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Found 5 results

  1. MR59 Cycle One: The Lens Crafter's Fire Okay. So maybe the Evil Librarians didn't actually show up as Bastille was berating me about things I, for once, didn't break. But the statement still stands. The thing Grandpa Smedry was looking at was clearly the Librarian's doing. The Lens Crafters (no, not the ones you're familiar with that supposedly make cheap prescription lenses. The librarians stole our name in case it ever leaked to the Hushlanders) was on fire. The whole complex where they crafted new lenses for oculators was up in flames. It looked cool, but it was bad. Really, really bad. Without the Lens Crafters, we wouldn't have replacements for any lenses. Like the warrior's lenses that Bastille had dropped as she rushed off to help with the fire situation. This didn't bode well. Welcome to Cycle One of MR59! Please let me know if you haven't received your PM. As a reminder, here are the rules. General Rules: MR: 48 hour cycles (day/night combined) One-on-one PMs are open, and do not count as an action Only one vote is required for an exe Tied exes will be decided by RNG Each player has one action per cycle There are no hidden mechanics, rules, or roles, though not every lens will be in play Inactivity filter: If a player does not post for 2 consecutive cycles, they will be replaced by a pinch-hitter. If no pinch-hitters are available, they will be killed and their lenses will be dropped. Player List: This turn will end Friday, June 22 at 4 p.m. PDT.
  2. Yoden walked through the streets of Garmet, listening to the crowds of people quietly discussing the latest news from the political convention that was meeting in this otherwise quiet city in the far reaches of the Elendel Basin. The People’s Republic of Elendel was nearing its 25th year since its founding, but that did not mean everyone was happy with the way things were now. With the latest rebel attacks up north in Drypost and Mycondwel, tensions were high throughout the Republic. So, to quell tensions between the capital and some of the outer cities, a group of prominent politicians and influential figures had come all the way out here to Garmet to meet with their local leaders and try and figure out how they can improve things. I don’t think things are going well at all, Yoden thought to himself. For the past week, most of the meetings each day had involved the Elendel representatives mostly refusing to listen to the Garmet representatives’ pleas. And the Garmet representatives were far too angry for a governing body, that shouldn’t be happening in the Republic. Though to be fair, Yoden himself might be a bit biased, considering he was an Elendel representative himself. As he thought this, the crowd around him began to part around him as someone inevitably noticed who he was. He sighed to himself, then continued walking to the meeting building. Another day of constant bickering, all to make the Republic look better. ~ Some time later, a break was called. Yoden didn’t remember much of what happened, as it had been another four hours of bickering between people who really couldn’t understand the other side. There might’ve been some agreement that the rebels were causing trouble for everyone, but the people of Garmet almost seemed excited that Yoden and the other Elendel representatives had to worry about them. At least it’s time for lun- Yoden’s thoughts were interrupted as a tall man burst through the chamber doors, his coat torn up and his hair disheveled and incredibly dirty. “The rebels have taken Steinel!” He paused to catch his breath. “The tracks from Elmsdel to Steinel are also ruined. They overtook a train that left Elmsdel yesterday, and blew up the tracks as they went towards Steinel. We’re trapped.” The chamber room was instant chaos, people shouting that that couldn’t be true, others trying to ask the man what else he knew, and throughout it all, there was an underlying realization that this was planned. The rebels knew that all of these representatives from Elendel were gonna be here in Garmet for this month, and now none of them could get back to Elendel. Unless they wanted to take a 200 or more mile long journey walking from Garmet to Elendel. Eventually, someone managed to calm down the group of people within the chamber while Yoden was lost in thoughts. “Listen up everyone,” the man, Goren, said. He was a relatively young man for one so influential, and he was a Garmet native too. “We’re all stuck here, and we all know that the rebels wanted us stuck here. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that means we’ve also got rebels in our midst.” There was a gasp in the crowd, and a tall woman began to shout, but Goren cut her off. “I’m not accusing anyone...yet. But it’s only common sense. The rebels needed to know that all of you visitors were still here in order to start their plan. Someone had to tell them that. So, I vote that we lock down the city. No one leaves or comes in until we figure out what’s going on, and until we get word from Elendel. All in favor?” There was a moment of silence as everyone took in his words. Slowly, people began to raise their hands in assent of his motion. Yoden was surprised to see even some people from Elendel raising their hands first. It wasn’t long before everyone begrudgingly raised their hands, even Yoden himself. Goren nodded. “Good, glad we’re in agreement. Now, I say we call the meeting off for today and we all go home and relax for a bit. It’s going to be a long while before we hear back from anyone.” Well, Yoden thought to himself, this trip certainly got more exciting. ~ Welcome to Long Game 77: A Political Trap! This game is a rerun of LG66 (which you can read here if you want). Helping me with this game is my co-GM @Young Bard and my IM @Elbereth I encourage everyone to RP as much as possible. It makes my job doing the writeups more interesting if you all do a lot of RP, not to mention that you get more boxings if you do RP. I’ll be posting the rules down below, in this post itself, but I’m not sure how well they’re going to translate in the transition from my google doc. Here is the link to the rules doc. Clarifications are going to stay in the doc itself because moving them to this post would be a pain. Signups will end on May 27, at 9 am CDT. The game will start as soon as we can get it going. Rollover will probably take 45 minutes to an hour after each turn as well. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m going to preemptively apologize because my work schedule is...variable, to put it lightly, so the rollover time will probably move around a few times over the course of the game as I find out my work schedule for each week. Hopefully I won't have to change it, but you never know. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
  3. Lerasi walked through the streets of Elendel, careful to watch for signs someone was tailing her. Her handlers had missed the scheduled meeting to discuss what she’d learned about the People’s Republic of Elendel’s plans with the allomancers and feruchemists they were recruiting. It had been almost a year since they’d overthrown the old government and installed a military regime. Lerasi and the other Loyalists were doing everything they could to tear the regime down, which is how she’d found herself being recruited into a secret force of metalborn. She checked her pocket watch as she walked past the meeting point one more time. It was the time that her handlers were supposed to meet her several days ago. She’d finally received a message from them a few days ago. Apparently they’d almost been caught by the PRE’s hazekillers and had to abort the mission. Lerasi shuddered at the thought of having been there when it happened. Lerasi opened the door to the abandoned building and began to make her way to the meeting room. She tapped bronze to check for any signs of allomancy nearby. Thankfully, she didn’t feel anything, so she opened the door and walked in. There was no one there. Before she had time to react, a hand was around her mouth and someone threw her to the ground. A tall man walked into the center of the room from where he’d been hiding in a shadowed corner. Lerasi’s heart stopped for a moment. They’d found her, they must’ve set her up, she was going to die- “Are you alone?” The man said calmly. Lerasi looked up at him, careful to not move too much lest the people holding her down thought she was trying to escape. “As if I’d ever tell you.” She spat at him. He smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” ~ The group of metalborn had been gathered altogether for the first time since they’d all been recruited. People of all ages and from all over the Elendel Basin had been gathered in Elendel to become the peacekeepers for the fledgling republic. A tall man stood in front of the group, their eyes focused intently on him. “I have gathered you all here today,” he said, his eyes scanning across the people before him, “because there are traitors amongst us.” He held up a hand to prevent the whispers that were already spreading through the group. “Lock the doors,” he said to the hazekillers at the edges of the room. “The building has been locked down. There are enough rations here to keep us all alive for the next...month or so. No one is leaving until we have rooted out the traitors amongst us.” He smiled. “I hope you enjoy your stay.” ~ Welcome to Long Game 66: A Struggle for Power! This is a spiritual successor to the game I ran last summer, LG56. This game will be run by me and my fantastic co-GM @Young Bard with @Fifth Scholar as our wonderful IM. I’ll be posting the rules down below, but I’m not sure how great the formatting is going to be when I try to put them in here. If you want to read the rules with much better formatting, you can do so here. Signups will end on Wednesday, June 3rd at 9 pm CDT. The game will start around 10 pm CDT. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
