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Found 12 results

  1. My name is Angry Mistspren, and I have always been just slightly dissatisfied with the ten orders that Lord Sanderson created for his Stormlight Archives Series. Not to shame Sanderson, but sometimes I wish that I could make my own order of Radiant. That’s likely why I made this thread, in order to share my ideas and also role play as these new orders. To be clear, I intended this to be an Alternate Universe of SA, where the orders are replaced by new ones. Also, I will only be imagining one myself, to leave this open for anyone who wants to join. In honesty, this may not go anywhere, and that will be fine. I just want to tell a story.
  2. Does anyone know if Brandon is intending to release a Stormlight roleplaying game. You could level up using oaths. And there could be 10 classes, one for each order of radiants.
  3. So I'm aware that there have been a few attempts to do this, and also the MAG exists but I've found getting people who aren't big fans of the cosmere into that to be difficult and honestly I just prefer working with something familiar. So I'm trying to convert Mistborn and Feruchemists into 5e classes. This would be for standalone use so if they aren't perfectly balanced against existing 5e classes that's not a huge deal but I want to get it somewhere in the general ballpark at least and definitely try to get them balanced for each other. Very basic drafts of what I have so far are available at: The Mistborn: And Feruchemist: I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
  4. Hey, I'm GM of MAG and I'm looking for 3 or 4 players to play on roll20 and Skype. We can teach how to play. Campaign will be in Luthadel or Fadrex City depending of players choice, and we will play like fifty years before Lord Ruler's fall.
  5. I'm planning a roleplaying campaign that I'll be running with my friends, and I want to put together a playlist of background music to set the mood. The campaign will be a Firefly-esque space western. I've already pulled some songs from Firefly, obviously, as well as the soundtracks from Bastion and Titanfall, and I'm thinking about using a couple from Journey. I'm looking for additional suggestions. I'm especially in need some more intense songs that still have a similar flavor but would work well for combat. Any ideas?
  6. Recently, Wizards of the Coast has been releasing little bits of roleplaying fluff for D&D 5th edition for each of the worlds that we have recently visited during the main story of MTG (Zendikar, Innistrad, Kaladesh). Now, these are just bits of marketing for D&D/MTG rather than tried and tested rulesets, and some of them contain a few omissions (such as not noting that Aetherborn do not need to breath) or questionable design choices. Having said that, I am unsure how balanced they are ruleswise, as I have not played 5th ed and do not know the rules. However, regardless of what they are and how they have been implemented, these rules have put me in the mood, yet again, for an MTG roleplaying game. As someone who has only really played Pathfinder as a fantasy pen-and-paper system, my idea would simply be to use those rules and, if the players are all Planeswalkers, give them all a Planeshift spell with either a longer casting time or a per-day restriction. However, ultimately I would prefer to run it as a freeform game. There are of course problems with this too, in that it can tend to be a bit directionless and conflict between players is harder to sort out, but it also means that it is easier to run and requires no knowledge of anything other than the setting (and not even that, arguably, if you are a new Planeswalker). As for the setting and characters, I would prefer to do something fairly current in terms of the timeline for MTG, though that would be more of a background than an excuse to interfere with the official plotline. Think Dack Fayden, in that he is around whenever the plot is going on but does not interact with the main heroes of the block. I would prefer Planeswalkers, as I feel that the main draw of RPing in the MTG universe rather than a specific setting is the ability to have the characters experience the multitude of worlds and to show cultures and ideologies clashing. I have a few characters that would be in mind for this - A BW human cleric/necromancer (in the original sense of speaking to spirits rather than zombie-summoning) from Innistrad who was designed because I hate Lilianna's presence as Token Evil Teammate on the Gatewatch, and a RW kor stoneforger, because I love the idea of stoneforging and there is a wonderful sense of adventuring on Zendikar. But, as I play MTG based on casual theme decks rather than competitively, I could pick practically any of the decks I have on Cockatrice (numbering over 150 by now, easily...) and create a semi-coherent and hopefully interesting character from them. If you were to take part in an MTG Roleplaying game, how would you prefer it to be run? Is there a system you would have in mind to formalise the rules, or would you prefer to do it entirely in roleplaying form with no dice and few hard rules ('few' as some, like the Colour of your characters, should of course be adhered to)? What would you want to do as a plot, at least to begin with? Would you prefer Planeswalker characters exploring the Multiverse, or non-Planeswalkers on a single world? What would your perfect character (or characters) be? Please be aware though, this is not necessarily indicative that I would like to start and GM an MTG RP/RPG. This is at the moment a few questions, just to see what people think.
