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Found 24 results

  1. For my 1000th post, I have decided to be very original, and make a roleplay. Because I have also decided to be productive, I will be using it to iron out problems with the magic system and world(called Trune) that I am creating. You are free to create a character and put it in the world to explore, roleplay to your heart's content. The only species currently available is a Human, though later there might be more types of species to work with. I will be functioning essentially as the DM for this. I will define more things as problems come up. The next posts are a description of the world and some of its history, the rules of the magic system, and the current map.
  2. Fadran walked down the seashore, scanning the beach. He needed to find that treasure... where could it be? "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." he said under his breath. With a start, he saw a section of uneven sand. Picking up his pace, he ran forward and started digging. He hit wood, then began digging around the sand and pulling up the chest. "Hello beautiful."
  3. Acacia Smedry walked into the office, whistling. Her interview with the Scholar's Guild woman had apparently gone uncommonly well. Truth be told, Acacia had not expected to get this job. The Guild person was probably desperate for employees to be hiring a Smedry to do desk work. She looked around the office critically. It seemed like a standard workplace, from what little experience she had with standard workplaces. Desks were scattered about, and a printing press clanged in the other room. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she had her own little room in the back, with a plaque on the door that read "Editor". She nodded, staring around the room, and set to work. The first thing she did was flip the "now hiring" sign in the window upside-down. A cliched move, it was true, but one that would really bother some people. Then she shoved a few desks so that their corners jutted into doorways, and switched all the chairs. Whoever had stocked this place hadn't bothered to get a matching set of furniture, so it wasn't hard to arrange all the chairs to be the wrong sizes for their respective desks. As a final touch, she pried off the "Editor" sign from her door and stuck it to the break room. There was more to be done, of course, but this would be a good start. She sat on a desk by the door and began to watch for the arrival of other employees. (I'm going to tag everyone in the PM so that it's possible to find this thread) @Sorana @Gears @Arlin @AonEne @Voidus @Ashbringer @Invocation @MetaTerminal
  4. Hello! I'm new to the forums and I saw that there was a role playing section so I wanted to see if there was anyone available to rp with me for Stormlight Archives! I don't really have a particular story in mind, so if there is a storyline for your canon or oc characters that you'd like to to try out, I am definitely open to suggestion! I have been rping for years and I do tend to feed off what is given to me in terms of length and literacy. I prefer moderately literate with 2-5 detailed paragraphs, but I have no problem writing more. I typically play female characters, both canon and oc. I have a few that will easily transition into the Cosmere. I do well with romance and emotional scenes, but I can do action as well. P.S.: If this isn't how you find RP's or isn't allowed, please let me know what to do differently! Thanks
  5. So the great and wise @AonEne mentioned this idea a bit ago, I have no idea how serious she was being, but I’m going to propose it anyway! What do people think of doing a Skyward doomslug RP? I would say it would need to be Sunreach spoilers. (Sunreach) I’d also be fine with doing a Starsight spoilers one, with (spoilers for Starsight below) Does this sound fun? Do you love sluggos? Do you want to fibe with slug frens? I do, and if other people do, I think it’d be fun. Let me know if your’e interested, and people wants to, I can just change the name of the thread and start it. (Pinging two other people who may or may not be interested) @Lotus @caramel_
  6. Alright, this will probably and to about people becoming radiants, I’m not sure if there is already one of these, but I wanted a fresh one anyway. Please make sure you have read RoW! We will use some spoilers. This will mostly take place at Urithiru. Also, one person may clam the Nightwatcher for a bond. Anyways, can you guys make character sheets? Here is mine: Name: Asher Age: 18 Future Radiant power: Windrunner physical abilities (not powers) good with sword (taught by Zahel), (ill right more soon) appearance: black hair, freckles , scar under right eye, mildly pointy nose. miscellaneous: can read, wants to be in Dalinars guard, (more to come) (We’ll start the roleplay when some people join)
  7. So, the idea for this is for everyone to be a kind of archetype, like the hero, the sidekick, the comic relief, etc. From there it can just do it's own thing. "I am the Villain fear me, for I am evil. I can reflect the power of whichever Hero I fight, so, does anyone dare challenge me?
