Shallan Stormblessed's not incredible art!

    I tried a wider scene, with all of Kal and Syl visible. But.. failed miserably. So then I just did this. And it was fun.
  10. Alethela, the country that is the watcher at the rim. Who learn war to better protect the world when the voidbringers return. Within this country is a book. An important book that every officer has to read. But why? lets look at two people that suffer from the same affliction especially when you look back. Moash and Amaram. exhibit 1: Amaram Let’s look at past interactions with the light of RoW to see what’s happening in the background. (Also SA5 Prologue in spoiler section) We know after kaladin gained his first pair of shards Amaram betrayed and killed kaladins squad. But why? in tWoK after winning his shards kaladin and his remaining squad are in Amarams command tent waiting for Amaram to finish talking to someone. This someone we find out is restaries. The herald Kelek, leader of the sons of honor. we then hear Amaram saying that after hours of discussion he finally agreed to restaries idea to take the shards himself to better serve alethkar. Within this we can see that kaladin himself mentioned that he saw Amarams guilt on his face. And tried to do the most honorable thing in his position and sold him as a slave. after Amarams confrontation with kaladin and Dalinar he starts regretting letting kaladin live. A bit different then during the confrontation, where he looked hurt and guilty but also apologized and said that he did it for alethkar not personal. now in oathbringer we start seeing Amaram descend into a downward spiral. he tries to forge an alliance with Dalinar(who he witnessed burn a city killing everyone in anger) but keeps being shamed by him(for killing four men for literally one of the most powerful weapons in roshar). Being put to physical work in a broken country that every alethi knew would be a perfect, easy, capture. Being contacted by odium with promises of power, and no guilt or anger. exhibit 2: moash not much is really needed to be said in this post about moash. I talked more about Amaram because people don’t seem to want to understand him. Hating him because kaladin hates him. Or at best feeling sad about lost potential. but moash has been debated on and hated on constantly sense WoR we know he’s effected by the unmade losing his negative emotions and feeling a void. (Interesting especially sense it seems positive emotions aren’t effected as far as we know) and it seems he truly wants this. So theirs that. so back to alethela, my theory on this is that people read tWoK not just to make it easier to bond spren, but to help the leaders not to make miss steps, to not act in greed to open themselves to the unmade, as we saw the unmade alone completely wiped out cities, countries, with their advance emotional allomamcy. so what do you think? Was tWoK used as a life style to better live by honor?
  11. Rhythm of War spoilers ahead! Do not read unless you have finished it. If someone has already posted this, or if it's intuitively obvious, sorry. This is from RoW, Chapter 8: And this is from Chapter 111: These quotes show me that somehow, Odium has the power to suppress, or take away altogether, emotion. I'm sure it has similar mechanics to Soothing with Allomancy, but on a much larger level. But then there's this death rattle that makes me think there's something else: This death rattle implies that the Unmade Dai-Gonarthis, a.k.a The Black Fisher, also somehow has the ability to suppress or take away emotion. And because the Unmade serve Odium, this makes me think: What if the "gift" that Moash speaks of isn't directly from Odium? What if, instead, Dai-Gonarthis is the source of this ability to remove emotion, and Odium somehow delivers the power to Moash? This is something that has always seemed to fit for me. My theory is that Dai-Gonarthis is the source of Odium's ability to take away emotion. The one problem with this theory is that because Odium is the god of passion, it would make sense for him to have this ability himself, meaning that Dai-Gonarthis may have similar powers, but isn't necessarily behind Moash's emotionlessness. What do you think? What problems are with this theory? Was this already obvious? Tell me below!
  12. row

    [Massive Rhythm of War spoilers proceed at your own risk.] So I've been running out of things to do, and all my usual RP's have been inactive so I thought I'd put this together. The RP is set after SA 5 has happened, and as we don't know what happens there we are going to be rather specualtive. I'm more than willing to discuss the how everything has played out to get here, I'm mostly posting this right now to gauge intrest, if you want to join let me know.