  7. Generation 1: The Final Empire Turn 1 "Eighteen of you? I thank you for your support. It is more than I had hoped for. I have only nine gifts to grant, but you are my chosen, my exalted few. You may not all bear the powers of Allomancy, but your children and their children will carry my blessings upon them." Rashek took a step forward, and gave a bead of metal to Joel. He gave out the rest of the beads, seemingly at random, though who could tell if there was a scheme in his eyes? Certainly there were wheels turning in the minds of those without this power, and he was glad of it. He wanted his Allomancers, his new nobility, to be strong and cunning, to shape the world with their wills. It seemed he would not be disappointed. "Allomancy," he explained, "is a magic of metals. By ingesting certain metals, one can gain powers akin to and yet completely unlike that of Feruchemy." "Ingesting... You mean eating?" Locke asked, looking at the bead in his hand with mild distaste. Rashek nodded. "Yes. While these metals are within you, you may consume them for these powers. There are eight metals that you can use this way: tin, which enhances your senses; pewter, which enhances your strength; iron, which allows you to attract metals towards you; steel, which repels metals; zinc, which allows you to enflame the emotions of those nearby; brass, which does the opposite and soothens their emotions briefly; copper, which allows you to protect yourself from zinc, brass and bronze; and bronze, which lets you detect the use of Allomancy nearby." "And this one?" Aodhan asked, holding up the bead in his hand. "What is this metal?" Rashek waved the question away. "It does not matter. Its only effect is to grant Allomancy to people, and it is in short supply. Indeed, you nine hold the only beads in existance. It is known as lerasium, if that answers your question." "Where did you find it, anyway?" Sen asked. "Surely such a power would have been discovered before now, or at least spoken of in myth and legend." "At the height of my powers, while I held the strength of a god in my hand, I created them," Rashek said. "Lerasium is not a metal you can merely mine. Now, obtain your rewards for serving me. Then we shall make our way to our new home." "By the gods..." "There are no other gods anymore," Rashek replied, without looking round to see who spoke. "None that would care to answer our prayers, anyway." "Was this necessary, Rashek?" Primus asked. "This devastation? The brown skies, the dead plants, those... Those mountains that spew ash?" he asked, waving towards an ashmount in the distance that was sprinkling ash on the land. "Was it really necessary?" "Yes," Rashek replied, snapping at Primus as he turned around. "Do not question me, Primus, when you know nothing of what transpired at the Well. I am your lord, your ruler, and I will have your fealty." Primus was silent for a moment, holding Rashek's gaze, but soon enough he looked away. "I apologise, Rashek. In my heart, I know you did what had to be done. What others may not have been able to do." Rashek nodded and turned back around, satisfied with Primus' retreat. "Let us not waste any time. My palace, Kredik Shaw, is some miles away, I am sorry to say, and it will take us time to reach it." "And where are we to live?" Gamic asked. "Your palace may be grand, but we will need homes for ourselves, and our servants, if we are to be your nobility." "My palace is located in what was once a small city," Rashek explained, "Though now it lies abandoned thanks to the Deepening. While the accommodation may not suit my nobles, that can be changed, in time. I have no doubt you will make the city your own very quickly." "But couldn't you have chosen somewhere closer for it?" Lutha grumbled. "My city was chosen for good reason, Lutha. It is central. Not all the world is liveable anymore, and my palace occupies the heartland of the parts which are. If it helps, there will be less need to travel so far in the future." "This single banner of yours?" Aodhan asked. "Yes," Rashek said. "It is important that the empire remains small in size. It is the only way we can survive in this world." "So, what do we do when we get to your new capital?" Cofal asked. "It's simple. We establish the city fully, and then we expand the empire. It will be a kingdom to outlast all others, the like of which the world has never seen; it will be the final empire this world will ever see." The First Generation has begun! It will end on Sunday the 14th at 6PM BST. All PMs have been sent out. You have discovered Allomancy, along with the eight metals it allows you to use. Walin Walin, Primus Pifferdoo, Joel Tormander, Mennet Farrsolin, Ven Orielle, Locke Tekiel, Aodhan Izenry, Tydan Queade and Cofal Erikell have been granted the power of Allomancy. Each player has been granted a Keep around the spires of Kredik Shaw, along with a retinue of Servants to attend to them. Generation 1 Player List We will be using this thread for RP and Public Actions (which should be bolded for clarity), and the other thread for rule clarifications and new signups. For the purposes of Actions and RP, assume the First Generation starts a few years after the Ascension. I'd also like to request that Actions are sensible - There will be penalties if Actions are too ridiculous/encompassing. Remember to state them logically as much as possible so I have less room for confusion. In addition, recall that I would like to be a part of conversations, and that they were preferably stored on a Google doc or something.