  8. The year is 289 Post-Catacendre, the world of Scadrial is booming with the new advent of aluminum weapons and tools, new metals have been discovered in the nearly 300 years since the Final Empire's reign. The world is growing at a rapid pace in the Elendel Basin as technology advances, and life for it's citizens changes by the day. Meanwhile, in the Roughs, life is untamed and wild, crime is far from uncommon, and criminals run amuck as the few dedicated Lawmen do their best to chase them down and build some semblance of order in these chaotic lands. During all of this, several coalitions between various nobles, mercantile elites, and politicians from different city states have formed, and recently, all independently decided to try to take possession of a remarkably profitable aluminum mine in the Roughs, owned by an unassuming gentleman named Raven. Several of the more influential coalitions have indicated an interest in hiring so-called ‘specialists’ to further their interests. Raven, the owner of the mine, has also expressed interest in hiring aid to protect his investment from the various coalitions snapping at his heels. With this in mind, our heroes have congregated in a local tavern in the Roughs called The Iron Wheel, where they have settled for drinks and food while debating the merits of the many hiring opportunities. For now, a layer of calm is upon the world of Scadrial, the calm before the storm. Soon, the different Coalitions and the owner of the mine himself, along with our heroes will find themselves at the center of a new and bloody conflict. Current character list (Ping @Ookla the Stick or @AonEne if you need your character added!)
  9. So, would anybody be interested in this type of roleplay? I would mostly control the wild animal and natural elements, but players would control everything else. I at least would love to do this and anyone who wants to join us welcome to. I will make a PM to cover the finer details the poll can't cover, but we can likely start as soon as we get enough players. I will say that this will likely be a fairly dark roleplay, but I would like to keep the more mature themes to a minimum so that we can have a wider variety of players here.
  10. I started re-listening to Mistborn, and honestly just really want to RP it- But Inquisition has been basically dead for years, and has officially shut down, and I don't think there are any other Mistborn RPs going right now- If anyone else wants to start one, I'd be willing to help.
  11. IMPORTANT: Hi! If you’re hoping to join or rejoin us, please do so in our current thread! Well, everyone knows I can't go a day without creating a roleplay. This one stems from random cremposting on a status update (take that, Firerust), wherein I said something vaguely mysterious, Lunamor said it sounded like a prophecy and wrote the first line, and I, er, went crazy writing a prophecy? So. Yeah. (I hope this doesn't flop, I had fun making it all ) The Augury: As you may have guessed, the tentative plan for this RP is that it will have ten parts or 'verses', each named after and corresponding to a verse in the Augury - Ten of the Void, Hate's Creation, Fight the Rise, Oblivion, Storm's Break, Time Will Out, Until You Betray, All That Shatters, Watch Them Fall, and Powers Reviled (not necessarily in that order, names subject to change). I do have plans, but there's plenty of room for improvisation...and both could have really cool implications. Anyway, rules are as normal for roleplays on here, please do ask me if you have any questions! Both roleplay and chat will take place on this thread (until a new one is started), so please put all non-RP in quote boxes. WORLDBUILDING: Preferred character profile: I'll happily give more information on almost anything worldbuilding-wise if you ask, though I can't give away much in the terms of plot. HAVE FUN! Characters:
  12. I'm a huge fan of Worm, by Wildbow (if you haven't read it, spend about half your time for the rest of your life and finish it) and I was interested in starting a roleplay about it. Not using our well known characters, Taylor, Brian, and my favorite: Lisa, but perhaps in another time period or even another earth. What do you say?