  13. All of the following is open to correction: We know that a sound wave can be represented by a sine equation, specifically y=a*sin(bx-c)+d. The opposite of a sound wave, the one that will cancel it out, can be represented by a phase shift equal to exactly half of that of the original sound wave, which is exactly the same as a simple inversion, or multiplying the equation by a negative. The collision of the sound waves cancels out the energy, but because the energy of the two hits at such a point that net motion of the air is negligible. Because the frequency of the wave is not changed, the two sounds are exactly the same to hearing, but still cancel each other out. It is generally only with intent that this can occur, as it is very hard to create the opposite of the sound by accident. In ROW, Navani creates anti-lights by using this inverse of the sound, so she is creating a sound that is exactly half a phase shift off of the rhythm of Odium. It makes a great deal of sense that doing this requires Intent, as it would be very common to find the anti-lights otherwise, or impossible to find at all. Something else that is interesting, is that light itself can be represented by the same equation y=a*sin(bx-c)+d, as it is an electromagnetic wave. Light can have the same equal-cancelling pattern, with two light waves that look the same cancelling each other out. This results in the bottom of the two images below, where the light cancels out in some places, and amplifies in other places. We know that the anti-lights annihilate each other like matter and antimatter, and that the sounds would as well. Now, I propose that if we positioned them correctly, the photon emissions from the two gaseous investitures would cancel each other out, though the air-warping around the anti-voidlight sphere(and possibly others) might interfere with that.
  14. We saw Sja-Anat uses her windsprens as spies at the end of RoW. Clearly Kaladin can command to armor's windsprens. So I wonder that is Kaladin can use his armor's windsprens as spies. Also I wonder about Jasnah's armor's spren. Is she can command to them or it's a windrunner thing?
  15. So I’m on my 3rd reread of the SA and I’m doing it right after finishing mistborn era 1 and I can’t help but notice the similarities and differences between the two series. Namely how they both treat “the end of the world” narrative. In mistborn especially HoA the entire atmosphere is depressing as. People trying to survive something that is desperately trying to kill them. And when you take a step back you notice the fact that with all the deaths that they were fortunate to even have won. (this post i like, even with the confusion, it shows the true devastation that the people were dealing with. ) Stormlight handles things vastly different than mistborn. In stormlight the hero’s are able to fight back. Sure it’s a “hopeless” fight but the humans are able to push odium into a disadvantaged deal. Where as in mistborn Ruins purpose was to extinct everyone and everything. Odiums is to conquer and control. But here’s the thing we didn’t know that until book3-4 especially RoW when odium flat out says that he doesn’t want to kill off all of humankind( just use them as fodder for better soldiers (his words not mine)) for book 1,2 we are lead to believe that the desolations were catastrophes with the human race existence On the line. (Wile it was true for a few desolations it is not for the Final Desolation) So here is where the differences really are. mistborn era 1 is the death of scadrial (no more mistborns, no more keepers, vast parts of the population killed) and it’s rebirth Stormlight is the revival of Roshar. (the magic coming back, ancient enemies, cities, access to the CR) tldr: mistborn era 1 and stormlight are stories of the end of the world. One is the death of the world and the other is death of the current world.
  16. The thought came to mind after people were talking in another post if an aluminum mirror would reveal a lightweaver. And they mentioned how being able to look into the CR might reveal them with the discrepancies. Then I thought maybe not them but possibly reveal the spren. And who have we seen that can sense spren? That’s right mr unhappy zahal himself. So how can radiants counter such a measure. That’s easy, get rid of the spren. ok ok so it’s not like I’m saying break the bond or to somehow hemalurgy the spren for the abilities but simply leave the spren at home, in RoW kaladin and syl get separated and syl loses herself due to the distance between them. But once they are close she is right back to being herself. Kaladin is still awake, and able to use stormlight during the dampening of his abilities. So as far as we know this doesn’t hurt the spren just dumbs them down for a time, and it doesn’t matter for the radiant as they can still use their abilities. Now obviously they work better together than alone but in order to properly infiltrate some places they might have to separate, maybe the spren can go back to the CR to retain thoughts? As long as the bonds not broken it should be fine right?