  8. They woke up to find the world on fire. The shelter they had constructed to keep them safe from the Deepness opened, and one brave soul looked out. The mists had gone. There was not a single trace of them. The volunteer let off a grin and opened the door fully, stepping out into the world, into the heat. He did not get far before collapsing, letting out choking, gasping breaths. The naked sun burnt down unrelentingly, searing his flesh and scorching his spirit away. In a final act of strength, he tried to push himself around, his eyes turning to his companions, hand reaching out as if to grasp them, begging them for help. But none was forthcoming; they had already closed the door again, the great stone barrier wedged tight to shield them from the heat. The man died, cursing his friends with the breath he could not even take. Hours later, there was a knock on the door from the outside. One of the occupants declared it to be the ghost of the dead man, come to tempt them to their deaths. There was little dissent, and the door remained closed. A second knock. This time, more insistent. The terrified refugees once again ignored it, though some clutched anything they could use as a weapon, their hands whitening as their grip tightened. They had few weapons, and no trained soldiers to wield them effectively. It was a gathering of the elite of the world, of nobility and priests, and Alendi had insisted it was a peaceful gathering, a shelter of equals with none able to intimidate the rest in the new world with a show of force. Neither did they have the strange magic of the Terris people to defend them, for the Worldbringers of Tathingdwen were safe in their own shelter under the city, and could not help them now. Three knocks. This one dislodged some of the earth at the top of the portal to their sanctuary. The group as one took a step back, their collective gasp drawing them together in their trepidation. No-one spoke. On the fourth knock, a crack appeared in the stone slab. It spread outwards radially, forking into tens and then hundreds of small breaks as it spread across the door. It reached the edge, and it held, briefly. Then it shattered into a myriad of pebbles and dust, a dull light bursting in from the outside. It was hidden slightly by a shadow in the doorway; a man. “R-Rashek?” One of them asked, incredulous. “It’s… It’s you! But how? What happened? Where is Alendi?” A scowl flittered across the man’s face, but before long it was replaced with a sigh. “Alendi failed,” He said. “That is the truth of it. The prophecy was a lie, as Kwaan said. My uncle saw far more than any other Worldbringer ever did.” “Then we are doomed. You’ve let the outside world in and now we will burn, like that poor fool.” “Poor fool? Ah, that explains the bones outside…” Rashek nodded to himself, dismissing their worries, and indeed the death of a person he most likely knew. “Yes, he was unfortunate indeed. He left while I was making… minor adjustments… to the world.” “Minor adjustments? What are you talking about?” “The Hero of Ages has failed,” Rashek nodded. “But I did not. For a brief moment, I touched infinity, I held a sliver of the power of god.” He shivered a little. “I moved the world closer to the sun.” He said, every syllable holding enormous weight behind it. “I left it too close; I have fixed that problem.” There was silence in the cave as each digested the meaning behind his words. Rashek had saved them, but apparently at a terrible cost. He had then fixed that, but all of them remembered Rashek’s impulsive behaviour, his arrogance. What price did the world pay to fix his mistake? Eventually, Rashek spoke again. “Come. We have much rebuilding to do, and a world to forge.” “A world to forge?” “Yes…” Rashek smiled. It was not a particularly nice smile, but nor was it malicious. It was grim, and foreboding, but it appeared he was far more harrowed by his experience than he would like to let on. He was less brash than usual, that was certain. More mature. “Consequences must be dealt with. We must bring the people of this world together under a single banner if we are to have any hope of surviving.” “You’re talking about conquest. Of war! The