  13. The story: You are an excited gamer, eagerly awaiting the end of a countdown to when you can begin the open beta for a new MMO 'Game of guilds', the countdown finally finishes, you create your character, blast through the opening tutorial in record time and suddenly your vision goes dark. When you awaken you look around to find a minimap in the corner of your vision, three bars above your head and a town full of NPCs staring at you. Congratulations! You have just been virtually abducted into a game! Thus begins your journey in roleplaying. You are surrounded by strange people who periodically switch between perfectly normal people and blank faced NPC roles, you are attacked by monsters at every turn and you periodically glow whenever you level up. The skills: More skills available upon reaching higher levels, having prerequisite skills, completing certain quests or even through hidden objectives. At character creation 5 Skill Points are available, multiple points can be put into one skill to gain a higher starting level, this will unlock a random selection of recipes/abilities and is not as efficient as levelling naturally. Skills: Magic: Learn how to use magic! -Chanting Magic: Basic wizard-style magic, speak your spells to unleash havock! (Must also select magic) -Runic Magic: Inscribe runes to create an elaborate strategy and win the battles before it even begins. (Must also select magic) -Enchantment Magic: Create Enchantments on yourself and others (Must also select magic) Bladed weapons: Unlock the ability to wield sharp pointy things and know how to stab other people with them. Blunt weapons: Unlock the ability to wield heavy, blunt things and hit things with them. Archery: Unlock the ability to wield a bow and arrows Thrown: Unlock the ability to throw things at other things! Swimming: Learn to swim! Writing: Free yourself from the shackles of illiteracy Stealth: Learn how to sneak Observation: Learn how to look at things and see more things! Farsight: See farther than you ever have before! Fishing: Learn to wield a fishing rod a scour the seas for all things living. Then stab them with a hook. Smithing: Learn how to hit metal and change it into differently shaped metal. Also unlocks the ability to mine. Carpentry: Learn how to cut wood into other shapes of wood, unlocks the ability to chop trees Fletching: Learn how to make arrows and bows, unlocks the ability to chop trees and gather from certain feathery foes. Gardening: Learn how to make a garden, also unlocks the ability to gather some plants. Cooking: Learn how to prepare food, unlocks the ability to skin animals and gather plants. Crafting: Learn how to craft things from other things. Unlocks the ability to mine and prepare certain materials. Gatherer: Unlock the ability to gather materials like ore, plants, wood and skin animals. Unfortunately you don't know how to do anything with them. Herbalism: Learn how to mix potions and medicines, unlocks the ability to gather plants. Summoning: Learn how to summon things! (Requires magic to unlock most abilities) Trapping: Learn how to trap animals! Unlocks the ability to skin animals. Increase Endurance: Increases your endurance and... that's about it. Increase Attack: Increases your damage and... that's about it. Increase Magic: Increases your Mana and magic damage and... that's about it. Resist physical: Become hardier and less easily hurt by physical attacks. Resist Fire: Become fireproof! ... Eventually. Resist Frost: No need for warm clothes anymore. Resist Poison: You've made some suspicious friends, good thing you can handle anything they try to slip you. Resist fall: You have legs of steel, resist fall damage The races: -denotes subrace Humans: Human alignment, Don't get a racial level, get a base 10% increase to XP gains and as humans are the most numerous race they get the most frequent persuasion options outside of shifters. Forestfolk -Dryad -Ent: Nature alignment, (passive) increased endurance, (passive) non-boss plant mobs passive unless attacked, (passive) increased XP from plant gathering or farming activities. -Swampmen: Nature alignment, Dark alignment, (passive) +X% resistance to physical attacks, (passive) +X% effectiveness with earth, water and swamp magic, (passive) Armour degrades X% faster, (passive) Increased aggro from non-swamp mobs, (active) Quagmire: Area of effect binding spell (consumes mana, must have Magic unlocked) Beastfolk -Minotaur: Nature alignment, (passive) Strength bonus, (passive) requires custom or minotaur-dropped armour to equip, Reduced mana pool, (active) Gore: Charges enemy, inflicting high physical damage based on strength, Armour piercing. -Satyr -Centaur: Nature aligned, (passive) Start with archery skill, (passive) increased stamina, (passive) Unable to equip leg armour, (passive) increased speed -Beastmen -Lamia/gorgon -Harpy Undead -Skeleton -Zombie -Wraith: Dark aligned, (passive) greatly increased physical resistance, (passive) greatly decreased endurance, (passive) immune to dark damage, (passive) decreased resistance to light damage, (passive) decreased strength, (passive) start with magic skill. -Demon: Dark alignment, (passive) High persuasion against human enemies, (passive) Negate fall damage, (active) Invite Possession: Target humanoid enemy becomes an ally and takes X damage per second unless it passes resistance check. -Dullahan: Dark alignment, (passive) vulnerability to light X%, (passive) Night vision, (active) weapon summoning: Bone whip, (active) Word of demise: Death magic, instantly kills lower levelled mob. Elves -Forest Elves: Nature alignment, (passive) Start with farsight skill, (passive) increased mana, (active) Wild call: Target beast creature becomes ally for duration -Dark Elves -City Elves Celestials -Angels: Light alignment, (passive) Negate Fall damage, (passive) Light magic & recovery magic +X% effectiveness, (passive)unable to equip dark-aligned