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Found 115 results

  1. row

    [Massive Rhythm of War spoilers proceed at your own risk.] So I've been running out of things to do, and all my usual RP's have been inactive so I thought I'd put this together. The RP is set after SA 5 has happened, and as we don't know what happens there we are going to be rather specualtive. I'm more than willing to discuss the how everything has played out to get here, I'm mostly posting this right now to gauge intrest, if you want to join let me know.
  2. My theory revolves around finding the BEST thematic ending for kaladin. The thematic is important because that excludes narrative foreshadowing or clever wordplays and stuff. This is strictly the ending Kaladin should get if the the plot went along with his character arc. For example The name kaladin means 'born unto eternity', the line' Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do' and 'Son of Tanavast' seems to imply that Kaladin would become Honor. There is foreshadowing but it's not the most natural conclusion to kaladin's arc. Same with him being a herald or becoming king(that one stupid death rattle) What I think the most natural thematic conclusion will be: Kaladin becomes a worldsinger. Kal will go with szeth to shinovar. His budding therapist skills will be put to the test by szeth and ishar. This will become more complicated near the ending with the arrival of Moash. Kal will have a struggle if he really should kill Moash and then chooses to instead talk some sense into Moash. On the other side, something happens to todium prolly and Moash loses his 'gift' to not feel pain. So if he can't escape pain, what will he do? Moash will try to end his miserable life. Kal runs forward, grabs the weapon and says the fifth ideal, 'I will help others protect themselves'. The suicidal character will stop someone from killing themselves. Kool Kaladin moments ensue, for three seconds. Ishar goes crazy again, creates a perpendicularity and pulls syl thru it. Syl becomes a full human.( No I am not a syladin shipper) And Kaladin loses his epic stormlight powers and becomes a normal human again. I am guessing he will still use the windrunnur honorblade for the final fight before giving it up for Dalinar to reforge honor or something. My big theory is that the night of sorrows will be the darkest event in the books, where a major catstrophe occurs, a significant fraction of humanity will die(like a third). The human race will survive by escaping to shadesmar, but be broken by the sudden calamity At the end of book 5, Kaladin will start living more for himself while still doing his best to help other people. He wants to be a therapist. Who has been giving Kaladin free therapy since book one? Wit. The worldsinger who shares stories. Also after a calamity, knowledge will prolly be hard to pass around, humans will be fragmented. Stories, like the legend of stormblessed and a religion around Dalinar and oathbringer will connect people. Kaladin will finally learn how to play a flute and sing honor's and cultivation's rhythms to people as Instructions to create stormlight or lifelight. So kal and sigzil will go around shadesmar listening to and sharing their own stories almost definitely around a stew. Kaladin as the posterboy of the new worldsingers will become the travelling swordsman kind of figure/legend, cuz he will still be a badass in normal combat. He will prolly try to bridge the gap between humans and singers and listeners. In the back half of stormlight, kal will be a zahel,wit kind of figure who wouldn't be invested but still pretty badass. He could be the therapist for the new heroes. He will also reveal that in 10-15 years he has been successful in reviving many of the deadeyes, something he learned from Adolin, which will quite literally save the good guys side. Why does no honorspren bond Kaladin u ask? Because a nahel bond is more 'intimate' than even a romantic bond and I am pretty sure the honorSpren would consider Kaladin 'taken' and violating it 'cheating'. Kaladin might become a edgedancer, but only in the distant future. This is my perfect ending to Kaladin. What do u guys think?