Worldbringers will never agree to this! We will never agree to this!” Rashek spread his hands, almost apologetically. “We are in a new world. Each of us must evolve to face it, or die with the old one. The Worldbringers have already made their choice.” He put his hands into his pockets as a new silence descended, before being shattered once again in an instant. “You’re insane!” Someone exclaimed. “You destroy our world, and hope to bend us to your will. Well, I'm not going to be your slave! I’m going to bring an end to your madness here and now!” they declared. A sword was drawn from its scabbard, and then they rushed at him with a sword in his hand. He swung it at Rashek’s head, an untrained but heavy-handed blow. Rashek did not move, did not even acknowledge the man. As his assailant drew close, the sword he held was flung from his grasp, soaring across the room to embed itself in the wall, still oscillating from the sheer force behind it. “I’m insane?” Rashek asked, looking at the man finally. “You attacked someone who was very recently an avatar of god. That makes you the mad one from where I am standing. No, not even that - It makes you treasonous and heretical.” Rashek drew his hand back and struck the man across his face. There was a crack as the neck snapped and the man hit the floor. As did a small metal bead. “Ah yes.” Rashek put his hand out, and the metal bead willingly obeyed his command, raising itself into the palm of his hand as though it had a mind of its own. He closed his fist around it, then turned his hand out so his palm was facing the roof when he opened it again. Within were eight more similar beads as well as the ninth he had dropped. “I know that not all of you feel the same way. We have new opportunities here, a chance to rechart the course of the world according to what we desire,” he sneered, “not what some philosophers prattle on about in their pathetic dotage. There is power here, and glory and wealth, for those of you who want to seize it. Allomancy is a strength beyond Feruchemy, beyond anything you could ever dream of. I offer you this gift if you help me.”” “I count many of you here as my friends, and so I trust you will make the right decision. Know that I say the truth when I say that the only way for humanity to survive is together, as one people. You followed Alendi when he said the same thing. Will you follow me?” Fluff The game starts just after the Ascension of The Lord Ruler, in the year 0 of his reign, and will end in the year 1020 - about two years before the events of Mistborn: The Final Empire. Players begin as one of Rashek’s closest companions, directly after the events of his Ascension. The game is designed as a 'free-form' RPG, inspired by a variety of sources - mostly city-builders and simulation games. Your actions will not only affect your House, but also those of other Houses, and perhaps even the very course of The Final Empire in the long-run. For the sake of roleplaying, it should be noted that your starting characters have no experience of Allomancy, and that if something hasn't been explicitly introduced, it probably does not exist (or is not known of) yet. Nor are any of the secrets of the books yours to exploit, at least at the start. The Final Empire's most (in)famous aspects will slowly unfold before you over Generations, and it's up to you to capitalise on that gradual roll-out. Any number of players can play this game - It is effectively drop-in/drop-out, in many ways. Whenever a player signs up, they will be added to the game at the beginning of the next Generation with a new House to govern. Players who sign up after the game starts will have a slighter weaker House than most players, as they cannot govern how it has developed over the years (and so it will be a bit randomly generated) - but that won't stop you from competing with entrenched players. Rules How to Play the Game At the start of the game, up to nine lerasium beads will be given out to random players - If there are nine or less players, each player will be given one. If you wish to sign up for the start, then go ahead! RP away (or don't. While RP is highly encouraged in the thread, it's not necessary before the game starts). If you need help with name(s) for either Terrismen or Nobles, I can provide the name tables from the Mistborn Adventure Game, with a bit of effort. I also need the name of your House. There's no restrictions on this as to whether it's an official one or not, just as long as another player hasn't picked the same House name already. The game will take place over eleven Generations, one per century (in order to make it not last four years...), and each Generation lasts a total of four Turns. Each Turn lasts a week. Thus the game will last a total of 44 weeks. There is no 'win' condition for the game, as such (nor is there a loss condition). How can you compare