items, (Passive) Unable to attain dark or necromatic magic, (active) Divine light: Heals those of a light alignment, turns low level undead, causes fear in those of dark alignment. -Fallen Angel: Dark alignment, (passive) Negate fall damage, (passive) Light and Dark magic +X% effectiveness, (passive) unable to use recovery magic, (passive) Unable to be healed by recovery magic, (active) Darklight, negative energy healing (Can heal otherwise unhealable targets like undead) -Spirit Halflings -Dwarves: Human alignment, (passive) Increased XP gain from mining or smithing related activities, (passive) Increased endurance, (passive) increased chance to find gems. -Goblin -Orc -Hobbit Giants -Cyclops -Ogre Creations -Golem: Nature alignment, (passive) increased endurance, (passive) reduced HP regeneration, (passive) +X% effectiveness for earth magic, (passive) physical resistance +X% -Elemental: Nature alignment, (passive) elemental resistance X%(Varies depending upon elemental type), (passive) unable to equip armour, (passive) physical resistance +X%, (passive) +X% effectiveness to element -Enchanted armour Shifters -Doppelganger: Mutable alignment, (passive)Increased charisma, (passive) increased dexterity,(passive) reduced endurance, (passive) decreased persuasion with those of suspicious or observant nature,(active) Impersonate: Targeted humanoid mob type becomes friendly for duration -Ooze/slime: Dark alignment, (passive) ignore physical damage below X, (passive) immune to poison,(passive) reduced stamina,(toggle) Change form- Change between humanoid or slime appearance.(Humanoid form) - Dark alignment becomes mutable alignment, (passive) decreased persuasion with those of suspicious or observant nature(Slime form) - Dark alignment, (passive) decreased persuasion from all non-dark-aligned characters, (passive) +X% chance to dodge attacks, (active) consume: Lunge at target to try to consume them, target takes X damage per second, healing you for X/2 lasts until opponent passes resistance check. Most non-human races have unique abilities, passive buffs as well as negative drawbacks. These abilities can be leveled through useage. Racial levels can be disabled, stopping your ability to level them, this will prevent you from gaining any further drawbacks or benefits related to your race but you will retain the base adjustments. If you want to know about any specific race feel free to ask. The beginning: Welcome to Game of Guilds! Explore an expansive world, with secrets around every corner. Explore the 101 guilds of Loutuana and put your own mark on them. Introduce magic to the fishing guild and discover the long lost secret for creating fish-rain, teach the clothiers guild close-range combat and unlock the full deadly power of crochet needles. Combine your skills to produce the ultimate Adventurer!
  14. Hey! So, I was talking with a friend of mine, and we came up with this idea for an rp. So, the basic idea is that you wake up in a clearing one day, no longer human and confused about how you got where you are. You've been combined with an animal in some way* and you need to figure out how you got there, where you are and what you're going to do to get home. If you're interested, I'll add you to the rp PM. It started off as an idea for a furry dnd style thing, but I know not everyone is comfortable with that, so I'll try to make it as normal an rp as I can, that way anyone can join in. Freeform, and just getting into the adventure part. If you'd like to roleplay and help me build it into something worth playing, or just one of the two, please let me know! *(this combining with an animal could be something as subtle as enhanced senses, sharper teeth, and animal eyes; as interesting as gaining animal limbs like becoming a satyr or centaur or something; or as obvious as becoming an anthropomorphic version of an animal.)
  15. The town of beginnings was struck by a sudden golden light, closer inspection revealed it to be several dozen beams of bright golden light descending from the sky into the town square. These beams of light slowly resolved themselves into all manner of people, Undead zombies wielding bows, demonic beings with swords, angelic visions wielding magic in the palm of their hand. The NPCs surrounding the square mostly ignored this sight, a couple ventured into the middle of the square and small question marks appeared over there head. Some of the people from the beams walked towards these NPCs and began talking to them, others sprinted away from the square immediately, running to explore the town and surroundings. A small handful of these people did nothing at all, unlike the others who, whether talking, running or just wandering all had the same blank, expressionless face, these few were gazing around with confusion and a touch of horror. The game of guilds had captured its first victims, living people had been brought into the world of a game, with no clue as to how this had happened or what they could do to get out again. ========================================== To the north lies an undeveloped portion of the town, with many fields waiting to be planted and plots of land awaiting buildings. To the east lies a great lake, surrounded by a small forest. To the west extends a hilly terrain, with rocky cliffs, small caves and a number of ruined buildings. In the far distance a large intact tower is just visible on the horizon. To the south is the ocean, with a port with many boats docked, and a mix of humans, hobbits and elves swarming back and forth, carrying cargo. The town itself is split in three, the marketplace where most stores set up their wares, and a few empty stalls are available for rent. The guilds district, a combination of low-income residents and the guild halls of the town. And the residents district, where most of the towns inhabitants live and where some shops have their headquarters, which often sell higher quality merchandise.
