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Found 3 results

  1. Here it is so far: This is in the world of Steelheart, before Epics are identified, and Calamity left early, so no one can get new powers. I have Tion, Jeremy, Konna Furcifer, and the soldiers of the bad people. There is Truth, DQ, FriarFritz who can change his name if he wants, T, and a random soldier in the field. Hentient will join soon. Tion has precognitive telepathic and super reflexes, anything Truth says is true(with limitations), DQ can teleport, I can't remember anyone else's powers. Tion rescued everyone by some vending machines, then took everyone to her super-safe house with underground bunker, everyone had a tour, cake, cookies, Netflix, etc. Tion(which is pronounced shn) let a kid in a gray jacket named Jeremy in(gray jackets are Tion's weakness), gave him a tour, and then he betrayed us while we were sleeping. He locked the secret entrances to the bunker and called in Villin and Eivel Corporation for Child Welfare, who are actually trying to brainwash an army of Epics. DQ teleported everyone away except Tion and plus a soldier(Vapor), Tion hid in the couch, was found, tranquilized, and taken in helicopters to the headquarters of VECCW. They started brainwashing her, everyone else is in a field(including the soldier) and I'm fairly certain they were coming up with a rescue plan. If you want to read the actual words, check The Last Post Wins, although you may have to sort through many *wins* posts and otherwise random posts. It basically starts on page 989. Feel free to join part of the way in, but no dogmoding(dog spelled backward). @Hentient, @Mist, @Vapor, @DramaQueen, @FriarFritz, @The_Truthwatcher, @A Windrunner yes I meant to not summon them.
  2. I recently fell under a misconception. I was told that there was a running RP on the 17th Shard. I, unfortunately, mistook the statement as meaning there was a standardized RPG game complete with GMs and a running community. I was corrected and ended up in a very long conversation with a friend of mine about what would be required for an adequate, or preferably amazing, RPG. So, I have created this thread with the hope of finding how many people would enjoy such a game. Current plans: In-depth (and specialized) character sheets that gauge state of mind, how broken the character is, (snapping, insanity, Etc.) and how aligned they are with their ideals and goals. Online compatibility. (You do not need to be in the same room to play) Worldhoppers that appear randomly through quests and scenarios. Pros and cons to each magic system. Scenarios that adhere to canon. Artwork. And as much extra as we can churn out together. What we will need: Interest; we can't make this unless people actually want to play. Please contact me or simply post here with ideas, questions, suggestions, and anything else related. Game-Masters; People who are quick-witted and enjoy messing with people will probably enjoy this position in the game. You do not need to only GM the games, but having people willing to would be greatly appreciated. Fan-art; The game can still function without art, but where is the fun in that? Feel free to contact me (Discord: ArmyOfHellium) or @Vashakh Sadeas (Discord by same name). Thank you very much, and we will enjoy any interest or worries expressed. Edit: We now have a Discord channel for the yet unnamed Cosmere RPG is up and running:
  3. Hello to anybody who is reading this. I would like to start an RP, but am hampered by a few things, in my mind, the most prevalent one is that I'm pretty new and don't have a lot of reputation. There's not much I can do about that though, so please be brave enough to stick with me, and I'll hope this goes somewhere. I would like this RP to be set in either the Elantris or Steelheart world, although some non-Brandon stuff would be alright too. If you have a suggestion, you can just ask, because I'm totally open to suggestions, and if this ever gets off the ground, wouldn't mind having co-GM's too. I want it to be a pretty loose RP, and I would like it to be fun too. Me being who I am, pretty high levels of silliness are allowed, but intentionally irreverent, obnoxious, or idioticness might not be as well responded to. I typically check my threads pretty often, so you shouldn't have to wait very long to get a reply from me. Anyways, I can't wait for this to get started! Thank you, in advance, for any contributions!