the strength of one House to another, after all? This is more-or-less an evolving roleplaying setting, with statistics used to take measures of things. At the end of the game, such information will become public knowledge, and I may make a judgement on the 'winning' House, if such a thing can be seen easily. Players may discuss in private conversations as well as on the main thread, though I would like both to be in on such conversations, and for them to be on a Google doc so they can be posted at the end of the game for general perusal. These conversations may not be edited in any way except for spelling and grammar. Some rules may be added or changed depending on the course of the game - This is as much an experiment as it is a game. If so, they’ll be added here. A link to all the rules and writeups, including this one, can be found in my signature for relatively quick reference. Actions During each Turn, players may choose up to three Actions for their House to take. These are taken by messaging the GM to inform him of what you are doing. One of these must be stated publicly in the thread as well. If this is not done, none of the Actions will have any effect. There is no set list of Actions for players to take - It is a game of exploration. I will be converting any Actions taken into effects on numerical Statistics. Usually actions will succeed, unless they are opposed by another player (such as assassinations), or your House is in dire circumstances (such as being utterly broke). In that case, I will use a combination of the data and RNG to decide the outcome. Whenever you take an action, as it relies on my interpretation, it's always best to be as clear as possible about it. In most cases, try to answer the following questions: Who? - Who is performing the Action, and in what manner? Lord Heron is performing this action, in his capacity as House Lord. What? - What is the Action itself? Lord Heron is buying mines and smelters. Where? - Where does this Action take place? Near the mountains of the Northern Dominance. When? - Not just the general sort of time in-RP you are performing the action, but what numbered action is this (in case of conflict)? This is my 2nd Action for the Turn. Why? - What do you hope to achieve if all goes perfectly? I want to buy the mines so I can sell Allomantic metals for long-term benefit at a short-term cost. There are a few things that can also affect the outcome of a Turn other than your Statistics and your Actions. For example, how many other people have attempted something similar this Generation may have a strong effect on the cost and benefits of your actions (say, if lots of property was bought at the same time). Sometimes the RP you perform may grant you an additional bonus. Statistics Statistics are simply a measure of your House and how strong it is. These will change over the course of the game by quite a bit, and all are directly affected by you using Actions. Allomantic Strength - A measure of the number of Mistings and Mistborn your House has, and their general strength. This will globally tend to decrease over time, and it can also decrease by marrying with Houses with lower Allomantic Strength. All players starting as Mistborn in the First Generation have an Allomantic Strength of 10000 (with just a single Mistborn, of course). Other players have a starting Allomantic Strength of 0 and no Allomancers. Martial Prowess - This basically counts the strength and skill of your guardsmen and so on. Martial Prowess is used for military action, assassinations, and defending yourself from attacks. This begins at 10. Wealth - This is a measure of how many Imperials (Boxings) you have access to at any immediate time. It is used to purchase Goods, Properties and services (or perhaps bribes). Most Actions will either have a Wealth cost or generate Wealth. A low Wealth value may lead to actions failing. This begins at 10. Goods - Goods keeps track of how much you have for trade deals and the like. Certain Properties will help generate Goods. Goods provide minor benefits and may have other uses as well. You do not begin with any Goods. Property - Properties can be used to gain additional Wealth or Goods over time. They cost Wealth to purchase, and can include housing and businesses. Property has a beneficial effect on your House or their statistics. You begin with just your House Keep in the city of Luthadel. Respect - This is a measure of how known you are for good business dealings and impressive feats to NPC Nobles and, to a lesser extent, other players. Any Action which gains or loses you Respect will be public knowledge, as is the value of the statistic itself. This begins at 0. Infamy - This statistic is a measure of how good your House is at repaying insults and slights, and also of how ruthless you are. Any Action which gains or loses you Infamy will be public