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Found 27 results

  1. Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's Rock! I forgot his brands. :|
  2. From the album My Stormlight Archive Artz

    If you see his left boot no u don't <3 And yeah he is kinda stumpy but I'm still learning and am not pretty good soooooooooooo
  3. I haven't seen this topic discussed so here it goes: What do you think will happen to Rock? My (wild) guess is: he will be the 3rd bondsmith!! Besides that, I think we´ll see some interaction between him and Azure.
  4. Rock giveaway Oathbringer to Dalinar, but Amaram had 3 shard's did he keep 2 shard's for he's son?
  5. I'm sure that this has been talked about but I couldn't find a topic about this so here it is. I think that Rock (and maybe other horneaters) can see at least partially into Shadesmar. He's able to see spren when nobody else does, and mentions towards the beginning of OB that he could see something of the rest of the sprens body. How does the ability work, and why does he have it? Does it have anything to do with that story he said about Horneaters living up in the peaks (when explains why the peaks are hot in WoR).
  6. From the album Stormlight Doodles this is a little weird, and before you get all freaked out, Rock’s soup isn’t “before anyone else” might mean poop in Danish... On the other hand, I feel Rock’s soup is WAY before anyone else! Anyway, #rock’ssoupisbae
  7. Has anyone made Rock's stew? If so, can you tell me your recipe?
  8. This is really just a discussion for everyone to add their ideas onto, but to get it started off: Whether a member dies while fighting the fused, a freak accident, or while protecting someone else, the most likely candidates for who I think will kick the bucket in Bridge 4 would have to be Lopen, Rock, and Teft. While I don't necessarily think they'll have to die in order for Kaladin to swear the 4th ideal, I do think their deaths could be his breaking point. And if there's anything that Sanderson likes to do with characters, it's break them. After working so hard to protect Bridge 4 and essentially bring them out of the trenches, it would tear Kaladin apart to see one of them die- or even get injured as we saw in Words of Radiance with Hobber. So while that's true, the most impactful deaths for the reader would be a character that we've been the given the chance to get to know. And so that brings my first candidate, Lopen. I have to say that he is the most probable character for me as of now. Lopen is sort of like a class-clown in Bridge 4 in that he tends to mess and joke around much more than the others, and so it would come as a shock to the readers to suddenly have him cut down and die, leaving a hole in Bridge 4. Without Lopen, they'd be out of a serious need for laughter and light-heartedness and anyone who knows Bridge 4's story knows that that's something they desperately need. Next up is Rock, but I will admit that I don't think Sanderson will kill Rock- at least not in the first half of the books. The biggest reason he just made my list is because of how much it would hurt the readers. Rock has been a big figure in Bridge 4 since the beginning, and with just that it would make his death heartbreaking. But adding on to how we were able to meet his family in Oathbringer and seeing just how much he cares about everyone around him with the chapters from his point-of-view, the readers would definitely be in tears. Add on the possibility of him dying while trying to tell Kaladin about the Horneater Peaks (of which he always told Kaladin he'd bring him to) and Sanderson has a whole fanbase weeping. Now is the time for Teft. Teft's death seems both logical and inevitable to me. He served as a friend and leader to Bridge 4 and was a major reason for them getting as strong as they currently are with him helping to train them. The only person to play a bigger role in the rehabilitation of Bridge 4 is Kaladin, and Kaladin himself holds high respect for Teft. Bottom line, his death would be devastating to the moral of Bridge 4. Without Teft, I'm not entirely sure how Bridge 4 would carry on. Everything they would do would remind them that Teft isn't there as it was Teft who helped to train them with the spear, first told them of the Radiant powers with Kaladin, and essentially acted as a grumpy uncle. That's all from me. Tell me what you guys think! How would the other members react to one of their own dying? What would it mean for the story? HOW do you think they'd die?
  9. From the album Funny Cosmere Stuff

    I love rock! XD
  10. I've been listening to WOR on Audible for the 4th or 5th time and this particular scene has really stuck with me this time around. Rock is telling the story on how the Horneater Peaks were created by all these beings (obviously spren or shards even...?) How he went into the Horneater ocean and met the spren that lived there. He talks about how this spren doesn't want to be known, or something along those lines. The facts that Rock can see spren, he even mentions that the ocean has something to do with it and he hasn't been truthful about his past make me think there's something more going on here. We know that the Horneater ocean is Cultivation's perpendicularity so this mighty spren that lives there has to be related to Cultivation, right? With that said, I would love to hear some of your theories or WOB that I might have missed on this subject!
