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Found 30 results

  1. One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
  2. Can we talk about her? Because her character was easily one of the most amazing things in the entire book. I can't say I like her, as in I like Kaladin, or Adolin or any of my favourite characters. But she was an example of how to make a character you don't necessarily like, or whose opinions you share, but who's still a great character. I found her unnerving, terrifying, but fascinating and so very complicated. Her relationship with Navani was so well written, and in parts I found it ... predictable where this would lead to (I expected a Rosharan equivalent to the atomic bomb and I guess the potential for that is still there) but the journey to that point, all the small discoveries, the experiments, the talks, Raboniel's hope, her motivation, her grief and her end - that could probably be one of my favourite arcs of the entire book, the series even. Also her lies and "betrayals" ... it all made sense. Had the positions be reversed Navani would have done the same thing, and she did kill her in the end, after all. This character and all she stands for is so telling for the grander conflict - that's not merely between good and evil with humans and singers/Fused as good and evil, but much more complicated. I'm almost sad she died, because that was so good. So good.
  3. My tinfoil hat theory after RoW Shallan is known on Scadrial as Ranette. I think that at the end of Stormlight 5 the Ghostbloods are going to kill Adolin. Wanting revenge, she is going to go to Wit who is going to send her to Scadrial to meet with some Kandra. They are going to give her an iron earring which gives her the abilities of a lurcher and lets her speak with Harmony. As Ranette she sees the weapons business as a way to keep watch on the underworld and the Ghostbloods, while while assisting Harmony on his project Wax.
  4. So, seems like Moash is now blind: "But he couldn't see them. No matter how much Stormlight he was given, his eyes didn't recover. He was blind" Why do you think this happened?
  5. So this book, the obligatory Rysn interlude was told from Chiri-chiri's POV to avoid spoiling/necessitating Dawnshard. We got entertaining Larkin Thoughts, and Vstim saying the word "Dawnshard" and hinting at there being a big story there. So what I'm wondering is, is the book five Rysn story also going to dodge around the Dawnshard issue by giving the POV to someone else (Chiri-chiri, Vstim, Pot of Grass)? Or do you think the Dawnshards will be put into play in the next book and there will be no need to hide Rysn's thoughts? I'm wondering if there will be a Connection connection with Ishar.
  6. I haven't seen anyone talking about Nale's flashbacks that Dalinar saw... so Nale and Jez used to be enemies? And then Jezrien admitted Nale was in the right, seemingly right before inviting Nale into the Oathpact?
  7. [Spoilers All] This started on Reddit, but since I've discovered this incredible site, I thought I'd bring it over here. Apologies if I'm doing this wrong, etc. Strongly appreciate corrections and feedback; I am only so realmatically aware :-) In a nutshell: I am starting to see the goals of a lot of the non-Shardic players in the Cosmere as: searching for a way to transport Investiture between Shardworlds. This is particularly apparent in The Ghostbloods. In Rhythm of War, I read Mraize's statement to Shallan as this: the goal of the Ghostbloods is to assure the persistence of Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow. As Kelek says, the persistence of a Cog requires Investiture. And it makes sense that Kel doesn't have much access to that. For a Cog to access Investiture, it needs any one of the following: -granted it directly by a Shard -on a Shardworld where lots of free investiture is available -on a Shardworld with investiture accessible, and sufficiently Connected to that world to access it -brought Investiture from such a source to it Our boi The Survivor comes up short on all counts: Kel could get some Investiture from the Shard(s) on Scadrial. But this seems unlikely. On the one hand, there's Harmony's growing tendency towards inaction in general; and on the other, I don't know if Sazed would Invest in our psychotic little Survivebro even if he could. He is on Scadrial. The amount of available Investiture there is simply very small - not even as a Mistborn. And as we learned in Secret History, he can't just wander off a-worldhoppin'. Either because the Investiture he has is too Connected to Scadrial to leave, or because he doesn't have enough to overcome this problem; I'm not sure. And a mechanism for bringing free Investiture from