knowledge, as is the value of the statistic itself. This begins at 0. Reputation Reputation is a statistic that is not known to you, and generally you are not informed of when it changes (though you may be able to make an educated guess). Reputation is a measure of how well liked you and the family in charge of your House are. There are five different Reputations, and each begins at 50%: Reputation (House) - This is a measure of how well liked the family in charge of your House is liked by the other members of your House. If it becomes too low, you are in danger of facing attacks from the inside. Reputation (The Lord Ruler) - Obviously you want to remain on The Lord Ruler's good side. Reputation (The Steel Ministry) - This covers all non-Inquisition Cantons. There is no Steel Ministry at the start of the game. Reputation (The Inquisition) - You want to remain on their good side too. There is no Inquisition at the start of the game. Reputation (Skaa) - Too low, and you risk a rebellion. Too high, and questions may be asked. The Generation Game As was previously mentioned, you as a player are the Lord or Lady in charge of your House for each of the eleven generations we play. Not only do you have to take command of your House and what it does, but you also have a duty to create the next Lord or Lady. During each Generation, you can Try For An Heir as an Action (assuming you have a wife/husband). This may be done once per Turn for a Lady or the wife of a Lord. If you have no Heirs yet, this Action is automatically successful. The chance is halved for each Heir you already have. There is an equal chance that the child will be male or female. It would be helpful if you had names in mind for the Heir. You may choose a Designated Heir at any time - If you do not, then the eldest male inherits. Children being born and Heirs being Designated are both public knowledge. If a character has no Heirs at the end of the Generation, Designated or otherwise, then the line is traced back up their family tree to give them a randomly-generated Heir, one not of their choice. Their House will also suffer slightly for it. Before the end of the Generation, you are advised to Marry your Heirs off to the children of other players or NPCs. Your first character automatically begins married. Female Heirs tend to marry into other families, and cease being your Heirs (in special circumstances, this may not be true for either). If your Designated Heir is not married at the end of the Generation, they will be quickly married off in less favourable circumstances. Players may make their own arrangements when marrying their Heirs off to each other. A player who receives a Marriage request (via an Action from another player) has one Turn to accept to it. This does not use an Action. In the case of NPC marriages, the husband of the pairing will pay a dowry. This dowry will be dependant on various factors to do with the player's statistics. You may spend additional Actions finding a more favourable match-up (or currying favour) if you wish. In a staggering coincidence, it turns out that the child of the character of a Generation is exactly the same as the next Generation's character. Your Designated Heir will be your next character during the following Generation. Between Generations, a few other things will occur as well - A small randomisation of parameters to represent the passing years. In addition to this, at the start of the Second Generation, Houses still without Allomancy will obtain some Allomantic Strength, and their character will be granted Allomancy. This will be weaker than if they married the descendant of one of the original nine Mistborn. Events Events can occur which may demand a response from the players it affects. The response locks up an Action for that Turn, but generally has a more powerful effect than a normal Action would. There are two type of Events that may occur in the game: A Global Event is something that happens in the world at large. Generally speaking, this will tend to occur at the beginning of each Generation. A House Event is something that only affects your House, due to the Actions you or other players have taken, such responding to a Skaa rebellion. This may happen during any Turn. Rollover Each Turn finishes at 6PM on Sunday, and new turns will start three hours later at 9PM, all according to my clock (which is the GMT timezone, currently in British Summer Time), after I have posted any public information in the writeup. It is handy if I have Actions in before then, but not too vital; you can change your mind about what you’re doing right up to the last minute, and I’ll curse you for it, but I won’t complain about it. There is no preferential treatment for Actions based on when they are sent in or anything like that. Sign-ups end at 6PM on Saturday the 6th of June, and the game will start at 9PM. Trading