  17. I’m rereading the whole cosmere and am in the Words of Radiance. I came across this scene right before Shallan enters the Shattered Plains. She is just drawing what she feels like drawing when: I had never noticed that these two scenes almost certainly are real. The first is of Yalb surviving and the second of Shalash (shoutout to my wife for catching that). It makes me wonder if this is a part of the ability she has with Dalinar and the Stormfather to draw what either one’s seen in the Highstorm. However, Dalinar hadn’t bonded the Stormfather at this point. Furthermore, she was just thinking of her wreck before drawing and had burned a prayer to Shalash. I wonder if that’s important? Maybe she’s feeling very connected to them at that point. Do we have any information about this scene?
  18. So I came up with this theory when reading WoB and he talked about the afterlife in the cosmere When he basically said that he will neither confirm nor deny the existence of one so as to not discredit his characters views. I then remembered the one chapter in The Way of Kings of the cobbler who bonded a spren and was killed by Nale. He talked about a god who allowed himself to shatter and splinter into everything to have more experiences. Perhaps the true rejoining of everyone and everything is when everything dies. Similar to the egg theory that some people believe. this would also explain why shadows in the CR go towards the “sun” instead of away. It’s being pulled to the beyond to rejoin with adonalsium also a couple of “assumptions” (or counter arguments) I Have if this theory is true. what happened to “people” when they died before the shattering? -rather nonexistence or they merged with adonalsium why would he have to “die” if the process already happened? -for more diversity. Perhaps he got bored with himself being the only “god” Wouldn’t adonalsium be a cognitive shadow? -we don’t know how adonalsium CS would work, if it’ll work how we seen them in book or if it’ll work in a different way due to how much unimaginable power they held.
  19. In the pre-chapter text (can't remember what it's called) of the Rhythm of War chapter 'A Cage Without Bars,' Harmony says that he is looking for a sword that embodied the two aspects of the power he holds, Ruin and Preservation. In the previous pre-chapter text he mentions being hampered in his ability to act due to his two held Shards being opposites, so is it logical to think of this as Harmony seeking a champion to act on his behalf against/with other Shards? If so, I have a theory. I'm not sure if there's a running theory on this, but the main Cosmere character that comes to mind for that is Kaladin. He's trained/training as a surgeon and is a skilled fighter. Particularly in The Way of Kings, there was a constant internal dialogue about whether Kaladin or his father were correct in how they could protect: Kaladin choosing to protect using force while his father protects through medical care. Kaladin is currently in a spot where he can protect using both methods, acknowledging that he needs time to deal with his PTSD and depression but is enhancing his abilities in the medical area. The main barrier I see to this potentially occuring is that due to Kaladin's nahel bond with Syl he is anchored to the Rosharan system, as per Mraize's conversation with Shallan/Veil/Radiant in part 1 of Rhythm of War. Now this is entirely conjecture, but I am assuming that by the end of Book 5 several key things relevant to this will occur: a way of transporting Rosharan Lights to other systems will be discovered, which will be linked to finding a way for Connected individuals to move outside of their systems as well. While I don't believe Kaladin is intended on being a main character for the back 5 (correct me if I'm wrong), that doesn't necessarily mean that he won't still be a major player in another form like being a champion of a Shard that isn't "native" to the Rosharan system and is thus not present for Rosharan events all the time. If there is an existing theory thread regarding this, could someone please point me in its direction?
  20. I’m rereading the whole cosmere and am in the Words of Radiance. I came across this scene right before Shallan enters the Shattered Plains. She is just drawing what she feels like drawing when: I had never noticed that these two scenes almost certainly are real. The first is of Yalb surviving and the second is of Shalash (shoutout to my wife for catching that). It makes me wonder if this is a part of the ability she has with Dalinar and the Stormfather to draw what either one’s seen in the Highstorm. However, Dalinar hadn’t bonded the Stormfather at this point. Furthermore, she was just thinking of her wreck before drawing and had burned a prayer to Shalash. I wonder if that’s important? Maybe she’s feeling very connected to them at that point. Do we have any information about this scene?