  11. I love this board ! Since joining I have read some of the most logical , well thought out theories and discussions concerning the Cosmere. I’m not sure if this thread has ever been discussed ; my apologies if it has. But, I would like to have everyone take a second to list there favorite quips , jokes , one liners coming from support characters only! We spend so much time focusing on POV characters and greater Cosmere theories I feel we are ignoring the gold we have witnessed in Oathbringer. Outside of Wayne from Mistborn era 2 , Oathbringer has the strongest support character humor I have ever read in a fantasy series . Everyone from bridge 4 , Hoid, Nightblood, Rock and The Lopen ( I know they are bridge 4 but the need special mention ). What are your favorite words a support character has to say . Fan favorites won’t get you an upvote (thus no “ no mating or I am a stick “ ) those have been beaten into the ground. I Assure you Oathbringer is Full of 100 more less recognized quips that are just as good ! I’ll go first . My new fovorite line is from Teft. Dalinar Just checked Amaram and told him to basically shut up and follow orders in Thaylan . Teft eases up and says “ Permision to stab him a little Surrrrrr!” Its gold all day . I couldn’t stop laughing . Mostly because you really didn’t expect that from Teft ! What about you guys . What really made you appreciate Sanderson rich support cast ?
  12. From the album Stormlight By Jemma

    Commission I did of Rock at Emerald City Comic Con 2018
  13. The one and only. Larger image here:

    © Elizabeth Kunkle 2014

  14. "He closed his eyes, kneading and humming his mother's song to a beat he could almost, barely, just faintly hear." Could this mean that at some point, either the Horneaters mixed with the parshendi, way back when, and gained some access to the rhythms? Or does Rock's ability to see all spren help him understand the listener's songs?
  15. Hi all, so I was thinking about Rock, aka "Lunamor" and his use of Stormlight. I apologise if anyone has posted a similar thread - I couldnt see one like it though. So from OB we get quite a lot of info about Rock which I'll list here. He calls himself Lunamor in his PoV He is married with children and we meet those people He has lied to Bridge 4 a number of times He can draw Stormlight like any squire of Kaladin's He doesn't seem to bond a spren despite many of Kaladin's top level officers managing it by the end of OB. So I was thinking that Rock could be a proto-Lightweaver rather than a WR. So my evidence is pretty complicated. I'll try to put it in as much a chronological order as possible. We see that Rock can "transform" people right from the start. He helps them by making stew for the bridgecrew as one of the first things Kaladin does to get them together. He is creative - he can sing and he is experimental/creative with cooking. We don't see him comment on unusual spren (like Elhokar) because he can always see them (he was born able to). He tells stories (like about the Horneaters came to live on the Peaks) and uses them to tell truths in a roundabout way. He met Wit at the Peaks - coincidence? He is clearly lying about being 3rd son in some way though the exact story isn't coming out. It seems that he is lying to himself about this too. "I am a chef" is repeated a lot. He "transforms" 2 different bridge 4 members in his PoV champter - Skar (who benefits from helping Rock draw in stormlight) and Renarin (who he helps by making him realise that he isn't "the wierdest") He also has a good idea about everyone's stories and how to help them as individuals. He also sees the "tenderness" in Kaladin that isn't something that many comment on - and he's right. He thinks that he is glad that Bridge 4 can't speak Unkalaki because they would find out all the lies he told them. He is horrified after killing Amaram (presumably because he promised he wouldn't fight) and this may suggest a moment of him "breaking" and opening himself up to a spren. On top of that, I feel that Lunamor has a somewhat "light" feeling to it. It sounds a bit like Luna (the moon) , or Lumina (latin for lights iirc). He also is a person who can "lighten" Kaladin's mood at times. He is always lit up because he is near the fire etc. He also doesn't like the wind/air the way Kaladin does - he says it is too thick - light is much less dense than air If you read through his PoV chapter with this in mind there are a number of other things that you might spot that might also point in this direction and I'd love some input on this. What do y'all think?