With regards to trades/contracts/marriages between players, there are two ways in which this can now occur. The player initiating the trade sends in an Action to the GM, either publicly or privately, as before. If the other player sends in an Action to respond to that trade on that Turn with exactly the same terms, then the trade will be carried out. Otherwise, the responding player will be notified they have a player requesting a trade at the start of the next Turn, and can respond to it during that Turn. The initiating player cannot cancel that trade or make use of what they are trading that Turn. If the responding player does not send in an Action to confirm the trade, then it is cancelled. Conveniently, if trading with an NPC House, you will always get the trade on that same Turn. Alternatively, contracts may be made between players over multiple turns. All details of the contract should be kept within it. Modifying or cancelling a contract requires both players to agree to the change and message the GM, but doesn't use an action. Cancelling a contract before it is finished may (or rather, ideally should) inflict penalties on the canceller. Properties When you buy a Property, you will be informed of how much it cost you, what it requires (if anything), and what it produces (whether Goods, Wealth or something else) each Turn. What it produces should be what you asked it to produce. If you do not have the raw materials required for the Property, it will automatically purchase the materials using your Wealth. Properties do not produce anything or cost any Upkeep on the turn they are purchased. You can temporarily shut down a Property without using an Action. Properties will cost 2 Wealth in Generation 1. Some Properties may produce multiple things (such as a blacksmith). If so, then you may designate what it creates each Turn. You may also choose to change production as a free Action (such as switching from swords to armour), though this will not take effect until the following Turn. You may choose to have your Property immediately sell what it produces. During the first Generation, assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, a basic Property of some kind will cost you 2 of your Wealth. If a property is unique (such as a trade route), then it cannot be bought from the GM if someone else owns it, and if multiple people attempt to purchase the same property at once, then the winner will be randomly selected or based on purchase order. The winner will also be charged slightly more than normal for having the winning 'bid'. Each Property you purchase will have a cost to keep it in good condition, to hire/feed workers and all that. This Upkeep cost will increase the more Properties you have. During the First Generation, each Property will add an Upkeep cost equal to half the number of Properties you own, rounded up (so 1-2 costs 1 each, 3-4 costs 2 each, etc). Your Luthadel Keep does not cost Upkeep itself, nor does it add to Upkeep. At some point, it may become economically unviable to purchase more Properties, though you may decide that you can take the hit for a while to produce Goods, etc. You are informed of what your Upkeep cost is at the beginning of each Turn. Upkeep costs will decrease over time to allow for a larger business empire. Can you survive the sinister and deadly world of the high society of The Final Empire? Will your descendants rule at The Lord Ruler's side, or be swept away like worthless skaa in his wake? Will your actions change the very nature of the Final Empire over the course of a thousand years? Will your House stand the test of time, and prove itself to be worthy of being an Heir to the Final Empire? Player List Winter Cloud - Cleo Venture little wilson - Kyara Wilson spencer12347 - Walin Walin Lord Pifferdoo - Primus Pifferdoo The Only Joe - Joel Tormander Gamma Fiend - Gamic Urbain Unodus - Turukseed Uethorn Adamir - Mennet Farrsolin Blank Fate - Cyrus Artorius Venture Mistborn - Ven Orielle OrlokTsubodai - Locke Tekiel Comatose - Lutha Elariel Aonar Faileas - Aodhan Izenry Quiver - Tydan Queade wblk - Sen Wair phattemer - Cofal Erikell Araris Valerian - Hadrian Penrod Renegade - Renea Garde
  9. Hello friends, APGamingREAL here! If you are looking to see Mistborn in action, you can watch our latest Mistborn show which just launched last night: We get through character creation, background, scheming and planning in about 2 hours, with another 2 hours of play involving scheming nobles vying for power! The show is ongoing for four weeks, so expect to see the scheme and plan of action get shaken up and down as things evolve. We are also giving out 2x advancements to demonstrate them more ably in such a short time. Finally, we have an audience voting mechanic to allow viewers to award advancement to the player who most improved the quality of the game. I hope you enjoy.