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! The Sharder currently in charge is @Ghanderflaffle. Please direct your questions to her instead of Ashspren. There are RoW spoilers in this thread. You have been warned. Here’s a rough outline of how this is gonna work… Up to 16 people sign up. I will RANDOMLY choose four characters to go against each other. The people who are representing these characters will write a rap, roasting the other characters– every character for themselves. They will have 48 hours, otherwise they will forfeit. If all people forfeit, they are all out. Votes for the best rap will be using a link to a survey. The person with the most votes after 24 hours wins! I will announce the winner, then announce the next people. More In-Depth Tournament Structure: In the first round, there will be 4 people participating per competition (ex- Sarene, Kaladin, Vin, Vasher) and they will all be going against each other. There will be one winner out of the four. That will narrow things down to 4 people left in the tournament. These competitions will be in pairs (ex- Vin vs Hoid, Kelsier vs Dalinar). The final two will go head-to-head in the Roast Finale. Fillers: If you are too late to sign up for this round, you might still be able to compete! You will be put on a waiting list, so if anyone is unable to participate, you can step in and represent their character. However, this is only for the primary round. In the semifinals and championships, if someone is unable to compete, the second place winner from their previous match will step in. They will also have to represent the previous person's character. If you are a filler person, you are allowed to be on the reserved list for the next tournament. However, if you are pulled into the current tournament, you will be taken off the reserved list. Ties: If we are in the face of a tie, the two people who tied will have up to 8 lines to roast the other person. These mini-roasts, plus the actual raps themselves, will determine the winner of that round. If you’re interested in writing raps to roast other characters, comment which character you would like to represent. No duplicates, please! There can be up to 16 people participating, because this is the Cosmere, and 16 is important. I will start the competitions once 16 people have commented. Tag anyone who you think might be interested! IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to actually rap! Just think of it more as writing poetry, but “roasting with poetry” just didn’t have the right ring to it... Outdated:
  4. welcome to the ghostbloods, where our tattoo
  5. Hello, I have been rereading ROW and trying to focus on some of the Radiants with less screen time. We see that Gaz, like all of the other members of Shallan's Deserters has joined the Unseen Court and presumably bonded a Cryptic. I remembered that Brandon said that if Elokhar had been allowed to progress with his oaths he would have had to eventually admit to being a bad king. We know more about Gaz than any of the other new Lightweavers, so I tried to guess some of his Truths. I imagine his first truth (besides the oath) would be about his gambling. Admitting that an addiction is real and out of control is the first step after all. Gaz reads as a pessimist because he is always complaining and expects the worst from people, but he is one of several people to become inspired after seeing Shallan's drawing of them. I imagine another early oath might be admitting that he actually can become a better person, like in the drawing. However I think that a later oath (4th or 5th) would have to be him admitting his culpability in the deaths and mistreatment of the bridgemen. We see in WOK that he is bothered by what he is doing and in WOR when he explains it he is quick to pass the blame onto Sadeas and his superiors. This oath is the one I would be most interested in seeing on screen, either the actual swearing or a scene where he apologizes to the bridgemen and its made clear that this is part of him admitting truth. He may also have to admit to his cowardice Tib
  6. I've noticed in the last 2 stormlight books, we've had 2 very similar conversations at the end of each book. In which 2 characters talk, and me personally reading, was ABSOLUTELY sure it was going to go a certain way, only for the conversation to do a full 180 and leave me emotionally devastated. I of course mean the Ashe-Taln conversation in OB and the Venli-Leshwi conversation in RoW. Between Ashe and Taln, both Ashe and Myself are sure that Taln will be angry, or at least upset with her, instead he tells her what a wonderful gift she's given humanity. And Venli and I were sure that Leshwi would be angry that Venli bonded a spren, instead she breaks down in joy and says they have forgiven us. Two stellar moments that totally shocked me emotionally when I was already losing it with everything else that went on at the end of those awesome books. Anyway I wracked my brains if any of the other books had similar moments but couldn't think of any. Pretty cool we got it twice, here's hoping for a hat trick with SA5
  7. So I've not finished RoW but I just started part 5 and wanted to drop this line of thought before it escaped me. So, we know that to some degree that Shards have difficulty travelling between worlds, and from my understanding the prime reason behind this is when the shard becomes too heavily invested in the planet. But the thought also occurred to me when Navani was creating anti-light with the vacuum, was that the tones wouldn't be able to pass into space. Now at this point (at least where I am in the book) the full extent of the tones relation to the Shards isn't abundantly established, but I'm curious if the shards' tones would be able to be heard in space. Now, I'm not a physicist so correct me if I'm wrong here, but if the tones couldn't be heard in space, would this not be a possible opening to 're-program' the free-flowing investiture of that shard with the corresponding anti-investiture as it exists in a vacuum, assuming that somehow part of that investiture could be captured in some closed vessel (Like... you know.. a spaceship.) Again, I haven't finished RoW so maybe some of this comes up, but maybe this is a way that large amount of anti-light could be generated to splinter a Shard. In fact it would give some reason for a Shard to occupy a Shardworld (beyond my own suspected Dawn-Command to Create) as it would essentially make Shards vulnerable in space. In fact this may be why Ambition's shattering left a spiritual wound as it was more dramatic possibly? This all also makes me curious how the tones reflect in the Cognitive realm, as the fact that people can talk while between worlds indicates sound can travel there, but maybe that's more how humans think sound would work manifesting in the cognitive realm than sound ACTUALLY being transmitted? Anyway, this all also leads to my last point, that the existence of anti-investiture and it's method of creation seems to show that investiture's Identity can be removed by removing it from its Tone, and because ultimately the Identity of the 16 shards is just parts of the Identity of Adonalsium, that begs the question of who's Identity is linked to anti-investiture? Is there a big scary void god anti-Adonalsium lurking out in space? Thank you for listening to my TED-ramble.