  16. Hi all, so I've been looking through the Role-Playing board and couldn't find a topic where we can role-play just for fun, with no real goal or reason. I think it could be fun to have somewhere where we can role-play to our hearts content and just see where it ends up. Anyone can join, the only rule is that all in world text, weather describing your actions or spoken words, must be in colored text. Also, try not to give your character god like powers. I can't wait to see where this goes! I'll start it off... My character is named Eighth of Midnight, born on the world First of the Sun. He is a world hopper with a single brown and red Aviar named Sift. Sift gives Midnight the ability to know a brief history of any object he touches. As night fell a lone figure shoved the doors open to a large building. Inside lay a large banquet hall, quiet and empty except for the dusty broken tables strewn all over. "What do you think Sift?" Midnight looked around the room, "it looks abandoned." The bird on Midnight's shoulder chirped as if excited, he always got excited by old things. "They said they'd be here." Midnight did not like waiting.
  17. Savannah nursed his drink, eyes lost in thought as he contemplated the coming day. "Hey, Savannah right? You're in the arena tomorrow." An elderly man sat across the table from Savannah, the mans turquoise tophat marked him as either an Epic or completely insane. "Yes that's right, and you are?" "Ah scuse me manners, Brighthead at your service." The man swept a seated bow to Savnnah, almost smashing his flushed face into the table as he did so. "Whoops. Well I'm jus a minor so I haven't been in the arena yet, I watched that match with Fundemented and whashisname last week, man that was good. Never would have called that he'd use that pencil in the end. So anyways, nervous for tomorrow? You're gonna meet Soulcaster himself and all." Savannah nodded grimly. Fear overpowering his pride. "Very nervous, I mean he's got to be one of the strongest Epics in the state. I hear he has a super powerful Epic in his employ that he just uses to set his watch in the morning!" Brighthead laughed at that, finishing off his beer in one massive gulp. "Well yer sort of right on that, but also completely wrong. You got a place to stay? You probly already got one here in the champions bar and all I got is a little two story downtown but you're welcome if you'd like." Grimacing Savannah regained some of his usual arrogance, adressing the minor Epic coldly. "I'll be fine to get accommodations by myself thanks." "Ah thas much better." Brightdeath said, nodding in approval. "Got to carry yaself right or Soulcaster might just give ya some 'assistance'. Turned one guy into a lemur for his match cause he thought he was 'too short for an Epic'. Well, drink up next rounds on me." Nervously Savannah accepted the offer, the information doing nothing to dispel his worries at meeting Soulcaster. Still some 'liquid courage' couldn't hurt right? And he still had plenty of time to head up to his rooms and get rest before the next day arrived. "Make it two rounds and you can stay and drink with me." Savannah agreed. "Ah tha sounds like a good deal to me. Just so's you know though, drinks are free fer Epics anyway." Brighthead said with a wink before ducking under Savannah's clumsy smack to his head.
  18. Are you guys ready? Grab your broom and let's get started! ~∮~ Lorelei Marchbanks stood on Platform 9 3/4 in front of the train that would take her to a new life. She grinned. What would it be like? Going to Hogwarts. She still half thought it was a dream. She looked down at Raya, her frog-toad-thing. Brown and white stripes covered its body and golden eyes stared back at her. It let out a high pitched croak. The inside of its mouth was sky blue. Weird. She pushed her baggage cart forward as rat skittered past her. Next thing she knew, her cart jerked forward and crashed into one of an older girl. "Are you okay?" The girl asked. Lorelei blushed at being so clumsy. "Fine, thanks." "Cool. See you later." The girl winked "I hope you're a Ravenclaw." ~∮~ Paloma walked away from the little girl whose cart she'd ran into and hurried to catch up with Michael, who was on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team with her. "Are the first years getting smaller every year?" She asked, "I just ran into one and she was tiny."
  19. Twilyght's Fan fiction has gotten the wheels in my brain turning towards Harry Potter again, so I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a Hogwarts RP? I would need 4 or more other people committed in order to make this happen. It would begin when students got their letters and would end at the end of the year, of course. Take place in 2015-2016 school year and only original characters for the students. (Not the teachers) So just sign up below. Character descriptions are not needed yet.
  20. The war against the parshendi has been going for four years and the great city of Kholinar is starting to fall. There are rumors on the streets about Elhokar and because of this the brightlords are trying to claim the throne. The city consists now mostly of women, children and elderly. The few able-bodied men left are either guards or cowards. More crimes are committed now than ever before because there just aren't enough guards to enforce the law around the clock and because of this it's really dangerous to go out in the dark. So... This rp would take place before The Way of Kings and would start in Kholinar. Your character would be an ordinary citizen at first but would find their spren soon. After the initial start your character can leave kholinar if that seems like a decent choise. If you want to join, post a little synopsis about your character's personality, looks and abilities before bonding with their spren. Also which order of the radiants they'd be in and the extent of their powers in the surges of that order. p.s. This is one of my first rp:s so feel free to criticize and give me ideas to make this better.
  21. You and four of your friends have been recruited to infiltrate the Unmade fortress somewhere in Natanatan. You will start in Urithuru and attempt to find the fortress. Once/if you do, you will need to fight your way into it and find the Unmade Nergoual. You will need to fight your way through Voidbringers, Midnight essence, and more to reach the fortress and stop the Unmade from launching an army to attack Urithuru and destroy the Radiants. Do not fail me. Desolations and Dustbringers is fairly simple. Fro those who have played D&D or other roleplaying games, you will find this easy. I've played it a ton with my friends, so I've had a lot of practice dungeon mastering. Basically it's D&D on Roshar but I basically describe stuff as we go along, without a module. To fight something, I'll judge what the chances are and IRL, roll a 20 sided die. If it's at or above the number I was using, you hit. For this version, you will be fledgling Radiants, similar to Kaladin in the end of WoK. You will not have Shardblades for this campaign, but you'll still be as BA as Kaladin. I can record what health and how much Stormlight you have left, (Stormlight quotient, or SQ), but I can send a word document for a character sheet if you also want to keep track. All you have to do is come up with responses to my scenarios and questions. For example: Me: You leave Urithuru with the honor of kings. Ahead stretches out the twisted wilds of Natanatan. You have been told to go south, and a path stretches before you. What do you do? Player1: We follow the path, but keep our weapons out and armor on in case we run into enemies. are we on foot or on horse? Me: You Each have a Ryshadium. Player1: OK, good. We begin to follow the trail. And so on and so on. The game is very simple and we can just post our actions on the forum, hassle free. Character making: The first five people can play. I'm sorry that I can't take more, but after that it gets too complicated to keep track of the players. However, you are welcome to start games of your own under a different topic once this five-player limit is reached. And I will make more campaigns after this one. H.P= Health Tf2= closest Tf2 character to them. Choose your Order. You will be able to use their surges, which I will list. Windrunner- Juggernauts, good for taking damage and dealing out even more. H.P: 30. Tf2: Heavy. Surges are basic, full, and reverse lashings. Lightweavers- Wizards/support. Can join part in combat, but more helpful using soul casting and light weaving as distractions. H.P: 25. Tf2: Engineer. Surges are Soulcasting and Lightweaving. Dustbringers- Ranged, set stuff on fire and turn off friction. H.P: 20. Tf2: Sniper. Surges are fire-throwing and friction manipulation. Edgedancers- Healers, move and strike fast, then retreat. H.P: 20. Tf2: Medic/Scout Sorry I can't do more, but I felt like this would be enough. If you want, you can share your characters backstory, nationality, name, spren, etc. Remember, the first five responders can play, so reply fast. More details will come out when you ask them, and you can buy equipment and stuff right before we start the mission Have fun!