  10. And, as promised, here is my new thread! Background: Recently, I decided that I need to move forward with developing my fantasy world. It has been a fun diversion, but little more, for the past decade or so, but I want to buckle down and get serious with all sorts of detail-oriented fleshing out of political structures and relationships, economic trends, and culture-stuff. And working on fleshing out the (currently rather sparse) magic system. So I decided to start a forum roleplay set in the world to help flesh out those things. This thread will be a place to post worldbuilding information, character info, roleplay questions, and basically general discussions. When we are ready to get started, I'll post a new thread for the roleplay itself. Currently, I have posted brief overviews of the cosmology and magic systems. This is strictly background information for now, but creates the framework necessary to understand magic as it will play out in the roleplay itself. Feel free to ask any questions you like about it. This weekend, I will begin posting the brief overviews of the cultural, geographical, and religious systems that populate this world. For now, the sections will remain in this post, but labeled as under construction. Cosmology Magic: Geography - Landscape and Culture Updated with Map! Geography - Politics and Religion Under construction! Summer, 1375 S. E., City of Menkor RP Thread
  11. Okay before everyone gets mad at me I will try to explain. I have an original canon universal series called "Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute" and at one point it was hosted by a now deceased game and rping community called "Superhero City (SHC)." I have found in my time as a rper one can either begin from scratch or they can adapt a new rp into an already established one. So all Guild of Art members interested in rping please reply here and I will do what I am able to get it organized.
  12. Midsummer's Day, 1375 Twelfth Year of the Reign of Avar Leduinne, King of Menkor Avar Leduinne, King of Menkor, sat at the table with his councilors and advisers. Faces were grim in this room, as they had been for nearly three years. Three years since the cursed Inquisition had led a military expedition to the city, intent on rooting out all heresies and heterodoxies. Three years since Father Julian Mathienne, ranking prelate of the Martyr, was imprisoned on those same charges. Three years since the first bell had tolled for the funeral of their independence. The ravaged countryside was a testament to that. Smoke rose almost daily from some new farmhouse, burned for some impropriety of worship. It was almost as if a war had passed over the landscape. Sometimes, Avar wondered if war would have been better than this. He had taken the oaths of the Church of the Martyr under pressure. The Empire grew closer every year, absorbing lordships and dukedoms, kingdoms and cities. The Court of the Gods had bowed before his pressure, the King of Al'Lidne hung on a stake by his hands outside the Tribunal's Judgment Hall until he starved to death for opposing their decision. He had heard that the bones, picked clean, still hung there. With that capitulation, the fragile alliance of Atani dominions had fallen apart. The Church had seemed the only way out. He hadn't considered the Inquisition. And now he was here, on the verge of committing the greatest heresy yet in his kingdom. He had sworn the oaths of compliance with the Inquisition when they came, certain that nothing of note was unorthodox in his kingdom. His people had been instructed to comply with the Inquisition's orders. He had hoped that they would be satisfied quickly and leave. It had always been a fools hope. General Algoux spoke, breaking the grim silence. "Your Majesty, I have had news from Norene." That was the last place the Inquisition had visited, another Atani convert princedom. Things had been bad there, too. "My agents report that the Inquisition followed exactly the same pattern there as they have here. They burn farms and shops to inspire terror, then isolate any political leaders who oppose them. By the time they moved on, leaving an 'advisor' behind them, Lord Kerrim was only a figurehead." Lord Carlin, earl of Montdyke, spoke up next. "They will do the same here, unless we stop them." The speech was a formality. The decision had been made in secret meetings weeks before. But the formality helped to stave off the fear over what they were about to do. But it was time now. The formality was over. It was his turn to speak. "It must be done then. Carlin, I want a proclamation in the streets. The Inquisition is no longer welcome in Menkor. Any Inquisitors or their soldiers remaining in the city after nightfall will be arrested and summarily executed. General, is your strike force ready to storm the prison?" "Yes, your Majesty." "Then do it. Do it now. I want the prison ours by the time the proclamation hits the streets." "Yes sir." "Then this meeting is adjourned. Everyone perform your task with faith. And may the Martyr have mercy on us all."