  4. Most people know Roshar for its storms. Perhaps they even know it for its legendary Heralds or Knights Radiant. But those days ended long ago. And on the hidden side of Roshar, in the Cognitive Realm, the spren know all to well the tragedy of their ending. For nearly every thinking spren alive at the time had died, killed by the Knights who broke their oaths. But necessity has overcome the decision to never bond with humans again. Because Taln has, after 4,500 years, broken under torture on Damnation. The True Desolation will shortly begin. The Fused are returning to Roshar, and the Unmade are loose upon the land again. And the spren know well that if Odium succeeds in destroying the humans, they will be gone as well. However, what the spren do not know is that Sja-Anat has learned how to Enlighten true spren. And Odium has directed Sja-Anat to corrupt or destroy all the remaining true spren, to prevent any new Radiants from ever being created. And so it began, that Sja-Anat started her insidious work in the shadesmar city of Celebrant. And the spren had no idea that upon the next few weeks hung the fate of Roshar... ----- Welcome to LG54, Cognitive Diversions! All players will be assigned a type of spren. True Spren want to eliminate all Enlightened spren. Enlightened Spren, along with Sja-anat, will want to outnumber the True Spren. Cycles will be 48h/24h, as per usual. The game will begin on 4/17/19, at 9PM MDT. (Please note rollover times will change if the game lasts until I get back home from college). Mailliw will be my co-GM. The Rules Player List Feel free to ask any questions about the rules. Quicklinks:
  5. (Will add in write up later) A World Without Vin Housekeeping 72 hour cycles. Ties result in blah blah blah. This game is role madness. There are secret roles. Not every role will be in the game. The Nobles are attempting to kill all of the Skaa and keep Preservation alive. Rebel Skaa goal is to equal to or outnumber the villagers. They have a group doc together and a group kill (excluding Kelsier). Ruin is a single player who is trying to kill Preservation’s Vessel and the rebel skaa. Alignment Roles Ruin is a single player with the ability to create PMs (single cycle, free action), spy on PMs (only those of the person targeted, not the person they’re responding to), and make a kill. Kelsier is the leader of the Rebel Skaa. He may use each Misting power once, or he may use the use of that power to attempt to convert a Part Skaa to his team. He may not do both. He also has two charges of Atium, which may be used to discover roles. Preservation is a Noble role who can roleblock a player for a cycle (including roleblocking PM-making for the next turn) or give a random Allomantic or Feruchemical role to a player for a cycle. Preservation cannot die to either the lynch or the eliminator kill. Special Roles These roles can and will occur simultaneously with other roles. Part Skaa: if Kelsier targets a skaa-blooded player with his conversion ability, that player will be converted. Metallurgist: can give two people a vial of metal each cycle. You must specify which vial is wanted. Vials can be passed between players. This role is not given to Mistings. Kandra: can make two PMs between yourself and one other person each cycle. PMs only last one cycle from when made. (You do not have to send an order in to make the PM.) Roles The Lord Ruler has one vial/charge of each Misting and each Ferring power. Assassins are able to make one kill per night cycle. Hazekillers are able to defend one person (cannot self target). If that person is attacked, then the Hazekiller kills the attacker. The person attacked still dies. Allomancy/Feruchemy Mistings have start the game with three vials of their metal. Mistings can only use their abilities once a cycle. Ferrings can store thier metals, but it takes a cycle to store. The ferrings only get one charge, at first. Mistings Iron: protects from steel kill Steel: attack one player Tin: target a person and find out what action they took (in the form of “killed [x]”, “protected [y]”, etc) Pewter: extra life for cycle burned Zinc: move a vote onto another player Brass: doubles a vote Copper: protects one player (along with self) from zinc, brass, and bronze Bronze: discovers which metal (if any) a person burned in the last cycle Ferrings Iron: self-protect Steel: roleblock a player (including PMs for the next cycle) Tin: spy on the PMs of your target (you do not see the PMs of the other side of the conversation) Pewter: protect a player from skaa and Assassin kills Zinc: see anyone who targets you (but not what actions they take) Bronze: see the type of action your target took (Allomantic, Feruchemical, or Other) Gold: extra life for that cycle (Will add in timer later. Expect it to last for a week.) Quick Links: