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Found 31 results

  1. We have a few things from Roshar come about and these to me don’t point to good news for SA book 5: 1. the Ghostbloods consider the Roshar perpendicularly semi unsafe (but not as unsafe as others). That implies the planet is at least still in existance. Though they say “not counting Roshar” as if Roshar is a strange case. So is Cultivation’s one still unusable? 2. The Newspaper Editor makes a mention of gold haired people who live in Bilming. Are those Iriali? Did they move again? Would make sense for the Iriali to move somewhere where they could be “autonomous”. Scadrial has a documented population, so there suddenly being a golden haired minority is quite odd. As well, we know Harmony wants to help other populations and sends kandra to maybe go help the “red haired people” (Horneaters?). Maybe Scadrial has starting receiving refugees? 3. Chouta is being sold now on Scadrial means Eastern Roshar and Team Honour food culture is moving through Scadrial. Is that implying a mass immigration event? 4. Horneaters may be refugees near Silverlight. 5. Hoid has gotten off world which has implications on the rules off getting of world with a spren. Secret Project stuff I won’t mention here 6. There may have been Skybreakers sent to help sink the boats in the bay. 7. Iyatal is mentioned as still being running a muck on Roshar with the Ghostbloods. Seems odd since her running the place wouldn’t allow her to time-skip to the future as a method of not getting old and dying. Is there an active process that stops aging then? Or did she just time skip a lot and recently returned? 8. Autonomy’s army has gold skin. Is that related to the Iriali in any way? Any thoughts on what all this means?
  2. So... Dalinar's going to be the champion. His own champion, not Kaladin. But... Kaladin's younger. He has Shardblade and Plate. He might even be a better fighter. And yes, I get that it would be better for his arc and mental health for him not to fight. And he just basically fought an entire war by himself, and seriously needs a break. But... he's got such better chances that it bugs me.
  3. Renarin's Special Interest - rated General, 1700 words - please check it out on ao3 and give me a kudos if you liked it! Note mild Rhythm of War spoilers! At the top of a large hill overlooking the Coalition armies, in her command tent, Jasnah spread her hand over the pages on her temporary desk, trying to keep her research from flying away. If she had the time or the inclination to take in the view outside the tent, she would see the open, rolling green landscape of Emul. Wit had assured her it was quite the panorama. She said she’d take him at his word. The wind was a menace, sneaking in through openings near the ground and at the entrances, with enough power to necessitate paperweights on almost every sheet of paper on her desk. She’d wasted enough time turning whatever she could find to stone so she could reference as many sources as possible. She copied passages furiously, trying to catch up on her study of battle formations before the next meeting. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of the generals…again. A gust of wind threatened to flip the pages of the book she was reading. “If you’re going to just sit there anyway, could you hold down this page for me so I can read it without the wind interrupting me every ten seconds?” Renarin stood and pulled his chair forward, then held the page as she directed. "Did you know the listeners don't just have Rhythms for their emotions?” he asked. “They have songs too." Jasnah ignored him and kept working. As annoying as it was to have Renarin blathering on about whatever topic was fascinating him at the moment, it was also a comfort. He still trusted her enough to be near her. His presence was a precious gift, one she didn’t deserve, but she would accept it gladly--even if it did interrupt her focus at times. “They have songs that tell grand mythologies and lore, just like us, but they also have songs for more mundane things.” Renarin tapped a finger on the page. “They have a song for making paper. That’s interesting, right?” “Mmm hmm,” Jasnah hummed noncommittally, trying to stay focused. “It can’t decide if it would be masculine or feminine to sing a song of how to do something. It seems like an excellent method of memorization that doesn’t involve writing,” he went on. “Then again, creating a song like that would be an art, I suppose. There doesn’t seem to be a strong argument one way or another.” Her cousin had always been highly motivated to follow masculine practices, though sometimes he had trouble telling the difference on his own. His statement almost sounded like he was asking her opinion, though Jasnah knew that if that were his purpose, he would have asked her directly. Nevertheless, she decided to offer it. “It would be a masculine thing to do, I believe,” she