  22. So, first, some rules: The discussion thread, where we'll be planning and talking about what's going on is here: THE DISCUSSION THREAD Now, a little bit of the setting: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenteron Smedry missed his flight. Again. He was stuck on Warsaw airport, after a series of unfortunate events, including jumping on crocodiles, taking part in some cosplay contest and running away from Librarians. What a day. For the last couple of hours he was trying to get on board of one of those crazy, primitive flying machines, that Hushlanders use to travel. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, when your Talent is to miss things.The fact, that he was on enemy territory didn’t help either. He stood on the hallway, watching as the plane he was supposed to be on was taking off. Wearing a simple jacket and jeans, he didn’t stood out from the crowd at all. That was only because he had lost his tuxedo and top hat a few days ago in an emergency situation on one of the hushlanders swimming pools. He had to steal some clothes from somebody’s else locker. He focused on his reflection in the window. Thirty years old, with dark hair, blue eyes, covered by red tinted glasses. Cleanly shaven. From what he knew, he was considered handsome by Free Kingdom and Hushland standards. Too bad he seemed to miss all the nice ladies for all those years. Suddenly, a flash of light exploded somewhere outside the window. It was so bright, he couldn’t even tell the direction from where this light was coming. Tenteron involuntarily fell to the ground. When wearing Oculator’s Lenses, a sudden flash of light usually meant you were in big trouble, attacked by another Oculator. However windows next to him didn’t shatter, ground didn’t tremble nor did the air turn ice cold. Only a potted plant next to him fell over, but that was rather his fault than an enemy’s attack. So what was this light? It disappeared as his glasses fell of his face, so it wasn’t any normal light. Tenteron tood up and stabbed himself in the eye with a temple of his Oculator’s Glasses, missing his face, when he tried to put the glasses back on. Just as he was wincing in pain, a security officer came from around the corner. “Proszę pana, będzie musiał pan udać się ze mną…” The guard didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence, as Smedry started to run away from him. They were in the duty free zone, past the security checks of the airport. Tenteron rushed to the exit. By now, all the security guards were on alert and moving in his direction. Unless he’ll do something brilliant… He took out his Slider’s Lenses, tinted pink with transparent dots. Attica Smedry created them many years ago, however he didn’t like them and didn’t share information about the sands used to smelt them with anyone, there were only four pairs in the entire world. Tenteron put them on and looked on the ground before him. The floor began to glimmer as if it was wet or made of ice. Everyone around him started to lose their balance as the ground became extremely slippery. Tenteron slid on his knees between two guards trying to grab him and kicked one of them in his behind to gaining momentum needed to move forward the exit. He was right on his way to the door outside, when a dark figure in a suit, wearing a pair of glasses appeared in front of him. Tenteron didn’t have any time to react as a line of fire cut through the air right next to him, scorching the floor and setting a little kiosk on fire. He focused on his Talent, making sure to miss the next attack of the enemy Oculator, while he slid in his direction. He crashed into Librarian’s legs just his opponent activated the Firebringer’s Lenses for the second time. A short burst of flame launched into the hallway as the glasses fell of the Librarian’s face when he fell down. The flames hit one of the big TVs displaying departure schedule which fell down to the floor. Tenteron stood up, took off his glasses and looked at the mayhem he left behind. The floor was still slippery as a perfect rink, everyone was on the ground trying to stand up, it would be a hilarious view if not for the damage done by the fire. Fortunately it seemed that nobody got seriously hurt. Tenteron took the Firebringer’s Lenses from the ground. The enemy Oculator laid there unconscious. People from the parking lot begun to gather near the exit as Tenteron pushed through them to get away from the airport. He put his Oculator’s Lenses back on and looked behind him in the general direction from which that explosion of light came from. He could see little bright point, as if there was a star far away, shining through all the buildings. It was visible, even as he waved his hand before his eyes. Dark Oculators can surely see it too. Other Librarian orders will know about this anomaly soon as well. Investigating it would be most dangerous and risky. Tenteron thought, as he walked away from the chaos he caused at the airport. I should probably get back to Free Kingdoms and return with some backup before approaching… But what would Grandpa Smedry do? He would get to the anomaly as fast as possible, without any regard for the dangers… Because that’s the Smedry way! Tenteron entered one of the shops for tourists that were frequent in the vicinity of the airport. With a compass and a good map he would be able to pinpoint the location of the anomaly, if it was anywhere in Europe. Then he’ll just have to find a way to get there...