  16. OK, my first topic here, I hope I do it right. I had a new theory about the whole Horneater businesses. Don't you guys find it odd that the "Chief" wanted to acquire shards? We don't know if it's the first brother, first senior cousin, or something like that who can be the chieftain. But why the hell chieftain's try to duel with Shardbearers? They have no experience in dueling properly, let alone facing a Shardbearer. I think something is missing here. The roles of first and second brother is obtaining food, the third brother is to learn a craft (cooking for example). The servants of the chieftain is his family, we don't know how big his family was. It doesn't make any sense that the older brothers had weapons "and they raised them in vengeance". Following the conversation, it's safe to assume that her wife wanted to know who is chief now. I only think of three reasons: The ascension to chieftain is in reverse in the peak. The younger brother is chief, he has to have the ability to protect the village. So Rock actually lost his younger brothers, and if Rock himself dies, the second brother is chief. The ascension to chieftain depends on the roles, first warriors, then craftsmen, then gatherers. The difference with the first one is that the Oldest warrior is chief, not the youngest one. Chief is exempt from the normal roles. If the first brother becomes chief, he cannot do the job that was assigned to him. Meaning that the 2nd and 3rd brother are now gatherers and the 4th one (Rock) is the craftsman. So the chief has to learn how to fight, how else could he protect the village, and challenge a Shardbearer? It also means that the names spoken by Rock were all in line to be chief, (that's why they picked weapons in vengeance) so in truth, Rock lost 3 chiefs that day. Finally, I think that his Oath (or role) didn't count anymore. He was just deluding himself and bridge four. He CAN fight and should do so, but was a coward and decided to continue his cooking. He hasn't broken his previous oaths, instead he didn't want to accept his new oath (role) of protecting his family. (He had named Kaladin and bridge four his family). What he did, killing Amaram with Shard bow, was actually an act of accepting his new role. He became chief before being captured and he knew that, but instead he didn't want to fight. So he has some explaining to do, that was why he was in a corner thinking. Bonus: I really hope Rock becomes a Stonewarden, he probably think he doesn't belong to bridge 4 anymore. what a twist! Bonus2: A shardbearer horneater chief? He is the king of the peaks now.
  17. Rock is going to be the second Bondsmith. His people are closer to cultivation than most and he can see spren even large ones. He as most people seem to have worked out is on a path to being a king. Rock has an innate ability to hold people together and he takes pride in doing so. Bridge 4 almost seem to be held together by him at times; he is looked to by the members as someone to talk with if they feel as if they don’t fit. I think he will have a need to bond with the Nightwatcher to help him take his homeland back. The place that has cultivation’s shard pool. Granted he is a squire wind runner but has bonded no spren. His oath may be to leave one small group to help all groups. Leave bridge 4 to help his people then them to help the world. Dalinar can bring people together but I think Rock can hold them together. This seems like a small possibility but one that I think could fit.
  18. Aren't they so ADORABLE? Don't you just wanna hug one of them?(though you shouldn't hug Moash, he might stab you with his spear)
  19. First Rock calls the Honor blade "him" does this mean Honor is still in the honorblades? But then makes the same reference to the plateau, which means the oath gates, are (were???) spren? I'm not sure but I feel this MEANS something. Your thoughts?!
  20. Full size here:
  21. Ok, so we know that Lift exists more in the cognitive realm than other people, which gives her unique abilities. She can turn food into stormlight, she can see spren differently, and even touch them. The one I want to focus on is the fact that she sees Wyndle as a vine, not as crystals and dust, or whatever normal people see. That got me thinking about Rock. He can see spren, even when they don't want to be seen. Now, Wyndle doesn't choose to not be seen, he is just very hard to see. But it still begs the question, what would Rock see if he looked at Wyndle? I personally think he'd see the vines. What I'm driving at is that I think that what Rock does is the same thing that Lift does, just less so. I think bathing in the Horneater shardpool dragged him just a tiny bit into the cognitive realm, just like Lift was. But, again, less so. I got pretty excited when I thought of this, but I'm not so sure if its actually all that exciting. I apologize if this is common knowledge and I'm just over reacting. But on the flip side, if it is a new idea, then hey, I thought of it first. Although I'm sure I didn't.
  22. Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor bunny, (rock). With a spoon and stew.