said absently. “The composing would be feminine, but the performance, for the purpose of everyday tasks, would be masculine.” “Oh.” Renarin scratched his chin. Lately, his face seemed to have more stubble every day. “That’s good.” “Mmm hmm,” she murmured, focusing back on her work. She gestured to Renarin to lift his fingers and she flipped the pages of her reference book, skipping small-formation tactics. She would need to start with the bigger picture. She could work her way down to the minutiae later. She found the page she was looking for. “Here, please, Cousin,” she said, and he obliged her. Now, there seemed to be at least six distinct philosophies regarding larger battle tactics... “The relationship that the listeners have with the Stormfather is complex,” Renarin continued. “The Stormfather is a god to them, but they have a severed relationship. They still respect him though. Do you know what they call the Stormfather?” He didn’t wait for her to answer. “The Rider of the Storm. They know Highstorms are incredibly dangerous, and yet they still go out into them to change forms. Some listeners bring a large shield, but that just seems unwieldy, in those winds. I wonder how often they change forms.” “Yes, fascinating,” Jasnah intoned. “It seems brave.” “Mmm hmm.” There was a long pause. Finally, some silence. The entrance to the tent flapped angrily, and a cold breeze blew in. Jasnah sucked up some Stormlight for warmth rather than stand to get a cloak. She noticed Renarin do the same, and a warmth bloomed in her chest. Unfortunately, the happiness she felt at their Radiant kinship was marred by her guilt from attempting to kill him. What’s done is done, she thought. What matters is that I chose correctly. I hope. She still wasn’t sure what to make of his corrupted spren or his powers, but Navani was looking into it. Jasnah had enough on her plate. “Did you know that listeners hear the same beat of the Rhythms of Roshar, no matter where they are?” Renarin asked. “That’s why it seemed like they could communicate with each other across large distances. They were attuning the same Rhythms.” “Yes,” Jasnah said absently, and scribbled rhythm instead of reconnaissance. She sighed, crossing the word through top and bottom and moving on. No time to start a new page. “It connects them on a fundamental level. Imagine being apart from someone but knowing you were still attuning the exact same Rhythms. I think it would be great to learn them,” he droned on. “Besides, it’s nice to know exactly what someone is feeling without having to ask.” He started to list the different Rhythms he knew. “Determination, Pain, Longing, Amusement…” Jasnah gritted her teeth. When Renarin had been obsessed with wines, it had been easy to shut out the information. But this…this was actually fascinating, and potentially useful for the fight. Where was he getting this information? As if to provide her an opening, Renarin finished his list. “My favourite Rhythm is Peace.” Jasnah put down her pen and crossed her arms. “You’ve been practicing?” she asked with a hint of amusement. Renarin stammered. “Well, I mean…I’m not good at it,” he said. She pulled out a blank piece of paper and started to jot some quick notes on Renarin’s monologue. “Who is teaching you this?” she asked. “Rlain.” “Ah, of course. The listener spy.” That was a logical connection. Renarin had been a member of Bridge Four, and still spent a lot of time with them. With the men, or with Rlain? She tapped her page. She wanted to explore this further. “Do you trust the information you are getting from him, despite the fact that he was a spy for years?” Renarin looked down and pulled out his fidgeting box. “Yes.” “And what reasons do you have to trust him?” “He’s Bridge Four. He left the listeners and gave us crucial information we needed for the battle at Narak. He’s stayed with Bridge Four ever since, even though his people all died. He had no reason to stay with us, but he did because it was right. He’s shared critical information with me and Aunt Navani. He’s helping us grow crops at Urithiru.” He put away his box and looked up at Jasnah’s face. “He wants to help. He’s a good man.” Jasnah raised an eyebrow, but nodded. Interesting. “And he’s teaching you songs?” Renarin looked down at his hands. “Ah. Well, Rhythms. But yeah.” She reviewed her thoughts, reading below the lines, so to speak. He likes that he can tell what Rlain is feeling. He’s been memorizing the Rhythms, and every fact he can get about listeners. He thinks they’re brave when they change forms. He wonders how often they do it. He wants to learn Rlain's songs, as long as it’s masculine. Jasnah tilted her head, the hint of a smile threatening her cheek. “Renarin, what is your favourite fact about listeners?” His expression perked up and he sat up straighter. “Did you know that their babies have orange-pink carapace? It darkens to red as they get older.” Jasnah raised both eyebrows, and her smile made good on its threat. I never thought I would see this day! “Are you planning on raising little listener babies with Rlain, dear Cousin?” Renarin’s eyes went wide, and his face puckered as if he was trying to pull his lips into his closed mouth. “...What?” “Renarin, I have been acquainted with you long enough to know that the subjects of your special interests are always related to the people you care about. You wanted to please your brother, so you learned everything about horses, even though you didn’t ride. You love your mother, so you learned about Riran religious traditions, culture, and language. You learned about wine for the sake of your father’s love. And now, dear Cousin, I find you obsessed with listener culture and biology. I think it means you care for this Rlain.” Her speculation was rewarded with a series of facial expressions that indicated 1) he had not been aware of the themes of his obsessions, 2) he was unable to rebut her argument, and 3) he was now aware of certain feelings he had towards this listener. Finally, he met her eyes, his expression determined. He stood slowly. “I–Thank you,” he said, looking towards the door flap. “I need to go think for a while.” He left abruptly without asking the permission of his Queen, but Jasnah allowed him this one indiscretion. After all, the poor boy wouldn’t be able to be indiscreet again until after he returned to Urithiru. Storms alight, was that wordplay? she thought, affronted at herself. I have spent too much time around Shallan. She narrowed her eyes. Or is this Wit’s fault? Yes, easier and more convenient to blame him. Shaking her head with a smile, she reached down and picked up a stick that had blown in. She reached into the Cognitive Realm in her mind. “I am a stick,” it said. “You are a paperweight, and you will be happy about it,” she retorted. She opened her eyes in the Physical Realm, placed it on her book, and got back to work.
  4. I'm very curious if people agree with me on this. Now, Jasnah is among the characters I like, partly because her powers are cool and she mastered them almost as well as Kaladin mastered flying. And partly because I think other character's completely overestimate her, which I love a lot. More specifically, I disagree with the notion that she is a genius. There are many times she is just plain wrong or shows bad judgement. Most notably is of course the meeting with the other Radiants in Oathbringer. Where she dismisses Kaladin's accounts and wants to murder all parshmen. This is just bad judgement, there is no way to spin it. Kaladin clearly had a better grasp on both the consequences of war and on the Parshmen situation. Contrary to her, he has seen both. Her reaction shows she is completely unwilling to consider his very valid points- contrary to Dalinar by the way, who answers him very reasonably. I can only think that she completely underestimated Kaladin. Still, a wise person would know that Kal simply knows more about this topic than Jasnah does. After Rhythm of War it is clear to everyone that Kaladin was right in this discussion. He may sound a bit naive at first, but what he has seen needed to be considered. The path of Venli, Rlain and Leshwi proved him correct. The parshmen are not necessarily their enemies. Then she wants to capture the Heralds and kill them to put them back to Braize. Putting morals aside, this is a truly moronic idea. One of the dumbest things anyone in all four books ever suggested. Nothing logical about it, at best it's a waste of time. At worst, you make yourself an enemy of the 9 most powerful beings on Roshar, who would do anything to prevent going back to Braize. Then, she completely misunderstands Shallan all the time, I mean how can you not understand that the girl loves her new independence. You even heard what she accomplished alone, and yet you still think she wants to be treated as inferior? Very weird, even if I agree with her that Shallan's training wasn't complete. Just talk it out and don't act like it's natural that you still give her orders. I also don't know why she thinks killing Renarin is in any way the "logical" or rational next step. I know she doesn't do it in the end (which made me like her a lot more), but even if you believe , wouldn't you want to find out more about his situation and spren before you murder him? This is not to say she isn't intelligent, she certainly is. But I think she is not the genius people portray her as and honestly not even as intelligent as people like Lirin, Navani or Kaladin. She seems stuck on what she perceives as logical/rational and is very unwilling to consider other people's viewpoints. Personally, I actually like that she is constantly wrong about things. It humanizes her more, which is also why I loved her battle chapter in Rhythm of War and her sparing Renarin in Oathbringer. It's a really nice contrast to Shallan's viewing her as a divine figure.
  5. So this part intrigues me: Not You will be the one who does what I want and makes me smoothies and spanks the people I don't like. "Send to the stars and serve my interests in the cosmere." Does he mean trying to kill other Shards? Trying to gather all of Adonalsium? Something else? What does he want? And it's no longer Rayse. So what does Taravangian want of the Cosmere? Will he still want Dalinar's soul? Because if he wants to retain any semblance of "I'm a good guy!", he might let Dalinar free. I also wonder... to what extent does Dalinar have to obey the commands? Because he could do the commands, but only to the minimum usefulness, or rebel in some other way. There's my thoughts! Theorize, agree, disagree, whatever!
  6. I'm not saying Kaladin's a more interesting character. I'm saying, just as people, Kaladin is better than Kelsier. 1. Selfless... or not? Kaladin is far more selfless than Kelsier. In Rhythm of War, he gives up the possibility of peace to save his friend. He is very willing to give up his own well-being for others. But it seems like everything Kelsier does is to be THE AWESOMEST and to be seen as THE AWESOMEST. Which is a very different motivation. 2. Intentionally Starting Followings Kelsier made a kandra imitate him to intentionally start a cult/religion. All Kaladin had to do was be his awesome self-- and boom! Shash brands painted on foreheads galore! He wasn't even trying to start a cult. Which isn't the same thing, I know. But Bridge Four sorta worship him a little, which he did not intend. So Kelsier worked to make people worship him, where as Kaladin just did his thing and oops, he (kind of) started a cult. 3. Grudges Well, in the first couple books, Kaladin hates lighteyes. All. Of. Them. Well, in all of Kelsier's books, he. Hates. Nobles. He will kill nobles just for existing. And even when Kaladin was at the worst of hating lighteyes, he didn't indiscriminately murder them. And he slowly learns to get over his grudge. I see that most nobles were actually evil in Mistborn, whereas not as much so in Stormlight. But still, Kelsier takes his hate to a disturbing level. And he basically refuses to see that any nobles could be good. Whereas by Words of Radiance, Kaladin is willing to see that lighteyes(Shallan, Dalinar) can be good people. Even when Kelsier saves Elend's life, he does it because of Vin, not because he thinks Elend is a worthwhile person. Whereas Kaladin uses what he thinks are his last breaths to try and protect a lighteyes(in WoR). Honorary Mention: 4. The Ghostbloods??? Okay, this one is less supported and less reasoned out. <---(is that a thing people say?) But I don't know, the Ghostbloods seem pretty shady. And... yeah. Kelsier... is...(beware, weird Cosmerian spoilers follow...) Thaidakar! Leader of the Ghostbloods! And if that's not fishy, I don't know what is. Disclaimer: I have not read Mistborn Era 2.(haha almost spelled Era as Ear) But yeah! Feel free to argue discuss to your heart's content! I will see if anyone changes my mind...(do I know what that emoji means exactly...? not really. oh well.)
  7. Leshwi intrigues me. She seems pretty awesome, for a Fused. And she was friends with an honorspren. She's old enough to remember when Honor was the singer's god, and the Coppermind says she was died then reborn as a Fused. Which implies she wasn't always a Fused. Also, Venli said "storms", which seems out of character... Anyway! So could Leshwi have been a Windrunner once? She can also hear the old rhythms, which I don't think Fused should be able to do. Am I reading too much into this? What's going on here? Anything else about Leshwi could be discussed as well.
  8. So I wrote Bridgeboy(a parody of Gaston. It's not very good.) And I tried to do Lightweaver(a parody of Believer by Imagine Dragons. But it's hard. Any help?) I present: We Don't Talk About Moash! Any suggestions for fixing the struggling rhythm are welcome. MAJOR RoW spoilers follow: Also Surface Pressure for Kaladin is one I've thought of but not started. Any takers?