one Shardworld to another, has, I believe, not yet been discovered. Therefore, Kelsier would be content to find any of the following: -a way to get himself to Roshar. -a way to get himself to another Shardworld - Nalthis, Sel, Taldain (tho probably not Threnody), and also then access the local manifestation of Investiture. -a way to get free Investiture from any of those places to Scadrial. Has anyone else done this? Not quite. There are only two Cogs that I can think of, who we know were able to worldhop: Vasher and Shashara. From WoB I believe we know that this exact predicament is what caused Vasher to leave Nalthis for Roshar. But I expect it was a lot easier for Vasher to worldhop. He started off very Invested. A Returned with a Divine Breath, naturally Fifth Heightening... however you want to phrase it: Gruff Bae had a lot of Investiture. And as we know from Peacegiver's Treasure, he was definitely no stranger to acquiring more - Nor was Shashara, which we know from the fat stacks she expended in the creation of Nightblood. How is Kelsier going about this? I think he tried several things, one after another. I expect that he created the Bands Of Morning as a scientific experiment attempting to acces more of Scadrial's Investiture. Obviously it didn't work. It wouldn't surprise me if he tried to contact another Shard seeking, uhm, "sponsorship." (Giv avatar plz). This might well be related to all the Trelagist stuff on Scadrial. Whatever, and however - it seems it didn't work. We know from Mraize's Mancave Of Miracles that the Ghostbloods have been to many worlds. And they have brought back from them many Investiture-related objects, including white sand (Taldain), aviars (First of the Sun), and seons (Sel). Clearly nothing has solved the puzzle. We've also seen several ferruchemists offworld. It wouldn't surprise me if some of these are Ghostbloods. Metalminds allow for direct experimentation with the storing of Identity, Connection, and Investiture (Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil) on other worlds. These Terris people truly are cosmerenauts. However, he Kel hasn't figured out a way for him to Connect to one of these places sufficiently to access their Investiture; or he has, but not in a way that is strong enough to let him survive the trip to it. His work on Roshar - and his interests in Kalak especially - show that he is interested in the free investiture of Stormlight. This leads me to believe that he has concluded that he cannot get Investiture where he is, nor can he get to a better source of Investiture; he needs to bring the Investiture to him. What would the Realmatic effects of this be? #1 - it would give Cognitive Shadows on any Shardworld access to the life-persisting Investiture of the other worlds. Lots of Light = lots of shadows (heyooo). #2 - it would let forms of Investiture manipulation here be powered with Investiture from there. Which means intergalactic arbitrage opportunities for power - practically speaking, allowing merchants the opportunity to elevate themselves to positions of rulership, even interplanetarily so. #3 - probably tons of Realmatic things that I cannot even fathom. Who wouldn't want Kelsier to succeed? #1 - possibly, some or all Shards, as this would threaten their hegemonies over their planets specifically, and over the Cosmere as a whole #2 - every other group who wants to get this technology for themselves - so just rivals for power. This might include The Set, The Sons of Honor, who knows what. #3 - any noninterventionist group, I would think, would object to such a cosmic realignment of power. So I doubt Frost and his 17ers are all about this. Probably not the Sleepless either. Okay, that's how I read this. Am I entirely offbase? Whaddya guys think? -silver
  8. Does it say anywhere? I've been wondering... and then this morning I came across this WoB: If Kell took over rather than creating them from scratch... I feel that would explain a lot.
  9. Ok, while reading Wit's story the explanation he gives on where he heard the story caught my attention. Coincidence? The description of the Innkeeper sounds like Kote (Kvothe) from Rothfuss's Name of the wind
  10. Isshar's experiments are pretty disturbing, and it isn't quite clear what he trying to accomplish by making bodies for spren. However, perhaps making bodies for spren isn't his goal. Maybe he wants to crack the general problem of making bodies for cognitive beings. He is clearly motivated to do so -- he himself being a cognitive being. A short post, but that is my theory for why he is doing this. He wants to be learn how to create bodies for cognitive beings, the ultimate goal being to make a body for himself and no longer be bound to Roshar.