  8. In epigraph of the 4th part of row kalak is telling someone to release ba aod. Now this is curious as it implies someone knows where she is, right? So who is kalak talking to? If it is the humans he would have simply told this to adolin. So it must either be ghostbloods or the singers right?
  9. Hello! Just about halfway through my reread of Rhythm of War and some information sort of jumped out to me that I hadn't connected before. I think that Thaidakar has actually been off of Scadrial and visited other planets--in both the cognitive and physical realms. His dilemma isn't necessarily how to travel and exist in different worlds--he's figured that out already--but rather the other common theory as to what his motives are--curbing the insanity that comes with immortality. Two excerpts from RoW and one WoB are fueling this theory. (1). During the final paragraph of Chapter 64 in RoW, Hoid reveals that not only does he know Kelsier (the more obvious tidbit, via Secret History), but that he's met him several times on different worlds: “I believe it is time,” Wit said, “that I told you about Thaidakar.” “I know of him,” Jasnah said. “Oh, you think you do,” he said. “But I’ve met him, several times. On other planets, Jasnah" (p.761 Kindle Edition). This suggests that Kelsier does not have a problem getting off-world, and we already know he's been able to manifest himself on at least Scadrial through the BoM/SH reveal. (2). During the epigraph of the very same chapter, Raboniel reveals that chains from Threnody have the ability to "...anchor a person through Cognitive anomalies" and expresses that she "...fails to see what use this it could be to [her], as [she is] unable to leave the Rosharan system" (p. 751 Kindle Edition). So we know there exists some other ways for someone like Thaidakar to perhaps anchor himself--or his Connection--to systems he is non-native to (this being a big problem for highly-invested entities, something Vasher confirmed while talking Realmaic Theory with Kaladin). Hoid further confirms the notion that Thaidakar might have found a way to travel AND exist in foreign realms/planets by revealing to the reader that he has in fact met with him on other planets. I believe Brandon is being deliberate in denoting that Hoid and Thaidakar have met or had their run-ins on the actual, physical planets, rather than having Hoid say that he's met him in a more ambiguous manner or locations, ie. in just the Cognitive Realm. Thaidakar still cannot gain access to Roshar--which is where the key to his final problem, curbing his insanity, might lie. (3). This might be why Brandon stated in a WoB that if given the opportunity to punch another Shard (the other being Ruin's vessel in SH), Kelsier would "...find it really fun to punch Honor. Really fun" (Orem signing — Arcanum - 2017-12-21). Access to the Rosharan system might be one of the only or few planets (and all of their magics and artifacts) that he's unable to gain access to and it just might hold the key to solving his dilemma (something that has yet to be revealed to us readers)--and is ultimately why he wants to punch Honor (or a representative, or whatever) in the face. I'm not sure how novel these connections are that I've made, but upon my reread of RoW I realized I hadn't spotted just how obvious of clues we were given in respect to Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods operations, way before the Thaidakar reveal near the end of the novel. The fact that the chapter starts and ends with those two excerpts only solidifies the connection between what Raboniel writes in the Epigraph and what Hoid reveals to Jasnah. Be gentle, this is my first post.