  9. I have a bunch of scenes in SA that I think would be so fun to see fanart of(either that I haven't seen or didn't really fit my image): Kaladin's Third Ideal--not after he says it but before. Because after, when he's healed, he's powerful and terrifying, but it's beforehand, when he's fatally injured and stands up anyway, is what's awesome about that scene, in my opinion. Starting to see a pattern? Yeah. I like Kaladin. He has a lot of epic/emotional scenes. Anyway, what are y'all's arts you want to see? I've sorta tried drawing basically all of them, but I'm not good at drawing scenes, sadly. (and maybe we could get someone to make it...(wink wink nudge nudge)}
  10. Hey all. I recently started a reread of Stormlight Archive and decided I wanted to pay some more attention to the chapter headings this time. At the start of Chapter 3 "City of bells" there's the death rattle "A man stood on a cliffside and watched his homeland fall into dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears." and I had the thought that it would be a very Sanderson thing to do to have that city be Kharbranth given it's the chapter where it gets introduced. So I started thinking about what sorts of cool scenes could involve "a man" watching their Kharbranth crumble into dust. Now we know there's a very important character who has a very strong emotional connection to Kharbranth who is currently the vessel of Odium. You guessed it, the burden obsessed, murderous and calculating Taravangian. Now, one of Taravangians' first thoughts upon ascending was how he could save everyone in the cosmere. But we as readers also know in the long run that's a lost cause and he will inevitably give into his shardic intent and want to start destroying things. So how could Taravangian save the cosmere from a unleashed Odium? Well, he could trap himself on Roshar and do everything possible to throw away the key. Things like forcing the entire population to leave, destroying the landmasses, hurtling it into space, etc. Knowing Taravangian he would probably cry as he did that, but also knowing Taravangian he would also 100% do it if he thought it was the best path forward (which imo it very well might be). He very well might even start with Kharbranth. It's entirely possible that this outcome is exactly how Cultivation intended to deal with Odium and why she setup Taravangian to be the new vessel and trained him afterwards. Imo, the idea of Roshar being locked off from the rest of the cosmere in the future makes a decent chunk of sense as well. It could explain why we don't see investiture from Roshar saturating everywhere in what glimpses of the cosmere's future we have. I've also got some other thoughts in spoiler below Secret Project Spoilers Also, because I want to get it down before I forget. I have a sneaking suspicion we're gonna see some shuffling around as to who the antagonists are/the nature of the conflict for the back 5 will be. I could imagine trying to deal with a Taravangian losing the plot/convince them they're losing the plot and them going off into the cosmere to save everyone is a horrendous idea being a compelling plot (mixed in with other things of course). I could then imagine at least one other shard (either honour, Cultivation or both) not exactly being happy with the idea of sealing Odium on Roshar + throwing away the key and what that would entail. From there, protagonists could be working with an increasingly unreliable and destructive Todium who might even potentially flip back into antagonist mode at the end due to the shardic influence. I mean, how do you escalate from fighting one shard with the backing of another? Well you then fight 2 shards with the backing of another. How do you escalate from there? Well what if you made the one backing you incredibly unreliable and increasingly a detriment to your cause. How could you possibly escalate from that? Well you could just flat out fight 3 shards at once. Well, there you go. I hope you all enjoy my midnight crackpot theories!
  11. Alright, this will probably and to about people becoming radiants, I’m not sure if there is already one of these, but I wanted a fresh one anyway. Please make sure you have read RoW! We will use some spoilers. This will mostly take place at Urithiru. Also, one person may clam the Nightwatcher for a bond. Anyways, can you guys make character sheets? Here is mine: Name: Asher Age: 18 Future Radiant power: Windrunner physical abilities (not powers) good with sword (taught by Zahel), (ill right more soon) appearance: black hair, freckles , scar under right eye, mildly pointy nose. miscellaneous: can read, wants to be in Dalinars guard, (more to come) (We’ll start the roleplay when some people join)