  11. Erm, so that was a rollercoaster.. I've kinda forgotten everything else Hoid had done in the book just because of how monumental the ending was for him and Mr Ts Odium. Do we think Hoid keeps all his new memories in his "breaths" (and how do you even store memories in breaths, unless I misread and it was copperminds) or just some of them (I.e. Will he remember Jasnah etc., even?) - early book 5 speculation is that they realise wit forgets them so go hunting for his missing breaths? He also seems to have forgotten his Spren/his spren bond? When did he eat lerisium, and could he have lost allomancy etc? Is cultivation working with Odium now, since Mr T being the new vessel was kinda he plan? Lastly, and most importantly, can Mr T read them memories, or just keep them from Wit? Assume no! Anyway, they were my initial thoughts on Hoid questions I'd love to discuss!
  12. I finished Rhythm of War yesterday, and was too tired oo make this thread. So today I remembered, and made it. Yay! Alright. Let's talk about Veil. I think that Shallan made a good descision to merge with Veil, even though I really liked her. Vel needed to go, and so does Radant, but it's also sad because we like them. Veil and Radiant were taking over her life, and she needed to take it beack, so good for her. At the end of Oathbringer, we heard her say that shewas worried that she couldn't survive without the other two persona's, even thought they were taking over her life. I think it was a good descision to merge with Veil, even though Mraize suggested it. Any thoughts on this? Was it good or bad, in your oppinion, that Shallan merged with Veil?
  13. So, I have been thinking about the endpapers of Rhythm of War and I think that the Kalak and Pailiah ones are Alethi (or otherwise Vorin), the Chanarach one is Shin, and the Nale one is either Azish or Shin. My reasoning is that Kalak and Pailiah both fit into what I imagine the Vorin range of appearances to be, Pailiah has a covered safehand but an uncovered freehand, and they have the same artist. My reasoning on Chanarach is that she is very pale for a Rosharan, has round eyes, and has an uncovered safehand, plus, there are fairly Earthlike trees behind her. Nale has the same artist as Chanarach, has birds in the background, and while his eyes are closed they appear fairly round, which support shin, but his uniform also seems to fit what has been described as an azish uniform, and his background prominently features metallic spheres and domes, which we know are a major part of the architecture in Azimir, and presumably other Makabaki cities. So, does anyone else have any thoughts? Theories about the OB papers are welcome, too. Also, while this is in the RoW spoiler section, please avoid RoW spoilers, at least for now.
  14. IT IS ALMOST HERE!!!! I have not read any of the prerelease chapters. I have restrained myself, so I can experience the whole book all at once. NO SPOILERS!!! NO DISCUSSING CONTENT!!! Only statements of excitement and updates on the countdown!!! 15 hours, 43 minutes, 10 seconds!!!!!!
  15. Here is a fun little PSA video I made for RoW. I hope you all enjoy it!
  16. So the non-spoiler reviews for Rythm of War have started popping out and 2 that I was expecting were Daniel's Greene & Merphy's Napier. From what they say here I am a bit worried that I will have the same issues with RoW, as I had with Oathbringer. Daniel says it very well, something along the lines of "liking the meat, but not the bone". For me Oathbringer had a lot of specific moments that were my favourites in the series, but as a whole didn't deliver on all the fronts I was hoping for. The reviews are mostly non spoilery, but just to be extra cautious I addes in "spoiler" what I thought might be considered one. . What makes you even more excited after listening to their reviews? Also, I don't know the indepth policies of the forum, so if putting the links to their reviews in this ,it is considered promotion of some sort, I am sorry. Hope that it's ok though Daniel Greene - Merphy Napier -
  17. In less than ten days, Rythm of War shall be released, and as I am rereading Oathbringer in preparation, I am remembering all the plot threads I need answers to because bless and curse you, Sanderson, Oathbringer was both the most satisfying and unsatisfying cliffhanger in the world, you glorious monster that I worship. So I making this thread for all of us to share plot points left at the ending of Oathbringer that we really want to see come to fruition. Here are some of mine. 1. How is Szeth going to be integrated after his massive reputation as the Assassin in White? How are Kaladin and Jasnah going to react to him? Will Daliner have some hatred for the man despite seemingly accepting him? Will the monarchs want him dead? Will he let him go to Shinovar? Will we finally see him talk to his spren? How will people react to NightBlood? How will the SPREN react to Nightblood? How is everything going to react to Nightblood? I have so many questions! 