  10. It has been bothering me that Zahel was nowhere to be seen once Urithiru was invaded in Rhythm of War. I understand that his whole prerogative these days is just to lay low and stay uninvolved, but I feel like that wouldn't of been possible during the invasion. Is it possible that Kelsier could have attempted to kidnap him? I dunno if the ghostbloods would even be able to pull that off but it does align with his motives. His whole reason for wanting shallan to capture kelek was to (correct me if I'm wrong) help him find a way to break his tether to Scadrial. Vasher would be WAYYY more helpful in that regard. he is also a highly invested cognitive shadow that has been world hopping for longer than almost any other world hopper we know of. That might be what Mraize was up to in Urithiru. It is hard for me to believe that the ghostbloods would be capable of that but not entirely impossible for me to believe it either.
  11. Inspired by the later chapters in Rhythm of War, this is a tribute to Teft. While I still don't know exactly what I'm doing, I'm imagining members of Bridge 4 standing in front of his statue--having flashbacks. Please enjoy a part of me!
  12. So I was thinking and I'm pretty sure Navani's third oath won't be "I am Unity" like Dalinar, it'll be something specific to her and the Sibling. Not to be pedantic, but something akin to "I am Science" would be really cool, except she's already had her revelation that Cultivation's light + Honor's light = Science, and I wish that could have been the moment of her third oath. Obviously her swearing the third one so soon after the first 2 would be a bit ridiculous, but still I think it would have been a cool moment. She could have held Stormlight in one hand and Lifelight in the other and slammed her palms together and copied her husband lol.
  13. This theory came to my mind after I read some of death rattles that still have no meaning Turns out there are some sentence that foreshadow a great body of water that fall from a very long storms. That storms can possibly be everstorm/highstorm or perhaps combination of both A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears —Collected on Tanatesev 1171, 30 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a cobbler of some renown. I believe this rattle refers to szeth’s feeling. Sinovar, Szeth’s home, have many mountain that surround it. Will sinovar crumble then got flooded? I'm cold. Mother, I'm cold. Mother? Why can I still hear the rain? Will it stop? —Collected on Vevishes 1172, 32 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a lighteyed female child, approximately six years old. This one refers to a rosharan people feeling amidst this very long storm. Light grows so distant. The storm never stops. I am broken, and all around me have died. I weep for the end of all things. He has won. Oh, he has beaten us. —Collected on Palahakev 1173, 16 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a Thaylen sailor. This might implied that it will be cause by odium (Now Todium). Very long storm will cause the sun to be blocked so sky will turn into night. You might also can find ‘long night’ foreshadowing from this : So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life... —Observed circa Ishi 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was King Valam of Jah Keved. The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather! —Collected circa Tanat 1173 by Taravangian. Subject was a young boy. The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule! —Collected on Kakevah 1173, 22 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a darkeyed Selay man of unknown profession. I believe this will happened in book 5. Brandon need a bitter ending for book 5 so stormlight archive can continue through book 6 to 10. I believe Todium will somehow create eternal global storm on roshar. This will cause catastrophic apocalyptic event that make living people of roshar migrate to shadesmar. Remember that shadesmar have reverse ecology to the real world? Land in shadesmar is sea in real world while sea in real world is land. So this flood will make shadesmar more occupiable with more land than before. But I believe not all of roshar will be flooded. Mountain will still stand tall above waters so urithru and horneater peak most likely still be safe. This will become a great strategic tool to make dalinar lose. If dalinar lose, Todium will have him to become his general to conquer the rest of cosmere. With this, Todium will be not afraid to lose. If dalinar win, he will still need to have conquer another cosmere’s world or at least will have to find any new world to occupy. They can’t live in Shadesmar forever. After all, if they can, why did people of ashyn (Human in Roshar ancestors) conquer roshar in the first place?
  14. Hey there everyone! We've had concerns be brought up about content from RoW being used in games. This is a fair thing to wonder about, as nine months can be a bit long. We have decided that our policy here is to make a new thread for that game if you wish to play it with RoW content, and title it appropriately. For example, Who's That Cosmere Character [RoW]. Spoilers themselves are not permitted in the name of your topic, as anywhere else on the forums. These threads will be locked after the nine months is over. If it is not a game that lends itself well to splitting threads, or you only wish to go on a small tangent in a chatting thread, please tag anything and everything that you think could possibly be called a spoiler, no matter how vague, and be clear that the tags are for RoW and not being used in a joking or spoiler-chain manner. Please report any posts you see that are not following these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to address them here.