  12. Alright, I know that this topic has been discussed and argued about a lot already, and the points that I’m about to bring up may have already been used, but I recently re-read Rhythm of War, and I think that I found some good points regarding this debate. In chapter 99, “Not Bound”, it is shown that Hoid (Wit) wrote up a contract to bind Odium in the contest of champions. Part of this contracts would protect Hoid from Odium’s attacks, as he would be counted as a liaison for Honor for the duration of the agreement. Hoid also mentions that he knows Rayse, and seems to very, very confident in his knowledge. In chapter 112, “Terms”, Odium surprise visits Dalinar to make final terms on the contest of champions. Dalinar shows the contract made by Hoid to Odium, but Odium doesn’t accept the terms set out on it. Instead, he and Dalinar come up with a different agreement together, one that, as it so happens, doesn’t protect Hoid. In this very chapter (page 1173), Dalinar thanks Renarin in his mind for making his future unknown to Odium, but this also reminds us, the readers, that Hoid can’t see what’s going to happen here either, due to Renarin’s interference. Later, in chapter 113, “Emotion”, Taravangian ends up replacing Rayse as the Vessel of Odium, but Taravangian’s future is also currently being protected by Renarin (and Odium himself, since he also has future sight), so Hoid wouldn’t be able to foresee this event either. Finally, in the Epilogue, “Dirty Tricks”, Hoid goes to meet Odium, who he still presumes to be Rayse, who he knows well and understands. Unfortunately, Hoid doesn’t know Taravangian nearly as well (if at all; I can’t remember them ever meeting before), and he doesn’t even know that Taravangian is the new Odium, after all. This lack of knowledge combined with the actual deal that was made between Dalinar and Odium left Hoid open to attack, allowing Odium to remove some of Hoid’s memories, hiding the truth that Rayse was replaced, and that someone who abilities were far more unknown was now holding the reigns. Now, to be fair, in chapter 99, one of the things that Hoid likes so much about Jasnah is that she’s paranoid, which likely reflects Hoid’s own paranoia. I would not put it past Hoid to have somehow made copies of his memories in case an event like the one between him and Taravangian ever occurred (perhaps using copper feruchemy compounding?), but I don’t see enough evidence for it currently to be thoroughly convinced either. Anyway, I enjoyed coming up with this explanation of what I think really happened, and I hope that you guys enjoyed it as well! (As a side note, this is the longest post I’ve ever made!)
  13. In Row, when Hoid is talking to Jasnah, he says that he isn’t bound. I found this kind of funny, as technically he is, because he held a Dawnshard for an extended period of time, he can no longer cause any harm to any living being, at least not physically. I suppose he probably meant he wasn’t bound as he shards were, but still, to me it just felt a bit like a fib on Hoid’s part, since he has some limitations magically imposed on him.
  14. this is like the other guess that cosmere whatever things except thing, this might not be as popular but whatever. rule one: it has to be a specific thing. if someone new does not choose something specific tell them off. this is worn by someone.
  15. When you use Greater Awakening, you are able to Awaken an inanimate object of non-biological origin. Its personality is greatly influenced by the command given to it. Would the personality of the inanimate object before it was Awakened also contribute to its personality? For instance, if you Awakened a sword that you had carried with you for years, that had saved your life many times, that you had gained a great affection towards, would that sword, if Awakened, have a different personality than some random sword you pulled off of the armory rack and Awakened? Is why Adolin’s shardblade, Maya, is starting to heal a little bit, because he views her as a sentient being, rather than a dead object?
  16. In Row, we’ve seen that investiture’s ‘rhythm’ can be changed by isolating it from it’s original source, then exposing it to another rhythm with a different intent. We’ve also seen that an individual can have a unique rhythm (i.e. Raboniel). If someone could somehow gain access to the Rhythms, then figure out how to create a unique rhythm of their own, with it’s own Intent, could they reprogram the Intent of a piece investiture? If this could be accomplished, I can see three possible benefits: 1. You wouldn’t have an enhanced Connection to the investiture’s original Shard as would otherwise have, since the new Intent of the investiture you’re using is not the same as that Shard’s Intent. This would probably make it harder for a Shard to manipulate or detect you directly. 2. It would be very, very difficult to weaponize anti-investiture against you since the Intent of the investiture you’re using is supposed to be unique. 3. You would most likely not be bound to any world in particular as most highly invested entities are, as your investiture does not have a Connection to any world or Shard. In addition, if you use this new investiture, and then it returns to the spiritual realm, would it then start to accumulate, possibly (though not likely, considering the amount that you’d need) create a new magic system, similar to Patji on First of the Sun? So, does this all sound possible, or am I assuming too much here?
  17. Ok so this is probably a long shot, but what if a bondsmith/bearer of Ishars blade who was also a Feruchemist drained themselves of Identity and Connection, drew in some Light, and somehow used bondsmith powers to connect the light to them to let it be taken from Roshar? Anyone got any ideas on the feasibility of something like this being possible?