2. How is Jasnah going to rule? What struggles will she be having, and what complications of her being a Radiant will that bring? How is the Vorin church going to react to a heretic being put on the throne? How is her rule going to look like? What's happening with Althkar; what is she going to decide to do about the occupation? How is she going to teach Jasnah (Edit: I meant Shallan!) with all of these new duties? I have so many questions! 3.What's happening with Adolin's and Daliner's Blades? Will we see Adolin become an Edgedancer? (The Spren is an Edgedancer one, right?) Will Daliner revive Oathrbinger and be a part of two orders? How will the Stormfather react to that, knowing that dead spren can be revived? And on the topic of Spren, what is happening with the Nightwatcher? Is someone going to bond her? PLEASE do, because that will be fascinating even without the possibility of Old Magic. 4. Vasher/Zahel and Azure/Vivenna need explaining. What's happened? What character drama shall I be eagerly devouring? Why is he there, why did he give up Nightblood, how will he react to seeing Nightblood again, will we see him awaken and start helping, what's Azure going to do when she finds him? I have so many questions! 5. What's happening with the Heralds? How will people react to them? What do they know? Will Jasnah actually kill them? I. Have. So. Many. Questions. 6. What letters are we going to see from Hoid this book? Are we going to see new Shards? Is it going to be responses to previous ones? Something else entirely? What is Hoid doing? I have way too many questions! 7. What's happening with Sja-anat? Will someone bond her? Will she successfully turn? How would all the Spren react to that when they all hate her? WIll the Stromfather be against it? What order would be, bondsmith? What do the Gostbloods want with her? What are the goals of the Ghostbloods? I HAVE SO MANY STORMING QUESTIONS! So those are a few of my tortured thoughts and questions. Please leave yours below. (Also, NO PREVIEW SPOILERS. If you post anything that spoils anything, shame on you.)
  18. (All WoB's will be spoilered for length) In WoR, during the arena fight, Kaladin does this: In this and other scenes throughout the Stormlight archives, Kaladin has shown an affinity with the wind, like a sixth sense. In WoKP, (WoKP spoilers) Based on Kaladin's display in the arena, as well as other times throughout the series that Kaladin displayed an affinity for the wind, we can conclude that Kaladin has some sort of power or powers that are not included in his surges or known resonances. On it's own, Kaladin having unexplainable powers doesn't really show anything, but I have noticed that Shallan also has powers that, although more subtle, are still unexplained. I'm not talking about Shallan's memories, those are the Lightweavers' resonance: I'm talking about Shallan's incredible creative abilities, the way she can draw so well, think up alternate personalities and disguises on the fly, and of course draw extremely quickly, all lead me to believe that she has an enhancement related to creativity and creating. Based on this, I theorize that Radiants have secondary powers based on the lesser spren their order is associated with. On to what I think causes it. There are two reasonable and one unreasonable causes that I see. I'll start with the unreasonable one: I'm reading into it too much and Shallan doesn't have any powers, Kalaidin can see the wind because he is the "son of Tanavast" I don't think that there is any real evidence for this, so I can't draw any real conclusions. The next explanation is probably the simplest: The Radiants get these powers because their spren are connected to the lesser spren. Syl, although she is not a windspren, still shares many of their characteristics of windspren, and refers to them as "cousins". Thus, because the Radiants are bonded to them, the spren transfer a part of their Connection to whatever it is that the subspren are connecte to. Windspren with Honorspren, Cryptics with creationspren, Bondsmith spren with gloryspren (Maybe, bondsmiths are weird), Elsecaller spren with logicspren (I think), and Cultivationspren with lifespren (I also think). The third option is that the powers are simply a further extension of the resonances. After all, the resonances that we have seen are not really related to the powers of the Radiants, Shallan's memories are not really related to lightweaving and soulcasting, after all. This next part has some minor spoilers from the Rythym of War preview chapters and some larger spoilers for The Way of Kings Prime, don't click on the spoiler if you don't want to be spoiled. For the rest of the orders, I feel that I don't have enough information to really theorize, but feel free to do so yourself!
  19. Thank You to @Subvisual Haze for getting a screenshot of the text!! Of course not least thanks @Jofwu who posted this on reddit.