  15. Hey there everyone! We've had concerns be brought up about writing content from RoW in RPs. This is a fair thing to wonder about, as nine months is a bit long, especially for those of us writing Rosharans or Radiants. We have decided that our policy here is a bit flexible. If your thread is set on Roshar or themed heavily around Stormlight Archive elements, we ask that you tag the thread with RoW and add a significantly noticeable spoiler warning to the first post of the thread. You may add [ROW SPOILERS] to the title of your thread if you wish, but it is not required. Spoilers themselves are not permitted in the name of your topic, as anywhere else on the forums. If some of your members have not yet read RoW, then it would be courteous to spoiler tag any references to the events of the plot or to any new Radiant oaths (even if you think they're obvious). You should make certain it's clear to any newcomers that there are RoW spoilers within your thread(s). If you plan to only tangentially mention something from RoW, or only have it in a post or two, please spoiler tag it liberally, and mark it as being RoW spoilers. It is best not to involve things from RoW with the plot of your RP if the entire thread does not allow RoW content, so as not to leave others out - please only do this with character things or side mentions. Please report any posts you see that are not following these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to address them here.
  16. One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
  17. I couldn't help but notice that a relatively large point repeated throughout RoW is how Venli thought she was the last listener. How she organized Thudd and some others to escape fused rule. But at the same time, I couldn't help but notice that Thudd and Eshonai were kinda taking bets on venli going into mate form when she was looking for war form. Meaning he must too be a listener, who Venli grew up with and would have known. Maybe I missed or misread something but I haven't been able to find much on Thudd in general
  18. Basically what the title says. RoW spoilers. Unless I'm missing something, Shallan's 3rd Ideal was acknowledging that she killed her father - then she used Pattern as a Blade in WoR. Her 4th comes at the end of WoR, the death of her mother, and Radiant (who seems Shallan's way of bypassing the 4th Truth) has Plate in the battle of Thaylen Field. Then the truth about Testament would be her 5th. But there are still things for her to overcome. Even if Radiant is a mask to hide from the 4th Truth (and only merging her back would give Shallan full access to the Plate), there is the question of her family's relation with the Ghostbloods and how she bonded Testament in the first place. It seems big enough to be a Truth too. It's been hinted at that Shallan believes she can find out the truth herself, without Mraize revealing it, if only she can face her past. So, do you think it's possible that Lightweavers say as many Truths as it takes? Is there maybe some WoB on it?
  19. Hello So. We saw in RoW, finally, how Shardplate is "made". The windspren that always staned Kaladin turned out to be the Windrunners "Platespren" We see some similar behaviour from Gloryspren towards Dalinar as early as in WoK when he beats Elhokar in a race, and later on in OB when he rejects Odium´s offer to take away his pain. In both instances Gloryspren surrounded him much like Windspren surround Kaladin. So we can assume that Gloryspren are Bondsmith´s Platespren My question is what are the other order´s Platespren? I can guess Edgedancers have Lifespren and Lightweavers would have Creationspren But what about the rest?
  20. In the final few chapters before taravangian became odium. Odium told taravangian "I have lost my champion again" who did odium lose as his champion?
  21. In row ishar said " I only prepare for the end of worlds " emphasis on worlds could there be a bigger threat to everyone, even bigger than odium?
  22. Could the Sibling and Ba-ado-Mishram be one and the same? - a Godspren - light-producing - stuck inside a gem - missing a part of itself - wary of Knights Radiant! - both went dormant about the same time Could "Mishram" have been a three-part spren, an equal divide between the three Shards - the three pure tones - of Roshar... perhaps even created to symbolize the unity of the three when the Ashynian Refugees were accepted? Perhaps even created as *part of the Oathpact*?
  23. All spoilers - RoW, Dawnshard, Cosmere, WoB, r/cremposting, whispers of fictive headmates, etc: In a nutgreatshell: I propose that the herald Ishi and the radiant Melishi are one and the same. 1. MELISHI We know that Melishi was a Bondsmith prior to the Recreance. He was bonded to the Sibling. He enjoyed a position of authority among the Knights Radiant. He lead a strike team to capture Ba-ado-Mishram. He was warned that this would have unintended consequences. He ignored this warning. 2. ISHAR We know that Ishar was a Herald of the Almighty. He is currently the mad God-Priest of Tukar. He is obsessed with spren, the Nahel bond, and Connection in general. He is preposterously skilled in combat - far more than even the Blackthorn and several Knights Radiant. Before he was a Herald, he was a part of the development of surgebinding on Ashyn, which led to the destruction of Ashyn, and was part of the subsequent exodus of humans from Ashyn to Roshar. He is still studying the fundamental forces of the Cosmere with an eye towards their manipulation. 3. SIMILARITIES I mean, basically all of it? ISHI, MELISHI - their names are pretty dang similar. Both had positions of authority in the Knights Radiant - Melishi from the way he is spoken of in the Gem Archive, and the Knights Radiant being literally called "Ishar's Knights." Both are closely associated with Bondsmiths. Melishi was a Bondsmith (bonded to the Sibling), the historical Ishar was the Heraldic patron of Bondsmiths, and the modern Ishar tried to steal a Bondsmith's bond to the Stormfather. Both are closely associated with Connection. We really only know Melishi in the context of gems mentioning Ba-Ado-Mishram, who in another gem is specifically discussed in terms of majuscular Connection. Ishar, in RoW, is all about that Connection. Melishi captured Ba-Ado-Mishram in a perfect gem (much the way Dalinar does to The Thrill). Ishar is studying a new way to capture spren, one that involves less jewelry and The historical Ishar was part of the development of surgebinding on Ashyn. The modern Ishar is trying to mess with the fundamental forces of Roshar. Melishi messed with the fundamental forces by capturing Ba-Ado-Mishram. The historical Ishar was part of the exodus of humans from Ashyn to Roshar. The modern Ishar is studying the persistence of Invested entities outside of their home. (This is pretty close to what Restares is doing on Roshar, and what Thaidakar is doing on Scadrial.) In the same way, Melishi was studying how to stop Voidlight from getting from Braize to Roshar by means of a spren. These seem similar - even progressive, one two three. The historical Ishar was part of the Surgebinding investigations that destroyed Ashyn. Melishi was part of the spren-capturing that caused the False Desolation and turned the parshendi into parshmen. The modern Ishar is on his way to becoming the subject of a Behind The Bastards episode. This guy genocides. And I mean, the methods of his madness are bad enough, but his *goals* are probably even worse! The guy should really be the Herald of Ignoring Externalities. "Playing with forces too big for him to control" seems like his bag, baby. He answers the question: What if Lanfear was like "okay, so we've got this Bore. What if we bored a BIGGER bore and then put THAT Bore in THIS bore? Problem solved!" This guy probably has a coffee mug that says "That's a problem for Tomorrow Ishar!" OMG I hate him so much. 4. PROBLEMS From the Gem Archive, we are told: ""This generation has had only one Bondsmith[...]" This suggests that there are multiple, changing Bondsmiths. But it does not imply that it all Bondsmiths are new. Heck, it tells us clearly that the 'multiple' part is not constant. I expect that none of these parts are constant. A) Heralds can bond spren. Look at Nale. Heralds can lead their Order - again, Nale. C) Heralds are immortal. Look at... well, 9 of them. (Sorry Jezza) D) We know that Ishi is older than the Heralds themselves. He was definitely alive during the time Melishi was alive. E) Again, Ishar tried to steal Dalinar's bond to the Stormfather - but another way of saying that is, he tried to bond a Bondsmith spren himself. F) Back in the day, the Nahel bond was less permanent. Maya says that she thought the breaking of her Radiant bond would hurt, but would not kill her. This implies that it would have left her able to be re-bonded to a new person, making a new Knight Radiant - much as she is on the road to doing with Adorablin. By this same method, a bondsmith could well have bon G) We are told by the Gem Archive that "This generation has only one Bondsmith." It does not imply that this one Bondsmith hasn't been a Bondsmith for generations - since, indeed, the beginning. And it does not imply that, just because there's only one bondsmith, only one of the Bondsmith spren is bonded. A person can have more than one Nahel bond at once. And if anyone was ever to do this it would be Mr. Bondypants himself. H) As a result, Melishi could have been bonded to more than one of the Bondsmith spren - before his attack on Ba-Ado-Mishram, or even, during it. I) Storms, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that Ishar CREATED the Sibling - using his Bonding powers to combine Stormlight and Cultivationlight into a new "Bondsmith-level spren." (We need better vocabulary, here. Bondspren? Shardspren? Greatspren? Pleez halp.) J) Storms, I'm guessing that Ishi-Melishi is the one who created the Nahel bond entirely. 