  18. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This challenge again! Characters are: Lift (Stormlight Archive) Vasher (Warbreaker) Szeth (Stormlight Archive) Kelsier (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Raboniel (Stormlight Archive) (I was so pumped when drawing Kelsier & Marsh together xD Also Raboniel's lab goggles, they're just my personal quirk, not canon though.) Lift (in Azish robes) wanting more pancakes!
  20. So any theories on how Kal went super saiyan rage mode even with the radiant blockers in place and not saying the 4th ideal towards the end of his fight with Lezian? What power was he using to move with such speed?
  21. Ishar the once Herald of luck is now completely insane as we see in RoW. Good job Odium! And now, he has somehow gotten his Honorblade from Shinnovar, killing it's guardian Neturo-son-Vallano, Szeth's dad. This makes him a Bondsmith free from Tanavast/Honor's prohibitions on him. So he can summon perpendicularity of Honor, drain Radiants of their Stormlight and was able to form Connection with Dalinar to steal his bond with Stormfather. All because now he has his Honorblade to grant him the surges of Adhesion and Tension. Also that he is experienced and knowledgeable in Bondsmithing. So the question is Can anyone do this if he/she - 1) Has bond with both Peakspren and Honorspren, or 2) Has a bond with a Peakspren and Jezrien's Honorblade, or 3) Has bond with Taln's blade and an Honorspren, or 4) Has bonded with both Taln's and Jezrien's Honorblades Also point to be noted - Narratively both these Honorblades of Taln and Jezrien are placed in such a way (Taln's not known where and Jezrien's with Moash, still) that point 2, 3 and 4 are invalid. 1 is way more difficult to do. So at the end is it the pair of surges or the uniqueness of Bondsmith sprens that allows one to do such incredible feats??
  22. Hey everyone, I tried lurking to see if this has been posted/asked before and I didn't see anything. Also, I tried to cover all potential spoilers, but this is going to be about Wit, Odium, the reader, and how the Cosmere works/interacts, so I'm just gonna put everything else beyond this point in a spoiler block just to CMA.
  23. I have been reading RoW (I mean, who hasn’t. If anything I am taking longer than most). I got to chapter 80, which is the one where Hoid tells Kaladin the story of the Dog and the Dragon. A little bit after the story, Hoid tells Kaladin “I can’t keep this bubble up much longer”. Is this a manifestation of allomancy, specifically bendalloy, on Roshar?
  24. So, in RoW, we obviously got a lot of new shards. I always have fun coming up with fusion shard names, so let’s do some using the new shards from RoW. Ideas: Mercy + Odium = Sympathy. I feel like this would actually be a really good pairing. I have an ongoing idea that Mercy is somehow the “virtue that gives Odium context” (in reference to Frost saying Odium is god’s own divine hatred separated from the virtues that gave it context). Whimsy + Odium = Tantrum? That’s not an actually good shard name, but I think it sums up what this would be pretty well. Invention + Cultivation = Experimentation Valor + Honor = Determination/Conquest. The “unstoppable force” of shards plus the “immovable object” of shards. Mercy + Devotion = Salvation/Worship. I feel like this could be something like “Compassion ”, but has the potential to also be really scary. The “cult” shard. A base of unquestioning devoted followers with a deity who performs miracles... add dominion and this becomes truly terrifying. Whimsy + Honor seems like a really bad combination. Any ideas what it would be called?
  25. I just finished my first read. I wanted to give it a second before commenting on most points. But I can't wait for this one XD. "the capacity to save humankind." The twist where "Stupid" Taravangian would play a fundamental role in Ryse's defeat was expected. Now, Taravangian taking Odium's power I didn't see coming at all (wondering if there were more references like him attacking a lot of spren when "stupid" in previous books). However, that opens up a #@*load of new possibilities. What's Cultivation's deal? I assumed it was a way to stop odium. Now, with the power of Odium as part of the plan... I'm starting to think something much worse than the final desolation is coming. When Teravangian asked for the capacity to save "humankind" I'm starting to think that Cultivation took that a little bit farther than Rosharan humans. Cultivation's game is becoming dangerous, having affected the powers of Honor and Odium directly. However, the more I think about it, the more I see Cultivation wanting of Roshar too. I've never been able to get the "we killed you" statement Odium made on Oathbringer. I'm starting to believe Cultivation want's to "Grow" past Roshar.