  23. What Is This? This is a custom variety of RPG that I learned on the Crowfall forums, and have modified to fit the Mistborn setting. Rather than rolling dice, success are based on drawing cards, with the different faces meaning different results. I will be your GM. How Do We Play? Players make posts on the topic and then wait for a response from me or another player. Once you have attempted an action, you must wait for me to respond, but you are free to have your characters interact with each other for as long as you want without me intervening (unless you're holding up gameplay). Making Actions (Drawing): If you want your character to perform an action, you must pick a colour of card and a number (or paint) that could appear on a card. I will draw a card from my deck that will determine the outcome based on what you chose. Actions include things like sneaking past an Obligitor, Soothing a politician, performing an Ironpull, etc. If you are unsure whether something requires a draw, choose a card anyway, and I simply won't draw if you don't need one. Successes: If the card I draw is the same colour as the one you chose, your action is successful. If the card is an ace of that colour, it is very successful. If the number is within 1 of the number you chose, your action is critically successful. Failures: If the card that I draw is not the same colour as the one you chose, your action fails. If the card is an ace of that colour, you fail badly. If the number is within 1 of the number you chose, you fail critically. The Joker: In this deck, there is one Joker. No matter what it is that you're doing, if it is drawn, you die (and trust me, I'm creative enough to follow through on that threat). If another player is close enough, they can perform a draw to save you. That draw works the same as any other action. How Do I Make a Character? Your character can be either a Skaa, or noble, based upon your faction (which you will learn about momentarily). You can be one of the 8 types of Mistings listed in the original Mistborn book, or if you really want, you can be a normal person. You cannot be a Mistborn. The Factions Karalel is affected by 3 factions that you must choose between. All of the factions have advantages and disadvantages that you will discover as the game progresses. -The Skaa Rebellion Lead by Bilg, The Rebellion seeks to establish a government, similar to Elend's, in Karalel. Players that join the Rebellion must play as a Skaa. -The Restoration Party Lead by Salmen Tekiel, The Restoration Party seeks to establish a government in Karalel that mirrors the one previously in Luthadel, with Salmen in the position of the Lord Ruler. Members of The Restoration Party must be Nobles. -The Karalel Establishment Lead by Roshin Theriss, The Establishment is currently in control of the city, and has created a government system where Roshin has absolute power, though daily administration is handled by a council. In The Establishment, Skaa are free men, though still generally impoverished. They can even hold positions in government. Establishment players can be either Skaa or Noble. How Do We Know What's Going On? I will not be playing a character. I control the general narrative, terrain, and NPCs. My posts will be about these things, as well as reactions to your actions (or failures). You can talk to NPCs for information, or say something in your post to ask for info from me (like, "Vin looked around). To some degree, I will allow you to invent your surroundings, but remember, I DO have a vague narrative planned out, so don't go putting an Ashmount in my city. Combat? Yes there is combat. Occasionally, you may run into aggressive animals, bloodthirsty NPCs, or maybe even a Koloss if you've been really bad. Often times, these encounters can only be solved through battle. In combat, you draw 2 cards, opposed to the normal 1. One will be your attack, and one will be to defend. The order depends on who holds the advantage in the battle. PVP I will not stop you from player killing; you're in opposing factions after all. Remember though, the game isn't fun if you're alone. Also, news has a habit of travelling quickly in a city like Karalel, particularly when it involves murder. If you kill another player, you may find that your reputation precedes you in future encounters. To PVP someone, you draw two cards as well, but in this case, one is to hit and the other is to wound. If you fail to hit, nothing happens. If you hit, but fail to wound, I will describe how you hewed valiantly at your opponent, but he was protected by his pewter strengthened body. Health All players start with 5 health, but you can buff this by wearing armour, flaring pewter (which can only be done for about the length of a skirmish), or some similar plot point. Every time you are wounded, you lose 1 health. Wounds can be sustained through combat, but also through environmental scenarios. If you fail critically, you almost always take damage. Allomancy For the purposes of the game, we will assume that you always have enough metal to use your abilities. This makes it a lot easier for me. Starting Items Nobles start with 100 gold boxings. Skaa start with 20. You may have family heirlooms, or other character items if you wish. Each faction has a salary for its members, but they differ. The Rebellion gives its members food and equipment, The Establishment gives its members 5 gold boxings a day, and The Restoration Party gives its members 10. The Story! Okay, you know how to play, so let's tell you what the hell is going on. It is now several months after the Lord Ruler's death, and the Empire is splintered. Karalel is a city on the coast of the Southern Dominance, embroiled in political turmoil. With the death of their god, the populace was thrown into chaos for weeks. Eventually a government was established by some of the city nobles. It wasn't all that different from the original, but change is difficult in large amounts. One major change made by this government was the full citizenship rights of the Skaa. They no longer belong to their masters, and are free to do as they please. However, they still do not live an easy life. Just because they can now quit their jobs doesn't mean they are treated well. Nobles still whip their Skaa workers, and the Skaa still starve. The right to leave an employer doesn't mean much when the only other employment options are much the same. The death of the Lord Ruler has heartened the Skaa, and some believe that still more change is in order. There are rumours of Skaa being incited to disobedience by a Skaa from the Luthadel rebellion. As if this wasn't enough to worry the city's inhabitance already, a force has appeared in Henaly, a suburb outside Karalel. The force is lead by a noble that fled Luthadel before the Lord Ruler's fall, and now wishes to establish himself as the ruler of this new southern city. His rule would guarantee the city's nobles a place of stable prominence once again, as well as the Skaa's return to true slavery. The city fears the chance of an all out siege from the soldiers outside it. If you're interested in joining, post your character's starting profile below! The game starts 2 days after we acquire a sufficient number of players.