  21. Ok so this theory has been bouncing in my head for a good week and I read WoB but haven’t seen anything related to this. but here is the theory the stormfather didn’t always have the power to invest gems with stormlight. now we have some interesting facts about roshar 1) it was purposefully made by adonalsium, no tectonic plates, storm, spren everything. 2) we know honor and cultivation made new spren, but not the listeners 3) from RoW we know the stones remember when they (most likely the listeners) used to “sing” and mold the rock around them, making bowls, swords, whatever they want out of stone. we don’t know if this is before the power of surges 4) in oathbringer we hear how honors perpendicularity is vary unstable in that it’s constantly moving. 5) in RoW we find out that the stormfather is invested enough to have a small bit of a perpendicularly and that’s what allows The gems to be infused 5b) we know its not exactly a shard only power more a heavily invested property. 6) the honor spren seem to be much older, older then the bonds. so the theory time line is this. honor and cultivation come to roshar and start to effect things on their own honor creates honor spren and they form “bonds” to live in the physical realm. The singers hear the pure tone of roshar and are able to use stormlight to manipulate the stone. Their civilization is magnificent but limited due to their dependence on their stone based abilities. humans come, honor and cultivation are happy to see humanity after thousands of years and decide that it’s good to have humans as it reminds them of home human and singers battle. Yada yada, honor is dying and has limited time. With help he makes the animals produce gem hearts(like the singers) to store stormlight and splits himself further to give the stormfather the ability to produce stormlight as well as higher thinking capacity. So yeah. I think stormlight was not a part of the storm until honor was dying.
  22. So I listened to secret project 4 the other day and I was shocked by how auxiliary was still able to shape shift dispite being “dead” so I started to think how this might be related to “freeing the dead eyes” that RoW set up with Adolin and shallan. And i started to connect distant dots that became scarier the more I thought about it. first: we don’t know if dead eyes can come back in a traditional sense. That being full restoration, free thinking and being able to bond those that they choose. second: the rosharian magic systems are vary powerful but are a bit limiting with the oaths that need to be spoken to access their full potential. third: BAM capture really effected the spren in ways that were not anticipated. We don’t know the repercussions for releasing BAM and if it’s an actual good thing. (We have kalaks words but common. All the haralds are crazy) forth: we know that wile a bit limiting a person with a haralds blade is really dangerous especially because of the lack of oaths binding them to their power. (Same with dead shard blade and plate) fifth: we know that shard blades (dead) are not always practical weapons. Example being when adolin killed sadeus both didn’t go for their blades because they knew it would be a disadvantage. using the above knowledge I think this is what’s going to happen. I think when BAM gets released their presents will “Zombify” the shard blades. They will become more practical honor blades ultimately. I don’t know if they’ll have access to surges but I can see a case being made for both ways. TLDR: I think that BAM release will make the (dead) shard blades now, honor blades 2.0 radiants without oaths
  23. Hello Sharders, i have a question about Healing in the Cosmere, especially about Dabbid. In RoW, the Sibling tells Dubbid that he will heal from his mental illness once he bounds a spren. In my understanding, a person can only heal from wounds that they don't see as a part of themselves, because Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version. So the Sibling cannot know whether bounding a Spren will heal Dabbit or not. It depends on how much Dabbid accepts his condition as part of himself in his subconsciousness. Do you guys know if these statement is correct or have i missed the point here? Ps.: Let me know if this toppic has already been on the forums before. I am new in the community i don't have the overview yet. Thanks
  24. Do plated windrunners need to expend stormlight to fly or do the living windspren just carry them?
  25. One issue I have noticed when people talk about Roshar going off world, rather it be radiants, stormlight or anything else highly invested, people tend to forget the gravity-like pull that the investiture feels to the planet (or system) of origin. As mentioned by Mraize in RoW when he was telling Shallan the ghostbloods purpose. So I wanted to use this to brainstorm ideas on how to possibly make this work. we know first off that we’ll need perfect gemstones to hold the stormlight. second a way to cut off the connection to roshar, to lower/negate the pull. we have two possible options. 1) as shown in oathbringer, stormlight used inside an aluminum casing is not detected so the most likely is a chest made of aluminum to resist “the pull” 2) we have seen how anti-stormlight/voidlight was made using a vacuum. could a vacuumed container also be used to possibly resist or severe the pull to roshar? maybe a combination of the two? What are your thoughts, also my first post so I’ll love to start meeting y’all.