5. SIDE THEORY THAT'S TOTALLY BATSHIT, I KNOW Since Ba-Ado-Mishram was a Light-level spren, and the only other Light-level spren are the Bondsmith spren, I'm going to go ahead and suggest that Ba-Ado-Mishram could have been a Bondsmith-bondable spren. Ba-Ado-Mishram might have been a regular ol' spren of Odium, and her only association with Light was to forge a Connection between a Light-source - say Odium himself - and the parsh. Or, Ba-Ado-Mishram could have been the spren of Odium in the way the Stormfather is the spren of Honor, or the Nightwatcher the spren of Cultivation. BUT. What if Ba-Ado-Mishram was a spren like the Sibling - a meeting of the two? And what if, as I theorized about the Sibling, Ishar was involved in her creation? Ba-Ado-Mishram might have been a 'sibling' of Honor and Odium, or of Cultivation and Odium - creating a 'towerlight'-like blend of the two lights. Maybe the creation of such a blended greatspren was part of the Oathpact by which Odium and the Ashyn Refugees were allowed onto Roshar. Maybe there were two of them - three blended greatspren, in addition to one pure greatspren of Odium. Meaning there's one mixed greatspren, and one pure greatspren, that we have yet to meet - or at least to understand. If Ba-Ado-Mishram was a Bondsmith-spren, Ishi/Melishi could well have bonded her at one point - or indeed, could have been bonded to her even while he was imprisoning her. This might be the reason that the Sibling went into hiding, and refused to bond any new Radiant. His last Bondsmith had betrayed one of his other bonded spren! (Aside: I kind of wonder if the Sibling being tied to the Tower is actually not that far off from Ba-Ado-Mishram being trapped in a gem. But that's a bit metaphysical for the moment - save 4 l8r.) And, ifffff this is all true... ISHAR COULD STILL BE BONDED TO BA-ADO-MISHRAM. Still bonded. All this time! This could well be the reason that Ishar is so double extra super crazy at the moment. He could be bonded to a spren who is trapped in a gem and has been stuck underground for a few millennia. That's probably halfway to being trapped himself - halfway to being Taln. Probably not super awesome for the ol' mental health - just guessing. 6. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER My guess is that the history/mechanics went something like this. -Ishar was a human living on Ashyn -He was interested in the Surges - kind of the way Dr Faustus was interested in the spirits, Dr Oppenheimer in the atom, Dr. Eronaile the Power, or the current Ishar in playing Dr. freakin' Mengele with living spren. -Odium tempted Ishar with the power to manipulate the fundamental surges -Ishar did so, creating Surgebinders - probably creating the Nahel bond as we know it. -In doing so, he also delved_too_deep.gif, and created such instability on Ashyn that the planet was rendered uninhabitable - all but destroyed. (Side note - the name "Ishar" is quite a bit like the "Ishtar" of Biblical times. There's a lot of cross-pollenation among old deities, and their names... but Ishtar is associated with the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve with the forbidden knowledge that saw them cast out of Paradise. RIP Tranquiline Halls.) -Odium then asked Honor and Cultivation if he, and his people, could flee to Roshar. The Avasts agreed, under the condition that Odium would stay on Braize and not do, y'know, Odium Stuff. This was the Oathpact. -The Oathpact was created, not just by the power of the Shards, but by the power of Ishar the Bondsmith. He created the rules of the Oathpact. -The reason Ishar was able to bind Shards to an agreement, is the same reason that he was able to bind spren of the cognitive to people of the physical by means of the Nahel bond. It's the same reason that he is all about that Connection and always has been. You see, Ishar is - or at least, was - a Dawnshard. It could be UNITE, as in UNITE THEM; or it could be BIND, as in Surgebinding, as in Bondsmith ("binding contract" sounds a lot like an Oathpact to this attorney.) I'm guessing it's BIND. -Specifically, Ishar was given th Dawnshard of Binding by Odium. And specifically, he was given it by Odium *specifically* so that it would lead to the ruination of Ashyn, so that Odium could play upon Honor and Cultivation's sympathies to admit his people to their system - and in doing so, let him in, to war upon them, and kill them. -Ishar then wrote the Oathpact, and Bound the parties to it. The problem, here, is that - pacts are hard. Words are hard. Hell, I'm a lawyer. Writing contracts is hard. Ambiguities are unavoidable, and can be exploited by other parties - and sometimes ambiguities can be hidden by the drafter to exploit themselves. Odium found, or made, those ambiguities, and exploited them - leading to the death of Tanavast, the splintering of Honor, and the cycle of Desolations. -Hell, Odium might have done this same trick to the other Shards he Splintered. The Bondsmith's power to turn human words into the laws of the Universe is as beautiful and terrible as the very dreams of the skybreakers. (When you've got the Hammer of Gods, everything looks like a Nale. Sorry. No, no I'm not.) -I don't understand the current status of the Dawnshard of Bind. I know it profoundly affects Dalinar. That's all I know. It could be held by the Stormfather. It could be hidden, but was held long enough by Bondsmith-related entities that it suffuses all that they are. But, if I had to guess, part of the Oathpact was that the Dawnshard of Binding was splintered into ten pieces, and divided amongst the Heralds, whose main goal was not to be interplanetary warlords, but simply keepers of a power that was too great to combine - and too dangerous for Honor and Cultivation to want anywhere near Roshar. The Heralds, as prison-guards of the power that destroyed their home planet, were then banished to Braize, and never meant to return. Then Odium went all rules lawyer on them, found mad sploits, and thus the endless cycle of free-trips-to-Damnation. -Whether by Ishar's bindings, or the natural reordering of the world after Odium's people came to Roshar, the Nahel bond became as tied to Voidlight as it was to Stormlight and Cultivationlight. My guess is that three spren were created to be co-equal blends of the Shards in the system. The spren who resides in Urithiru is part Honor, part Cultivation. That spren has two siblings: Ba-Ado-Mishram, and an as-yet-unnamed (or at least, as-yet-unidentified) spren, one of which is of Honor and Odium, the other of Cultivation and Odium. -As a result of stacking playing-god on top of playing-god, Ishar/Melishi's capture of Ba-Ado-Mishram stopped what could well have been the imminent conquest of Roshar by Odium. But in doing so - well, Lews Sealing The Bore. Prepare For Unforseen Consequences. OOPS I DID IT A GAIN. This deprived the parshmen of cognition, deprived the spren of the ability to survive the breaking of their bonds, and probably other things that we don't even understand, because THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STICK YOUR DICK IN THE UNIVERSE. And... storms, it is quite possible that the name Ba-Ado-Mishram is a sobriquet. "Ado" could come from "Adora," the same root as the first syllable in Adolin's name, meaning "light" - and "Mishram" contains "Ish" and even "Ishr," which could be linked to the Herald. Maybe there's a Ba-Ado-Mishram and a, idk, Tet-Ado-Mishram, indicating Honor/Odium-light and Cultivation/Odium-light (or vice versa). Heck, maybe the "Sibling" is actually like Asha-Ado-Mishram - three Siblings, created simultaneously by the powers of a Dawnshard, in the hopes of a harmony that Odium immediately sought to destroy. Three multi-shardic blends - three little Harmonys - three little Adonalsiums - simultaneously beautiful in their unity, and terrible in their return towards that which was Shattered. -The phrase UNITE THEM is probably just a general, all-encompassing idea of the Dawnshard of BINDING. It might even be a mixed version, resulting from the Intention of dead Tanavast and mere echoes of the splinitered Dawnshard. However, I doubt it will be satiated until it has united the splinters of itself (if such they are), and, indeed, the Shards of Adonalsium. -I expect that is Hoid's biggest interest in the Rosharan system - the unification of the shards of the Dawnshard of Binding, towards his ultimate goal of the reunification of Adonalsium. -...which interest could very well be at conflict with the best interests of Roshar. -And, as a result, the biggest single piece on the Rosharan chessboard is probably... Rysn. Because A] maybe the only way out of the BINDing Oathpact is to CHANGE it... and B] because my girl Rysn real good at contract negotiation. TEAM RYSN BABY. ALL ABOARD DAT WANDERSAIL! Best from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where I am off-Trail hiding from a thunderclaststorm -Silver the Ridgerunner
  24. Is Kelsier alive or dead? Lets talk. I say alive Note Secret History and Era two spoilers
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