  20. Adolin in the back cover is holding a blade. What blade is it? It is definitely not his shardblade because they would not manifest as a blade at all in the CR. So it appears that he took another non shardic blade with him this time to CR. But is that an ordinary blade or something special? Why is it bleeding rainbow shade thing? A very Nalthian thing to do. Could it be azure’s blade? Is it nightblood? Imagine the most powerful blade in the hands of the best duelist on Roshar! Any ideas? Also, kind of related to the topic, as it is about adolin’s blade, where do you think is Maya? She is not shown in the cover, is she there? Did they manage to leave her behind? After all having a deadeye follow Adolin around when he goes as an emissary to the honorspren city is not very smart! But how?
  21. Now that we know that gravityspren = workform, which spren do you think go with the rest of the forms? Presumably creationspren cause artform, and passionspren, mateform. Scholarform is probably logicspren. Nimbleform is, I dunno... *pulls random spren out of a hat* ...anticipationspren? I'm going to say anticipationspren. Warform... where did I put that hat? Okay, flamespren, gonna go with that. Assuming they can find flamespren in the middle of a Highstorm.
  22. With the new info on mraise and the ghostbloods, it reminded me of an offhand comment by hoid to our old friend Kel. That by destroying the pits he upended a whole mercantile system. With all of mraises trophies we know hes been all over the cosmere. It looks like the ghostbloods could be the power behind that. Import and export from not just roshar, but from many shardworlds. That just leaves me to question is that their end goal or is there more to it. Mraise seems like hoid and is collecting his own magic systems and power. Im gonna guess he has a number of breaths the way shallan said no matter how hard she tries she can never sneak up on him and the life sense from breath...or even his aviar would be the reason.
  23. All credit for this goes to @Ghanderflaffle's SA4 countdown clock and my accidental good timing. And, I guess, the fact that I am current in WoR in my reread. ...Death Follows. EDIT: Apparently, the picture deleted itself. Twice.
  24. So in the Rhythm of War epigraphs, as I'm sure we're all freaking out about, it's being revealed that the allomantic metals seem to have universal properties of some sort with regards to investiture- the known effects of metals on fabrials is very similar to the allomantic effect of that metal. We have seen similar universal threads as well. Color is an important property to both Nalthian magic and Rosharan magic (specifically with regards to gemstones, in the case of the latter). There seems to be a correlation with sound as well; allomancy produces sound that bronze burners can pick up on that is related to the Rhythms of Roshar. This leads me to wonder if the 10 Essences used in Soulcasting have similar cosmeric properties as well. The ten essences are as follows: Essences Number Gemstone Essence Body Focus Soulcasting Properties Divine Attributes 1 Jes Sapphire Zephyr Inhalation Translucent gas, air Protecting Leading 2 Nan Smokestone Vapor Exhalation Opaque gas, smoke, fog Just Confident[nb 1] 3 Chach Ruby Spark The Soul Fire Brave Obedient 4 Vev Diamond Lucentia The Eyes Quartz, glass, crystal Loving Healing 5 Palah Emerald Pulp The Hair Wood, plants, moss Learned Giving[nb 1] 6 Shash Garnet Blood The Blood Blood, all non-oil liquid Creative Honest 7 Betab Zircon Tallow Oil All kinds of oil Wise Careful 8 Kak Amethyst Foil The Nails Metal Resolute Builder 9 Tanat Topaz Talus The Bone Rock and stone Dependable Resourceful 10 Ishi Heliodor Sinew Flesh Meat, flesh Pious Guiding Now we don't honestly know too much about these, so it's hard to speculate, but the ones that stand out to me are metals (as seen in the metallic arts and now fabrials) and blood (as seen in hemallurgy, and possibly also relating to why dead shardblades need 10 heartbeats). Do any of you much-more-knowledgeable-than-I people have any thoughts on this matter? Or theories for how they might connect, however unfounded they are?
  25. Could the Fused spears be lined with Nicrosil? My first thought when the Fused spears started stealing stormlight was that they were lined with aluminum. But, aluminum is a known metal and Kaladin or Navani would have most likely recognized it by now. They could be made out of the same metal that killed Jezrien, but that metal was yellow, not silver. Nicrosil on the other hand, steals investiture when used as a hemalurgic spike. Obviously hemalurgy is insanely complex and normally requires being stabbed through the heart, but what if these spears are using a very simple/crude application of hemalurgy to steal stormlight?