  23. With the Stormlight Archive, we often make the mistake of thinking the Highstorms are the most influential aspect of Rosharian life. Widows all face Leward, massive windbreaks created on the Stormward side of any community. The life has evolved to resist the powerful winds of the endless, scouring storms, the very ecosystems built around surviving the desolate land. And yet, while we give our attention to the temporary devastation of Highstorms, many of us ignore their more permanent affects. The most significant of these is so commonplace among the Rosharans, it's easy to forget how remarkable it is. Crem. It's everywhere. The world literally drowns in it. The entirety of Roshar is covered in thin layers of the stuff by the highstorms, which eventually builds into thick layers of strata. It covers the world like clay, hardening as it dries into solid stone. It covers corpses left in the sun, turning them into clay statues melting into the rock. But what is it, and where does it come from? It seems to have similar properties to clay. However, It appears to be harder when it dries, and it's runny enough to splash in directly after a storm. It could, of course, be the same chemical composition, but I doubt it. And where does it come from? It falls with the highstorms, but not the weeping. This means it doesn't form in the sky, and fall to earth in the rains. It could be created by the highstorms themselves, but then it would cover ALL of Roshar, rather than leaving Shinovar untouched. It seems to pick it up overseas, then dump it on Roshar, running out as it moves. So where does it come from? The Ocean? But where would it get the sediment from straight water? Maybe another continent, across the waves? Can anybody tell me? its driving me nuts.
  24. Szeth must have an honor spren because he doesn't get his powers from the honorblade. Here is why it makes sense; Szeth is labeled Truthless because he had his powers when his people thought that either the final battle was already won and over, or that it wasn't time for the next desecration. He simply wasn't supposed to have those powers but he did. So the definition of Truthless is being an anomaly and having Radiant powers when it shouldn't exist in the world. Now after meeting Kal and concluding that KR powers were returning to the world Szeth fled back to his master Taravangian because he was beginning to think maybe he himself wasn't really Truthless. Taravangian then told Szeth that Kaladin was using an Honorblade and that the KR powers weren't really returning to the world, Szeth was still an anomaly and therefore still Truthless. Now knowing that Szeth knows what an honorblade is and what it bestows upon its weilder, we can conclude that he wasn't slipped the honorblade and tricked into thinking himself Truthless. He saw Kal was more or less a KR and realized he wasn't alone, so not Truthless. This all means that Szeth wouldn't be Truthless if he had gotten his powers from an honorblade. He was Truthless because he popped up with powers out of no where thanks to an honor spren as if the next desolation was coming around the corner --------------- Some facts: 1.Weird rock used to control Szeth is very important. They are said not to sell themselves to slavery often. Perhaps this is a very unusual ritual, seems like most people don't know what to think of that rock until Szeth explains himself. This would mean a whole lot more if it contained his honor spren in one form or another. 2.Szeth is very honorable. He follows what he believes is right and doesn't bend at all. When he is proved wrong by Kal at the very end he accepted punishment unto himself without any further hesitation. It would make sense that he could have attracted an honorspren himself. Some probably-reasonable ideas: Pretending Szeth did have an Honor Spren when he was younger, I don't know and doubt if Szeth ever got so far as to give his second oath which could have been likely broken and lead to his spren dieing, but I have had a strong feeling there is more to Szeth's rock than Sanderson has been telling us. I think his spren was somehow captured and stored in that rock. After Kal kills Szeth and catches his falling sword, Syl says that she "thinks" Szeth's weapon is an honorblade. Though it would be natural to use the word "think" in English in her position as her memories return to her and what not but I doubt this is a coincidence and I doubt it was a mistake on Sanderson's part. It would be the perfect hint to slip most people's minds. Szeth has to have some kind of KR ability. That helmet that Kaladin put on his fist in his 3v4 bout sucked the stormlight out of him. The armor can't take stormlight out of gems around the room because it needs to be directly hooked to source; you have to hold gems up to the plate's innards to get anything to happen. Chances are when Szeth uses Nightblood he is going to have to have stormlight within himself since having infused gems on his belt won't be good enough to fuel his newfound sword unless he uses a bag of gems for a sheath lol. Last and not least, Szeth's whole combat presence was based around his ability to surgebind and such with extreme skill. I don't think he would be very effective or interesting if he was to lose his whole skill set that made him who he was. Being unable to heal himself as he collects minor wounds would make him feel like a martyr as he would be widdled to death from minor scrapes in the story. It would be awful.